Half elves fall in love chapter 203

Chapter 203: To the south. [Selenium – Apple]



“I thought about it, but it’s impossible for Smithson-dono to learn elf language in a month”

The study of the Baron’s mansion where Linda-san, who had been in charge of business guidance (or rather, office work with an eye on branch office construction) was from the morning, left to take care of Peter. Irina, who contained a bite of syrup tea with Christie, opened her heavy mouth and gave me a nice spoiler.

“Is it impossible?”
“Umm, it’s impossible. Valerie language, which is much closer to the northwestern language, is also boring”
“……Well, I know what you’re saying in everyday conversation, but it’s hard to say something difficult”

And since pronunciation is impossible, leave it to someone who is confident in that area. Surprisingly, Lantz and Keiron are able to speak it. And among the girls, there is Anzeros.

“Elf language is different from grammar and the priest cant look good with a broken language”
“……Then, wording round memorizing?”
“If you can, that’s fine, but you’ll be at the spirit festival and the New Year festival here”
“……Well, I’m going to do that”
“It’s too early to rely on magic”
“Cheat on the spot with an illusion. You just have to cheat with my illusion from behind and just imitate my mouth. You will be able to answer”
“……That’s obvious for someone who is good at magic”

I’m going to do it in front of all elves who are a magic race.

“No one is smart. First, it’s a technique that is also done in the spirit temple”
“……Is it okay for the spirit temple”

The wise and mysterious image of elves collapses evenly. Well, I wonder if it’s a selfish illusion.

“And if you tie yourself to unnecessarily studying, the eyes of other women will hurt”

Recently, I’ve been wandering around Polka as much as I like, regardless of the girls.

“……Maybe it’s my subjectivity. Generally, I’m spending time with you about tea drinking talk about this matter, but it’s said, 『Irina monopolized Andy at that time』. It’s not worth the money”
“……It’s a little roundabout, but in short……do you mean you want to flirt more if you have time to talk?”
“Don’t say anything like I behave like a spoiled child, it’s just a time-efficient story!”
“……Is it different? Then I’ll enjoy my free time”

When I stood up, Irina hit the desk and lifted her hips.

“Y, You’re a man who doesn’t have enough gratitude! In order to make that time, I’m going to be with you on the appointed day!?”
“Not honest……”

I got tired of it, so I went behind Irina, put her on my lap and stroked her head.

“See, is this okay?”
“Are you sure you want this? Clan Chief”
“It doesn’t matter”

Irina, who is a little sullen, squeezes her ass on my lap, decides the best position, and drinks tea calmly.

“Oh, I envy you”

Christie makes a bitter smile.

“Does Christie also want me to do it?”

Patting on my knee.

“If Smithson-san wants to do it, I’ll go out with you”
“I can only hear it as an obscene consultation, insectivore cherry blossom to this lewd man”
“Irina don’t be so poisonous”
“Don’t be jealous, don’t be jealous”
“I’m not jealous!”

……It looks like a widow Christie, breaks into the family of her naughty daughter Irina from the outside because of a man. That might be better, though. I think while stroking Irina’s collar.

When I let Peter touch me for a moment (it was really a little bit out of the gap between Linda and the Baroness), I was a little flustered.

“What’s wrong, Dianne?”

When I asked Dianne, who was drinking tea with Laila at the back table, which was a reserved seat, Dianne raised her eyebrows.

“I told the group which goes to Celesta to get ready. I’m going to send them with Laila tomorrow”
“To Celesta?”

I’m not in that way at all……. The ones who are likely to go are the boys……Anzeros will always be here and Aurora is doing a special training. Hilda is currently undergoing orthopedics and prognosis for Neia’s wounds. Other children who have something to do with Celesta…….


Then Luna pulled my sleeve.

“Ah, was Luna there? Is Luna going back to the colony?”
“Andy is coming too”
“It’s a promise. I can’t get pregnant because I’m with Andy, but Lina and Yuna should feel free to be conceived”
“You, even if it’s your sister……”

Luna with a strange face. ……No, I wonder if she has been spending years in a colony with few men. She doesn’t really think about having children in her close relatives, so it may be said that her values ​​are close to those of Maia.

“Ho, even so, I’ll take Jeanne too”
“Jeanne too? Is that okay……?”
“Peter will be surrounded by so much boobs that he has no time to rest. It doesn’t matter if Jeanne is away for a few days”

……Come to think of it, is that so. Since Peter was born, Jeanne assumed that she couldn’t move from Polka for several years. However, the Baroness, Linda, Selenium and Apple. If there are so many nannies, there is certainly no problem.

“That means……Lantz, Goto, Keiron, Boyd, Jeanne and Luna……?”

Counting my fingers. Naris suddenly appears as if she was listening.

“And me!”
“Why you?”

Steam rises from the hair and it looks like a long robe with a single pelvic girdle, but in the case of this girl, it doesn’t feel sexy.

“Because I’ve never been to Celesta. I want to go to the Desert Great Labyrinth, Rock God Labyrinth, Quica, Tinvares, etc”
“……We don’t always go that far, but I’m sure we’ll only go to the Desert Labyrinth, right?”
“If you go to Celesta, you can see a lot of festivals, don’t you?”
“……Do you like festivals?”
“Are there adventurers who don’t like festivals!?”

Which dialect is it? ……Sharon and Tetes also appear from behind. Everyone wears a matching long robe and a pelvic girdle. Sharon is especially evil because I can see the valley from the seam.

“You guys are also going to Celesta”

Tetes waving her hand.

“No, I have no use for Celesta……I’m learning a lot of magic from Christie-sama, so I’m a little out of the way”
“I’m the same. I’m surprised that there are so many unknown magics that I can find out if it’s a rigid culture like Arcus”
“Well, I’m only learning magic related to agriculture and food. The purple clan elves who say that magic research is the most popular are a common season, and they don’t teach me magic……”

It seems that they´re living a fulfilling life as it is.

“Naris, follow that. Don’t just go to the hot springs”
“I’m not good at magic! Isn’t it okay to be in charge of manual labor!”
“Then mix in with the special training of Almeida and Aurora”
“No……Aurora-san is that, right? She has beaten Knight Chief Sharon all at once, right? And if I mix in with Almeida-san’s special training, do you want to kill me?”
“Hey, in charge of manual labor”
“People have their own way! 10-man captain Smithson and Keiron are also lazy and I’m a regular knight, so it’s okay to be together!”

There is a useless young woman.

Keiron and Becker, who returned in the evening, each gave an unexpected answer.

“I’m going to spend the winter here. It’s better to go on a hot spring vacation”

It seems that Keiron intends to be lazy.

“What about the spirit festival?”
“That’s good. It’s a festival for her”

It was divisible. And if I thought that 100-man commander Becker would enjoy the peeping life here.

“By the way, I’ll have you take me to Talc. I’m newly married and if I dont attend the spirit festival, I’m going to get beaten”
“just married!?”
“No, well……. You can get married within three years, right?”
“I mean, you were still single last year, weren’t you?”
“I got married after that. There were a lot of things that happened”

100-man special duty commander Becker looks far away.

“……I’m about to be killed by a greeting at my parents’ house……well, I’m going to take care of it, but now I can’t really betray……”

What kind of wife is it?

And Aurora was eager to follow, unrelated to the special training.

“You’re going to spend the spirit festival over there, don’t you? What do you do without me following you”
“Princess. If it’s his turn, I think there aren’t enough fingers under 100-man commander Dianne and the Black Dragon”
“Almeida-san, please don’t say something dumb? I’m spending a night where men and women love each other with Andy-san”

Almeida keep silent.

“I wish we could become a big family”

It is a safe polka with no threat to the surrounding area including the forest. I don’t think it should happen, but I’m a little worried that Laila and Dianne will go out together.

“Maia, can you stay?”
“I’ll leave everyone to you. Maia, I beg you”
“……When you come back, you’re ready for a drink, right?”

Maia reluctantly agrees. ……I’m sorry, Maia. I might be a little hypersensitive.


So, the last night before the trip. I was sneaking into Selenium and Apple’s bedroom.

“Peter and this child……leave them to us♪”

Selenium smiles while stroking her slightly swollen lower abdomen.

“Well, Peter has been taken care of by Linda-san and the Baroness lately……”

Apple makes a bitter smile while gently rubbing my dick. Both of them were in underwear, as if not to tell everyone that I was going into their room softly.

“I’m really sorry for both of you. I’m leaving again”
“Well, a week or two compared to the 15 years I’ve been waiting for Andy-san”
“I don’t remember those 15 years……but, what……nn”

Apple holds my dick in her mouth without hesitation, slowly moving her head while sucking and giving me pleasure in a familiar way. And.

“……I think it’s really nice to do this for Andy-san……ah, I’m so relieved that I’m wondering if I was born to do this”
“Ahaha……I, I wonder if things you don’t remember are tied to your instincts, Apple”
“Maybe……hey, Andy-san. Let me swallow it tonight……♪”
“It’s okay, but you don’t have to say it again”

Apple’s slow but passionate blowjob. Of course, it’s just a new technique she was taught, which has only been vaginal cum shot since I became an adult. When I was a kid, the half-elf sister who was intertwined naked every day is surely breathing the tongue usage that she learned while watching my reaction.

“……Let Selenium also swallow it……if it’s Selenium, it might flow if I´m still not good at it, because Hilda-sensei told me……”
“Y, You don’t have to hold back on me. Apple, can do it normally?”
“Huhu. Don’t hold back? I think I´m as happy to have Andy’s semen hanging down my throat as a vaginal cum shot♪”

Apple’s tongue usage, no head usage becomes intense. My glans tasted her lips, tongue, palate and throat and I ejaculate into Apple’s throat without any worries.


Dokuu, Dokuu, Dokuu……. After receiving my ejaculation, Apple’s gaze looking up at me with a slight ecstasy is terribly lustrous.

“……You look really happy, Apple”
“Yeah♪ Selenium. Next time, let’s lick Andy-san together?”
“……Andy-san, is it okay?”
“Warm welcome as always”

Lying on the bed, two beautiful half-elves, one of whom is holding my child in her lower abdomen. I never feel bad.

“Why don’t you take off your underwear?
“Yeah. Andy-san, please touch me a lot even if you can’t insert it……♪”

Two blondes dimly shine in the unreliable light of the fireplace. I was soaking in the pleasures of their lips, while stroking their hair.

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