Hero Machine Chapter 7

Chapter 1「Female Knight Iona③」

「You seem…that…quite used to it…Just how many women you had relations so far?」
「I have to close your lips for asking such a inelegant thing calmly」
「Eh? Ngu…!」
I turned her to me with my right hand and snatched her lip.
Her lips that were intruded in surprise trembled.
I didn’t mind it, I kept coveting her soft lip.
The wet sounds of the mucous membranes entwining dominates the room.
I let my hands slip in the confusion and held her moderate chest hard then massaged it.
To be frank the volume isn’t satisfying but both the tension and softness is perfect.
Satisfied with the taste and softness after a minute, I finally freed Iona’s lip.
Iona who wasn’t allowed to breath inhaled oxygen deeply.
「Then, how was it? What’s your impression from your first kiss?」
I waited for Iona to catch up her breath and stopped her with one hand and asked.
Iona’s heart is throbbing like an alarm bell.
「I was surprised because it’s so sudden…」
「Well, I can understand it by looking」
「A gentleman’s lip is soft… I’m surprised」
「I see. Iona’s lips are also soft and feels good. It’s to the extent I want to eat it」
I said it in a form of joke.
「Still, not even in my dreams I’ve imagined this first experience of mine」
「Well, that might be. I’ve kissed so many that I can’t count it anymore」
Declaring so, I stacked our lips again.
Piling up the lips, its softness is satisfactory enough.
I break in her soft lip using the tip of the tongue and we exchanged saliva.
It feels lukewarm but not unpleasant at all. Rather it feels great.
I tasted Iona’s lip without reserve, I decided to ask a question when I was satisfied to some extent.
「What do you think sex is?」
「…A man and woman’s union…is what I know…」
Iona hesitated and answered.
Well, I repeated the awkward question repeatedly.
Though the answer I look for is quite different, well it’s okay.
「Sex is the intersection of the mucous membranes. In short…」
「In short?」
「Sex won’t even even no matter how much we do it with our mouth」
As a virgin, she might’ve thought that a kiss is a romantic one but smashed her illusions to pieces.
「Don’t feel so shy. Iona is going to have a lot of sex with me」
I said while tracing her crack again and again on top of her panties using my right hand.
Iona leaks out a faint voice from the stimulation.
「I’ll give this one a lot of love」
I returned my hand from her chest and genital to it’s original position.
When the bra was slid down, her nipples appeared.
「My chest is small, it’s embarrassing…」
It seems that she’s worried about her small chest compared to her tall height.
「If you get pregnant with my child your breast will grow bigger. I’ll keep my promise and make sure you’re getting pregnant tonight」
I naturally promised her chest getting bigger while pinching her nipples.
The exposed breast of Iona is very beautiful.
Her skin is as white as snow, the tip is colored light pink.
「I’ve never seen a nipple this beautiful. I’m envious of the child who can drink the mother’s milk from this nipple」
Saying that, I licked her nipples.
「Is it true that it grows bigger when I get pregnant with a child?」
「Yeah, it’s true」
But, there are some errors in that but it’s mostly like that.
It grows big so the child can drink the milk, it’s natural for it to turn back when it’s not necessary to nurse anymore.
It won’t be fair to not tell it.
「It’s true but it won’t be big the whole time. I’ll return to the same size sooner」
「There’s no way to enlarge my breasts as expected…」
Iona felt dejected.
If you show me that face, my humanity would make me want to something by any means.
「Other than that, if Iona wants to enlarge her breasts, I have some ideas」
「Is that true!?」
Hey, hey! You’re more interested that the Brave Arts talk a while ago.
That’s how much your complex is? That’s a surprise.
She pursued the subject while I was thinking about that.
「Well, there’s one」
「There’s a dairy in the popular during my journey」
With the sudden change in topic, Iona had a question mark floating on her face. But, the real subject is here.
「It goes without saying that they have a special product there, they have cow and goat’s milk, and cheese products, butter and yogurt can be taken from them」
「All of the women there have big breasts, the size can be approximated from the clothes」
「I can understood what you’re trying to say. In short, the food has the effect to enlarge the chest, is it a good explanation?」
「I think so」
I must treat all of the members equally when I’m given the budget but it’s my freedom to amount my purse on the woman I like much
I decided to give favor to Iona.
「That’s why let’s order the special product regularly. Let’s have it in your meal as soon it gets here」
「Uhm…I’m grateful from your feelings but, is it fine to give me such special treatment?」
「It’s a cheap thing to ease Iona’s worries. Even though I’m like this I have money. There’s nothing to worry about」
「To go as far with my selfishness…I’m really grateful」
「Next to breasts is muscles」
「It’s about the daily push-up training of the female soldier」
「Her breast was big. She drinks goat milk at meal time. There should be no mistake from my conjecture」
「Push up it is? I’ll keep it in my mind」
「Last would be for the breast to accept stimulation」
「Massage, lick, suck, you should receive various stimulations. LIke this」
Saying that, I began to move the stopped hand.
Iona’s nipples are hard.
You can think of this as proof that she’s accepting the stimulation.
「Accepting stimulation this way. Can you feel your nipples standing?」
My thumb and index finger gently pinch her nipples to the extent it doesn’t hurt.
She’s consulting me on her worries, she thinks that I’m helping her without any wicked thoughts and with great effort, hearing that erotic voice, I gradually feel strange too.
Is this the nature of man?
I kept massaging her while fighting the evil passion.
「You can do it by yourself but it’s more effective if a man do this」
「A gentleman…?」
Iona looks worried.
She must be resisting to have a man other than me to touch her.
「I don’t want anyone else to touch Iona’s cute chest. Leave this duty to me」
「I’ll trouble you then」
「You don’t have to be thankful. Doing what I want with Iona’s chest is a reward rather」
Giving my answer, I decided to go towards the next stage.