Hero Machine Chapter 0 Part 5

Chapter 0: Prologue ⑤

I cam twice for the time being and I also want to clean off the dirt from my long journey.
With that said, I appease my thirst lightly; and went towards the bathhouse along with Ashley.
I took off my overcoat mantle and Ashley had her easy to take off clothes out her body.
I left it to the person in charge, and the room Ashley has prepared already has several maid clothes and underwear ready in it.
It seems that they don’t mistake on preparations on this part.
Ashley tied up her hair again so it won’t be disturbing.
Her white nape is dazzling.
「The figure where you take it off is good but that appearance is also hard to throw off. Though there’s little exposure, a working woman’s appearance is very sexy」
「I’m grateful」
We reached the bathhouse while having such a conversation.
It’s for my personal use so it’s not that wide but it’s beyond enough for an individual use.
「I’ll go ahead」
I quickly took off my clothes in the dressing room and told Ashley.
Since it’s impolite to watch a person change, I entered the bathroom.
It’s not such a big bathtub but it’s enough for a few number of people enter and stretch their legs.
My body’s filled with cloud of dust from the long journey.
I took a hot water from the pail and showered my head.
The feeling of water after several days is pleasant.
Then the stark naked Ashley was there.
「Excuse me」
In spite of the breast’s size with good size and shape, it’s looking upward, not experiencing defeat from gravity.
Her waist is thin and yet her buttocks is plump, a very feminine build.
Her white skin is dazzling.
After observing Ashley, the two of us lightly washed our body and entered the bathtub.
「I can finally take a rest.」
I say while feeling the temperature of the pleasant hot water.
「Thanks for the hard work. It’s not the word the tired me can say though」
「That’s your job isn’t it? Don’t mind it」
「I’m thankful」
We soaked in the bathtub until our bodies warmed up.
Then, we went out of the bathtub to wash our body.
「I will be washing your body」
Ashley said that.
「Sure. I’ll leave it to you」
I decided to depend upon her kindness with much effort.
Thus I had my whole body washed.
It feels like I’m a king.
…I belong to the royal family more or less though.
But, I’ve never used my power as a royalty to embrace a woman even once.
I can assert that.
After washing my body normally, Ashley used her own body to wash.
The used part is mainly her breasts but the volume and the softness are perfect.
「N…Nnn…how is it?」
「Yeah It feels good.」
I answered while confirming the existence of the hard projection from the soft touch on my back.
「Thank you very much」
After she has finished my back, neck, and both arms, she pushed her rich pair of hills against my chest this time.
「Aah…Sharuru-sama’s body is so robust…」
「Ashley’s body is very feminine and attractive. Being able to make such movements with such a body is also a great thing」
「Thank you very much」
Saying that, she pressed her nipples against my own nipples.
「Your nipples are standing amazingly」
「Yes… When I think about serving a gentleman who’s stronger than me, I naturally feel that…」
After Ashley finished washing the upper body, she moved to the lower part.
「Excuse me」
She kneels before me after declaring.
「It’s too much of an honor to wash the hero’s penis.」
「It already ejaculated inside Ashley’s pussy twice though」
「Yes. There’s nothing more pleasurable than being receiving your sperm」
Did she think over the pleasure from a while ago? Ashley’s looking at my face with an amorous expression.
That face is so alluring that it puts professional prostitutes to shame,. .
「This penis will be mating with Ashley’s pussy for tens, no, hundreds of times. I’d be glad if you clean it nicely」
「Yes. That is of course. I will attend to it sincerely」
Ashley’s expression as she answer that is filled with only the thoughts to delight me.
I can’t help but swell in expectations as Ashley’s going to begin her service.