Hero Machine Chapter 9

Chapter 1: 「Female Knight Iona ⑤」

On the second insemination, I chanted a recovery magic to cure Iona’s laceration.
「Thank you very much. You can also use a high rank recovery magic」
「It’s not rare for someone who dives labyrinth alone. It’s natural for me to be able to use recovery magic」
I answered casually.
「With this, there won’t be any problems doing it for the second time」
「Iona is a good woman so it’s not enough to do you once this night. I’m going to embrace you again and again…you okay with it?」
As I’ve told Iona, I had liked her more than I thought from the first time we had met. It’s a waste to let it end with just this.
Without any lie, those are my feelings.
I told her my feelings.
「Not only this night, the nights ahead of this too… Is that true?」
「I don’t say such jokes nor lies. I’m sorry for rushing but I want your answer」
「I’m very glad to be told like that… I’ll accept it with pleasure」
Though I thought of Iona’s attitude won’t be able to refuse me, receiving the consent from her mouth make me feel relieved form the bottom of my heart.
Not knowing my sentiments, Iona continued.
「I want more of this gentleman…no, please teach me more about Sharuru-sama」
The first woman is an special existence for a man and it’s similar to women.
For Iona, the me who she had met today is accepted like a lie.1
Well, she’s confident on winning against the skill in sword by a big amount against a man.
「Then, I feel sorry for doing it immediately but we’ll do it again」
Even though I had just poured a large amount of semen inside Iona, my thing is still not showing any signs of settling down at all.
「Not enough」It’s towering gallantly.
「Amazing…Even though it just let out a lot…」
「Didn’t I tell you that it’s not enough? Let’s have you turn your back on me」
This time I’ll inseminate her from the rear.
「I’ll be pouring it in from the back this time. Kneel and stand on all fours」
「That appearance…is embarrassing…」
Iona said that but she obediently did it.
「Iona really has an outstanding style」
I praised her while stroking her small white ass.
「I’m glad. It might be my first time being praised by a gentleman in such a way…」
「I see. Iona is too good of a woman that they might be afraid of approaching you」
My semen that I had just inseminated inside her is overflowing from her genitalia.
A fresh sperm had been poured inside.
I put myself to Iona’s entrance.
「Yes. Please come in」
Obtaining her consent, I became one with Iona.
It’s different from the first time, there’s also enough lubricant. I advanced smoothly on the warm road.
「N…it’s in…?」
「Yeah. I’m moving」
I declared and gripped her slim waist then started the rhythm.
The meat banging each other makes a lewd sound inside the room.
「Ah…Ahn~…Haan~…Sharuru-sama’s thing is reaching the depths…!」
Iona pants as she’s being penetrated from the back like a beast.
「There’s no one but animals copulate like this right? We’re the creature with most reason so we’re doing this」
I explained while piercing her.
「How’s it? It doesn’t hurt anymore? If it still hurts then tell me」
「Ah…n…thank you for your consideration. But, n…I’m fine. Instead…it’s gradually getting better…」
「I see. Then I’m glad」
「Ah…n…Does Sharuru-sama…feel good?」
「Yeah. Iona’s pussy feel good. My penis feels like melting」
「Ahn~…Nn…Sharuru-sama…also feels good…I’m glad…」
Iona says while panting.
The pleasure doesn’t seem to be a lie.
I swing my waist without reserve as I’m convinced.
The bed that squeaks whenever I move my waist intensely, she also screams.
In addition, in order for Iona’s breast to grow big as she wish, I massaged it using both of my hands while swinging my waist.
「Ah…N…You didn’t forget to touch it…」
「Doesn’t it feel stimulating for having your chest fondled as I pierce your pussy right? I’m definitely making this chest grow by all means」
「Yes… N…Thank you for your consideration…」
I made my index finger and thumb stir her nipples and stimulate it.
「Naaa…! Even I can feel it getting hard… This is the stimulation Sharuru-sama is talkin about, right?」
Iona’s woman part constantly leaks out a lubricant and tighten my thing.
「Yeah. Iona’s pussy feels really good. I want to be inside this tine for a long time」
「Nnn…! Me too…if this comes true…I want to be detained by Sharuru-sama forever…!」
She wished for such a thing, Iona’s insides shrinks rapidly, an amazing ejaculation feeling rises up inside me.
「Sharuru-sama got bigger…inside me…」
「That’s true but Iona’s also tightening hard. Iona’s pussy wants my child」
「Yes…My pussy wishes for Shauru-sama’s sperm…」
「I’m about to cum soon, be sure to bear my child, Iona」
I asked and made her aware of pregnancy.
「Yes…I’ll gladly give birth to Sharuru-sama’s child…」
「If it’s Iona and my child, I’m sure that it’ll be a beautiful regardless of gender. This child’s future will be bright」
「Yes… Our child will definitely be developed to be the foundation of the future…」
「That’s right. So bear an energetic child」
「Yes. I’ll meet your expectations and will bear an excellent child…!」
I pushed my glans against Iona’s innermost part while calling her name then poured my semen inside her womb.
「Ooh…I can feel the warm sperm being poured inside… This will become our child…」
「That’s right. Iona and my child. Raise this carefully inside your stomach」
I touched her smooth stomach while saying so.
After we finished our work, the two of us snuggled in the wide bed.
Does the first child making made Iona, who’s in my arm, tired? She’s still completely exhausted.
「You did well. That was great」
I said while embracing her and patting her head gently.
「You really are so gentle… I’m really glad that I offered my virginity to Sharuru-sama…」
「If you say that, I would feel fortunate as a man. I’m glad that I’m able to accept Iona’s virginity」
As a matter of fact, though child making has become more of a businesslike matter, Iona is much more charming than I had imagined.
That was a wonderful miscalculation for me.
However, I won’t just go「Okay, that’s the end」after I finished inseminating her.
There’s a pillow talk after the work.
「Did it reach?」
While Iona was speaking, she absentmindedly rubs her stomach that I had poured in a lot of my semen.
「Yeah, it surely reached」
I answered while embracing Iona’s shoulder gently.
「It’s bad for us to just talk sex」
I cut it off
「When do you want to learn Brave Arts?」
「Whenever it’s convenient for Sharuru-sama, I can begin anytime」
「Then, were tired for today, should we begin tomorrow at one o’clock? The place would be the same dojo. Come after lunch」
「Yes. I will comply. Best regards for your lesson tomorrow」
「I’m the one who should say that. It would be profitable for the country to make Iona stronger」
While feeling pleasure from Iona’s weight, we continued our silly talk.
Did she finally get tired from talking? Iona began to breath like a sleeping person.
She’ll give birth to my child afterwards.
My job has ended.
「My job is child making after all. Take a rest」
I told her that while I called Iona on top of the futon, I quietly left the bedroom.
After finishing the report, there will be a person in charge for assistance that’s waiting in the separate room.2
Thus, my first work as a hero manufacturing machine had ended.



  1.  Ionaは俺という存在を今日出会ったのがまるで嘘かのように受け入れている。
  2.  報告を済ませれば、後の事は別室で待機している世話係がやってくれる事だろう。