Hero Machine Chapter 16

Chapter 2 「Female Knight Makishia③」

We’ve ended up making children with Makishia with that sort of details but her first time is threesome, I’m quite worried about her sexual life in the future.
She can’t concentrate during her sword practice during daytime but I let it be because I was the one who caused her anguish.
It’s scheduled tonight without any trouble so I’ll be gentle with her.
Shia was wearing a lovely underwear that she had worn last night.
She followed my order perfectly.
Then I snatched a kiss and violated her mouth.
「Ahn~! It’s so passionate…!」
Makishia writhes.
During the kiss, I rubbed Makishia’s abundant chest and lastly, placed my face between the rich pair of hills.
I feel bad for Iona but I can’t do this feat with Iona’s modest chest.
「Iona’s beautiful breast is charming but Shia’s big breast won’t lose either, it’s charming」
「Ahn~…! I’m glad even if it’s a lie…!」
「I’m not lying. I’ll prove by loving it dearly」
I took my time to massage Makishia’s breasts, lick it, suck it, I did every single caress possible.
「If you cherish it this much…my breast must really be…charming isn’t it?」
「Yeah, it’s the best.   I honestly feel that I haven’t done enough even though I did that much」
「I’m glad…!」
「I’m going to love this one this time.」
I took Makishia’s completely wet panties off her thighs from the long caress.
「Aaaa…My vagina is being seen…」
「Okay, open up your pussy and show it to me and Iona」
「Aaah…For me to show this deep…it’s embarrassing…」
She obediently follows what I say even though she say that.
「My penis will go through this hymen and I’ll make Shia a woman」
Makishia’s genital has love nectar oveflowing.
I make the same vulgar sound from yesterday and drank Makishia’s love nectar.
「Thinking that this is the last time I’ll be drinking this virgin love nectar today, it’s regrettable but there’s no helping it」
「I’m already at my limit. Would you accept me? Shia」
「Yes, please come in… If I can offer it to Sharuru-sama, it’ll be the best of all happiness…」
「I’ll also feel the happiest if I accept Shia’s virginity」
「I’m glad…」
「Then, open your pussy with both of your hand to make it easy for me to go in」
「As you command」
Shia obediently followed.
「The two of you will be pole sisters1 once I broke this hymen of your pussy」
Putting my tip on her hymen, I said those lewd words.
「Yes, Sharuru-sama」
「As a senior pole sister that graduated a step ahead, watch properly as Shia graduates from her virginity」
「Yes, as you command」
I pushed down my waist and thrust it in quickly.
「Ouch…! This is the pain of virginity loss, isn’t it…!」
Shia grimaced in pain.
「Right. You’re no longer a virgin. You’re my woman now. You’ll be inseminated by me, bear my child, this will be an exclusive pussy for me to make a child」
「Sharuru-sama’s exclusive child-making pussy…I’m glad…」
「Then, let’s begin child-making immediately」
「Yes…please pour lots of semen inside my pussy…」
I adjust it and went in and out of Makishia’s woman road insides with a constant pace.
「Ah…Ahn…~! This is Sharuru-sama…! It’s hot, hard, and strong…!」
Iona takes revenge from last night and she kept looking at Makishia’s connecter part.
「So when you bleed this much if you lose your own virginity… It wasn’t long before mine but it looks painful…」
「Uhm…Iona-san? I feel embarrassed if you look that much…」
「You’ve had all of your time watching Iona’s pussy being pierced by me so show all of it today」
「Right…it is. I’m going to show up a lot of child making with Sharuru-sama until Iona-san can’t endure it…!」
「Well done. That’s the spirit」
I speed up the pace of the piston and kept thrusting Makishia.
Then we both reached climax.
「You did well, Shia. That was great」
I embraced Shia closely.
Iona looked at it enviously.
Just for a bit.
I cured Shia’s laceration with the same recovery magic I used on Iona.
「As expected of a Hero. You can even use a high rank recovery magic. I’d like to express my gratitude from your consideration」
「Well, it’s not rare for a solo diver of a labyrinth dungeon」
I answered carelessly the Makishia that’s gritting her teeth.
「Doing the Labyrinth dungeon solo…usually it’s challenged by a party of several people for a few days…or so I heard…? Sharuru-sama is really a non-standard Hero isn’t he?」
「It’s not something that huge」
「So modest. I love that you’re being modest, not trying to show that you’re someone big」
「Is that so? Well, I feel bad not accepting your praise but that’s exaggerated」
「For me to give birth to the child of such a special and superior Hero, It’s an honor as a woman.  Please bless me with Sharuru-sama’s child more and more inside me」
She’s saying that even though she’s just a virgin a while ago, her woman hole tempts me agressively.
It intends to have my child.
Seeing that appearance of Makishia, Iona interrupts as she hadn’t been caressed at all tonight.
「I thought that it’s my turn to be loved this time…」
The two of them are dying to have my sperm.
They’ll want to get pregnant with my child if I just give them the gap, what a troubling pregnant-want girls.
Since it’s rare, should we try putting and comparing both holes?
「I’m glad that both of you desire me.  But unfortunately, I only have one penis. That’s why I’ll give you love in turn」
「In turns?」
「The swap will be after one minute. It’ll depend on luck whichever hole it pours in.  If you really want my child that much then tighten my penis with your pussy and squeeze it out as you plead」
「The first one will be me」
Iona introduced herself.
「N…ku…fuu…how’s it, Sharuru-sama?」 Does…it feel good…?」
「Yeah.  It feels good, it’s the best. Iona’s pussy is tight as always」
「Aah…I’m feeling good too…」
Iona’s absorbed in stroking my thing.
But, I’m not a premature ejaculator, there’s no way I’d finish so early no matter how good Iona’s inside is.
「Ah…that’s regrettable. I wanted to take Sharuru-sama’s sperm yet…」
「Next is your chance, Shia」
「Yes. It’s my turn now. Iona-san had been granted by Sharuru-sama’s sperm a lot of times, don’t you think it’s greedy? Please bless me with Sharuru-sama’s child this time!」
I enjoyed the two of the hole thoroughly and finally ejaculated at Iona’s hole.
The stimulation is different from usual so I released an unusual amount too.
「Ah…! It’s still coming out, Sharuru-sama’s semen…is going inside me…!」
My child was continued to be accepted in Iona’s womb for less than ten seconds, she makes an enchanted face then whispered.
「Ahn~ Even though Iona-san’s been receiving Sharuru-sama’s chile everyday…! It’s unfair…!」
Makisha stared at it frustrated.
After that we resumed our act.
This time Makishia’s the one I’m pouring my semen on.
「Ahn~…! Fantastic…! I can feel that my womb is pleased…! My pussy succumbs to Sharuru-sama’s sturdy penis and it can’t help but feel joy…!」
Then we repeatedly did it without feeling tired and we desired each of our bodies.
The result, my semen I let out overflowed between the thighs of the two.
I’ve been literally squeezed by the two tonight and I tasted higher pleasure as a stallion.
「If you desire me that much, I’m getting much happiness more than being a stallion deserves…」
「My womb is full.  I’m definitely blessed by Sharuru-sama’s child.  I’m looking forward to see the face of the child…!」
「That was wonderful, Sharuru-sama. You’re usually wonderful but you’re even more wonderful today」
「That’s an amazing chaos, Iona. Did you feel too much?」
「Something like this is the first and the last.  I can’t do something this embarrassing for the second time」
Iona said sulking.
「Iona’s really cute」
I said that while embracing her gently.
「Ah! It’s unfair that it’s only Iona-san! Me too!」
Thus I’m being sandwiched by a beautiful breast (Not small)2 and big breast.
I’ve been restrained completely until it was morning.


  1. Girls who fucked the same guy
  2. Both are read as Binyuu