Curing incurable disease with semen CH8

The situation afterwards (No ero)

Reeking of male semen odor,
the fragrance of sexual excitement drifted from the naked bodies of the two beauties so I turned the sickroom’s ventilation system on.
Then I drank the soft drink prepared by Sylvie-san to replenish my body.
Then the tired Fuemi returned to the sickroom after the prolonged inspection.

「Fumyu~、Onii-chan」 (TN: You’ll understand the strange word after reading next line)

Fuemi clung to me and buried her face into my chest.

Is the smell of Kayari-san and Sylvie-san still around,
would the thing I put into my pocket get exposed, thinking about such things my heart raced.

「Fufu、you are really close」

Putting her hand on her somewhat glossy-skinned face, Kayari-san smiled.
Sylvie-san offered Fuemi a hot drink without changing her facial expression.

After that, I had fun chatting non-stop with the three girls until the end of visiting hours.
I was worried because Fuemi strangely showed skinship in front of people right after I had an ejaculation.