Half elves fall in love chapter 219

Chapter 219: Deep Forest City 1



The liquor was opened in the middle of the night and we fell asleep at Laila’s villa in a good mood.

And Laila came back at dawn the next morning.

“It was more than I thought. As expected, I ate more than that and I cut them into pieces and roasted them”
“The dragon is full……was it actually still a pinch?”
“Somewhat, even if it’s a dragon, dozens of them cant be eaten, as the sandworms are surprisingly bulky”

Laila sits down on a chair with a slightly disgusted face. She is naked.

“I want to drink alcohol”
“If it’s alcohol, I brought it from Jeanne’s parents’ house”
“Oh, that’s right. Jeanne, I’ll have a drink”

Jeanne is still curled up in bed. Laila gently strokes her, then tilts the barrel and pours liquor in a cup, before closing the lid again.

“……Umm, it’s delicious. How about you, owner?”
“Since dawn, I haven’t had alcohol……its a hopeless case”

It was a fascinating proposal, but I declined. We may fly again today and it won’t be fashionable if you vomit in the carriage. No, how long will we stay? We’ll be back at least the day before the New Year’s festival……I think there are three days to spare.


Looking at Laila’s boobs while thinking about that, Laila’s hand stops.

“What’s wrong, Laila”
“Outside……back, see. Main building, take a look”

She closed her eyes and said so and when I went out into the hallway and opened the wooden window, I saw a strangely heavy Aurora. The second floor of the house and the backyard. We stare at each other for a while.

“Aurora, what are you doing?”
“……I have found it”

Aurora sighs a little badly.

“I changed my mind a little. I’m going to go to Klaves and talk to my father and brother”
“No, that’s okay, but……why is it bad if you find it?”
“Because it’s about me personally……I was thinking of buying a horse and going alone”
“Andy and the rest, please go back to Polka first. I won’t wait for the New Year, because it could be a little longer stay”

……This idiot.

“Hey, Aurora……”
“Then we’ll go too”

When I tried to scold, Dianne came out of the building quickly.

“It’s about General Lucas. You don’t know what to do. If you can’t come back, Andy and Anzeros will be sad”
“That’s an exaggeration……”
“First, you’re my subordinate now. Isn’t it so strange to supervise future operations so that they don’t interfere?”

When Dianne says so, Aurora shuts up in trouble.

“It’s not a rule. We´re not busy, but we’ll prepare for the next one”

Laila says so while tilting the cup, sitting on the window with her body cut in from the side of me. Don’t do that while being naked.


“Hee, Klaves is in that Celesta forest territory. They joined Celesta during the Fire Dragon War, right?”
“Nee-chan, you’ve been alive since then”
“Ahahahahaha, honestly, I wasn’t interested in such a distant foreign story at that time, so I heard it later”
“I’m going for the first time……”
“Then, what’s going on after a year? It’s a sight to see”

By the end of the dawn, everyone will get up, listen to our plan for Klaves and get ready. In fact, yesterday I got off the carriage, had a drink directly and went to bed as it was, so there is nothing more than grooming myself.

“I have to tell the people in the city. I hope I can have a drink next time”
“Winter is still long after the New Year and Andy’s Holy Beast Festival. There will be opportunities”

Dianne and Laila go to greet the people in the city. As expected, they’ve already put on their clothes.


Take out the crest engraving pen on the corner of the horse from the inner pocket and turn it around. ……It’s not like I don’t have any use for it.

After a while we take off again while being sent off by the townspeople of Helicon this time.

“The living space of the carriage is getting smaller and smaller”
“I still refused the valuable things”

The back of the carriage is packed with tributes from the Lizardmen. I was eating a good volume with Dianne’s souvenir.

“Anyway, what kind of wind is blowing around? 10-man captain Aurora. Certainly a few days ago……”
“No, you don’t need a reason to meet your family, but that’s it”

Aurora just looks out with a melancholy face when asked by Naris. ……It doesn’t seem to be homesick.


After flying from Helicon for a while, your eyes will be filled with trees.

“Oh, it’s a forest. It’s withering”
“There are many deciduous trees in the southern forest……. The ancient barrier doesn’t promise everlasting spring like in the north”
“Well, even the winter forest isn’t bad, if that’s the case”

As Naris says, a lonely naked tree stands out. I don’t really feel it because I came from the desert where the residents are highly exposed, but Celesta is also in winter. Laila flies straight for a while.

“By the way, Dianne”
“I have never been to the city of Klaves, but is there anything that can be a landmark?”

Dianne looks at Aurora. ……No, we also went in and out by shared carriage, so I don’t know such a mark.

“Captain Dianne, didnt you make a map of this area a long time ago?”

Dianne sighs with a difficult face when asked by 100-man commander Becker.

“The coastline. They didn’t let me survey into the woods. You probably know Becker to some extent, Klaves isn’t as real as a city because of the low density of houses and in the distance it is only as characteristic as the luminous rocks of the night road”
“……Characteristics that are transmitted to dragons……it’s not like that”
“Okay, I’ll guide you directly. Laila-san, please put me on your back!”
“Both hands are blocked by the carriage. I have to remove my arm or get off once”

Somehow it’s repetitive.

Laila descends into the forest and then takes off again with Aurora on her back. After a meandering flight for about an hour, we finally landed in Klaves.

“You can hide in an illusion properly! The people of the southern forest haven’t known any dragon since the Fire Dragon War!”
“I know, I know”

Landed in a square, a corner of the forest. Laila quickly transforms into her human body. Without noticing the illusion, an elf young man reading a book nearby suddenly falls off the bench as he notices a carriage and a naked woman.

“Is this Klaves? I’ve been to Arcus, but it feels more like deeply forested than there”
“Let’s take it as a compliment. ……I beg your pardon”

Aurora gives clothes to Laila while giving a light bow to the mossy young man with his eyes open. He was surprised to see Laila, but the young man who saw Aurora made his eyes even rounder.

“Oo……o, Aurora……sama!?”
“Nice to meet you”

She deals with it lightly.

“Now, what should I do with the car body? If there were Boyd-san and Goto-san, they could just push it”
“We have to leave it here. When we bring out what we need, I have to magically seal the door”
“There are a lot of regrettable things when stolen. Given to 100-man commander and elder sister Laila”
“Well, if it was taken, it was taken, so this is where I come in. I’m pretty good at investigating that kind of thing”
“I can follow the smell within three days”

Racially rich people who get off with a rush. Finally, Dianne and I get off and breathe the air of Klaves for the first time in a year.

“…………. After all, there is only a forest and the air is good”
“Do dark elves want to live in the forest if they could?”
“I think it’s more comfortable, but on the contrary, it doesn’t have to be in a forest. You can’t stick to the forest as much as a white elf. The important thing is to always help your friends”
“So that’s it”

An elf who claims to be unable to live without a forest and a dark elf who finds the meaning of residence in human relationships. What values ​​he relationship with the earth and what does not. That’s it in both cases and I wonder if it’s correct.

The cafe where I drank tea with Anzeros, the crest engraving institute and the hotel I stayed at in front of me all look exactly the same as time has stopped. Well, for an elf who lives more than ten times as many as a human, a year ago is the same as last month. Hmm? With that in mind, it feels like a year and a half when an elf born is converted into a human until he becomes an adult.

“Childhood for elves is super short……”
“What do you say all of a sudden?”
“No, some feelings about the passage of time”

Dianne made a strange face, but the only ones who can understand are 100-man commander Becker and Luna.

We all aim for the colony leader, Dior’s mansion. To be precise, there is a good position in the elf’s family, 「Sky Blue Clan Chief」, but the valid title in Celesta’s territory is colony leader.

“Oh, welcome travelers. Dior-sama is busy, so if you need to visit him, please do so in advance……”

A guard who tried to warn in advance to Dianne who was walking at the front, even though it was soft. Aurora interrupts and greets there.

“How are you doing, Remud, Naftor”
“……Th, This is Aurora-sama! What a wonderful return!”
“Excuse me!”

Two elf guards guarding the gate stand upright and greet.

“As one would expect, Aurora. It was a question and answer when I came”
“I’ve been a vassal since I was born. I don’t want to be forgotten in a year or so”

Enter with a free pass.

Dior-shi’s mansion was magnificent. It’s not as big as Carlos-san, but it’s a house where 100 family members and their servants live, so it can’t be helped. Rather, it can be said that a house with a size that allows a hundred people to line up in the entrance hall alone, even though it has only two children and does not surround the bride in a mountain.

“Dior-sama! Aurora-sama is back……!”

Looking at Aurora’s face, several servant elves rush to the back of the mansion.

“There was no surprise, right?”
“Did you want to be surprised?”

A word that doesn’t match the melancholy look on the way. Involuntarily asking, Aurora shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s ironic. I’m not really happy when I’m surprised”

While talking about that, an elf young man in a fine robe appeared from the back of the mansion.

“Aurora! When I think you´re suddenly gone……I was chilled when I heard that you had a crush on the northern forest!”
“Long time no see, father”

Aurora bows gracefully. Then, Dianne advances to him, who was taken aback by the elegance for a moment and still tried to ask for something.

“Similarly, Dior-dono. ……Aurora is now one of my subordinates”
“Dianne……you! ……Ah, the details are good. Today is a good day.”

What a self-interested person. When I thought about it, Aurora raised her face.

“Where is my older brother?”

I heard something she doesn’t have to ask.

“Lucas. ……Diane, I’m sorry for that time. I’ll lose it late, but now again”
“I’m asking you where, father”
“I want you to give priority to Aurora”

Dior sighs.

“If it’s Lucas, he is in this building. If I let him go, he’ll be poked by the army. It’s virtually house arrest”
“……Its fortuitous”

Aurora smiles while lightly pushing the handle of her sword.

“What are you going to do, Aurora. You should better stay away now. He has been rough since last year’s incident”
“It’s a good opportunity, especially”

She starts walking and passes next to Dior-san.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been seriously talking to each other”

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