Curing incurable disease with semen CH7

The Ojou-sama wished for semen  ※ (Double Handjob、Nude with Panties still on)

With my heartbeat rising, I made my dizzy head function

「Wh、What are you talking about。 Fuemi is my important little sister you know。
Shouldn’t I not be doing that kind of thing?」

I felt like my Japanese became a little strange there, but I could only play dumb.
But Kayari-san,

「Ah……my apologies。 Please don’t misunderstand it。
I don’t intend to blame you。
I only intended to confirm what I heard from Fuemi-san」

「From Fuemi you say……」

When I thought Fuemi did something very careless,
Kayari-san continued without changing her elegant tone.

「According to Fuemi-san、she’s much obliged to the important partner who’s been talking to her for a long time。
I know how Onii-sama also values Fuemi-san very much。
And how Fuemi-san’s sickness was getting worse up until the other day」

Kayari-san’s serious look did not allow me any margin to cut in.

「That Fuemi-san、
the day she crossed the line with onii-sama her mental state recovered。
There’s another reason except for her delighted mental state、
Would it be shallow of me if I thought about it that way?」

「You’re telling me that there’s something else?」

Kayari-san became silent for a while when I asked.
But soon,

「Sylvie、the lock……」


When I thought if she was giving instruction to the silver haired Sylvie-san, the maid walked towards the door
She took out a key from her skirt pocket and locked the door.

……eh!? Why does she have the key that only authorized hospital staffs have!?

「It has been locked、Ojou-sama」

「Yes。 Then Fuemi-san’s onii-sama」

Then for the first time, Kayari-san quietly opened her eyes.
The pigment color of her eyes were pale, and those pupils without focus points were looking somewhere.

「Please、also have sexual relations with me」

Sylvie-san took of Kayari-san’s clothes with experienced movements.

Her bra and panties were also white and yellow, the same with her clothes
I turned my eyes as if looking at a lost butterfly wandering around the sickroom.

「Sylvie、you’re okay with also stripping right?」


As told by Kayari-san, Sylvie also took off her clothes, she’s now in her simple white underwear.
She didn’t take off her white knee socks, I wondered if it was cold, or was it that she’s matching my tastes.

Wait what, no no!

「Err、Kayari-san? This is some kind of joke right?」

「? No、it is not a joke。
I want you to grant me your semen。

「Y、Yes……this is my first time doing this、but I’ll try to succeed」

She only had underwear and socks on, you can also call this almost naked
Sylvie-san who was troubled about where to look, came to my side
She snuggled to me tightly and guided me to where Kayari-san was.
Even after I did ecchi things with Fuemi, these two girls with well developed bodies are in their underwear.

「How is it Sylvie、as expected breasts that stick out are……」

Saying so Kayari-san lower the cup of her bra
The swelling small cherries were laid bare.

「The male genital in the crotch has gotten big、Ojou-sama」

Sylvie-san gazed at my lower half and reported.

「Well、then you do it too」


While not making eye contact with me,
she exposed the breasts that weren’t as swelled as Kayari-san who put away her bra.

「Well now、Fuemi-san’s onii-sama。
Please don’t hold back。 Please use us to feel good、then give us your semen」

「Uh……is that okay?
Fuemi getting better might  just be a coincidence you know?」

「Yes、even if nothing gets better、
I won’t hold any grudge against you。 Ah、but……、
This time we won’t be putting your genital inside me okay?
Touching it a little is fine though」

「I、I understand。
With your beautiful naked bodies、
I think I’m really lucky to be able to feel good with them」

「Fufu、thank you very much。
Sylvie、just do what you can is good enough、
I’ll help you out」

「Y、Yes Ojou-sama」

Resolving myself, I hurriedly took off my clothes.

「Waa……this is a man’s……」

Seeing the already erect penis, Sylvie-san raised a voice of admiration.

「Oh dear、is it such an amazing thing?
I want to touch it」

Searching for my penis, Kayari-san wandered her hands,
Sylvie-san clasped and guided them.

「My, my! It’s tender yet hard、a marvelous thing isn’t it。
Syrup used to make babies comes out from here」

Grasping the situation, she glided her innocent fingers from my glans,
all the way to my ball sacks. (TN: I swear to god…this author loves to cut sentences into two lines which makes no fucking sense whatsoever in English. I tried my best)

「Ojou-sama、he looks like it felt good」

「Ara、please feel even better and quickly give me semen okay。
You can touch my body too」

Kayari-san had a lovely smile while exposing her young nipples.
I grasped those breast fruits.

「Hn……being touched by a man’s hand、this is how it feels like。
It’s ticklish、and embarrassing」

「Um……if you touched Ojou-sama、then me too」

My empty hand was picked up by Sylvie-san as she guided it to her breast.
I touched beauties’ boobs with both hands,
while having their silky hands stroking my penis.

「Ara? The penis……there’s some warm syrup coming out from the tip。
Could this be the same thing with when us women masturbate」

「That’s correct、Ojou-sama。
It’s love juice for women、for men it’s called pre-cum。
It’s evidence of them feeling good。 Semen should come out soon too」

They know nothing about sexual intercourse yet……is this some kind of instict
Kayari-san wrapped up my penis with both her hands cylindrically,
and pre-cum came out like being milked.

「It’s so cute。
Similar to my vagina when I masturbated、
precum-san is coming out」 (TN: Bahahahahahaha)

With a facial expression of loving a dearly child,
Kayari-san continued to rub my penis.

「Uu……about Kayari-san、
Onanism、do you masturbate?」

Sylvie-san’s eyes turned to “what are you asking”
But Kayari-san paid it no mind and answered.

「Yes。 わたくし、since my past time hobby
is music only。
But at night I can’t trouble my family right?
At night when there’s only me in the room、recently I masturbated」

「Fuemi said the same thing」

「Fufu、that’s because I got along with Fuemi-san」

We casually kept up a hentai conversation,
as my penis kept releasing transparent liquid.
Kayari-san’s hands became slippery.

「Men’s ejaculation takes quite some work put in huh。
Onii-sama is not premature? ejaculating I assume」

Kayari-san’s hand seemed to become a bit tired and the movements loosened up.

「I also don’t know very well but、that’s right。
There’s still time before Fuemi-san returns」

Sylvie-san timidly touched by upper body and my penis.
Even when they’re not giving up in that nipples-exposing figure while giving me handjob,
I still didn’t ejaculate.

「Err……about my liking、
if you do this I’ll ejaculate immediately but
would that be okay?」

「Yes、please request anything」

「Panties、please take them off and let me sniff」

Her gaze was scary so I didn’t look at Sylvie-san.

「Oh my……! I did hear about men liking this kind of thing、
but it’s actually true。 Sylvie」

No matter how absurd it is、
Sylvie-san did as Kayari-san said。
Sensing it at a short interval, I coaxed Kayari-san. (TN: 短い間でそれを察知した俺は香槍さんを丸めこんだのだった。)

「Right now……I’m being looked at by a man」

After Sylvie-san taking off her panties, she gazed without blinking from in front of me.
Next, Sylvie-san who was taking her panties off by herself was stopped, and I used my hands to take them off.

「Uu、you’re so ecchi……」

Bring my face near her crotch with the white panties, I slowly turned the cloth and pulled it down.
I burned the image of her thin pubic hair and her slit into my eyes.
Then after obtaining 2 sheets of panties, I brought one to my mouth,
I put one on my head so that the crotch part is at my nose. (TN: HENTAI KAMENNNN!!!!)
……later on when I thought back on this calmly, it was some damn embarrassing sight of me wasn’t it.

「Oh my、your penis became bigger than before」

「……I know right、Ojou-sama」

This is for the sake of fulfilling these two’s request for semen. I put the ojousama-like,
and smooth cloth material panties on my whole face, enjoying it.
It’s not even joking to say that my dignity as a brother would say goodbye the moment Fuemi saw this scene.

「As expected、men are born to ejaculate inside women’s vagina。
Just feeling the smell of our crotch、and you’re already like this」

Through the holes under the panties,
I dedicated my vision to Kayari-san’s without-a-single-stain vagina at her crotch.

「……true、right now I’m staring fixedly at an Ojou-sama’s crotch」

The image of a vividly beautiful cave was projected to my eyes when she drew her hips,
Sylvie-san’s slit.

「Well、I’m sory。 You really want to put it inside me、
to ejaculate and make babies right?
But since today I can’t really go that far……
Ah、then you can touch it」


「An immediate reply……」

I reached out my hand to Kayari-san’s lower half, touching her well-fleshed thighs lightly,
I reached to her secret place.


To her patiently-waiting-to-bloom flower, I traced the crack, pressing it and enjoyed the flexibility.

「It’s fine to touch mine too、you know」

Similar to when it was with the boobs, my hand was guided to Sylvie-san’s secret place.
If Kayari-san’s pussy is a peach full of elasticity,
then Sylvie-san’s slit is like a juicy mini-tomato.

「Ah……Ahn……being touched by a man、
It feels better and different than masturbating right、Sylvie」

On the side of the vagina, probably near the clitoris, if I touched it,
Kayari-san leaked a high pitched Ojou-sama elegant voice.

I err、since I don’t masturbate that much……、
Aah……I don’t know」

Sylvie-san frantically squeezed out her voice.

「It’s fine。 Please tease my genital more。
We’ll give your penis affection too」

Bending her hips a little, she displayed the insides of her vagina,
Kayari-san’s balanced body shook lewdly.

「Please ejaculate soon。 Ojou-sama’s and mine、
our naked bodies are being exposed to the eyes of an opposite sex you know?」

She spit out words of stirring up my sense of domination while pushing up my ball sacks.
The fingers of my both hands touched different types of vagina,
and 4 hands of similar smooth skin stimulated my penis from all directions.

「Ya……ahn……the tip of the penis became big。
Could it be、you’re ejaculating?。
By all means、we’ll catch everything with our hands」

For the last spurt, Kayari-san’s hands intensely rubbed my glans,
Sylvie-san clutched my balls while putting my nipples in her mouth. (TN: Ouch……)

It’s for the sake of Ojou-sama。
Please come with all your might」

Being wrapped up in beauties’ smell of their crotch, and received eager service from them finally made my penis surrender.

「Ah、the penis is trembling、coming。
Somehow to let it not spill、Sylvie」

Continuing to ejaculate, my penis wrapped her palms in silky whites,
it furthermore made the pleasures more pleasant.
Before long, their hands became all sticky with my semen.

「This is semen……hn、*licks*。
I heard that it’s bad、but if I compare it to the Russia food I had the other day、
the taste is really reach and it makes my heart beats」

「Ojou-sama、how did that comparison……、
Please also have my part」

Before me who’s soaking into the afterglow of ejaculation,
two beauties are licking my semen as if testing the wine.

「Sylvie、I’m fine with one hand。
You try tasting it too」


The two of them licked and cleaned the swelling semen on their hands.