Curing incurable disease with semen CH3

Fuemi’s request is ecchi ※ (Kiss、Sit on face、69 cum、Younger sister)

As the night wears on, it’s finally time for sleeping.
That reminds me, Fuemi called for me, I closed the manga I was reading a moment ago and left my room.

I knocked on the door

「Fuemi、you awake?」

「Onii-chan、it’s okay」

The answer soon came so I entered the room. There are not so many things inside Fuemi’s room.
A school uniform was hung on a new-looking hanger.
There are probably more of Fuemi’s personal stuffs in the sickroom.

「It’s fine to sit down、Onii-chan」

Fuemi turned the blanket and pointed at the bed, so I sat down without reserved. (TN: I’m quite confused since she’s not supposed to be able to move, but oh well)

「Then? What should I do」

「Eto ne……Onii-chan」 (TN: Come on. I know you watched anime, you know “Eto ne” right? I can’t really word it in English and keep the same cute vibe to it)

Fuemi unusually cast her gaze down

「You know I、my sickness got worse」

「……is that so? But、you’re able to move today」

「You know the Doctor、he said the numbers are steadily going for the worse。
If it keeps up like this I won’t be able to even rise from the bed」

「It’s OK、Fuemi。 I’ll try my best、to be near you as much as possible like always」


As Fuemi collapsed, my stomach throbbed.

「You know I、probably going to school like other people、
or chat with friends、is already impossible」

「Fuemi、we’re not sure about that yet……」

「Uun、listen Onii-chan」 (TN: Un = Yes.   Uun = No)

Fuemi interrupted my words with a completely strengthless voice.

「You know I、I’m not lonely if I have Onii-chan。
You came to the hospital everyday、you carried me home during weekends, had dinner and talked with me」

She cut off her words there, taking in a deep breath, Fuemi

「I like Onii-chan a lot。 I love you」

Steeling up her heart, she didn’t avert her gaze and started straight at me.


「It’s not like I want you to go out with me、
I don’t want to trouble Onii-chan by getting all sticky with you outside。
If Onii-chan has another person you like、
and that person also likes Onii-chan、I’ll happily cheer for you。
But you see、when we’re inside the house、when it’s just me and Onii-chan、
a little bit more than up until now、as a man、
I love Onii-chan、okay?」

With a facial expression of winning the greatest battle of her life, Fuemi waited for my answer.

「Fuemi……I、I like you, you know」

「Is that as a family? As a little sister? Or as a woman?」

「I think just saying it like that is meaningless。
As far as I’m concerned, Fuemi has been a precious family to me since long ago、
you’re a cute little sister and、umm、a charming woman, that’s why」

「Then Onii-chan……with me」

Fuemi put her white and slender index finger on her mouth

「Is……a kiss fine?
I want to、kiss。 With Onii-chan」

Fuemi’s moved her lips that flapped opening and closing greedily.
Light reflected from inside her mouth being wet with saliva.
A kiss with Fuemi, with my little sister.

「Yeah、it’s OK。 I love you、that’s why、I want to do it if possible」

「Un、I’m glad。 Onii-chan」

Fuemi shut her eyes and tilted her head diagonally.


While I held her trembling small body, my mouth and Fuemi’s mouth met.
The smell of my little sister’s saliva is there aside from my own.
Even though her lips weren’t delicious, a strange sense of deliciousness was conveyed to me intraceberally.


She held out her sweet tongue from within her lips, and I naturally put out my tongue and twine with hers.
Her warm breath and her sticky saliva
Her softer-than-the-pajama skin and her everything continued to fully stimulate my crotch and my mouth.

「Chuu……ah……fufufu、Onii-chan became hard」

Fuemi murmured with a mischievous smile while stroking my crotch on top of my clothes.

「That’s、it is。 Because I’m a guy」

「I’m happy you became like this because of me、Onii-chan。
Can I touch it directly?」

She asked, but without even getting my permission her hand entered my pants.

「Waa、it’s warm and it’s moving。
And the tip is a little wet。
So interesting」

「You’re not scared? Touching a man’s thing」

「Eh、why。 It’s Onii-chan’s after all。
Men are happy and feel good when their penis is touched right?」

「Well、that’s right but」

「Then let me touch more。
Ah、Onii-chan do you want to…touch mine too?」

With her small and smooth palm, she played with my penis, which was releasing juices.
Fuemi boldly took off her pajama.
She’s now only having the pink panties I bought on her.

「You’ve always seen it when we entered the bath、
but are you happy seeing my panties?」

「I didn’t look at it with that kind of eyes that time、
I persuaded myself so」

「Hmm? But right now to me、
it’s fine even if you look at me with those ecchi eyes」

「Yeah……I’m touching you」

All these years, my little sister was a precious person that I needed to protect, but I’ve always been conflicted with the sexual desires I had in me.
Together with the rustling sense of touching her panties,
I touched her unbelievably squishy legs, I gulped down my saliva.

「Hn……Onii-chan used your hands differently when it was in the bath」

I briefly rubbed her on top of her panties, my finger entered her sweat-dampened slit in her crotch
I reached the straight valley of her soft and youthful flesh.

「That place、touch it gently、okay?」

Nodding to my little sister who requested so with teary eyes, I first used my index finger to stroke and confirmed the shape without hesitation
Next I lightly tapped it to confirm the softness.
Then, I slowly soaked my finger into the warm nectar coming from her secret hole.

「Hn……nfuu、I got wet too。
Your finger、it’s fine to go in a bit more」

「Yeah、you also grasp my thing」

「Un、I’ll also make Onii-chan’s penis feels good」

We touched each other’s genitals, loving while giving each other pleasures.
Only using hands wasn’t satisfying enough, so we naturally brought our faces closer and piled our lips.


During childhood, I used to hug Fuemi in my arms and we slept in the same futon,
I recalled the pleasant feelings from her warmth.
Right now, in addition to that, we’re touching each other’s penis and vagina
There’s also pleasures from the fact that we’re doing lewd things as siblings.

As expected, far from doing ecchi things alone、it’s completely better」

「Fuemi、doing it alone……umm、you do that too?」

To Fuemi’s honest words, I was bewildered while asking vaguely.

「Un、I had spare time during nights that I could move but couldn’t sleep。
And since if I turned on the lights the nurse would come and tell me to sleep。
During those times、I thought about wanting to do these things with Onii-chan
I fantasized while tampering with my pussy」

「I、I see」

「Just like right now、I feel up Onii-chan’s cute penis、
while you tease my pussy、I fantasized about that too。
Then、Onii-chan would gently make my baby hole wet with his finger」

I understood that I was requested, so I timidly moved my finger towards the lower part along her crotch.
I put my middle finger on the side of her vagina hole.

「Hn……after all Onii-chan’s finger、
is different than mine。 It’s fatter and stronger」

「It doesn’t hurt?」

「Uun、keep going」

Though only my finger went inside, I was in a mood as if my penis was the one that went in
I moved my finger at a shallow spot of her vagina hole.

「Naaaa、fufu、being done by Onii-chan、I involuntarily let out my voice」

「I think you don’t have to endure it」

「Onii-chan’s excited too right?
Your penis is moving」

As if just remembered about it, she grasped my penis and rubbed the glans.
Before long my finger was soaked with the love juice Fuemi released, it also became smoother to go in and out her vagina.

When I did ecchi things by myself
The things I fantasized、is it okay to do it?」

「Yeah、of course」

「Then Onii-chan、won’t you take off your clothes and lie on the bed?」

Our parents are still at work so they’re not home, the night of just the two of us seems longer than it’s always been up until now.
I took off my sweat and the trunks that were wet with pre-cum
I lied down on the bed that had Fuemi’s sweet fragrance.
Then Fuemi straddled me, then she drew her stained panties closer to my face.

「Won’t you take it off? Onii-chan」

As told, I pulled her panties down and took it off by turning it inside out.
The vertical line showed it self, a string of viscous liquid stretched from her vagina to the cloth of the panties.

「Taste me, okay?」

She lowered her hips like that, the stuffy smelled vagina attached to my lips.
This is what they called face-sitting. My chin was covered with the panties I took off
I deeply tasted the first taste of a woman, of my little sister, with my whole face.

「In this way I imagined the pillow being Onii-chan、
then I rubbed my pussy、all night」

Love juice from her secret slit made my face slippery, it mixed with my saliva.
I held out my tongue and dug into her vagina hole, more warm nectar gushed out.

「Ahn、real Onii-chan doing it、feels way better after all。
I want to make Onii-chan feels good too」

For a moment, my consciousness was snatched away by Fuemi’s beautiful vagina as she raised her body
Taking off her panties, with her can’t-move-much body, Fuemi slowly turned her body around
I specifically stared at her crotch and butt.

Then she once again placed her not-so-big butt on my face, I happily began to taste her.

「Fuemi’s butt、its smoothness and softness is the best」

「Un、I’m also shivering from being touched by Onii-chan」

From Fuemi’s immature crotch, I poked my nose at her anus
A seductive voice and a long breath hit my penis.

「Onii-chan、your penis became big……」

I felt something slippery squirming and running around my glans.
Fuemi’s tongue that I tasted while kissing earlier, it’s now licking my penis.

「*lick*……hn……in my fantasies I give lots of love to Onii-chan’s penis like this、
then Onii-chan also gives love to my pussy」

Her small hand wrapped up my semen sack, she lightly grasped it as if guiding the sperms.
I’ve never gone inside anyone, I spread my little sister’s vagina hole
Then I inserted my tongue as if pushing the nectar back inside.

「It feels good、when you lick my baby hole like that、Onii-chan。
Onii-chan’s penis will go inside that place、
it’ll grind a lot、and it’ll release juice for making babies inside。
Nuu……it’s Onii-chan who’s doing this、I’m super happy」

As Fuemi imagined me cumming inside her vagina hole twitched
Me too, my penis reacted when I thought about making babies with my little sister.

「More more、love my pussy more。
In order to make Onii-chan’s penis enter、make it really wet」

Fuemi intensely stimulated my penis with both hands and her mouth
while pushing out her pussy and her ass, displaying them.
The little sister that saw me naked in the bath, and let me wash her body
I didn’t think she would be this ecchi.

「Fuemi……if you do it that much」

However, my voice was sent into Fuemi’s vagina hole, it didn’t reach her at all. (TN: PFFF hahaha I LOL’ed at this)

「Onii-chan……Onii-chan’s penis、
it’s warm and delicious」

She stuffed it in her mouth like her favorite food, when she took it in deeply, my penis rubbed against the hot and soft palate.

I gave up on enduring, I lewdly buried my face into my little sister’s wet labia in a trance.
I stuffed my field of vision with her genital and began to pump my penis.

「Kyaa!? Ah……Onii-chan。
You ejaculated、because of me。 I’m happy」

Being delighted at the gushing water fountain like a kid,
Fuemi rubbed my glans that was still releasing semen with her fingers.
I buried my face into her pussy
I learned the pleasures that cannot be achieved by masturbating by myself
I ejaculated until I couldn’t anymore.