Half elves fall in love chapter 220

Chapter 220: Deep Forest City 2



“Aurora, wait a minute!”

We all rush to chase after Aurora, including Dior-san.

“Don’t lose control of yourself, Aurora! That’s a Master Knight, one of the most elite in the Celesta Commerce Country”
“I know it well, father. ……Yes, I know it well”

She doesn’t turn around. ……Dianne also makes a stern look while lining up fast.

“Are you really willing to pick a fight?”
“Yes, fighting is not graceful”
“What’s the point?”
“It may not make sense. Except for my heart”
“I don’t think other people understand. ……But for me, it’s still necessary”

The back room where several servants are waiting near the door. Proceeding without hesitation before that, Aurora again grabs the handle of her sword and closes her eyes.

“I don’t want to run away anymore”

Opening the door.


“Who said you could enter”

A large room that seems to be 30 meters to the back. From the other side, there is a voice that passes well while keeping it low.

“Oh, this is a great greeting”

Lucas, sitting in a huge chair like a throne and reading a book in a boring way, looked up.

“What is the purpose of my foolish sister who shook her hips like a human?”

He found out that I was here and glanced at me. I felt a strong murder intent, but Dianne immediately blocked it.

“It’s better to get burned a lot while you’re going to get your hands on an impurity, right?”
“…………Huu. It’s pretty old. If I hit the dirty air for a year, my cute sister would be like this”
“Don’t say anything as if you were taking care of me”
“Say something. I don’t feel like fighting with a child”

A quiet tone that is gloomy and frustrating, which is different from when he was persuading Anzeros. Well, to be honest, it’s annoying to see that such a figure becomes a mess. Did he change, or was he originally such a man? ……Aurora smiled with a big smile.

“I felt like I could win against my older brother now. I was going to let you practice, but let me be a little cheeky. ……I’ll see how far you’ve fallen. Take your sword, 1000-man commander Lucas”

Lucas laughs and throws his book at his desk. And he slowly took the paper knife from the flat box of the accessory case.

“Do I need a sword against you?”

Shake it. ……I was conscious of it, so I understood it in an instant. It’s a slashing wave. In response, Dianne takes a stance,100-man commander Becker holds down me and Dior-san and Laila puts Luna and Jeanne down. Naris was in puzzlement.


Aurora then pulls her sword out of her left hip and creates a shock wave. Wind occurs in the room. Invisible pressures collide with each other and diffuse.

“……Hou. Is it the beheading wave sword? Was it wisdom even by Miss Anzeros?”
“Do I have to tell you to take a sword again?”
“Kukuku, that’s okay. I’ll ride the provocation. I don’t know what you’ll get by slashing with me”

Lucas puts down the paper knife. Raises his clean, beautiful right hand in a playful manner, covers it with gloves and stands up.

“After all, I don’t think you can beat me as a real genius, who is good at imitating monkeys with just a good look”

I can hear Aurora clenching her teeth slightly. ……Ah. I see. ……I remembered that night before the duel with Sharon.


────I was always second. In Klaves, the shadow of my brother. Here, the shadow of Anzeros-san. Even in crest engraving I´m behind. Even at night……I’m always second in the same position. In my mouth, I always said that I was aiming for the best and in fact I thought I was trying to do so……but I realized today. I can’t imagine myself being the best. I’m not prepared. ……I stood in an uninhabited field behind no one and had no idea that I was the only one. In other words, my swordsmanship was nothing more than imitating my brother. My brother is a genius. I still think so. He was able to surpass even the instructors invited from outside the forest early on, to create his own style and to pass through by himself. I intended to imitate my brother’s splendid swordsmanship and become stronger and I was pretending to be an Ace Knight, with the intention of compensating for the lack of effort and determination by taking part in the ambidextrous nature. Andy-san, I didn’t want to be denied that I fell in love with you. I wanted to insist that I wasn’t a child of a country of conflict in an era when elves and humans quarreled meaninglessly. I wanted to say that I was an elf of a new era. Born in a new era, standing in a new world with my own power, so I wanted to be the one and only Ace Knight Aurora, with no reason to be scared of falling in love with you. ……But I discovered that I only had borrowed money from people of old age. ……Huhu. It was often said when I was in Klaves. It’s too early to tell myself that I’m a swordsman and I asked my father, mother and brother to think about other things. At that time, I could only think that I was being ridiculed because I wasn’t as good as my brother, but……the point is, I can’t think of being the one and only self in front of others. I guess I was able to see through it────.


Aurora is about to exceed. By breaking the true slashing wave of a genius, she can only be second.

“She still can’t do it”

Dior-san murmured as he stood up from the appearance of being pressed against the ground with me. ……This person doesn’t know how many battles Aurora has survived this year.

“Surely General Lucas is strong, but Aurora is also getting stronger”
“It’s still impossible. There is no chance against Lucas right now”

By the way, I don’t even know Lucas who isn’t careful at all. Are they like each other?

“He’s a real genius. To the extent that he’s stronger or can be expressed in such words, you’ll only lose more time”

Is that so?

“Well well. That Lucas……well, aside from 10-man captain Aurora, he doesn’t look like someone that can beat Captain Dianne and older sister Laila”
“Dianne is also a genius. I’m sure Sieg Becker, you are also a genius. But Aurora is……”

Aurora isn’t. That’s what her parents think of her. ……To be honest, I think it’s still early. Sharon had the same master knight-class ability as Black Arm, certainly Lucas. But I won only because the trump card was effective. It’s just because the slashing wave worked to the fullest as a surprise. In the same condition, I wonder if Aurora has the eye to pick up the win.

Lucas took the longsword hanging on the wall. He is hatefully cool and turns his head to Aurora.

“Because you challenged me, be prepared for one limb. I can’t stand to scratch my cute little sister’s body, but I don’t want her to be tampered with?”
“That kind of worry is, as expected, former young noble”

Aurora pulls out the other sword on her right hip to face her brother.

“If you weren’t my relative, I might have been struck by the kindness”
“Weak-headed irony”
“But if this body and soul is already dedicated to a man. Brother, don’t hesitate. I won’t review you by any chance”
“……If you ask me, a collar, etc. There is no pride in the noble blood of Klaves. What a hell, my sister”
“Huhuu. It’s very sweet”

Aurora’s heartfelt joyful words seemed to be the most frustrating to Lucas than ever ironic and abusive. His face, which has been moody but did not feel the waves of emotions, is distorted.

“It looks like you should really regret it……I’ll go!”

Lucas disappears. As usual, the speed seems to be first-class. Then hit Aurora, hit the cross guard and immediately disappear again,


……And the sound echoes in front of me. The tip of the sword is stopped in front of me.

“Childish prank, regrettable, General”

I was saved because Becker-san received it with a knife that he swung up instantly. Without him, my neck might have been flying in the moment.

“Hoho. Is it a manifestation of intention to deal with all of us at once?”

Laila laughs and bares her fangs. A heat haze rises from her arm and she is ready for battle. Dianne also takes a stance. However, Aurora sharply stopped them.

“Please protect the other people! My brother, it’s a personal matter……!”
“It’s all about defending and you can talk well!”

The sound of clashing echoes and sparks scatter. It’s true that Aurora is only blocking Lucas’s attack and she can’t catch his shadow. She can’t turn to attack. Unlike Anzeros, who has excellent leg strength, she cannot keep up with high-speed combat. ……This is certainly 「Still impossible」. Moreover,

“Can you endure, Aurora!”

General Lucas swung his sword at a speed that was beyond my eyes. Aurora uses her two swords to hit shock waves one after another, killing the sharpness of the slashing waves, but it seems that it cant be erased, and two straight scratches are carved on the wall behind her. Although it was not a direct hit, it seemed that it was a slash that robbed the escape and Aurora was stuck again and stopped. Lucas wields his sword lightly, moves around freely and shoots a one-shot deadly attack regardless of the time. On the other hand, although she has not been injured yet, Aurora has two swords but no eyes to attack. Of course, there are no referees or time limits for this battle. She can’t wait and win without an attack.

“Did you learn dual sword style? It’s brave”
“I was blessed with enemies. Sword Saint, Great Sword Saint, Master Sword Saint, Black Arm and Holy Beast. Only once I have confronted a ice dragon and a devil to cut one’s way through”
“And if that’s the case, a dragon or a Master Sword Saint is nothing special for me”

……Lucas is still strong. The speed comparable to Dianne and 100-man commander Becker combined with their deadly attack power. Depending on the situation, he will be able to demonstrate unrivaled strength. But.

“Wait. You say dragons and Lord Bonaparte aren’t something worth mentioning? Don’t make me laugh, you´re the one ball fellow who used a dragon slayer against Anzeros”

I was annoyed by his loose mouth so I talked back. Lucas, on the other hand, turns his eyes of hatred so intense that he makes a noise.

“One ball is a forbidden phrase or a seedless cannon”
“Shut up!!”

An elegant upper class. It seems that my vulgar taunts are more nerve-wracking because he isnt not used to them.

“Aurora……don’t resent even if you lose your life”

Lucas decided to get rid of Aurora quickly and point his sword at me. He wields his sword all the way to his back and swings it out again and again at a speed that never catches my eye. A net of murderous fissures approaches Aurora.


Before I say rora.

“So that’s it”

Aurora smiles. Lowering her sword. ……The whole body is cut into pieces, and it becomes a red mass to the effect that it is not understood somehow well and blood gushes out.

It’s a shocking sight that even me, my friends, Dior-san and even Lucas, who has released the skill, stop moving for a moment.


I can hear my cry far away. But.

“Is it like this?”

Hyun, the sound of a sword cutting the wind. Lucas jumped away in a hurry. ……The backrest of a splendid chair in the immediate area cuts in a straight line and falls.

“Ku……it’s an illusion…….!?”
“I don’t think you’re going to get caught so beautifully. You’re as kind as ever, brother”

Aurora was behind Lucas. ……Before you know it. I wonder if this is a reversal of the situation.

“……Ho, it’s bad”

Laila murmured small.

“That girl’s distance and slashing should be one trick”

……Is it that one arm can no longer be used?

“Aurora……how far should the duel fall, such as an illusion!”
“Isn’t it a laughing matter, such as an elf being confused by an illusion?”

The positions of the two are close. Aurora slowly lowers her right sword and sticks out the tip of her left sword to confront Lucas. Then, the fierce Lucas stepped in and used his sword to cut it……no, I saw him drive away. It is difficult to escape with an illusion while fighting with a sword. The worst imagination goes through my head. But.


Aurora turns like a soliloquy and uses her right sword to poke her brother.


……The right, which should not move, plays that role powerfully.

“It was helpful, brother♪”

Aurora pulls both swords back and forth and smiles while holding them gracefully.

“I’m sorry for the monkey imitation”

Tan, Aurora step. She goes on the offensive.

“I really wanted that slashing wave”
“No way……!!”

The two swords of Aurora go on the offensive as if they were dancing. The movement is brilliant, similar to Almeida and has a spectacular continuity. It’s not a movement that forces you to never move. Yes, this is the true value of Aurora, which marveled even the hero Neia.

“Now, let’s go to the actual performance, brother”

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