Curing incurable disease with semen CH18

「This is how I love」or so、she said ※ (Kiss、cowgirl、deflower、blond tsundere ojou-sama)

Realizing there was a huge white bed at the corner of the room,
I moved there while watching closely.

I did as she said and lied down on the bed facing up,
Lucie-san took out a bunch of pieces of cloth from the drawer nearby. (TN: Ye, femdom incoming)

「I went out of my way and chose the cloth、just for you。
No matter how tight you’re tied、it won’t leave marks on your skin、
so you can resist violently while being violated by me」

「Well it’s fine as long as it’s not anything too painful」

「Right。 I’m not into that kind of thing、so don’t worry」

Winding the white cloth pieces around my out-stretched limbs,
she tied the other ends into the 4 corners of the bed.

「Fufu、looking good。
You know、since the moment I learned about sex、
the first think I thought of was this」

Lucie-san who spoke in an intoxicated manner,
took off my clothes one by one.

「It’s not about the man pushing the woman down、
“It’s me” who’s the one doing the violating。
And I do it my loved one」

Taking off the green dress,
her emerald green underwear, which has a different design than before, was exposed.
Showing off the leaves covering her pure white skin,
she took off my trunks that were holding my penis and stripped me naked.

「I’ll make love to you with both hands today。
Though it’s fine to just cum if it feels too good、
leave some to pour into my vagina, kay?」

As my glans is already leaking pre-cum,
she spread it to the whole rod and played with my ball sacks.
Using each of her fingers to stimulate my penis in a complex manner,
as expected of a pianist.

「When I tease the tip、
your eyes and mouth moved as if you were feeling good。
Fufu、you looked like you couldn’t hold it anymore、
But I wanna see your smiling face of pleasures、
and hear your shameful breathing」

「That、doesn’t it depend on how Lucie-san does it……」

「Yeah、I’ll try」

Unfastening her bra, she showed off the peach-colored flower bud under the leaf.

「My nipples、you can look at them。 Wanna try splash your semen here?
Fufu、the place where milk for raising babies come out、
if we paint it with a man’s milk、
I’ll actually laugh though」

Drawing her breasts closer,
she rubbed her squishy nipple on my uretha opening.
My urge to ejaculate piled up without my permission because of the obscenity and softness.

「Your face when you’re trying to hold back an ejaculation、I saw it。
Fufu、I love it、that kind of face。 Show me more。

Her charming smiling face drew closer and kissed me,
while holding my penis between her thighs and panties, rubbing it.

「Heey、do you like women underwear?
If we keep it like this、and you cum on my panties where my vagina is、
it’s gonna feel real good right?」

Spitting out irresistible temptations, Lucie-san stroked my cheek and clung to me more.

「It’s fine、you can cum。
If you’re into that kind of thing、
after this I’ll give you my unwashed underwear too。
Cumming right now、means you acknowledged yourself to be a Panties-hentai。
Nchuu、chuu……what are you going to do? I’ll continue like this if you don’t want it though」

「Ku……make me cum with your undewear」

She showed a smile of a ruler when I immediately answered so.

Cum to my panties where my virgin pussy is being kept」

As if trying to achieve pleasures for herself also,
Lucie-san put the part of her panties where her vagina was on my glans,
held it with her smooth thighs and moved.


「That’s a good face。 Getting ridden on top of by me、
then ejaculate just to seek pleasures。
Ah but just in case、my vagina that’s being protected by the panties and hymen、
if your vigorous sperms get in there I might just get pregnant」

Gyuugyuu, her thighs squeezed down like a climaxed vagina.

「To make it smooth when I put it in after this、
I’ll draw it around my vagina a lot、
so cum、on my panties。
Nchuu……properly show me your cumming face too, okay?」

With my glans getting caught into the creases of her panties, I lost to the stimulation and ejaculated.

「Ahaha、a lewd face with mouth opened。
You’re soaking my panties with lots of your hot juice。
I stuck to my pussy too、all gooey。
Fufu、as promised I’ll spread it around my vagina」

Groping my penis immediately after ejaculation, she scooped up semen,
and just like that she put her hand into her panties and stirred around spreading it.

「You’re really a hentai、do you really look forward to playing with a virgin maiden?
It should wither to small after ejaculation though」

「It’s because Lucie-san’s beautiful and charming……」

「I know。 Everyone says that。
Rather than those words、make more of your miserable face、
and ejaculate inside my vagina。 I’m putting it in……」

Shifting her panties, she opened the vagina that was already mixed with love juice and semen.
Putting her white fingers on my glans that was wishing for the vagina hole, she guided it to heavens which is the honey hole.

「Hn、it stings a bit。
That’s how it is for me」

After not being affected by the taking of her virginity,
she swallowed my penis to the root in one breath with her vagina.
I had doubts when we kissed but, I think Lucie-san has lower body temperature than other people.
My hot penis felt like being put into cold water when I went inside her,
and earned me a brand new pleasures.

「You’re still making a composed face。
You’re already used to the experience with a virgin huh、how cheeky」

「That’s not it。
Lucie-san’s inside、it feels really good」

「That so……how should I make you cum again」

She shook her hips lightly while thinking.
The vagina that had its first experience in sex,
swayed my penis with intense squeezing.

「Hnn hnn、hang on a bit、I’m taking it out」

When I thought she would speed up,
she took my penis out of her vagina.

「Sorry、I’ll do it with my fingers。
So wait a bit」

Without slackening, her flexible fingers moved on my penis,
then guided it into the vagina again.

「Hnn……haa、it’s really good when it goes in……」

This time she also moved smoothly and seemed to received pleasures.
Gradually friction warmed up the inside of her vagina,
as it hugged my penis pleasantly.

「Right here……if I put it here、
both me and you will feel good」

On the side of her depths, probably near her womb entrance,
Lucie-san shut her labia and pressed on it.

「You’re feeling huh……in order to cum there、
and it feels good to ejaculate、
so you have sex with me even if you get tied up」

「Ku、that’s not all the reasosn。
I like Lucie-san、
so it feels good even if I get humiliated」

「Ara、you’re such a guy only good with his words。
Then until I’m finished、try endure ejaculating」

Showing off herself shaking her breasts,
the beauty clutched her butt and lewdly shook her hips.
Her leaf-like underwear
laid bare both her breasts and vagina, as she gulped down my sensation.

「What’s wrong? It’s not like you can’t cum、
just pour it into my womb any time」

Raising her unyielding eyes, the girl that wants to sexually dominate me,
rubbed the sides of her vagina on my abdomen.

「In any case, it’s already been decided。
You’ll feel good ejaculating inside my vagina。
It’s only the matter of sooner or later」

「……it’s no good if it’ fast、in various meanings」

「This kind of man’s pride doesn’t suit you、
and I don’t care about that at all。
If you immediately feel good with my pussy
and cum right away then it’s just cute。
Kay? Cum」

Matching the rhythm nicely,
my penis fell into a state where if I’m too conscious of it I’ll be made to cum by her vaginal walls.

「You’re stubborn……fine。 I’ll get serious、really serious」

She covered my body with hers then began to shake her hips in cowgirl position.
Unable to bear the temptation from her moistened blue eyes and her slightly opened lips, I kissed her.

Until you finish inside me、I’m not letting go。
I’ll love you forever。 Fufu」

Her almost perfect 10 fingers caressed my nipples and armpits.

「My womb and your glans already glued to each other、it’s not moving anymore。
If you want to mate then ejaculate。

My penis stayed like that after thrusting deep inside her,
but her inside kept tightening and squirming, tickling my urge to ejaculate.

「Your nipples stood up。
Nfu、I’ll move love to you more。 Nchu、chuuu」

Continuing the deep kiss, she crawled her fingers on my nipples and chest,
as the softness of her breasts rubbed on me.
With the urge to ejaculate rising, I forced up my hips,
enjoying the sensation of touched our bare skins together.

「Nfuu、chu、churu。 ……ara?
Your penis can’t take it anymore?
You want to ejaculate and impregnate my womb?
Fufu、that’s fine……cum inside me。  Pour lots deep inside」

Not slackening, she who was glad because I surrendered hugged me even more tightly,
inner-mouth, nipples, crotch, her whole body pressed against me, waiting for me to ejaculate.

「Warp your face in pleasures more……、
show me more。 nchu、that’s a wonderful face。
The penis that can’t stop wanting to ejaculate into my womb、my penis。
Now then、the best pleasure、the moment of making babies」

Matching the squeezing,
I couldn’t stop ejaculating even know I’m aware that my face is loosening up to pleasures.


「Being done as I please by a virgin like  me、
you just shamefully ejaculated。
But if it feels good、then it can’t be helped。
This is my last ‘first experience’ you know。
Fufu、I love you」

Accepting everything gushing out from me,
she returned the favor to me by pouring her saliva into my mouth.

Even when I was done ejaculating, Lucie-san kept on licking the inside of my mouth.

「You penis got re~al hard again inside me。
You wanna continue, right。
It’s okay、I’ll do it till it withers」

「No、it’s n……」

Once again shutting her vagina, she shook her body, not listing to me.

「Wh~at are you holding back for。
Though、you already creampie’d lots inside me。
You、and you penis、
I’ll make both of you remember that being inside me is the best。
Fufu、I want another creampie。
Cum。 I’ll take care of this shameless penis」

As if shaping my penis into her personal use,
she concentrated the squeezing of her vaginal flesh on my glans, urging me to ejaculate.

Soon, I once again ejaculated inside her vagina, not holding anything back.

「You cum again♪ Your semen really is dangerous。
I wanna make it rapidly pour into my vagina。
I’ll wring it until your penis withers, okay」

She doesn’t think about the risk of getting pregnant at all,
she made my penis pour sperm using the depth of her vagina and her womb entrance.

「Hn、hnn、ahaa。  It’s coming out rapidly。
You’re shamefully cumming while being violated by me。
I love you like that。 Even if all other girls stop loving you、
I’ll keep loving you and wringing your semen。
Nfuu、it’s twitching and cumming again。 Cum until you wither, okay?」

With her breasts shining with sweat, our crotches were drenched with various kinds of body fluids,
she continued to shake her hips on top of me.

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