Curing incurable disease with semen CH17

The melody of an angel (No ero)

The weekend 2 days after I ejaculated while being tied in the hotel by Lucie-san.
I was contacted by her,
and got on the seat of the black luxury car.
What’s with rich people
they like this same car, or so I was thinking when I notice someone knocking on the window.
This car is built for perfect defense isn’t it.

While I was thinking that,
the quiet chauffer ran the car up to the high-cround housing district.
Each and every house was spacious, gardens and mansions were splendid too.

The car went passed the lushly green gate of a specially big mansion among those houses.
When I got off the car, what came into view was a mansion with white wall reaching all the way to the 3rd floor.
Following the guide-man, the entrance door was opened.

「Welcome to the Morizono household」

As if floating on top of the green carpet,
a blond beauty greeted me with a gentle smile.
Her face resembled Lucie-san, but if I had to say
It’s not quite that intese look in the eyes like her.

「G、Good day。 You’re……?」

「Yes、Lucie-san is my little sister。
I’m called Morizono Miera。
Please remember it」

She placed her hand on her mouth, then gently smiled.
Her atmosphere resembled Kayari-san but,
she feels like, more grand to me, that’s my impression.

「Haa……please treat me well」

「Fufu、Lucie-chan is waiting on the upper floor。
So let’s get going」

She naturally pulled my hand.

I never got concerned about this,
but the purity of this mature and elegant beauty made my heart jump.

Feeling the warmth of her hand,
I was guided to a room on the 2nd floor.

「Lucie-chan is in here。
Please take your time……now then」

Shaking the butt flesh hidden under her thing skirt,
Miera-san went away.

Though I have lingering reluctance towards that imprint,
I recalled being called by Lucie-san,
and knocked the door in front of me.

The walls inside were ideally flat, and the lights from the window make the room brightful.
In front of the grand piano placed in the middle of the room,
Lucie-san was sitting elegantly with a green dress on.

「Ara、you came。 You sit here」

I hurried towards the sofa placed next to the piano, and sat down.
Sinking my body into it, the softness was pleasant.

「Don’t name it even if I fail a little, okay。
It’s been a while, that’s why」

Porororon♪ aftering ringing the keys from begin to end as if confirming the tuning,
Lucie-san’s musical performance began.

「La~♪ LaLa~♪」

It was probably a famous piece of music that everyone knows,
she timed the beat and played along.
Playing the main tune with her easy-going right hand,
her left hand also accompanied that and manipulated the melody safely.
The music didn’t stop after a few minutes.

「You’re really good、Lucie-san。
It’s like hearing a recording」

「You、was that even a compliment!?
Those are some sensitive words towards a musician yo」

「Sorry、that’s not what I……」

「Well that’s fine。 Until you get deeply emotional、
it’s not proper keys。 Next time、kay?」

Standing up from the stool in front of the piano,
She stood before me, and sat down on my lap.

「Eh!? Wait、why so sudden」

「What? You’re not some kind of virgin
that reacts excessively to a woman’s body right?」

She moved her butt, squirming it around as if approaching my crotch.

「Th、That’s true but it’s not like I have that kind of relationship with Luci」

「Ara~? Before this、the person who buried his face into my crotch、
while ejaculating with his penis、who was that?」

She gently patted my penis on top of my pants,
and looked down on it with a triumphant face.

「I promised didn’t I。
If my fingers can move again、
I’ll give you my virginity」

「Because we didn’t need to go that far。
Just drinking it with your mouth was enough」

「Nope。 ……I also felt weird though、
in exchange for curing my body with your semen、
it gives strange side effects right?」

「Side effects?」

「That’s right。 Before this、when I drank your semen、
and my fingers could move again、
I just couldn’t bear wanting to have sex with you。
Letting your penis pierce through my hymen、
and wanting to quickly have your semen in my womb、
I thought about those things at night while couldn’t stop masturbating。
……wait what、what did you make me say、ecchi!
It’s all because of this penis」

「I unreasonably got angry at huh……」

But, I see. Certainly Kayari-san and others,
after getting better after having sex with me,
they all wanted to go all the way to the end.
Those are just like the effects of aphrodisiac and narcotic drugs.

「I understand up until that point、
it means you wanna go all the way with me?
No regrets?」

「Du~mmy。 I chose to do this on my own since the very beginning。
Then、isn’t it fine? It’s not like you rob me of my virginity。
I’m just using your just-a-bit-big penis、
and tear my hymen while snatching away semen。
Don’t misunderstand that」

She grasped my penis as if claming it was her own property.
It’s not like Lucie-san blindly demanded my semen or anything.

「What if、I pushed down the naked Lucie-san、
and make you beg like a dog before giving you sex、then what?」

At my question, Lucie-san burst out laughing.

「The heck is that。 That’s not like you。
If that’s the case、I’ll beat you up、
and kicked you out and never meet again」

Lucie-san who sits on my lap like at home,
embraced my head.
Wrapping up my face with her not-so-very-big swells, she kissed my forehead.
Then she lifted my face, matching out lips.

「Chuu……hn。 Don’t look down on me。
Because it’s you、that I’ll have sex however I want to。
Got it?」

「Yeah、got it。 Sorry I said something weird」

I wanna hear your cute and pitiful voice now」

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