Half elves fall in love chapter 179

Chapter 179: Mountains, Hunting and Late Autumn Taste 2 [Dianne Laila Luna]



In the chilly late-autumn dusk mountains, Luna, Dianne and I are all naked on the lower body. Very perverted. Aside from her usual shamelessness, Dianne is wondering if Luna was a little embarrassed after she took it off. ……Well, it may be because I take it off, but I don’t actively entangle it.


I turn my head to Dianne. Dianne nods and kneels. And only the upper part was protected against the cold and the face was brought close without hesitation to my crotch.

“Dizzy……you seem to have been excited about hunting, too”
“No, I not very……it was exposed by Luna”

I don’t have a strong urge to attack like Dianne and Luna. Certainly, the tension of hunting, the exchange of life, the color and smell of blood and the feel of blood reverse stroke the inner part of the heart, but such emotions cannot be positively controlled. I don’t feel good, so I can’t raise my tension. I also wonder if that is the difference from infantry. But, as it is, Luna’s power to 「Inspire」 when she was in estrus is amazing. The instinct that fuels the desire to be tired is burning up from every part, such as eyes, sighs, and actions. Many of the female slaves have passive, 「Anytime please」 characters, so Luna’s hot sexual desire is fresh and intense.

“Huhu. Either way. Enjoy plenty of my mouth……nn”

When Dianne admires my dick with a compassionate look, she put it into her mouth without hesitation. From the outside air trying to announce winter, into Dianne’s mouth. The warm, soft lips and tongue work on my penis. A brown butt can be seen beyond the hair. Who can imagine that Dianne clings to a man’s dick in the open air with such an embarrassing appearance? At the same time as I swayed by that feeling of control, Diane-san, who loves my son with her passionate but unfamiliar tongue, loves it. Still, I can’t stand the interest in how much she can accept myself.


I grab Dianne’s head with both hands. While gripping her ears with my little finger and ring finger, I seizure her head and shake in front of my waist.


It is sure to be painful. The mouth is not a vagina. No matter how consciously you can move your tongue, it is bound to be painful if you have a glans in your throat. But when Dianne sees my gaze, she closes her eyes lightly and shows her willingness to leave it to me. Selfishly, to me who showed the gesture of masturbation using Dianne’s mouth without permission, to make me use her mouth completely and to show the intention of abusing her.


Wrapping one arm around my waist, Dianne puts the other hand on my crotch. Then she looks at me with one eye and closes her eyes again. It just seemed like she wanted it. ……If that is the case. I feel free to start thrusting into Dianne’s throat.

“Ngu, n, nuu……!!”

While Diane seems to suffer from time to time, the provocative light and euphoric euphoria can be seen and hidden in her eyes, glancing up at me. I immerse myself in my pleasure as if I were to be put in the light or test my courage. Dianne’s mouth is like a joy juice, with the lingering afterglow, or the thick, hot and viscous saliva accumulated. Her thin lips and strong tongue seemed to follow the penis in and out, never to refuse. Occasionally my waist moves and colors the edge of my view. I’m doing violent masturbation using Dianne’s mouth. Dianne is also masturbating with that as a story. It’s not oral service. Essentially perverted sexual acts of swearing, being fucked and feeling. But even that seems like Dianne. Clumsy, but the ability is wide, so I’m losing and still satisfied. It seems that Dianne loves me like that, this is also sex using her mouth.

“U, Uu, aa……!!”

I shake Dianne’s head, shake my waist and ejaculate. Releasing the sperm directly into that throat…….

“Nn, nguuu!?”

At the same time as I remember one fact, Dianne opened her eyes. By the way, I was still under the sperm hell magic. No matter how wide Dianne’s ability is, it is extremely difficult to swallow the sticky semen that is sprayed at the same speed as urine. As expected, it edged immediately and spilled out of her mouth.

“……Gehuu, Gehuu……Andy, sperm hell……”
“I forgot to say. Hilda-san called me in the morning……”
“……As expected my older sister. It’s okay, isn’t it……”

Dianne has a complex face. Luna had a convincing look on her face.

“That’s why it smelled male-like and strong
“……Well, that’s right”

Dianne licks a large amount of sperm spilled on her chest and licks it with her fingers. Luna brings her face closer to Dianne´s chest from the side and licks it.

“Ah, hey……that’s mine”
“Y, You should put it out by yourself in order”
“……But, the unbearable smell……”
“Uh, st, stop it, it feels strange with your tongue”

Luna keeps licking the juice spilled on Dianne´s chest and thighs without listening to her.

“Ho. Then I’m the substitute♪”

Laila suddenly appeared there and without reading the air, she stripped off her clothes and kneels down.

“Hey, owner. You should also enjoy my tongue technique. You have better confidence in me than Dianne, right?”
“……Well, I´m not sure”

Unlike Dianne, Laila has experience and above all she is quite skillful. After.

“Then, I´m prepared……nn♪”

Laila’s tongue, which is tighter and more entwined than Dianne, is strangely long, probably due to the racial characteristics of the dragon human body. And the movement is variable and my penis is tossed around in an instant.

“U, oo!?”
“Hoho. It’s good, isn’t it? It’s hard to wrap something around your excellent thing with the tongues of other races, isn’t it?”
“……Th, That’s right but……it’s amazing again”
“Your excellent thing, surely the taste of sympathy remains as the cat says……ho, did you also taste the asshole of a white little girl. I don’t care if it’s Maia or not, but to the white little girl its ridiculous”
“……Don’t make sure of that one by one……!!”

My son is licked, entangled and tossed around by Laila. The slight dullness is quickly blown away and the desire for the next sex is filled into my penis.

“L, Luna, raise your ass”

I pull my dick out from Laila’s mouth and calls Luna who is absorbed in licking Dianne’s body. Luna seems to be getting drunk with semen and is not able to grasp the meaning of what I’m saying. Dianne, who seemed to be in trouble because of being licked, pulled Luna just as she wanted herself, holding herself in a position to hold and hug her, then thrust her hips up.

“Okay. 10-man captain Smithson, execute the command. Rape associate soldier Basil”
“Roger that!”

In response to Dianne’s antics, I returned a salute, putting Laila aside who licks her tongue with a regret of the finish blow and squeezed my wet son into Luna’s estrus vagina.


Her tails shakes. It is shaken like hitting my belly and it tickles a little though it doesn’t hurt.

“Hey, Luna……your long awaited dick……!”
“Nyaa……nya, nyaaa……!?”

Although it was wet, it was impossible to move due to sudden insertion of selfishness or because of innocuous force. But I don’t hesitate to grab that butt and shake my hips. It was a forcible move like pushing twice and pulling twice, but Luna who seemed to gradually understand the situation began to shake her hips and eventually became able to move forward and backward by herself.

“This, estrus cat……hey, the milk for you is here……!!”
“Nyaaa, Nyaaaa……♪”

My son which had been raised beforehand by Laila reaches the limit soon and a large amount of semen is poured in Luna’s vagina. It spreads in the vagina immediately flows backwards. The lower body of Luna himself is completely soiled with a sticky cloudiness.

Dusk is imminent. Luna is satisfied with her face and lower body covered with sperm. But.

“Ho, it’s not over yet”
“……If you provoke me like that, I need to have it inside me to be satisfied”

Laila and Dianne were still motivated. ……I wonder if we´ll be in time for the meeting.

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