Hero Machine Chapter 5

Chapter 1: 「Female Knight Iona①」

I am Yusharuru Braveroad
Nickname: 「Sharuru」
I’m a special existence chosen by god.
…Not that much but my bloodline being blessed is certain.
Well, first it’s about ability, my lineage is a royal family and I am the youngest of the hero bloodline.
I have a body that’s stronger than a normal human and there’s no doubt that in our magic potential.
Additional, the hero bloodline has a lot of magic 『Brave Arts』where only they can use.
Just being born in this lineage is already advantageous as a living creature.
By the way my nickname is 「Sharuru1」rather than 「Yuusha」as it can’t be distinguished from 「Hero2」「Rurushu3」is my father’s name so it’s chosen by elimination.
My mother who loved my father(Husband if from her perspective) very much that she protested forcibly to put 「Rurushu」on my name
With the pretext of that long talk about their love, my name turned out very long.
I feel bad for my late mother but I don’t like this name very much.
…The story had derailed.,
Next would be the outward appearance.
I have the power naturally because I’m of a royal family.
Obviously, from being able to marry beautiful women from generation, our appearance gets refined repeatedly.
I am a beautiful man because of that reason.
Even though there are superior and inferior, my bothers (Or rather, all of my brothers have died already) and sisters are all beautifuil without any inferiority.
Next is about this world.
This world has no existence like a 「Maou」, but a world that’s in danger from the domination of orcs and ogres for every day.
The reason why the royalty can act cheeky is because they’re wasting their means to defend themselves to protect the masses.
Otherwise, there’s no way for them to pay tax that’s not cheap to someone who doesn’t give them benitfit.
Presently, the areas where the human possess in this world is small.
If we subdue the demons and open up an undeveloped area, we might be able to discover some crops that’s high in nutrition or minerals that can even make a stronger weapon that what we know.
Supposed that it’s possible to plunder the territory that a demon is ruling, the people’s life would even be more richer.
As much as possible, it’s a way to prosper humanity and subjugate demons as much as possible.
For that reason, Humans prepare a lot of humans that can defeat demons, it’s like that.
Ten siblings have been born from different women, though I did what I want to be unrelated to the power struggle in the throne, an exceptional emergency where all of my elder brothers have passed away had occured.
It’s a serious matter for the house my father who’s the king, it’s like that.
You may have a lewd impression for him to have ten queens but the father I know is far off from that image, He’s a suitable king with a blood of a hero, he’s the most respected man I know.
To not let the hero blood die out, the queens have the duty to make children.
Only I was told that mother’s relationship was pure love.
What was the thing father gave to mother that made her the happiest? I asked and replied with ‘You’, it seems that she really loved my father.
My mom was weak from birth, my mother seems to have been told by the doctor that’s it’s foolish to receive a child, and much more difficult to give birth to it.
Father who knew that the body of my mother was weak felt pessimistic making a child with my mother.
Father doesn’t request mother to be a woman but only a purely mental connection.
However, mother strongly wished to make a child and she got pregnant.
And that child is me.
That thing itself is like a miracle but mother’s life had shortened considerably because of that.
My mother had died beautifully while sleeping while I was on my early half of my teens.
She was glad that I was born but felt regret for leaving me.
Father was glad about my birth but doesn’t speak but he often regrets it.
They called me back even with such circumstances, and agave me a mission.
Having sex with women such as an excellent soldier or a magician and to make children as much as possible.
My father who’s the king isn’t that old yet, it’s probably because that he worked so hard that my mother that he loved from the bottom of the heard had died, a comparatively young man had become incompetent and can’t make children.
Even if it’s possible, the sperm isn’t that fresh as he’s not that young becomes a cause for unease so it’s no good.
Well, though my brothers had children, many of them are girls, and the men aren’t on the age of child making yet. I’m sure that the first should be at 10 years old at most.
Because adults are starting from age 13 and marriage is 15, they haven’t reached it yet.
For that reason, I was selected.
Passing through that sort of details, tonight is my first work as a breeding horse.
I was waiting for my partner tonight in the bedroom which is my workplace.
Not before long, my partner for tonight’s child making appeared in front of me.
My partner in child making is suitable for the first night, she’s an acknowledged female night that can’t be won over by pleasure.
「It’s already been explained before hand but shall we introduce ourselves first?」
I continued after making that introduction.
「My name is Yusharurushu Braveroad. You might’ve heard it in the rumors but my title is just a foolish prince who does what he wants. Only I in our family is fit to become a breeding horse right now. I may be a foolish prince but I can properly make children so don’t worry」
I gave her a greeting to ease the mood but her reaction was cold hearted.
「Nice to meet you. I am Iona Cookrose. As you can see I am a appointed knight of the kingdom. Please to make you an acquaintance」
She greeted plainly merely for form’s sake.
Her age is around 20’s I guess. It’s not greatly different from me.
Blue eyes blonde hair4, her long hair is gathered together as a ponytail.
Her eyes looks cheeky, her nose is shaped beautifully and her lips seems to have strong intent.
Her hands and legs are long and slim.
Clad in a gorgeously plain golden armor, isn’t the appearance of the woman that would be embraced by me from now on.
Does she intend to declare a war against me in this place?
Un, good.
I love such a strong minded woman.
She doesn’t curse me upfront but her eyes says 「I won’t recognize being your thing」eloquently.
As a bloodline of a hero, she clearly felt disappointed from the gentle appearance of mine.
I myself think that my figure is quite excellent but I’m somewhat slender.
Perhaps she’s seeing me lower than a soldier.
With such reason she thinks that I’m not a suitable man.
「Your face looks like it’s being disappointed being embraced by me, I feel like that」
I cut it down in a roundabout way of speaking.
「No, it’s my mission」
Although she said that, it doesn’t look like she’s convinced at all.
It’s a duty not a something voluntary, she doesn’t like me, but once she took this up she can’t pull out.
‘If the partner isn’t superior to me, then a child won’t be made’, it’s extremely normal for the living.
I decided to remove her concern.
「If you’re dissatisfied then try me. If I don’t suit your judgement then you can return. Of course, I won’t blame you if you do」
She showed a surprised face in a moment.
Her face shows her thought that the royalty doesn’t mind it’s partner, just one-sidedly thrusting.
The king I know is never such a person but I have some of my brothers in mind having such attitude.
Yet it’s not strange for Iona to have such impression for the royal family.
「You really don’t mind?」
She asked for confirmation. It seems that she’s quite confident in her skills.
「Of course. Otherwise it will be insignificant」
Thus, we went to my exclusive small scale dojo.
Since this is my personal area, anyone other than me and people I permit isn’t allowed to enter.
It’s basically so there’s no obstruction to enter.
The private properties I’ve gathered to train are cramped inside.
Then, wodden swords I use for training are lined up on the wall.
「You can choose any weapon like. I’ll use what you pick」
「That’s quite fair」
「You won’t be satisfied if I play foul and win right? I’ll win fairly」
「That’s an amazing confidence you have」
「I don’t think you won’t accept my child if I’m not confident with myself. I have the responsibility in making this country’s future」
The part of the side benefit is also big of course but it it wasn’t because of this circumstances I’m in, I won’t be chosen as a breeding horse.
I who indulged myself in pleasure, is aware to that level.
「Then, I’ll take up to your words. It’ll take some time, do you mind?」
「Nah, I’m honored to have a beauty like you to make me wait」
She ignored my pleasant joke and chose a sword indifferently.
「You’ll use this sword. I’ll be borrowing this」
「You’re naively honest. I’ve come to like you」
I answered while receiving the sword.
What she handed me is a wooden sword equal to what she has.
It seems that she want to go against me in equal terms.
「I’d say that you’re quite a fair tactician」
「Eh? Why do you think so?」
「Even though the appearance of the wooden swords are identical, all are different except yours and mine」
It’s as she says, it’s heavy that an average swordsman can’t swing it straight by using magic, this thing breaks easily on purpose, giving it mana strongly strengthen the blade and it’ll be unrelated to the gems and stones lined up. 5
It’s advantageous for me but there’s also the possibility that she’d pass me the disadvantageous one.
She’d pass a knight if she hadn’t done it but it’s a failure for someone carrying the future of the country.
Beyond than protecting her own back, she should be putting priority on being of use of the country than her own pride.
To waste her own advantageous term is a foolish move, I should say that she has an outrageous pride.
If I get the advantageous term then I’ll consent and enjoy.
You should use anything to raise your chances of success even just a bit.
It’s not I can’t understand that she wants to carry out her chivalry spirit but wars aren’t sweet.
Having such proud thoughts, I’ve come to like her.
「Knowing my judgement and attitude in the match, don’t you have some soer of plan」
「I’ve come to like you more and more. I don’t hate clear headed women」
「In addition you have great skills with your mouth. I wonder about swordsmanship」
Iona paused, then continued.
「At most, I would chose something that would make it advantageous for myself and use it as a pretext to make an unearned win?」
It seems to be the reason why she had chosen a similar wooden sword.
Well, on top of her character, I think she hopes for an equal match even if there wasn’t.
「That’s regrettable. I’m that narrow-minded that my victory is absolute no matter what kind of sword you choose」
I said it with great confidence.
「That’s quite the confidence. Should we begin?」
She said in an amazed way.
It seems that she think of me as a man that’s just doing merely lip-service.
「I’ll have to ask one thing before that」
I cut it down with a serious look.
「What is it?」
On the other hand, Iona answered obediently.
I can’t help but think that the sound was just my imagination.
The moment I said it, Iona had sent a look of scorn with all of her heart.
It might be a reward for those with special fetish but unfortunately I have no such intentions.
「What’s with that eye. I’m talking about the armor, armor. isn’t it unfair to wear such a heavy looking armor?」
It seems that my words weren’t enough.
Iona’s wearing an armor and I’m only wearing clothes. It’s hard to say that it’s a fair match at all.
「No, I take pride on being a knight so I won’t take it off when it comes to a fight. Also…」
「This is an important body before marriage. I can’t endure being a damage good if the sword gets clumsy」
「You can’t trust the swordsmanship of the foolish prince? Then, should we begin to renew your recognition?」
「If possible, then I’d like to see it by all means. Then, once again」
We held the wooden sword and faced each other this time.
Preparing to aim at the eye of Iona with the fully exposed blade, I can’t see the blade from her point, she took quite a strange posture.
「I’ve never seen that posture. Is that the rumored 『Brave Arts』stance? Allow me to see the beauty of something strange」
Does she see the heresy in my stance? Or does she judge it as immature? She said it like she’s making fun of me.
「I’m honored from the praise but it’s different」
「You’re taking it lightly. Don’t regret that you haven’t used it from the beginning」
「There’s no need to use it. Drive me if you want to see it that much」
「Then allow me to do so!」
Saying that she cut in with a terrible force.
Fast. I can’t think of it as a woman’s slash at all.
Such considerable training had to be done before she could have this skill.
I found one point that should be evaluated from this female knight again.
But, I didn’t dodge.
However, I purposely accepted it.
I have to confirm the weight of Iona’s slash.
「That’s right」
That being the case, I parried that nice blow and I opened my mouth as if I recalled something.
「I have two things to correct from what I said a while ago」
「Ku!? Could I hear it then!」
She made a blow using her whole body but I didn’t receive it, she showed a somewhat surprised look when I parried it lightly, but she immediately performed the next attack.
The change in her head is also fast. Her courage is quite a good thing.
I admired that more than her ability.
「You’re going to be pregnant with my child tonight(That’s why you don’t have to worried about marriage) And」
I said while flicking Iona’s wooden sword.
「My hands never slip」
While pointing my sword at the neck of the woman who expressed astonishment compared to a while ago, I smiled daringly.


  1. Can also be read as Charles, comment if you prefer it to be read like Charles or Sharuru
  2. Read as Yuusha
  3. Can be read as Lelouch
  4. ATK: 3000
  5.  彼女の言う通り、魔力を付与して並の剣士ではまともに振る事も出来ない重いものから、わざと折れ易くしているもの、魔力を付与して強度は強く羽根のように軽くしているものまで玉石関係なく並べてある。