Curing incurable disease with semen CH16

The blond Ojou-sama wants to play with the penis ※ (Kiss、handjob、fellatio、tsundere blond ojou-sama)

Exiting the coffee shop, I got on the car and got moving.
My bicycle is going to be delivered back to my house by Lucie-san’s personnel.

Dropping Kayari-san off midway, the car advanced to the heart of the prefecture.
In front of a hotel inside that shopping district, Lucie-san and I got of the car.

「This place is my family’s keiretsu。
If you do anything weird、they’ll cop you right away」 (TN: Keiretsu = conglomeration of businesses linked by cross-shareholdings)

No, we came here to do those weird things didn’t we
or so I thought I could tsukkomi a bit.

Lucie-san checked in as if she’s used to all the procedures.
I was looked at with suspicious eyes by the receptionist,
but I gave no damns and magnificently walked behind Lucie-san.

The two of us entered a high-risen room.
There were furnishings with color calming to the eyes and a double-sized bed deep inside the room.

「Won’t you lie down on the bed?」

「Yeah、I’ll do that but……what about you?」

「I need to prepare a little bit」

I realized that she needs to shower and all,
and decided to just quietly lie down and wait on the bed.

But Lucie-san brought a load of towels.


「Okay、raise your hands」

I reflexively did as told, and she coiled the towels around my wrists.
She skillfully tied me up with just her right hand.

「Eh? The heck? Why?」

「I told you already、there was a condition to this。
During the process、you’ll be tied up。 That’s the condition」

「I see……you’re into that kind of thing
so you didn’t wanna tell Kayari-san」

「That’s not it。 I’m just、
I just don’t want you to do as you please。
If I touch you then、you let “it” out right?」

「If possible、Lucie-san can just take some clothes off、
I’ll cum faster」

「……just to my underwear alright?」

「Yeah、that’s enough」

After tying all my limbs to the bed using towels,
she suddenly pulled down my trunks and underwear.

「……it comes out from this huh」

She reached towards the still soft penis while saying so.

「Since it’s not erect yet。
I need to look at Lucie-san’s underwear to get it big」

「Good grief、it can’t be helped then」

She took off the uniform of the famous girl’s school of the district, same one with Kayari-san.
Her vivid green underwear matched her blond hair really well.

「Cute eh、those underwear。
It’s great going with your hair」

「It doesn’t help when you flatter me while being tied up。
……ara、your penis is really swelling。
Hmm、earlier I honestly thought it was so small but、
you have quite the thing don’t you」

「Us Japanese people、have the greatest expansion rate in the world yo」

「You have some weird knowledge there。
For me、it’s just a stick that can cure my left hand」

Saying so, she wrapped up my penis with her left hand’s fingers.
There’s a big difference between being touched by a flexible hand of a girl and your own clumsy hand.

「Fufu、I heard about this before but looking at it like this, it really looks like a mushroom。
Both semen and pee came out from here huh。 Did you wash it properly?
……Sniff sniff、well it smells weird、but I don’t hate it」

「I take a bath every day yo。
And piss don’t came out when it’s big、only when it withers。
It’s like there’s a flip to switch it when it erects。
Nice to be a girl isn’t it。 You women have a hole for pissing and another one for ecchi」

「……I’m not showing you, you know?
If you have the time to say that then hurry up and ejaculate」

Being grasped tightly, I felt pre-cum coming out from my glans.

「Transparent stuff coming out from the tips means I’m cumming
so open up your left hand and make my glans feel good」

「You’re demanding……can’t be helped so I’ll do it」

She drew her loose left hand near, rubbing the glans softly.
There’s no strength in that hand, but reversely, it’s really gentle and felt great.

「Somehow、I think it got wetter」

「Lucie-san’s hand feels good, that’s why it’s coming out。
Girls also have this coming out from their vagina while they masturbate right?」

「I don’t know。 Just hurry up and make a pitiful face。
I heard from Kayari-san earlier。
That you make a really cute face before you cum。
Make that face that tickled Kayari-san’s materal instincts」

Kayari-san, how much did she spilled, I wonder……

「Kuu……If that’s the case then you should use your mouth to hold the penis。
I feel like the stimulation is too weak with just one hand」

「Lick it、that……me?」

Rubbing the penis with her right hand, Lucie-san brought her face close.

「Hn……hang on、before that」

Contrary to my expectations, she let go of my penis and piled her body on top of me.
Her porcelain-like white skin drew near to me with only underwear on.

「I’m、kissing you……hn」

Her western doll-like face with eyes closed is now at point-blank range, then we exchanged kisses. (TN: No bro, you might think that’s pretty but I am sorry western dolls are creepy as fuck)

「Chuu……hnnn、do it more……chuu」

Unconscious or not, the cloth of her panties is touching my glans,
rubbing against it with the silky part.
The soft body of a girl being applied to my front, but I couldn’t hug her and it was damn irritating.

「Churuu……hn。 You’re pretty good at kissing are’t you。
You did this a lot with Kayari right?。 So lewd」

Finally separating our lips, Lucie-san’s eyes turned a bit drunk.

「Why did we kiss?」

She licked her lips with her tongue while,

「Nothing particular。 Just going with the flow。
I only want to get some experience by kissing before licking the penis」

「I see。 Thanks、Lucie-san」

「Wh、Why are you thanking me」

Not just body contact、
I just think that romance connections are really important too」

「Dummy。 There’s no reason、just going with the flow。 Hmph、let’s continue」

Turning her body over, she grasped my penis with her right hand again.
In this 69 position,
I can gaze up at her snow-white butt wrapped in her emerald panties.

「Nchu……the taste is strange。
It’s really weird that Kayari came to love this。
Lick、amuu……yaan、don’t move it inside my mouth」

The inside of her mouth is actually quite fresh compared to other girls,
and her tongue is moving around stimulating my penis.

Every time she swayingly twisted her body,
the part of the panties at her crotch crumpled, making her labia seems visible, it’s just irresistable.

「Nkuu、churu……if this goes into my vagina……」

Imagining the insertion of this penis inside her,
the part of the panties at her crotch became wet.
I observed her love juice spreading and staining the cloth.

「Amuu、nchu、churu……ahh! Where are you looking」

「Where you say……well、I’m looking at Lucie-san’s panties。
I’m getting excited so my penis might ejaculate soon。
It’s fine for Lucie-san right?」

「Good grief、what’s good about this hentai。
I need to make this rod finish right away。 Chumu……amumuu」 (TN: Let’s be friends forever – if you caught that reference, high-five)

Being sucked vigorously at the glans, I unintentionally drew my hips.
But her mouth didn’t allow that.

「Hmp。 Just cum right away if my mouth feels good。
Not being able to see your face writhing in pleasures is such a shame」

She already got the gist of handling a penis it seems
Lucie-san skillfully played with the rod using only her right hand,
pressing the tip of her tongue on my glans.

「Kuu、that’s great、I’m cuming」

「Chuu、nmuu……that so?
Fufuun、it’s my win。
It’s fine so just let it out in my mouth」

Clinging to my penis, the image of her butt reflected in my eyes,
the cloth of her panties at her vagina fluttered while,
Lucie-san kept on sucking my glans.
At the new stimulation, my penis rejoiced and accept the pleasures of ejaculating.

「Kyaa……hnn、fufu、that was easy。
If I’m the one doing it then you’ll just ejaculate right away。
Hn、lick。 The taste and the smell are strange。
I wonder if the day when I think this is delicious would come」

Politely and not spilling one drop, Lucie-san crawled her tongue on my penis and licked it.
Reacting to that stimulation, it regained its strength and began to swell.

「Fufun、it wanna release again huh。
That’s fine、I’ll drink it so let me wring it out」

「Eh、no、just once is good already?」

「It’s fiiine、you’re happy about it right?。
I’ll make you cum。 So just be obedient」


Being tied up as is,
I had no choice but to put up with being pressed on my face by Lucie-san’s crotch.
Well even if I was free’d I would still have to put up with it.

「Aaan、you have quite a high nose bridge don’t you。
I’ll give you a service and masturbate using your nose。
I’ll rub a lot、
so sniff me and get your penis big」

Shit. This chick is like a Queen just like how she looks,
or so I realized when the part of her panties,
that wrapped up her squishy labia wrapped around my face,
and my penis was once again rubbed by her soft right hand.

「Fufu、that’s right。 You penis is struggling not because it pierced into a woman。
It’s because I teased it、and made it twitched cutely while cumming。
I’ll touch it again、so don’t be shy and let your juices out。
If this is an obedient penis、then I’ll give it my virginity too。
Don’t you want it? The pussy you’re sniffing right now、
and the womb inside it。
If you give in to me、
I’ll let this penis have sex with that place sooner or later。
Of course I’ll be on top, you know?
Your pitiful penis while you’re being tied、
I’ll swallow it whole from above with my pussy、
then look down on your warping face as you feel good while、
swinging my hips, making you cum lots。
Using your irresponsible penis、
I’ll make sure to pour lots of seeds into my womb。
I’ll make your penis tremble shamefully like right now♪」

I imagined Lucie-san’s playing a musical instrument called verbal abuse while,
my thing couldn’t help but swell up.
The panties pressing on my face slipped, revealing her pure white vagina,
I imagined pouring my semen into that place as my penis began to ejaculate.

「You’re cumming aga~in。
This penis likes doing what I say。
What about you I wonder?
If you’re obedient then it’s okay to lick my pussy」

Immediately reacting to those words, I licked Lucie-san’s pearl-like pussy.

「Aahn、good boy。 If you cure my hand、
I’ll let this penis violate my hymen、
so gather up lots of semen」

Lucie-san declared so while flicking my glans with her finger.

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