Half elves fall in love chapter 85

Chapter 85: Abnormal dwarf second part [Jeanne]



The long one-on-one battle with Jeanne burned more of my energy than expected. We also had open-air sex in the back alley and there is also a feeling of excitement as I stand up to Jeanne’s indignation. However, her movement of the waist and tongue and expression are indeed lewd, I feel the greed that she seems to devote the pleasure of sex given by me. It was self-evident that it would be trivial to take over the initiative immediately for her, even if I was attacking her with those limbs that had much power over me and even the aggressive sexual desire she controls everything.

“N, u, nnn……10-man captain, more, stronger, yes, good……!?”

With her arms around my neck, her knees on the inside of my elbows, Jeanne sways her hips rhythmically, clinging to my body like a piece of playground equipment. Her young, narrow vagina moves so violently to get certainly pregnant that the womb mouth clings to my penis and deprives me of room to move.

“I, I wonder if I can do it harder than this!?”
“10-man captain, long, hopes, no matter what……you can hit me with more force!”

Jeanne changes her waist movement little by little and the pleasure becomes intense. Sex that competes with power without a skill was like Jeanne’s character itself. I’m made to reciprocate at Jeanne’s pace in a narrow road. Combined with the cervix that gives the glans a crisp stimulation, the tiny vagina squeezed more strongly by the moment of “pull” that makes the hips bounce, giving pleasure of non-defense to me. The moment of “push” is active, I’m reaching my limit. Conversely, the movement to pull out is a stimulation to the weak honey pot, which is hard to defend against.

“Je, Jeanne……forgive me, that’s too much……!”

I focused on Jeanne. The small round trip, which used gravity and strong feet, had easily exceeded the stimulation that was accepted with plenty of time mentally.

“Wait, danger, that’s……wait, please, Jeanne, wai……”

Jeanne doesn’t wait for a moment. She tasted the pleasure of becoming uncontrollable to me, while I taste the ejaculation impulses and relax while stimulating the glans which is rubbing against the cervix greatly. Momentarily, I start ejaculation in the state of raising the white flag.

“N……gu, kyuu……♪ Ahaha, 10-man captain’s, sperm……♪”
“Yo, You coward……I told you to wait”

I talk in the interval of rough breathing while pouring semen into her vagina. As Jeanne rubs her cheeks on my chest, she exhales “Ah … ah♪” happily, every time she takes a shot. ……Jeanne might be fine with that. Jeanne has no particular ill appearance, and it is extremely unacceptable that the form is almost unilaterally squeezed.

“I’m not convinced at the moment, so let’s do it again”

Jeanne smiles and strengthens the strength of the arm that hangs around my neck tightly. ……I wonder if she was aiming for that from the beginning.


A field just a short distance from the city. It is sunny and the place where the ground came out first and young grass make a green carpet. I pushed down Jeanne onto the soft, green-smelling bed and this time it is the second round in normal position.

“Ehehe……it’s so romantic to make love in a flower field”
“Your romance is good enough……”
“I don’t think that’s the case. However, it’s great if you’re the one who’s hugged me and have sex with me”
“……I think it’s a very erotic situation, but usually, I don’t say it is romantic”

The culotte that was once worn by Jeanne is pulled down again and her cute but firm lower body is exposed again. Polka’s spring is still chilly. I am searching for the lower body of the young dwarf girl whose chest is throbbing while being buried in yellow and white spring flowers. The gap between the freshness of the scene, the cuteness, and the inferior act of the opposite stimulates the back of the waist again.

“I’ll do it, Jeanne……”
“But, 10-man captain”

With a slight hump, Jeanne slowly lifts her feet and says,

“I want you to order more violently……?”
“……Ah……present me your lewd hole, your meat hole slave”

Jeanne seems very happy.

“From the beginning, I don’t care about it, use my pussy as a tool, as I’m 10-man captain’s slave♪”

Jeanne seems strangely euphoric to be treated like a tool as I will insert into her lower body. Well, let’s see. It’s a hobby.

“After all take everything off”
“I also take off everything”

It doesn’t seem to have been transmitted to her yet. As for me.

“You’re not broken enough to walk around and just put my dick inside your hole! Remember if you’re going to be with me forever!”
“Sex with me is sticky and lovey-dovey! Occasionally it’s hard and terrible! You’re not mistaken like Phaser! I want to fuck you because I like you!”
“……Uu. Isn’t it a contradiction when you are alone?”
“It’s okay, I told you it was fine earlier! I’m not getting bored and throw away one after another after I had sex with nine people! Well, I want to monopolize you all because I like everyone!?”
“He, Hey, however……there, Hilda-sensei?”
“……Therefore you’re more beloved!”

※ Author: We will ignore the serious matter. Thank you for your understanding.

“Nyaaa……, 10, 10-man captain……nn”
“I’m fine using you as a tool and ejaculate like a portable toilet but I don’t want to throw you away……but don’t forget that I love you and want to make love. I……really I would like to spend time with you all over the next few decades”
“Uu……a, I, 10-man captain, throughout……unyaa, I’m going to die of embarrassment”
“It’s ok, let’s have sex with love. Let’s do something that can’t be heard by others. ……Jeanne, let’s hold each other more firmly and have head numbing sex”
“Uuu……10, 10-man captain the ten chief is doing so…… It opens a strange door by surprise attack……”

We both become completely naked, entangle our limbs without gaps on the young grass and connect our genitals, swaying like a cradle, tangling our tongues and releasing sweet voices. Contrary to a little while ago which was violent at random, we have fulfilling sex with all one’s power.

“Jeanne……Jeanne, I feel good……”
“10-man captain……nyu, uuu……I don’t have a very sweet voice……. I feel like I’m getting strange”
“You’re horny, it’s even more so now. You can feel as odd as you like”
“U, uu……jyuunih, wai……hamuu”

At the very back, Jeanne gently swirls around my cock to knead the remaining semen. Hugging each other, we keep our weight tight and alternate who is moving many times to enjoy and feel the primitive feeling. As we remembered sometimes, we relax our lower backs and give pleasure to each other. Like the grooming of beasts, we express our love for one another with hands and lips as we interact with each other and I teach and remind Jeanne that sex is an expression of love. Laila and Anzeros are M, but I am not worried because there is a sense of craving for love at the bottom of their hearts. However, Jeanne is likely to shift to the perfect pervert pleasure side sometimes, probably because she is too pure because of Laila’s training. Let’s teach her properly, that I love her.

“Nuuu……n, hehe……if everyone is here, I can’t have sex so long♪”
“Today it’s your turn. It’s okay to do it until sunset”
“Nyu……re, really?”
“All the while, completely naked, only the two of us until nightfall”
“……You’re serious! You won’t be able to return to elder sister Laila or the inn until night?”
“Ah……n, danger, it’s about time……Jeanne”
“N……put it out♪”

Just like waiting for a shooting star, we hug together and I ejaculate in a calm mood. Jeanne receives it while being hugged and gently climaxes with no escape.

“Jeanne, I love you……”
“……10-man captain is mean♪ Being confessed while you ejaculated like this, even if you don’t feel like it, it’s decided that I give birth to your child♪”

I think it’s a special emotion. But.

“……If you didn’t feel like it, did you think you could give birth all the time?”
“I want to give birth to any number……♪”
“You mean, you will give birth to many people?”

We also began to wait patiently for the next ejaculation, rolling around, kissing and patting each other’s asses.

By dusk, I came 5 times as it was.


Night. Maia who came back after finishing her first flight bathed with Laila.

“I’m a little tired, but if I enter here it’s okay to fly every day”

Just like a little bit of real age (62 years old), she put her hands on her neck and shoulders and turned her neck to soak in the hot water. Of course, not only those two but also me and Hilda have entered and all my lovers & slave girls are remaining, so a total of ten people are sitting together and taking a bath in the special partition for Laila. Indeed, when the best female bodies are lined up, even though I’m used to seeing them, I get an erection. I poured a lot into Jeanne, but is it still a gift of the training that I’m still fine? Isn’t it only my dick original?

“By the way, Jeanne……that, there’s something I want to say to you”
“Nya!? What is it?”

Laila faces Jeanne with a strange face. Jeanne was happily patting her stomach after the last ejaculation at nightfall, but she thought she would be scolded now, so she looked more scared than necessary. And the words that Leila spoke had an additional impact on her face.

“That……you, aren’t you planning to stay here for a while?”
“Naa……wh, why would you say something like that!?”

Jeanne stands up and protests. Laila and Hilda try to stop her. But Jeanne grabs the collar tightly and has tears in her eyes.

“Ah, I……I’ve been with 10-man captain today, so I just don’t care so much! That’s how much everyone is doing once in a while!!”

Laila and Hilda see me with a longing face. It seems like there is only a strange consensus between those two.

“……Well, calm down and listen, Jeanne-chan”
“I’m not angry that you’ve been mating with my owner”
“Th, then why!!”

Hilda and Laila show wry smiles at Jeanne who screams. Selenium thinks so much, and Apple screams “Ah” next to her.

“Ah, Apple? What is it?”
“……I think it’s ok for those two to notice. I was only somehow worried and divided up”

What are you talking about?


Laila stands up and slowly holds Jeanne’s shoulders.

“Jeanne. ……owner, I don’t want to damage the first child”
“It’s so cold in the sky that the air pressure is swaying. Jeanne-chan, it’s better to calm down and give birth here. Because a miraculous spring is here, there are no worries about birthing in rare circumstances”

Jeanne has her mouth wide open. Perhaps she has a face like a koi carp.

『E, Eeeeeeee!?』

It was Anzeros and Aurora who got up and shouted. Both have cute butts. To escape reality. Dianne and Selenium looked at each other, while Apple laughed bitterly as usual. Maia is agreeing with “Ah”.


Jeanne finally starts to move. And following her, I also face reality.

“……Eh, my……child, right?”
“Ho. You’ve been together since you ate Jeanne’s virginity properly”
“No, I’m not suspicious of an affair……my child……”

Is it because of the heat of the hot springs? Maybe it’s because the other party is a special mother figure and far from Jeanne. It’s strangely fluffy and unrealistic.


But. My kid. My mother’s grandchild. My father’s grandchild. A child between Jeanne and me. That’s how I’m rephrasing the facts in my mind and I get a real feeling of reality.

“10, 10-man captain……”

I wonder if Jeanne can’t get there yet, as she looks anxiously at me. I pulled Jeanne’s hand and pulled her into my arm and screamed.

“We diddd iitttt!!”
“Ah, Andy, don’t be wild!”
“You will not be delighted if it becomes an abort!”

Both Laila and Hilda, get angry at me. ……Yup. Sorry. Be careful. But.

……Really. I really made a kid!

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