Hero Machine Chapter 11

Chapter 1「Female Knight Iona⑦」

As planned, I took the document of my partner on childmaking tonight and scanned it over.
Why is this information given at the last minute? Getting the specific day of women getting pregnant easily is hard to get, or so I was told.
Especially those young who had an unstable cycle is hard to understand.
My sperm isn’t infinite.
They have to move forward carefully due to that circumstances.
I went towards the castle to keep my promise with Iona, which is another thing.
Therefore I arranged it so they can regularly deliver the specialty dairy product from that special location.
There’s no delivery of cow and goat’s milk because it’s heavy, there’s also the issue of freshness too. But the best part is that it can be obtained fresh on a nearby place and it’s cheap.
Yet, the mainly ordered goods are cheese and solid butter.
We can make as many yogurt as we can if we have milk, so it’s excluded from the purchase.
Though the goods have great cost, the price of delivery is higher than that.
Though the price is reasonable as they will have to pass along some dangerous areas.
However, it’s a cheap thing when I think about Iona being even more charming.
Anyhow, I finished business so I turned my feet to the dojo again.
Iona swings her sword with all of her heart when I returned.
That appearance is beautiful.
I admired it instinctively.
Though Iona was absorbed in swinging her sword, she finally noticed my existence and called out to me.
「Sharuru-sama welcome back」
「Yeah I can see that you’re being serious due to the amount of sweat. Well done, well done!」
Well, Iona is damn serious. I said that but I can’t really imagine her idling at all.
「Uhm, please don’t close up so much. I’m sweaty so I feel embarrassed…」
「Is that so? There’s only good smell coming out of Iona though」
I sniffed lightly and Iona with red ears protested.
「Therefore, please don’t sniff me!?」
She’s showing a face I could never imagine from the match yesterday.
It’s pleasing.
「Leaving that aside」
Finishing the greetings, I moved to the subject.
「As I said last night, I’ll go and visit Iona tonight. I’m telling you my intention」
Cutting in suddenly, Iona’s eyes opened wide in surprise.
「You were serious that time… I’m a bit surprised…」
No, that’s not just a bit.
「Do you think that it’s only a bed talk? Well, it can’t be helped if you think like that. Even if I’m like this I’m the type that fulfils his promise you know?」
「It seems it is. You immediately taught me Brave Arts today too…」
Iona answered her consent.
「I might be late at night so you can sleep. I can’t just skip my duty after all」
「Would your body be fine? Men use quite a lot of energy in child making, or so I heard」
「I told you last night」
「I want to embrace Iona by my own will. Iona is too charming for me to end with just one time」
I desire her body that she has no confidence with, she shows confusion to that.
「That’s how it is. I don’t mind if you’re sleeping but I’ll be glad if you wait for me」
「Yes…I’ll be waiting」
「I’ll give you lots of love」
When I said taht, Iona’s cheeks blushed as she might’ve remembered last night.

That night.
Inside the room where it has no furniture except for a bed, a lewd sound of meats banging each other can be heard.
I used recovery magic on her along the way just like when I did Iona and penetrated her from the back like a beast and she doesn’t feel pain from the foreign substance.
「How’s it? What’s your impression from having your pussy pierced by a dick?」
I said obscene words on purpose and raised her arousal.
A lovely voice echoed in the bedroom tonight.
Confirming that she starts to sleep after being inseminated by me, I visited the bathroom again.
I’ll be sweating having sex with Iona after this.
It’s extremely rude to smell like another woman while having sex.
I am considerate to that extent.
I soaked in the bathtub and took a short rest.
In spite of me just finishing inseminating a virgin, I regained my strength when I thought that I’d be meeting Iona in secret.

It seems that Iona is awake, waiting for me.
「You really came…」
「Didn’t I tell you that I don’t mind if you’re asleep right? It’s bad for the skin to stay up late」
We exchanged a light joke
「Sharuru-sama is a meanie…」
Iona sulked.
「That’s upsetting to be called a meanie. I intend to be a gentleman even if I’m like this」
「If you say something like those…I won’t be able to sleep in arousal」
She said while hugging me tightly.
「Sorry about that」
There’s only one thing I can do, that is to embrace her delicate body closely.
We piled our lips.
Iona’s showing much more assertiveness than last night.
She’s absorbed in sucking lips.
We indulged ourselves with our lips for a while.
Separating the lips when she finally was satisfied, a silver bridge can be seen.
The parts of Iona I kissed are ears, nape, collarbone, gradually going down and I’m now absorbed on tasting her hardened nipples.
「Iona here is very beautiful」
I whispered while caressing her nipples.
「That’s…I’m glad even if it’s a lie…」
She said, it seems that Iona is still not confident on her own body.
「That’s no lie. The color and the shape is lovable. I want this to be mine only」
The size is something I can’t say honestly.
Though it’s enough as it is now, I’m sure that it would be even more charming when it grows.
「I have to make effort to enlarge my breast to be liked more by Sharuru-sama」
「I told you last night, Iona right now is too charming. But, I think that you should polish your attitude and look up」
「For that, allow my poor ability to help you」
Iona pants small.
I continued to caress Iona’s lovely chest for a long time.
As a result, Iona’s nipples kept pointing out hard.
I can confirm the huge flood from the bush on her panties.
「It seems that Iona is ready. I’m going in」
Taking off her panties, I went in just like that.
「Yes, please come in」
Iona opened her crotch.
She used her fingers to open and show the woman whole that was used open yesterday.
The spectacle is amazingly stimulating.
「Iona’s pussy is deep. It seems that it wants my penis」
I say that while hitting my hard manliness on the entrance.
「Aaa…It’s embarrassing…」
Iona’s feeling shy contrary to her sensational figure.
She’s read to her ears.
I buried my other me inside Iona again.
Iona leaks a small sigh from the stimulation.
「Aah, It’s really warm, narrow and pleasant inside Iona. I want it to be like this forever」
My thing is about to burst again from the pleasure received from Iona.
「It’s hard and hot, it’s the thing that was inside another woman just a while ago…」
What is it?
It’s not jealousy.
Feelings arose inside Iona.
I decided to search for it.
「The penis that just finished inseminating another woman is now inseminating Iona」
The moment I said taht Iona tightened me up.
「Ah…nn…I feel happy being embraced by Sharuru-sama… You were the one who taught me the pleasures of being a woman…!」
「I see, Is Iona happy right now?」
「Yes…Being filled by Sharuru-sama…makes me very happy…」
「I see. Then, be happier!」
I sped up my piston and raged inside Iona.
「Ah…Ahn~…it feels good…! I’ve lived until know without knowing that there’s something this pleasurable…!」
「You were a virgin until yesterday so it can’t be helped. I’ll be teaching you a lot more pleasures then」
「Is that true?」
「I’m glad…!」
I come back and forth inside the melting hot road of Iona over and over again.
「Sharuru-sama…! I…I…! Can’t…!」
「I’m at my limit too…! I’m cumming…! I’m going to pour a lot of semen
Inside Iona’s pussy…!」
「I’m glad…! I’ll gratefully accept it…!」
「I’ll fill Iona’s pussy with my child day and night and I’ll make you absolutely pregnant with my child!」
「Yes…! Please give Sharuru-sama’s child inside me…!」
Iona coiled her legs and never let me go.
Answering that, I embraced Iona’s delicate body firmly.
I shot my semen inside Iona’s vagina to satisfy myself.
I continued to send my child on the innermost part of Iona again and again.
The womb of Iona kept being filled with my fresh semen after I inseminated her last night, that’s how it is.
「Aaaa…Hot…I’ve received Sharuru-sama’s child, I’m really happy」
「I’m also happy to accept a charming woman like Iona」
We exchanged a passionate kiss again.
We both slip our mouths and tasted mutual warmth.
After a while, Iona and I found mutual desire to each other a lot of times.
The hidden amour of us at night had began to dawn.
The curtains of our secret act finally was lowered.
A pillow talk between me and Iona happened while I hold her shoulder.
She’s sleepy as expected that Iona had began to breath like a sleeping person.
Just like last night, I covered Iona’s body with a blanket and quietly left the room.