Hero Machine Chapter 17

Chapter 2「Female Knight Makishia④」

Speaking about the conclusion, the attempt to teach Makishia swordsmanship was a great success.
Was it because they mutually showed something shameful to each other that the distance between the two had been closer than before.
It seems that they’re having a match whenever I’m away.
Was it because they both showed something embarrassing to each other that their distance had closed more than before?
Before long, I concluded that Makishia had reached the ability to learn brave arts so I taught her right away.
「You’re finally going to teach me Brave arts too right? I can’t suppress the beating of my heart…!」
Makishia’s eyes sparkle like a child.
She’s really happy.
I intend to have Makishia learn Brave Arts 「Shisen」
It’s a skill that Samurai use as usual.
Since it’s classified as Blade Arts, just like the time when I taught Iona the Izuna, Makisha that’s not a blood relative of a hero can learn this.
It’s not a cut but drill.
It’s a sublime technique of piercing that can easily pierce iron.
Sword, spear, lance, rapier and etcetera any weapon with a pointed face can be used for the application.
It’s a rapier in Makishia’s case so her forte is piercing.
For that reason I thought that it’s a good chance to let Iona see it.
「Watch carefully」
Holding the sword, I drew a pierce.
It made a loud sound and an air hole opened the prepared Iron plate.
「That’s Brave Arts 『Shizen』」
「This is Brave Arts… It’s my first time seeing but but, it’s as the rumors, no, it’s much more amazing…」
「I’ll show the model several times so you’ll have to slowly try it for a thousand times just like Iona. Iona, keep learning 『Flying Izuna』」

A month after teaching them and Iona was able to let out a 「Flying Izuna」
It’s power and range hadn’t reached mine in this past two months but it reached the passing point now.
On the other hand, Makishia is.
She can take out 「Shisen」but since it’s still unstable, she still need to continue to practice.
I was a bit anxious about Makishia’s first night, she then begged for my semen every day, she even pestered Iona undauntedly, in the end, it became normal for me to make children with three people as my duty.
Iona’s womb is filled with my sperm everyday and the day where I found out that Iona’s pregnant with my child reached.
That itself is already joyous but Iona gave meaning to it at night.
It may seem that I’m concieted by my sperm right now has a higher value than gold.
I can’t slack off just because a woman already got pregnant.
I can’t touch her for a while so I just grabbed Iona’s chest.
「Iona’s breasts got bigger didn’t it? I’ll be missing the lovely time」
The muscle is trained, it’s growth is great, I feed her daily, groped it, licked it, stimulated it, sucked it and gave stimulation and as a result, Iona’s breast’s size, shape, and color are a triple threat where you can’t focus your complains and developed to a beautiful breast.
「Iona(‘s breast) is something I raised」
I said that with confidence.
「It’s thanks to Sharuru-sama leading me to various things. No matter how much I thank Sharuru-sama, it won’t be enough…」
I who severely caressed Iona made the final insertion with that being the case and lead her to climax.
Iona climaxed but I haven’t yet.
I said this before but my sperm is valuable.
I buried myself and stroked Iona’s meat pot badly, again.
I began to swing my waist.
「Iona, watch carefully as I pour my semen that I intended to pour into you make Makishia’s pussy pregnant」
「Yes, Sharuru-sama…」
「Ahn~…Even though I’m the one he’s embracing, the two of you are in your own world…」
「Sorry bout that, Shia…」
「I’m sorry, Shia-san…」
We apologized.
「Ah…n…However, since it’ll be the last night that Iona-san will be able to hold Sharuru-sama…」 I’ll overlook it…」
Makishia said something commendable while being connected to me.
She reached climax before long.
「I’m cumming, Shia! Get pregnant! Get pregnant with Iona’s share!!」
I’m inseminating another woman in front of Iona.
I got even more violent than usual due to the arousal and I let out my sperm longer than usual.
「Yes, I’ll get pregnant…! I’m going to get pregnant with Sharuru-sama’s sturdy penis that have knocked down Iona’s pussy so badly…!」
「Aah~…Sharuru-sama let out that much inside Shia-san…I’m jelly…」
「Amazing…It’s still coming out…」
After mightily letting it out, I finished ejaculating.
「Aah…Sharuru-sama’s sperm…is very warm…」
The semen I discharged overflows and drips from Makishia’s groins, she then laid down on the bed feeling satisfied.
Iona who saw that state looks so jelly.
「Don’t think that this will be the last」
「Just the thought of not being able to hold Iona for a while…tightens my chest…」
「Me too, Sharuru-sama… Since you embraced me for the first time, you gave me your love almost everyday…」
After a long stare, the two of us exchanged a kiss and desired each other’s mouth passionately.
Only wet sound echoes inside the room.
After a long time, we finally ended.
Thus, I was forced to separate from my night pleasure with Iona.


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