Half elves fall in love chapter 57

Chapter 57: Holy Beast breakcore



It takes about two and a half days to reach the labyrinth from the red clan village. That means it only takes 5 days to go back and forth. Furthermore, how long does it take to go to the deep labyrinth? Like the large desert labyrinth, it’s a labyrinth, which also serves as a traffic route to the hideouts of various tribes, which is rare. An ordinary labyrinth is a robber-a constitution that makes an adventurer get lost and become prey for monsters.

“……I’m afraid it will be late when we get back to the corps building in Basson and I need to write a written apology”
“It’s alright, it’s better than cleaning up the mess my father did on his journey. There will be no problems if I explain properly”

Dianne laughs, but……its Dianne. But I’m scared that if I’m not good enough, I will receive a grudge from the minister via Carlos. Even if Anzeros and Dianne are acquitted, it is not impossible to say that only I will be secretly blown away by a galley of the Sea Brigade. I was really scared when I imagined it.

“Two days walk……excuse me, Diel”

Laila asks Diel.

“Is the sky inside this boundary also a reason why the dragon can’t fly?”
“……No why”
“Then let’s quicken the story”

Laila removes her coat in a casual manner. And after an illusionary shock that shakes the brain, she transforms.

“Bl, Black dragon……!!”

Starting with Diel, all clan heads are stunned. Yes, I want to believe that it’s not just that my personality is crooked, but it makes me feel good.

“Ah, I see……human, me too”

Maia claps her hands together and poses to transform. Two giant dragons appear in the middle of the clan manor. Residents of the clan manor, panic.


Waiting for the noise to come to a close, we proceed with preparations again. First of all, weapons. We were caught mostly in our clothes while we were running and we didn’t have any good weapons. That was told to Diel in advance.

“Select your favorite weapon……”

A little tired Diel opens and shows the storehouse behind his house. There were a lot of weapons and protective items, and items I didn’t know how to use.

“Oh dear”
“The elves just have a range of weapons collected”

Aurora and Jeanne wonder. Of course, the others are also surprised. Roughly enough to supply a 100-man cavalry, there is a surplus amount.

“The material is……pure silver, evergold wave-edged steel……uwa, this sword is hoshihagane”
“You can see it if you look”

Jeanne lifts one of the swords that was around her and brings its belly close to my face. ……It was woven like a sparkling particle.

“Why a sword with such an uneven material?”
“It’s pretty good. It’s equal to or better than pure silver. And thanks to this sparkling look, it’s expensive”

Pure silver is a material mainly mined around the royal capital and is indispensable for high-grade swords of the royal capital. It’s pretty much the same.

“If you use it, you can go ahead one by one. ……Anyway, there are no more than 10 people who use such a sword”
“It is generous”
“That’s why I say it again, but depopulation is in progress. There is no choice but to use only weapons that are not user-friendly.”

So, this is to be spoiled by the kindness of Diel.

“Umm……this is a bit of a handful”
“Swords suitable for quick attacks and swords specializing in lightness……I’m enchanted”
“Everything is good, but there is not much that can beat my beloved sword”

Anzeros, Aurora and the baron are happily selecting while muttering a complaint.

“I wonder if Dianne-dono is also fond of a weapon”
“There is nothing that I can use, but because the basics are my limbs……as long as it’s not a big shot it won’t get in the way, will you get one?”

Apparently, Bonaparte declines because there is his own Great Sword. And Dianne takes a broadsword that was in her vicinity.

“If I have a hammer or a mall. ……Well”
“Because it’s unhandy, let’s get those”

Jeanne and Selenium had each taken a dagger as a compromise. The other members are smiling at first as they don’t use weapons. Diel opened his mouth, looking at me who didn’t take a weapon, especially for making matters.

“Is it Smithson? Do you have no weapon?”
“……I have never used another weapon than a crossbow”

It’s a shameful story, but it’s just a package when you have something that you can’t use.

“It’s ok to use something other than weapons”
“Other than weapons?”
“A cracker, an offensive mantle, an infinite smoke stick……well I wonder if all would be useful against the holy beast”

For now, I decided to ask even if it is n vain.

“Do you have a pen that can be used to engrave?

I’ll try to say. Was. ……Or rather, there was a guy who could do the same thing with one of the ritual swords. If he writes with the tip, it seems that he can engrave magic lines as well as an engraving pen.

“A pen was good if you could do it……”

This is fine if it is a great clam like the one used in the match against Lucas, but it is not suitable for engraving. If it is paper or leather, it cuts.

“What do you use?”

Apple, who don’t know what I can do, sends a sad look.

“……I was wondering if I could strengthen the clothes of the avant-garde, though”
“But can you do that, human Andy-san?”
“This is what I can do. I was in a rivalry with Aurora”

Well, maybe Hilda’s dealing with medical applications on a daily basis, but I wonder if it would be a cinch to do something similar.


For that reason. On Laila’s back are I, Dianne, Hilda, Selenium, Apple, Aurora, Anzeros, Jeanne and Bonaparte. On the back of Maia, are the baron and the young elf clan leaders Diel, Christie, Gorkus, and Irina.

We take off at the same time.

“I, I’m afraid to fly on a dragon after all……”

Apple, who hasn’t take a ride yet (or just on the time of Phaser and Maia´s assault), is clinging to one of the back spines with Selenium.

Selenium next to her is humming and imposing.

“Okay, if you get used to it, it’s pretty comfortable?”
“Hoho. I´m glad you´re happy. I’ll try to fly with only one shot”

Apple´s half crying is a little cute.


And we arrive at the destination in just one hour.

“Underground layered labyrinth? If it’s an open-air one, you should jump out all at once.”

Laila returned to her human body reluctantly. Naturally naked. When I try to give her her coat, she avoided it and suddenly embraced from behind, my ear is licked with a long tongue.

“Hei, what do you do”
“Hoho, there is only this avant-garde. Anyway, while we’re free, we’re going to go through the labyrinth, so instead of wearing my clothes, you’re going to substitute, right?”
“Don’t mess around!”

I forced the naked Laila to wear her dress. The young elf clan leaders watched half with amazement and half admiration of this mischief.

“I heard that dragon riders and dragons are lovers, couples, brothers, and companions”
“It’s a good thing to get along”
“Hohoho, this man is a genuine lover who demands only the woman’s body without knowing the power of a dragon and its authority. It is also the job of the mount to give as much as he wants♪”
“Don’t say it’s like I’m doing something strange in front of them only because it’s your hobby”

I’m planning to press Laila to put on her clothes, but when I notice, I’m hugged from below and I’m touched. I would definitely say 「It’s definitely in there」 if I were to see it from the side.

“Hm, Hmm……before going to the labyrinth, it’s okay to take a break for about an hour, right?”
“We arrived early”

Irina and Christie say so while turning to the other side. Both faces are red. Unexpected head……isn’t it.

“You don’t mean that!”

They´re too involved in the pace of this erotic dragon.

“Th, That’s what you want to do, human……if so”
“Amazing Andy-kun. Even though I had three rounds yesterday”
“I didn’t even get to ride you!”


Well, though I was freaking out, everyone got in shape and entered the labyrinth. The front guard is Dianne and Bonaparte, and behind them are Diel and Gorkus. In between are, I, Apple, and the others that aren’t very useful in rough situations. Laila and Maia, one and Anzeros and Aurora are the rearguards. Yeah, they´re pretty reliable. But now, there are a lot of high-powered people, my friends. General Lucas may not be an opponent now. No, I didn’t change much as I wasn’t very useful.

“Bonaparte-dono, I entrust here to you ”

Dianne suddenly disappears leaving Bonaparte behind. Then, the three monsters that were seen in the distance were thrown out at once with Dianne´s broadsword that was swung and she returned when they were gone.

“You’re like that 100-man special duty commander Becker”
“Is it a compliment or what?”

Dianne looks bad. ……Even without such a face.

“Becker? Who is it?”
“Is it『Daydreaming』Zeke Becker?”

Apple and Bonaparte make a strange face. Don’t they know?

“He was with us in the first half of this trip. He is a very quick middle-aged ace knight”
“Zeke Becker……what a pity, I would like to meet him as a swordsman”
“Uncle wants to meet him?”
“Uhh. There is a rumor that the damage he made to Trot in the previous war is well over a thousand people’s worth.”

What. That guy was amazing…….


Dianne smashes and kicks most of the monsters and sometimes Laila burns them as we are moving to the lower layer, with few other fighters coming into play.

“I haven’t been through a labyrinth since my ace knight exam……but the atmosphere of the labyrinth may be quite exciting and I like it”
“Is that so? I can’t feel this carelessly”
“I’m from a labyrinth, I don’t like or hate it now.”

While the junior trio is in a peaceful chat, the rock doll which was behind the sidewalk is cut off by Dianne who returns afterward. ……Isn’t it possible for her to break through alone?

“Well well. If that woman is serious, only one clan can stop her”
“Stopping her? Dianne is like a demon”

Hearing the words of Diel and Irina, Dianne makes a disgusting face.

“Who is a demon”
“In that case how about calamity, evil spirit, hell instigator. Which one is better”
“Even if you used to be naughty a long time ago……”

The past between Irina and Dianne. I want to ask about it for a moment, but I am scared. Seeing that such an expression was appearing on my face, Dianne looked at me and then turned her eyes and started explaining.

“It’s not that big of a deal. ……About 70 years ago, this Irina was caught by bandits while traveling to Celesta, and it was only I who helped her accidentally there”
“There used to be a lot. Not the ratio of now. Especially, the hand of the country is not reached easily around the north side from Officlade to the large Armoni river basin”
“It was a war at that time. I was told that I could do something with magic, but I was caught quickly and my servants became the comforters one after another”
“When I accidentally found the hideout during a survey, the white elf had pitiful eyes. ……Well, I had a good relationship with Dior, so when I killed all the bandits on the spot… there I found this Irina”

……It was more miserable than I thought.

“No, I felt mesmerized. A dark elf showed up killed the bandits one after another and throw away the bandits! No matter whether the opponent is an ogre or a beast person, the 20 bandits were dead in three minutes”
“I didn’t think that an elf of the northern forest is traveling in incognito. ……What about the servants from that time?”
“Half have become pregnant with a foreign child and left, the other half remained, but they will never be able to get out of the forest again mentally”

As a story about half-elves, it is a common story. The child who has been born then, becomes like someone’s cat in the despair of parents and the persecution of the surroundings or it is devoted to the master of the life, and it is more than others and it is drowned in a momentary way of life.

“The warlord’s naiveness, the closeness of the family, and the weakness as a living being. These various things are involved and it becomes meager to those servants. ……But just retreating hundreds of years ago the same thing will happen, so it cant be saved. ”
“I see”

Was there a desire for Irina to move the forest and the family out of it?

“More or less, it’s a story in any clan”
“Don’t a poor blooded man be put in the woods and a drowning thing be expelled. That’s the same thing for any clan. Even if you hide it, it’s even dangerous. It will be abandoned”
“The life of the elves are long, but only that. If there is no connection with the spirit of light´s sleeping place and the family, then no one knows what to rely on to live. That kind of people…….”

In response to the words of Gorkus and Christie, Irina earnestly summarized it. That’s it. Yes, no matter what kind of race. The land and the sky are not enough to live there. Aim to live, work with supporting families and friends and work to live. If you take everything away, it is as good as being killed. Only a few can find hope ahead of it. The feeling of fear is also something that can’t be ruled out.

“……Huh, fool”

Diel spit it out.

“The sleeping place of the spirit of light? The purity of the clan? ……It doesn’t mean anything. The spirit of light isn’t there. Because it is pure, it doesn’t get what. Now the elves of the northern forest are the only one who will do it. It is only in the world where the stimulation thing is to erase, and the purpose is to be able to have a long life. ……Therefore”

Diel, who stopped, suddenly hit the wall with his fist. A line of light suddenly ran on the wall. Rainbow light like a dragonslayer. And the wall opens in front of us.

“Arrive, intruder and volunteer elves. Here is what is called the holy beast”

Diel sings and praying, looking to the back of the dark open wall.

“So………So necessary. Alive and dead, still willing to pray for a future connected with something. Still waiting for something to be born and dreaming of the future, the will of living life that is”
“What are you saying, Diel!”

Irina takes a step at Diel. In the deep darkness ahead of it, a light suddenly turns on and spreads rapidly. And the white light is full.

“Look, it’s a desperate thing that changes nothing as crazy and only hopes to exist, it’s the end of an endless life that no one can spare”

There was a huge creature there. A huge horned horse……what was supposed to be.


It is everyone’s first impression that Apple muttered. There are a lot of heads, feet, horns, eyes, ears, and bones. There is a full, white lump which grew them unprincipled.

“Ho. What a bad taste”
“This is……the holy beast?”

Diel nooded to Laila and Maia responses.

“For example, if you are the only one, and you are in the eternal silence that never dies no matter what you do, what will you do?”
“……Look for a rider and make a bound with him. It’s a dragon’s destiny”
“But the holy beast cannot go far. It cant search for anyone”
“……Though it might be tedious, it’s not a hopeless case”
“But, the holy beast though. ……If you never die, why not split up yourself and make a conversation partner?”
“What…..is it?”
“The holy beast divided itself with its mighty power. The other side was able to speak.”

Diel says so indifferently.

“The split and double-headed holy beast talked to its other self about a lot of things, but in the meantime, they got bored with each other and split up again”
“Some of the splitting heads wanted to have their own feet. Some had fun with their own eyes. The holy beast had no control over its own divided bodies. It was alone. However, the mighty power was shared and many bits of intelligence freely destroyed each other, smashed them and became a tool of play that was not dead wasteful or meaningless. Well, it can no longer control it”
“Why such……why do you know that?”
“About that”

Diel laughs. The smile was similar to the face of the horned horse for a moment.

“No way!”

Irina is astonished.

“Wh, what does that mean?”

The rare and serious face of Laila answers my question.

“Hoho. ……Red clan leader Diel seems to have been replaced. Into the ugly mere shadow of one’s former self, break grain”


“What happened to the real Diel!”

Gorkus shouts. Diel shrugged.

“Isn’t he right around here?”

Meat. White meat. It doesn’t have the muscle, viscera or skin of the holy beast.

“……Why is this……!!”
“Because I haven’t done it. So I can’t help saying that the sleeping place of the spirit of light alone, such a thing should be known to the clan meeting. ……As I expected, one of the irritated clan heads has come”
“Th, that’s just because……!!”
“I can go outside if I think of dying when I’m away, so I read his memories, made a transfer, and went out instead of Diel. ……ah, a very good timing. It was good to bring you here before the destruction”

Diel slowly kneels. It curls up. And he continued to speak.

“Diel is alive. Help him if you want to help. And you decide what to do with the holy beast. It is not decided by the holy beast itself any more”
“You can seal it, burn it with dragon breath. If you can’t do it, you won’t complain. Ah, it’s a holy beast. But if it can be done”

It was a substitute for Diel, who raised his face.

“Why don’t you try to undo this holy beast breakcore and try not to split it apart? The original is me……this is the way it is”

Just hope that it is there. It is good to endure loneliness unnoticeable to anyone else, and it is good to increase to many things, but just without knowing justice other than maintaining the status quo. It is an obscene creature that can only choose the future that is self-love, has no meaning, and only ties together in the body. It was an end, resembling that of the forest elves.


It was Diel who turned down, turned into pieces of meat and returned to the holy beast as if being attracted.

“……Please help Diel”

Christie and Gorkus head down. Irina is shaking while holding her mouth. To be honest, I would like to forgive them for such a serious thing.

“……Hey Laila. What do you think is so lonely that you split yourself and you want to talk to someone?”
“I don’t know. ……I don’t know, but it’s a pretty poor fellow”
“That’s right”

We have each other. I have a favorite partner. So I can’t imagine such a thing anymore. However, the holy beast was so lonely that it wanted to see someone else besides itself. At the end of the day, it has become something like this far from the conversation. As it is, there is no future. I want to do something somehow.

“Well then, Laila. ……I’m sorry, but I would like you to fight”
“Ho. You are my owner. You can tell me what you want

I see the faces of everyone behind me. There was a sense of war all over the place.

“Let’s do it!!”

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