Half elves fall in love chapter 208

Chapter 208: Cats Kingdom 5 [Tanya Anys and other cat beasts]



Night crawling. It’s a man’s romance. Even though the open-minded female play is no good, there are many areas in Celesta where night crawling is tolerated as premarital sex……but for the time being, it didn’t really matter as long as I was in the crossbow corps. First of all, there were no official female members (other than Dianne) until Mikagami officially joined. I hear that night crawling seems to be causing various tragedies in the archer corps of the Western Corps and the Eastern Corps (many of whom are girls). There were a few guys who made it in Basson, but since Basson is historically in the countryside, it seemed like a picnic in the mountains and a pussy unobtrusive rather than going up to one’s house.

So. A cat beast colony in the middle of the desert, which is located in a secluded area rather than a remote area in Celesta. I’m currently in a position to night crawl free for every cat beast in the colony. No matter where you go into this colony of women and how flashy you seed it in anyone’s hole, no one will blame you. Among the many beast races, cat beasts are especially easy to react to nature and the moon, and the night before the full moon. Every girl has a sexual desire to rampage in her body. ……It seems. It seems. I can’t get out of the house I was assigned to yesterday.

“Luna. You surely have contraceptive magic, so it shouldn’t make sense to be seeded, right?”

It was because I was pushed down by Luna.

“But I want ecchi……”
“……Luna is also a cat beast, so I know your body is aching, but keep it down. There’s not a lot of time and physical strength that I can work overnight tomorrow”

Luna knocks her ears down and makes a troubled face. She has a cute face, so I wonder if it’s okay to do it a little, but I have to sprinkle as many of my sperm as possible on this colony. ……I don’t think I’m driven into such a situation by my self-proclaimed lover or pet.

“No, it’s okay if you go to the next place again”

Jeanne pulls Luna’s hand and drags her down from me.

“I’ll give you a light hypnotic illusion. You should be able to sleep soundly”

Dianne also supports.

“……The two of you don’t have an aching body on a full moon”
“Rather, I and other dwarves feel more excited during new moon”
“Dark elves also. However, it is not as much as the beast race……or rather, it is said that dark elves can have night vision, so it is not so exciting for other races”

They seem to have the characteristic of being able to stay calm. Laila went on a moon-night desert flight with Naris on board. Don’t let Naris get in the way of my awkward success……and it seems to be the purpose of comforting her because she broke her weapon and remained depressed. As always, a caring guy.

“There is nothing special about it at night. I think the moonlight is romantic, but it’s probably not much different from the human race”

Aurora was also calm.

“Andy, how are you feeling? If you dealt with many people in the daytime, it wouldn’t be too difficult now that there is no miraculous spring”

In Polka, even if I had sex that used my special physical strength, I was completely relieved if I soaked in the miraculous spring for an hour or drank Aunt Lindsey’s spring water drink and fell asleep. There is certainly no such convenient water here. But.

“Is it the effect of the grilled liver? It seems that it is still cool”
“Is that so. I was thinking of using a technique to speed up the recovery of energy even if you lose some of your body’s functions……”
“What is the function?”
“For example, one hand gets stuck, thinking becomes dull or the ear becomes deaf. There are a few”
“……It’s fine”

I don’t feel upset enough to have to be resilient until it’s inconvenient.


I wander around the colony at night. The sound of crawling at night is accompanied by the image of sneaking in after identifying the girl I am looking for and secretly flirting with them, but I don’t know who is in which house at all. In fact, there are few cat beasts I know other than Lina and Yuna. The act of looking up at the house and going up and committing for the time being regardless of the other party seems to be more like a rape demon than a night crawling.

“Excuse me……”

I lightly knock on the door to enter a suitable house. Anyone can do it, but according to Grandma Donna’s lecture that if there is a girl who refuses to seeding, she should have locked it at this stage and carefully push the door to see if it is closed. It opens without any resistance and two cat beasts who were folding clothes are looking at me. Is it a mother and a daughter?

“I came to crawl at night at Grandma Donna´s instruction”

Because the conclusion that it is useless even if I think variously was obtained in daytime, I say it once and for all.

“Anys, you’re already sleeping”
“I will do it too”
“It’s still early for Anys and even customers aren’t Anys……”
“No, I can afford it if it’s about that girl”

It looks like she is 13-14 years old. She is as cute as Irina. It’s cool.

“Yeah. Can I seed you, Anys-chan?”

The girl cheerfully nods. The unfussy mom cat had a troubled face.

“Well, Donna-sama says……but, I’m not old enough to be a grandma”
“Ehehe……but, but……good, mom. Let’s have kids together”
“……I can’t help it”

Both of them look calm, and when it is decided to do it, they take off their clothes without hesitation. They seemed to be no exception to being so excited because of the moon.

“Then, please, guest. My child hasn’t been held by a man yet, so if possible, be kind……”
“Ehehe. ……You can make it look like Yuna-neechan♪”

Mother and child cat. A ripe, plump body and a body that is beginning to show the curve of a woman, even at a young age, line up on the table.

“Then, I’ll have it from your daughter”

I look between Anys’s buttocks. Crawling my fingers in her crotch, wrapped in her pale hair and starting to caress her little ass with my cheeks, like blowing her breath, and soon the sound of water begins to echo.

“Anys too……already, old enough to be a woman……”

A mother with a slightly complicated voice. While rubbing her ass with one hand, I stand behind the completely finished Anys-chan, take off her pants, press my dick and pierce her.

“Ni, Niuーーーu……!!”
“I, I got it all at once……!”

The feel of tearing off the hymen. And the bleeding that I feel slowly. The vagina that kisses is unique to a virgin. However.

“Nyuu……i, it hurts, but……not as much as I thought……”

Anys-chan also smiles at her temper. Or is this also due to the uplifting of the moon?

“I’ll seed you quickly……I’ll seed you soon……be patient for a while”
“Y, Yes……I’m patient……”

I start going back and forth between Anys-chan’s vagina. Grabbing her little hips and shaking my hips a little hurriedly, a little excited about the situation of piercing her virginity in front of her mother’s eyes and vaginal cum shot in front of her. I didn’t want to prolong the pain, so I dared to poke a little cat beast without suppressing the immoral excitement.

“Nyaaa……nya, nyahuu……♪”
“……You look good. Are you feeling better?”
“……Ye, Yes, a little……older brother, lewd and kind……♪”

It seemed surprisingly popular that I was rubbing her buttocks without getting tired of my waist, still rubbing her modest boobs and squeezing her nipples and in the end I grabbed her tail from the root and squeezed it as much as I wanted.

“Such a nasty older brother conceived Anys-chan”
“Nyu……co, conceive……♪”

An unusual situation. A situation in which a naked mother stares with a complicated face as her daughter is happily conceived by a man who suddenly rises up. However, without anyone disagreeing with the strangeness, I gasped and started ejaculating in the vagina that had just lost its virginity.

“KKu……ha, huuu”
“……It felt good, your daughter”

By all means, it’s a bad guy’s line.

“How about the mom’s pussy?”

And I’m probably a little mean, pulling out my dick covered with her daughter’s blood, love juice and semen and insert it into the mom’s pussy as it is.

“Ha, aaaa……♪”
“Isn’t this a nice pussy here?”
“……This is because I haven’t had a child since I gave birth……”
“When I came, you didn’t hesitate to feel like it……it actually accumulated, didn’t it?”
“……Don’t be mean on such a night……♪”
“I’ll make Anys’s younger sister”

Somehow, this kind of character attachment has become fun. It’s no good. ……And the mother cat was also in high spirits.

“Y, Younger sister……then, in order to give birth to a boy, I’ll have to be held by you again……♪”

There seems to be no protest to make a younger brother instead of a younger sister. I whisper into her cat ears as I poke her plump ass with my hips and rub her big boobs with my hands.

“Naughty mom, even though your daughter is watching”
“……C, Call me by my name, not mom……I´m Tanya”
“Tanya-san……lewd Tanya-san is seeded……!!”

Ejaculating while shaking my hips and finally hugging her body with both hands. Sperm is shot into both mother and child´s vagina.

“Nhu, Uuuuuuuu♪”

Doku, Doku, Doku……. Tanya´s knees shiver slowly, before she falls down on her knees and lines up next to her absentminded daughter.


I pull my dick out of her. Then raise my pants and look down at them.

“……Emm, I’m sorry I got too excited”

I obediently apologized. I’m sorry I can’t escape as if I were such a person.

“Haa……haaa……y, yes……”

Did they understand?


After that, I went around four houses and when I returned home, Grandma Donna was knee pillowing Luna. Luna is sleeping easily, because she was sed off by Dianne.

“Was there any issue?”
“……There are many houses where parents and children live”
“That’s right”

Three out of five houses will have a mother and child. In the situation where two twins and one mom deal with five people, such as the last one. It was a miscalculation. Well, if it’s normal to stay in a colony from the time you were born, then it’s natural to live in a family unit.

“How many people did you do tonight?”
“Two girls living alone, four parent and child pairs, and five at the end……”
“Because there were 6 people yesterday……you did 17 people in total the day before! You´re doing your best. Tell me only the houses that you will do tomorrow”

Grandma Donna looked happy.

“I’m a little tired……”
“Yes, take a rest”

I was sent off by Grandma Donna’s voice and rolled into the bedroom in the back. ……Laila and Aurora were lying on my bed and waiting.

“N, No good, do it!?”
“Ho. I know, I know”
“Just sleeping together”

I don’t want to say such a pitiful thing if it is true, but if you get as many shots as possible, there is a person who really wants it. I put on a blanket as I nailed them tightly.

I couldn’t stand it, so I poured one shot into Aurora and Laila. ……It might be a little nice to put it in a sleeping girl. But I feel like they both noticed.


The next day, I woke up at noon.

“M, My meal……I, I wonder if it’s grilled liver”

I shook a bottle of portable 「Purifying Salt」that had been reduced by almost half so far and when I got out of the house……I met Tanya, who was cooking near the oasis. She lightly bowed a little shy. ……Is it a barbecue outside today?

“Hmm. Is one of the parents and children you mentioned yesterday the Poplar family?”
“Uwa, Grandma”
“Tell me clearly later. If you leave it alone, it will be secretly mixed in an orgy”
“Don’t talk like orgy or small talk from daytime”

Gradually erotic words are beginning to collapse in Gestalt.

“No, the moonlit desert is beautiful, isn’t it? You go by caravan, right? Russell desert”
“It goes through. Recently, the caravans passing by are shrinking because of the development of shipping thanks to the pilot Marman. There is also a movement to abolish it in the near future. There are a lot of voices who want to survive even if it is small because there is no one who knows a safe road in the desert”

Naris was in a good mood and was drinking cat powder liquor with a skewer facing Dianne. ……In a sense, she’s cute.

“Ho. I’ll bring her to my palace with Jeanne tonight, because I’ll come to pick you guys up in the morning”
“I understand”

If you take only Naris, you will be in trouble because there is nothing to take care of. However, letting Naris stay in the colony tonight seems to be a hassle.

“Do your best, Andy”
“Yes, grilled liver. I also got some cat powder liquor”

Jeanne and Luna bring me a meal. As usual, it’s mainly grilled liver, but it also comes with fruits and vegetables. Does it mean that the balance is so bad that there is no source or child to break the body?

“Even so, Andy-san still seems to be a very extraordinary person. Recently, you’ve been dealing with many women”

The evaluation of Aurora is a little sad, but in fact there are few parts that can be said to be extraordinary about me. Even though I´m energetic, it is a large capacity trained by miraculous spring and many female slaves’ usual sexual life and the large number of female slaves doesn’t mean that I am an extremely nice man. The aspect of luck and meeting is strong. ……But, Dragon Palace, elf territory and cat beast colony. It is an unusual luck to get a seeding role in a world full of beautiful women.

“……Luck alone is definitely not mediocre”

I’m a little sad to say it myself.


In the evening, Laila takes off with Naris and Jeanne as previously announced and the sun goes down. After a while, Grandma Donna and Luna came into the house with a slightly tired look.

“I’m sorry, we let you wait”
“……Everyone was really looking forward to hearing the story of the child who was seeded first……”
“……I wish I had Hilda come with me. If I had Laila fly with all her might, she might have been in time from the earliest possible time”
“There’s no point in saying it now. ……It’s going to be outrageous”
“I heard you rampaged outside yesterday, because it’s a hassle for everyone”
“I put out the mat outside”
“E, Eh……”
“It’s winter, now. No matter how active my body is, I’m worried that I’ll catch a cold. I don’t have a proper doctor here, so once I get sick, it’s troublesome”
“… I recently learned windbreak magic while I was presumptuous. Let’s go to the barrier later”

Dianne quietly offers to cooperate. Luna seems to be upset, but she’s relatively calm now. She may have Dianne do something for her.

“If it’s not the case, I’d like to mix it up”
“If everyone wants Andy-san, I want to show that I’m Andy-san’s favorite slave”

Aurora smiled a little challengingly and I was a little anxious. It seems that this child will seriously propose to commit in public with some kind of beat.

“I, I´m off”

I leave the house before the story is over.

Hell’s boar tanned leather with dead grass stuffed mat. Many of them are laid out in the plaza near the oasis and it looks like a group sun-dried. No, it’s night. And many cat girls and cat beauties who had already taken off their clothes were sitting on the soft ground of a little size and waiting for me.

“……E, Emm……

Attention is paid and I don’t know what to say first. However, it was only a moment later that I realized that I didn’t need such a thing.


Many cat girls jumped at me and stripped off my clothes in no time. And the older cat beauties tear off the cat girls, but with an uncontrollable voice of lust.

“Guest, please give us children……”
“Tonight, I will dedicate myself to you only. Please, affection”

One after another, they bring their plump bodies to me. The moonlight is bright. Once the eyes get used to it, the limbs they sway in the moonlight are terribly beautiful, somehow mysterious, and.


When I say so while my dick erects violently, they all have a provocative and seductive smile. Curved movement peculiar to cat beasts. There are roughly over thirty people under the moon. It’s an outdoor strip theater where you can freely handle and commit as much as you want.

“Okay, I’ll commit you for the time being!”
“Ah……haa, aaa♪”

A beautiful woman at hand is laid down and while rubbing her boobs roughly, I pierce my dick without caressing her. You know. They don’t need any caress tonight on a full moon, driven by intense lust.

“Rubbing your boobs, let me suck! Shake your ass and invite me!”

When I called around while committing a beautiful cat beast from the beginning, a well-known elder immediately pressed her estrus boobs against me and I enjoyed the feel of her erect nipples. And the late cat girls crawl on the ground and shake their hips with their natural soft movements. Some of them are still small girls who look like Jeanne and even such girls shake their hips in a shape of eight or stick out their hips and hug themselves, swaying embarrassingly from side to side. Meanwhile, I pour the first ejaculation into the cat beauty´s womb.

“N, Nuuuuuu, Nnyuu……♪”
“It’s a good pussy, let me do it again soon”
“……A, Anytime……♪”

Then, I rub my cheeks against her boobs and stand up, challenging the cat girl who is in my view.

“Is this your first time……?”
“……Last year, older brother put it in……♪”

At that time, I committed while being almost in a state of obscurity, so I don’t remember the details.

“If so, I will do my best to make you feel good from the beginning”
“Y, Yes……violent, ple……nyuuuu!!”

Insert while rubbing as if I´m holding a youthful and slippery butt and immediately shake my hips violently.

“Nyaaa, Nyaaaaa♪”
“It’s a nice pussy, You’ll give birth to a good child!!”
“Nyaaa……I’m happy, nyaa……♪”

Big back and forth, fast like crazy. It seems that the tonic effect of grilled liver is certainly strong. The power that overflows with lust doesn’t make me feel tired no matter how much I shake my hips. Also ejaculate.

“You´re next…..”

A beautiful cat beast has pushed her erect nipples indecently against me. Is she a little older than me? It looks like I’m still fine.

“Ah, I’m committed……like that, putting so much semen inside that it overflows from my crotch……♪”
“I’ll put it in, I’ll put it in, so crawl up and raise your ass! Like a female cat!”

I look super great. I wonder if the cat girls who are happy to follow it don’t wonder at all. No, the moon has made them lustful many times more than me who is ecstatic with so many erotic nudes. Illuminated by the white moon, flesh-colored flesh is mixed in here.

“Aaa……risky, you’re in good shape……you love masturbation, you lewd cat……!!”
“Yes……I like masturbation……but I like dicks more, I want to be messed up by your dick……♪”
“Erotic pussy……I wonder if you will give birth to a nasty female cat……!!”
“Yes……I might only be a horny female cat……but I’m seeded and making me a naughty belly cat……♪”
“Ah, I’ll put it out, I’ll put it out, you’ll get pregnant!!”


“Next time, let’s do it again……♪”
“Even if you´re a little cat, you´re going to invite a man, so I’ll be relentless, even if you´re tiny”

Ejaculation, again ejaculation.

Until dawn. Until the moon sets. The frenzy of me and the cat beasts continues.


In the morning sun, with many cat girls, I look up at the sky so that I can be buried in the warm limbs. The deep blue, cloudless sky is brightly dyed by the sun. It’s an incredibly powerful and beautiful sky of Celesta.

“……Guest, can still do it……?”

A cat girl who got up plumply rubbed against my dick lying on her back and looked up at my face. I remember.

“You didn’t know it, but we did it three times”

The cat girl smiles. She was naked and mysteriously pretty, even though her inner thighs were squeezed with semen.

“Because I´m going to do it a fourth time, get pregnant, you perverted cat”

She slowly straddled me and enjoyed the last shot.

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