Hero Machine 10

Chapter 1 「Female Knight Iona⑥」

I went to the exclusive dojo as I promised Iona that I’ll teach her Brave Arts.
Iona is waiting already ahead of time.
「Thank you for today in advance」
When she saw my face, her face reddened as she recalled her amour with me.
「Is your body okay? If it still hurts then just tell me. I’ll cure it」
「Thank you for your worries. However, it’s fine since it’s already cured last night」
It seems that there’s no problem in her movements because of the recovery magic I used yesterday.
Though I thought there’s no emotion, I’d be grateful if we can start making her learn quickly if it’s cured.
「I want to check it」
「Can Iona use attack magic?」
「No, since I’m a knight, I only know support and recovery magic」
「Then should I teach you a projectile skill? There’s something perfect for it」
The one I’ll teach Iona this time is Brave Arts 「Flying Izuna1
It’s an empty vacuum wave of fencing, It’s an effective technique against targets that are away, especially flying.
This is not a technique developed by a hero blood but it’s a techniques used by a swordsman on the east that’s called a 「Samurai」who uses a special sword called 「Katana」
The samurai who mastered this technique is called a「Izuna User」it seems that he’s feared.
Since it’s classified as a Blade Arts, Iona who doesn’t have a hero blood should be able to learn it, that’s how it is.
I moved to practice after explaining it briefly.
I moved away from the straw dolls prepared before hand (About 10 Meters) then, I set up the wooden sword.
「Look closely」
Iona holds her breath and watched over each and every action I make.
I produced a vacuum wave along with the yell, the straw target was split into half splendidly.
「There, that’s how it is」
「Amazing! You cut it with a wooden sword!」
「The advantage of this is that you don’t have to choose a weapon. Taking it to the extreme, if you’re skilled enough then you can use even a stick. There are also other advantages but do you follow?」
「Yes, the distance is lengthened. That measure isn’t known for those who uses words」
「Correct. As expected of Iona」
「I’m honored from your praise.」
「There are other things but there’s also the thing where you can attack a flying enemy too. If you can master this, the length of Iona’s sword would definitely extend」
「Let’s try from a short distance first, can you make your slash fly? I’ll be showing the form so try it a thousand times for today. Do it slowly so the form won’t be broken. Good?」
「Yes. Please treat me well」
Iona was slow but after showing the form several times, she swung it as I taught her.
This is okay for the time being.
「There’re drinks inside that jar so if you’re thirsty just drink as you like」
「I’ll be going out for a bit. I’ll come back later」
「Where are you going?」
「Just some work on the castle」
「Please take your time, I’m sorry for troubling you」
Iona bowed deeply.
She’s really honest.
「I told you not to be so respectful. That’s also what I want」
「It helps me when you say that」
Finishing our conversation, I went towards a room in the castle to take the data of my partner tonight.
I came across a troublesome person along the way.
The wife of the first prince Baldo, Fassone.
She’s surely a widow but,
That person has good looks but her personality is hard to get along with.
Her hair flutters till her waist, she’s wearing a gorgeous royal atmosphere on her body, she’s giving off a frightful presence.
Her body is wrapped in a gorgeous dress and it’s boldly open that the voluptuous ripe breasts is about to spill, she’s already on the later half of thirties but her youthful appearance doesn’t match her age, There seems to be hardly some big children who met an adult.2
Even I stayed here for more than two months.
I’ve heard rumors.
I’ve acquainted with her sometimes in the past, the first princess Kazuhaine is filled with confidence unlike her parents, a famous princess that has a calm and neat atmosphere.
The Impression I have doesn’t differ greatly either.
Then, the most reason is that Fassone sees me as an enemy.
It’s the oldest son of the princes, Hitonaniru.
I’m the youngest and the remaining on the battle on the seat next term, meaning that I’m a threat, that’s what Fassone think.
He’s not 10 year old but he has a thick blood of the eldest brother Baldo, he certainly seems to be extremely superior.
On the other side, he behaves arrogantly that’s unthinkable of his 10 years of age, a not cute smelly shitty brat, that’s more or less different but that’s how the society evaluates. There’s almost no good talk on his behavior.
Perhaps he’s anticipated as the first prince so he’s been spoiled a lot as he grow up and that’s the result.
There are other sisters in addition to Kazuhaine but there’s no hateful stories about them in particular.
Baldo wants to have a boy by all means so he made Fassone give birth every year but all of them are girls.
Thus, Hitonaniru is treated specially as he’s the only boy, it’s easy to imagine.
The evidence is that they reached to stopped making children
They’re probably satisfied after having a boy born.
Seeing that there’s no child after Hitonaniru the widow Fassone’s night life might be considerably silent.
I suddenly thought of it.
Fassone doesn’t oppress me that hard but she probably has a dissatisfaction in some way.
「Thank you for last night’s duty」
That Fassone who’s a mother of such siblings, I gave her some lip service.
「No, it’s a natural thing done for the prosperity of the country」
She returned with a lip service too.,
「For you to tame the famous man-hater Iona Cookrose is as expected from your ability as a stallion3, I praise you for it」
It’s not something to hide but it seems that she already know that I have good relations with Iona.
「I didn’t tame her. Both of us are sword users so I just crossed swords with her to get through her」
「You speak cleanly but You greedily devoured that young body」
「That’s my duty after all」
She snorts as I don’t take her provocations.
「You who have absorbed in self-indulgent pleasures and haven’t showing his face now returned home, you now have the opportunity as the eyesore elder brothers who’d succeed the throne are gone, is that how it is?」
Since old days, this woman is hostile on the princes other than her husband.
Me who’s the youngest and has no possibility of succeeding the throne is no exception./
「I’m only thankful for my elder brothers for supporting the country, I’ve never thought anything unsympathetic to them. It is thanks to my brother’s advancement that I can do what I want」
「Then, why can’t you just be your selfish self and not come back?」
「Because my bother’s who made improvements are alive I can be selfish. Now that my elder brothers are gone, I’m still a royalty though I’m a scrap, isn’t it a matter of course to fulfil the duty even it’s unsatisfatory?」
「You’re doing lip service again, in truth you’d return whatever happened right? Aren’t you aiming for the throne?」
「I returned solely to help the country’s development, I’m not thinking of the possibility of me becoming the king or something awesome like that」
I spoke my real intentions without any lie.
But, she won’t belive such things.
「I’d like you to not say something so clear. The throne is a dream if you lived as a prince, just how fabricated do you think you’re saying?」
「Though I’m interested in the future of the country, I’m not interested in the throne that much. In the first place, there’s no way some uneducated man like me would become the king right?」
「It is as you said. It’s impossible if you think normally. But, it’s a different story at this time?」
「Though it seems verbose, I don’t think of becoming one」
「I wonder? You’re born from the belly of such a vulgar woman. I don’t know if you ever had some ambition you’re planning for. 」
The moment I heard that, I felt that the blood in my body flowed backwards.
I dropped the tone of my voice.
「Oh, you have something to say?」
Buit, she doesn’t seem to mind it
「Those words doesn’t suit being used from a noble as beautiful as you, please don’t lose your grace」
I tried to raise modesty.
「Oh, it’s quite skillful like the way you persuaded a woman last night」
But she doesn’t seem to mind it
I continued.
「Also what?」
「I’m certainly a foolish prince. I don’t mind you slandering and laughing at me」
I made an introduction with a smile.
「But I’ll never allow someone to insult the mother who cut off her own life just to give birth to me」
Unlike earlier, I glared at her from the front.
Noticing the bloodthirst in my eyes, she flinched.
「A-Anyway! You just have to do the work given to you! Don’t be so ambitious! Okay!?」
Losing against my thirst of blood, she said what she wants to say and left me in a hurry.


  1. 飯綱 – Fox spirit
  2. とても成人を迎えた大きな子どもが何人もいるようには見えない。
  3. I’ll be using this instead of breeding horse
  4. Heavy heartbeat