Half elves fall in love chapter 171

Chapter 171: Night of Reunion



The battle between Neia and the devil has also come to an end. No, I really don’t know all of a sudden, but as soon as I knew it, I didn’t feel like it was a big fight, but I think it was a big battle like the Holy Beast Fight. Perhaps.

When I went back to Catalina with Neia and the Flash Sword, which had a slightly burned out part, it seemed that Laila and others had arrived at Catalina.

“Andy! We got a call from the mayor and came back in a hurry……are you all right?”

Dianne makes a relieved face. Laila also sighs.

“After all, I thought that there was nothing rare about cleaning monsters, but with the appearance of a devil. You´re really unlucky……no, you´re lucky, owner?”
“I don’t know……but the devil was annihilated by Neia”

Laila and Dianne open their eyes a little.

“I’ve heard that such a creature is immortal like Holy Beasts?”
“It’s okay because I erased it with the hero sword. ……Eh”

Neia makes a slightly complicated laugh. It’s not the usual kind of peaceful laughter……A five-year-old looks like a tired smile to humans.

“We have managed to do it somehow, so what about Dianne and the others?”
“That’s right, Buster-sama and the Queen”

When Neia and I asked, Dianne and Laila smiled. Instead, Sharon and Tetes, who were behind them, opened their mouths.

“It was an attempted coup d’etat. Great Knight Chief Buster and my brother suppressed it”
“The aristocrat who I thought was behind me when I doubted Laila was it. ……I’m sorry, I was totally wrong at that time”

And behind them, a familiar tall.

“Yo, it’s been a while, Smithson”
“100-man special-duty commander Becker”

Becker smiled and shook his fingers.

“Why are you here?”
“Well, it’s going to be long if I talk about it. Well, I was just asked by Master Ashton. Also, it’s too complicated, Captain Dianne”
“……Half of it is no different because of the little things around there”

I also show my thumb with a bitter smile. Irina, Maia and Neia.

“I feel like you were doing something strange”
“I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?”
“……Well, if it’s bad, it’s me. I’m sorry”

Irina and Maia are stunned and Neia with her hat on her chest had a apologetic look on her face. On the other hand, 100-man commander Becker looks strange

“You have met Maia before, right? The smallest one is White Clan Chief Irina and the one holding her hat is Neia Grans from Kalwin Kingdom”

Hearing that, 100-man commander Becker hurriedly put his fist on his chest.

“Ce, Celesta Army, belonging to the Special Intelligence Brigade, my name is 100-man special duty commander Sieg Becker. Its my first time to meet you White Clan Chief and Hero Neia”
“Hmm. I feel like I got the proper treatment after a long time”
“I am Neia, the 43rd successor to Kalwin Kingdom´s Hero Alliance, Second Knight 『Flash Knight Leyland Grans』”

Irina nods with a great deal of respect and Neia returns a bow with courtesy. No, both of them are very expensive to say by their status. I tend to forget.


Even though it was midnight, we didn’t have time to eat, so we gathered together and had a meal. Food and alcohol barrels brought from the northern forest as supplies were immediately added.

“You didn’t rush back home”

Naris sighs with a tired face.

“What, did you want to stay over there longer?”

Almeida was a little surprised, but Naris bitterly smiled while biting the dried fruit.

“Well, I wonder if it would have been nice to have dinner there. Not knowing what is with Rennesto, the food situation there is pretty good”
“Are you not satisfied with the dried fruits of the northern forest?”

Naris shows denial by waving her hands to Irina´s scornful eyes.

“No, no, this is certainly delicious, but compared to the life of salty dried meat or Renfangas´s amazing alcohol”
“I’m joking”

Irina laughs, saying she’s just joking and empties her cup of alcohol.

“How many more days will I have to live with such a holing up-like situation?”

To Irina´s words, Tetes checks the wall-mounted calendar made of wooden bills.

“Today is here, ……about half of it’s been digested. In a week or so, the monsters will start cannibalizing and the rock-type monsters will start heading north, except they’ve been strayed”
“To the north……? Why?”
“Why is that……”

To my doubts, Tetes smiles in trouble. Isn’t it difficult if you know what it is? I think that we can apply that theory to get rid of the monsters.

“But cannibalism……wild monsters usually get rid of it, but at this scale, it’s all over with dead odors”

Boyd frowns. Well, it’s not a pleasant imagination.

“It cant be helped, right? If you’re going to die, you’re not going to hear the monsters who’ll die after you get home”
“There are some studies by academic institutions that it makes the soil richer, so it can’t be said that it is annoying”

Naris, Tetes and Renfangas’s native knights were calm. Well, such knights in such a country.You can’t react to the monster corpses one by one. I think it’s strong, but I don’t want to get that kind of strength too.

“But well, in this situation……I can see that a culture of refraining from sweets grows”

Apple chew on the dried fruits little by little.

“Sweets will heal your tiredness, but when you start asking for it, it’s even easier to get. It’s high in sugar and in such a holing up-like situation, it’s likely that you’ll be competing before food runs out……if you don’t usually eat so much sweets, it’s relatively easy to handle the little saltiness”
“I see……”
“Well, about half of the second hand knowledge was from Selenium. I was left to cook”

Nostalgic as soon as possible. I wonder when I can go back next time?”

“If it’s sugar, then Christie used to make magic of directly producing fruits and sap”

Irina remembers while looking up into the air while eating dried meat.

“I also heard that the fact that silver is still sweetening directly from fruit rather than sugar is because that magic is hard to learn. It’s because old man Gust wasn’t so close with Christie’s father”

Christie also has the aspect of being a scholar. I was wondering what kind of study she would do, but if you think carefully, it is Christie who is already 4 to 5 times older than a normal human. She wont fit in the category that humans think about and that magic may be the subject of her research. When I was thinking peacefully, I realized that Tetes and Sharon were kneeling in front of Irina.

“W, What?”

Irina is a little frightened while holding her meat.

“That magic……”
“Could you teach me by all means, for Renfangas?”
“If things go well, the food situation will improve dramatically”
“I hear that there are quite a lot of people involved in cultivating sugar ingredients and refining sugar. I was a bit skeptical that there were relatively many sweets in the northern forest, where the population is declining”
“Mu, Muu. Because its simple magic, I wasn’t taught it. I think you should learn from Christie next time”

Lazy fellow.

“Th, Then, 10-man captain Smithson, please take me to Polka again!”
“The magic development of the northern forest, it was underestimated”

Tetes and Sharon are strangely enthusiastic. After all, girls have a great obsession with sweets.

“Speaking of which, Naris and Almeida are not sweet lovers”
“……I don’t think i’ll be able to learn that much unless it’s a very simple magic”
“M, Me too”

There are useless elves.


Hilda was treating Neia in the medical office. Next to them, Luna looks a little worried.

“How’s it going, Hilda-san?”

I put the food for those three on the tray and gently show my face. Neia screamed in a cute way. The upper body was naked.

“Na, Sm, Smithson-san, please don’t come in suddenly”

Though we have a relation were I rubbed her breasts. No, I couldn’t help it.

“Hey hey, don’t move. I paralyzed your pain sensation and already fixed your state, so when you move, your blood becomes so messy”
“I, It shouldn’t be such a deep wound”
“Take a break”

Hilda-san hits Neia’s head. Just press your head against the pillow.

“Still, a wound is a wound. If you rupture a blood vessel, it will come out. And, it is not necessary to despise a wound by doing so though the body was cleaned at Polka with great pains. Why do you leave a wound because it’s a mess? Do not you understand?”
“……I’m sorry”
“What are you going to do with apologizing to me? You’re the one who has a complex to your wounded body, Neia”
“……I´m sorry”

Well, I’m sorry to Hilda, who has erased the old wounds.

“It was there”

Luna looks at Neia’s wound and raises her eyebrows. She looks good and is not in a pleasant state. Still, Luna, who was always taken care of by scout training, seemed to decide to watch Neia while occasionally helping Hilda.

“I’ll have to take you back to Polka. It’s not going to heal cleanly”

Hilda sighs as she seams. It’s all about people’s bodies being sewn. Well, I’ve seen it many times as a soldier, but it’s still painful.

“Please. Hilda-san”
“Yes, yes. Leave it to me”
“In the future, the number of monsters will decrease steadily as we retreat and cannibalism occurs. The threat to Catalina will almost disappear. ……So, Laila and I proceed with the hut construction experiment, while Maia and Andy will clean up the remaining monsters around the country”
“That’s what we’ve been doing until now”

A meeting before going to bed decides future policies. That said, there is no big difference.

“If the rest of Renfangas is not stable, the royal family’s support will not be received. It is a dirty statement, but it is also a strategy to sell favors”
“Of course we can follow Andy too, right?”

As Anzeros says, Dianne laughs.

“Well, that’s right. ……But this is the time to pull off all Catalina’s defenses. Let’s keep traveling and waiting”
“Roger that”

From this time onward, there is also 100-man commander Becker who is reliable as the highest level of strength among us. Even if you carry around, you will be less worried about our strength.


When everyone went to bed.


I remembered that there was an elf cloth product in the supplies, so I was trying to get to the first floor to pick it up. The reason is that I (Not just the guys, but everyone) sleeps with a cloak on the top of a bed, but my cloak was used as a dazzle in the fight against Orn and buried in the ground, as it was left behind in the destruction labyrinth because it was tattered. In other words, there is one more coat than usual. It wasn’t inconvenienced at Rennesto’s Celesta Mansion, but here it’s colder and lacking supplies than Rennesto. The hangings were a little too low. If this happens, there’s no reason we couldn’t use it because the elves gave us them . In particular, the northern elf’s cloth products (even though they have ancient barriers, they may come out to intercept foreign enemies) have excellent heat retention properties and are light, so there is no need to say anything.

I hunt for supplies, find a cloak, take it and climb the spiral corridor again. Then I came across Sharon, who was wandering around in front of the men’s room.

“What are you doing……?”
“A, Ah, Smithson-san. It’s a coincidence”
“……You call this a coincidence”

It’s a question, but it seems like I’m aiming at her.

“……That, I thought of attending you through the night”

I was surprised. There is also a modest degree.

“……Ah, that, wasn’t it……? It’s you who have that kind of woman called female slave and tonight no one seems to have been called to the floor. So, that, is it first come first serve”
“……No, well, that’s fine”

It’s not a bad thing to be proactive from the declaration of female slaves, but it may be the first time that I’m in a straight line before the atmosphere is created.

“But we can’t stay with everyone in the men’s room, so somewhere else……na?”
“……Eh, is that so?”

And Sharon, who is just like a kid, cant see the danger.

“Surely every night, you´re hugging someone to show off to the other men”
“I don’t do that”
“……You were showing me when you held Almeida, so it’s all right”
“That’s why it was because of Hilda-san’s bad medicine!”

I try to find a place while solving Sharon’s misunderstandings one by one. My heart is throbbing. It’s strange that I shouldn’t be so excited to hold Sharon’s hand and find a place to have sex.


“What are you doing……?”
“U, Uwa what Miss!?”
“Associate soldier Luna Basil. What are you doing, 100-man special duty commander?”
“A, Ah……indeed, yes, I introduced myself earlier”
“Okay, this is an intelligence activity, a secret escort mission. Yeah ……Look, Knight Chief Sharon is pretty important, isn’t she?”
“……It looks like peeping”
“Different views, associate soldier”
“……That, I’m going to tell you something about it”

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