Half elves fall in love chapter 321

Chapter 321: Deep green colors [Almeida Selenium]



While everyone is greeting and appealing to my mother and explaining what I’ve been doing for the past two years, I see a shadow moving away. I quietly follow it.

“Are you done?”
“……Ah, Andy”
Almeida had slipped out of the room, taking Selenium with her.

“It’s hard on Selenium’s body to stay in a noisy place like that for too long. I’m not sure if Jeanne Cracks is a dwarf or not, but she seemed pretty stable……elves are not that sturdy”
“Well, I don’t think it’s rare because there is also Hilda-san”
“Don’t let your guard down. It’s too late to regret it after you’ve lost it”
“Huhu. You worry too much, Almeida”
“I, It’s okay, I’m not a stranger to this. ……If you’ve declared to Marie-dono that we’re going to live like this, then……anyone’s child is just like your own family. Then I can’t afford to lose them”
“Right. ……Huhu, I’m kind of glad”
“I can’t believe Almeida has become one of those people. Andy-san is amazing……our eyes were right when we fell in love with you”
“I……I don’t even know if I’m the same as you. If I met this guy at the age of ten, I doubt I would have liked him……and I doubt I would have wanted to be impregnated with his child”
I think it’s a rather serious hobby to think that much about a ten year old. No, Apple and Selenium were serious about their plans.

“A, As Almeida said, it’s better to be safe than sorry, Selenium”
With that, I urged Selenium to go to her room.

“Yees. ……I want to give birth properly”
“Good girl. After you give birth, we’ll use birth control magic for a while and have lots of sex”
“Ehehe. ……Until Apple gives birth to Andy´s child♪”
This is the 「Life just for me」 that Selenium and Apple used to plan. They said that while one of them was conceived, the other would work for it and I would continue to love them both. Apple has forgotten about it, but there won’t be many obstacles for Selenium to go for it again.

“……I, I thought you had a mouth for lining up pregnant women and taking pleasure in it”
“It looks spectacular, but I wouldn’t go for it on purpose. It’s a disadvantage in life”
I laughed at Almeida’s idea. It would be inconvenient in many ways to have all pregnant women. If at least half of them are not in a condition to move normally, we will have to borrow help from others.

“I mean, elf rarely get pregnant in the first place, so it seems impossible to aim”
“……I, If it’s someone as lewd as you, I think it’s not impossible if you concentrate on the girl you’re aiming for and commit it every night for several weeks……”
“If you want to see that kind of thing, you can probably get pregnant at the same time in the cat beast colony……I’ll just do it a little at a time here”
The moon has an effect on cat beasts and they go into heat at the same time. Estrus is a signal from your body……well, when you’re most likely to get pregnant, you’re going to have an orgy. If you leave it alone, many people will get hungry. Children are not created for the sake of such evil pleasures. As a man who wants to conquer, I’d like to see such a picture, but I don’t want my children to be disappointed when they hear how they were born. Yeah. I’m sure they’ll be disappointed when they hear that I made them because I wanted to see a full belly somehow.

“Ah. Almeida, maybe”
Selenium laughs a little meanly.

“Do you want to get pregnant like that 『Everyone and friends』?”
“Wh, What are you talking about. ……I think it wouldn’t have been possible in a war-torn world like the old Afilm to be naked and bloated like that. Andy would love that kind of painting”
“I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a prude, but I don’t have a taste for female slaves in the sadistic sense of the word, like captivity?”
“……Oh, really?”
Why the disappointed look on her face.

“Th, That’s how it is. At a motivated pace, one by one a year, it takes more than 20 years for everyone to give birth one by one……elves aside, in the short-lived Tetes and Luna Basil, whether a second person can be born”
“Don’t take your calculations that seriously……”
Just as I don’t have any desire to impregnate all at once, I don’t intend to control not to impregnate so seriously. It’s a bit sacrilegious to mess with a gift too much. Eventually, when I’m no longer in the military and can settle down, I’m going to leave it up to everyone else to get pregnant. Of course, some of the pregnancies will overlap with each other, but that’s no problem as long as there are enough of us to help each other out.

“More than anything……”
As we walk into Selenium’s room and open her door, Almeida embraces her breasts.

“Marie-dono is old as a human. If she’s moody, she can’t hold the child I gave birth to……I’m also an elf, I know the chances of a short term pregnancy are not high”
“What. Almeida was impatient for something strange”
“W, Whats weird”
“If Andy-san had such a penchant for rapid impregnation, I would have been impregnated sooner or later, but that didn’t seem to be the case……”
“Sorry. I’m just trying to understand the difference in species……”
“It’s okay. ……I’m sure Andy-san will be able to do it for you as soon as he feels like it♪”
“Th, That’s why, originally, that’s about it……you can’t get pregnant unless you’re confined and covered with juice……”
“If you really want Almeida, you will not be locked up……you will be fucked so hard that you will melt”
Almeida’s ears reddened as Selenium whispered to her. I’m sure she imagined it. The slight movements in her ears that she shows silently seem to tell me that she is inwardly sweet and upset.

“Ah, Almeida, you’re so wet♪”
“Wh, What a nonsense!”
Almeida, who was pointed out by Selenium and tried to eat, immediately weakened her words. She puts stress on Selenium and she has neither a former nor a child. But then again, Selenium is a gutsy girl. It’s too easy to see that she’s hiding her embarrassment and there’s no way she’d feel psychologically burdened by that. And I also want to love Almeida like that. I whisper to the grinning Selenium.

“That Selenium. I’m sorry”
“Do you want to use my room?”
“If you don’t mind♪
“H, Hey, Andy, what are you and Selenium doing”
I pushed a panicked Almeida into the room and closed the door behind me. Selenium approaches her rocking chair……jurujuru, and takes off her clothes and sits naked. She looks at me with an exciting smile, showing off her big belly and fluffy boobs.

“Almeida. ……I’ll prove it to you. That you’re serious about making babies”
“Wh, What are you talking about……”
“I’m going to make you smell like you’re making a lot of babies with me”
I grabbed Almeida by the shoulders and pushed her down on the bed. I’m not sure if it’s because she was expecting it, but she fell into it surprisingly easily.

“W, Wait, the clothes are……fine, so don’t be rough……”
“I’m not going to. ……I take my time undressing you”
As the word says, I slowly take off the fine clothes that Almeida is wearing. It was handed over by Aurora, but Almeida is taller and more breasted than her, so she probably asked the clothing store to remake it. Even so, the clothes looked somewhat taut. As I unbuttoned it, Almeida’s true proportions were revealed. Her breasts are not as prominent as Sharon’s, but they are full and feminine enough by elven standards. Her waist is tight and her hips are round. Beautiful thighs. I unbuttoned her, loosened her belt and let my hands do the work, exposing her skin.

“Get up, Almeida. ……Your pants”
“Y, You want me to take them off myself……”
I’m a little lost. I’m not sure if I should take them off myself or let Almeida expose her own private parts. And then my eyes met Selenium’s.

“I’ll let Selenium take it off for me. You are now going to……have the initiation ritual of having your belly covered with child seed”
“Hey……S, Selenium, you don’t have to do that……”
“It’s okay♪ Almeida, sit back……become Andy’s seed sack too♪”

Selenium’s thin hands drag down Almeida’s underwear.

“……Huhu, gulp”
“D, Don’t say that……!”
“That’s fine. You were imagining being fucked by Andy-san, weren’t you? It’s a fine thing to be a female slave♪”
I grabbed my pants and sat on the edge of the bed to watch from a very close distance. I took a position behind Almeida, whose face was pathetic and burned with shame, took off my clothes and rubbed my cock around Almeida’s asshole. The warmth and softness of Almeida’s skin softly caressed the tip of my cock.

“Almeida. ……Do you still hate me?”
“I, I don’t hate it……not, but……”
“If you don’t like it, I’ll stop here. ……I can have sex with Selenium. I’ve got Hilda’s blessing”
“But if you want to be fucked like this, just say so. ……Be as specific as possible, what do you want to be done? What do you want to do?”
I can turn into a pseudo-sadist to match my partner. But the truth is, I don’t have such a sadistic hobby. So, well, that’s about it. And……Selenium looks into Almeida on all fours and whispers.

“Be honest, Almeida. ……Same, we’re friends who cherish the collar of slaves, aren’t we? You can be a slave and still be a……slave at heart and I won’t laugh at you”
“KKu……S, Selenium……”
“From the bottom of my heart, right? ……But if you’re not in the mood, it’s okay. I’ll take Andy-san’s lust……everything”
Almeida gulped and spat. She can still feel the heat of my cock slowly pressing against the flesh of her buttocks around her labia……taking small breaths.

“……Put it in me……”
“Specifically, Andy-san said, Almeida”
“I want you to put your cock in my vagina……and I want you to stir it up as much as you want and ejaculate inside me……ha, aa……ejaculate……I dont want to do it once, it doesn’t matter how many times……”
“Well done♪”
Despite being given a smile on Selenium, Almeida pushes her ass up and keeps shaking.

“I……I want to drink a lot of Andy juice in my womb, hold it……and go straight to Marie-dono to see her……♪ I want to tell Marie-dono, 『I just begged your son to give me a lot of seed』…….♪ W, What kind of face will she give me……she will say I am a trifling woman……♪”
“Good, Almeida……I’ll let you do that……!”
I listened to Almeida’s wishes and thrust my penis into her nasty vaginal opening that kept increasing her love juice every time she spun her words.

“Hu, aaaaa♪
“Ah……Almeida, lewd……♪”
“Okay, Almeida. It’s okay to be naughty, Almeida. Even erotic females who don’t do much with Andy-san are allowed because we’re female slaves……just to have Andy-san do her pussy, it’s a woman♪”
“……Ha, huaaaa♪”
The fastest knight who shakes her ass, excited by the ridiculously nasty words of Selenium, while letting me commit her. Her face is awake with the happiness of being a female, greedily seeking pleasure from my cock and being given it, she is blissfully drunk. I grab her breasts from behind, cover Almeida crawling on the bed like a dog and fuck her with my hips alone. Right next to me, to add to my excitement, Selenium turns her hips to me and wiggles her labia, chuckling and stirring it. The three of us are in a state of debauchery. In the candle-lit room, we shake our hips, listen to the sizzling sounds and indulge in a masturbation show with Almeida’s erotic face and Selenium’s baby belly. And then there’s the prospect of ejaculation.

“Almeida’s……womb, get into it……!”
“U, Unreasonable……unreasonable……don’t say it……♪”
“I’ll pour it in……I’ll pour my offspring into your belly!”
“……Sm, Smashing it in……plenty, in my stomach……Andy´s taste……♪”
For a moment……I wondered who was going to taste. Immediately it was replaced by a cloudy white ejaculation sensation and the field of vision exploded.

“Huu……a, aaaa……♪”
Bubyuu, dobyuu, ……byururuu. I spit semen into the vagina in good economic times. Set up a knight who awakens to a woman, give in completely, ask for it, and bend her toes in the same way. The proof of reservation is engraved many times in the womb. We share even the most destructive pleasures with each other and continue to savor the sensation of the juices running down the urethra while we are snuggled together.

Next to me, a little later, Selenium’s ass shook and culminated.


“Yes, Almeida. Hold your pussy. Raise your legs”
“……I, I’m sorry”
Selenium puts the recovered panties on Almeida again. Almeida was careful not to leak the semen, but she was content with her care.

“……Are you sure you want to go”
“……I’m your female slave. There’s nothing strange about this”
“No, but you might want to reconsider”
As it is, Almeida wears her clothes over her pantis with semen. On the other hand, Selenium is ready to collect the sheets and sleep as it is.

“Then, I’ll take a rest first……”
“No, I’m going to take a break from Selenium”
“It’s okay. I’ve already come out as a female slave”
……Almeida seemed to want to do exactly what she said during sex. I can’t stop her, so I’m watching the transition. I thought that if I couldn’t withdraw because I said it myself, I would be embarrassed to self-destruct……Almeida is bright red, but she seems to be serious.

“……Because she’s just an ordinary housewife who protected an ordinary family, I think it’s very stimulating to imitate anything strange”
“……Y, You have to admit it eventually, both in name and reality”
Not good. It’s unlikely that you will read the air in many ways. I cried.

“No, I get it now, I’m sorry I said something weird”
“……I, I don’t remember saying anything weird, I’m……supposed to be the norm for the female slave that I am”
“Yeah, yeah. Almeida, great……”
“Selenium, don’t give random replies in your bedtime story!”
Almeida screams and she returns to the meeting place. I tried to stop and was taken to be dragged.

“Ma, Marie-dono!”
“Oh, Almeida……I thought I wouldn’t see you. I was so nervous, I was hoping you were there……”
“That……I’m actually also a slave to your son……Andy, and I’ve just accepted his carnal desires……no, I’ve just made a child together!”
Mother, expressionless. She stared blankly at Almeida.

“……Andy. ……What did you do to my friend?”
She said in a low voice, not taking her eyes off Almeida.

“……Ah, that……there are so many ties……it’s a long story, but I ended up making her a female slave”
“Tie!? If you had a chance, would you turn even your parents’ friends into meat slaves!?”
“Marie-dono, no, I’m the one who decided to become Andy’s female slave……”
“What did you do to such a straightforward young lady to make her talk like this!? Andy, oh my God, I don’t know what to do!”
“Calm down, mom, it was inevitable!”
“What kind of a choice does a woman have to make to end up a sex slave!?”
Almeida was about to be executed if I didn’t drop her for sex. Then a lot of things happened and eventually she couldn’t stop doing sex with me. ……My mom was half delirious until I took the trouble to explain to her. I understand. I’m not sure I’d agree with you if you explained it to me too. ……Yeah. After all it is a mysterious space for outsiders, around me.

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