Inma no Hado chapter 114

Inma no Hado chapter 114: Intraoral ejaculation

The long haired beauty had a pleasant feeling from the kiss with Kenichi who was satisfied and separated his mouth. Eiri´s first kiss was with her homeroom teacher who she yearned for and it was more enchanting than in her imagination. She clings on her own at Kenichi and kissed him aggressively. Leaving them alone, they’d do that forever.

Kenichi sees the state of this beautiful girl and chuckles in his mind.

He found an aura arising during HR which indicates a new prey. His red tentacles act on the sacrifice’s aura as usual and the pure girl who dont have sexual experience was completely arouse to intense lust. Eiri was enjoying it and agonizing herself carefully, which makes her very happy and she is so thrilled that her bottom becomes hot.

Both of them look at each other’s eyes next. Kenichi looks down upon Eiri while standing up and looks at her white small face.

Her round eyes have a frightened color like a fawn stared at by a hungry wolf. Only her thin scruff is seen and a black instinctual drive that wants to make this innocent girl who isn’t guilty his own affects Kenichi whose sexual lust heats up.

“Try touch it”

The meaning of what is said isn’t understood, therefore Eiri asked back. She looks into the red eyes of her teacher who shine doubtfully. Seeing that, she understood the meaning and her heart throbs with embarrassment and bewilderment.

Kenichi´s groin is in front of Eiri´s face since he stood up. There is a small bulge inside his suit pants. It’s in Eiri´s reach and there is the feeling that it is calling her, so this charmed girl is swallowing her saliva.

(Wh…what…. Perhaps…becoming bigger?)

Eiri blushes when she remembers that this thing can become bigger. However, she realized that it is her that lead to that, so she feels shame and a little joy.

“Would you like to touch? Touch”
“Aaa…su, such a thing…”

Eiri´s inner desire is seen through, so she feels more embarrassed. She is refusing it by her mouth, but she can’t take her eyes off from it. Even with her small knowledge she knows that it’s a penis and she also knows in her mind how it enters a woman.

(Su, Such a thing…I cant do it, too embarrassing…)

Eiri sees Kenichi who looks at her again while shaking her head left and right reluctantly. Seeing his shining red eyes let her head become numb and it gradually is like as if she is under hypnotism.

Even though no one is in the classroom, they are still at school. Her reason starts applying the brakes desperately, but her head seems to be covered with bribery and corruption gradually.

(A little…just a little…)

And moved by the secret desire, she timidly reached out to it. When the bulge of the pants is traced by her thin fingers and making sure of its hardness and size, she withdraw her hand before she stretched out again.

(Aaa…great…a man, like this…)

It can’t be compared with other men, because the size is overwhelming for this girl. She couldn’t imagine how such a unknown thing can grew on a man’s crotch.

(Large…and hard…aaa…)

Eiri gradually becomes crazy from this size. She clearly felt its stoutness from top of his pants. Even though she is a virgin who doesn’t know anything, her 18-year-old female body awakes gradually in response to the male’s breath.

“Hey, remove my pants yourself and touch it directly”

Word of denial is attached the mouth, but like it is really worked in something of, the finger moves. When I also received Kenichi’s aid and opened in front of the pants somehow, a male huge sexual organ with the mid-power made a noise with Brun, and appeared.


Eiri screams from its abnormal form.

(Su, such…a thing…man…)

The huge lethal weapon is quite different from what this girl imagined in her dreams. A strange shape like an alien that fuels her fear. This fat meat pole aims at her like a cobra´s head, while transparent soup overflows idly from the tip.

“What is? Do you want this?”

She certainly wanted it. During HR, she hoped for sexual intercourse with this stout male for a long time. However this ugly thing that is in front of her is a big distant away from her innocent imagination. The gap is so big that the illusion is shattered.

“Hey, try to grasp it”

Kenichi commanded her patiently, while her willpower that tries to resist until now disappeared. She timidly reached out as he said and her white long fingers twine around the penis of her teacher which towers in front of her face.


Both, the pervert teacher and the pure high school girl leaked a sigh respectively.

It’s pleasant that Eiri’s chilly fingers wrap around the hot dick, that Kenichi narrows his eyes by this feeling. It’s a pleasure to make a student give him some stimulation inside the classroom he teach them.

Eiri vomits a hot sigh while clenching Kenichi´s hot and hard penis, before she becomes dizzy. This high school student is losing her sense of realism gradually from this abnormal act. With that her mind and reason are numbed.


She directly feel the breath of her teacher and is overwhelmed by his son´s sturdiness. She also feels something hot flowing from the thing she holds in her hand into her body and corresponds by heating her body up more. Even if it’s clenched firmly, the steel-like meat stick is erecting even more in her hand. Her hand moves slowly and her teacher trembles timidly and throws a hot sigh.

(Feeling good…)

Eiri is like a child who got a new toy and search for a reaction like crazy. To a desirable man, that will even be an aphrodisiac to which excitement is increased and a thick smelly smell is released.

“Lick it”

Eiri is ordered by a brusque tone and looks up at her teacher’s face again. Her heads become numb again after she stares into his red eyes.

(Licking…su, such a thing…)

Normally Eiri can’t think uncleanly, even if she tries to remember how she urinates. However she’d like to hold it in her mouth because it tickles and saliva is also overflowing from her mouth continuously. And once again after considering it, Kenichi´s dick started to run wild.

(Aaa…ho, how should I do it…)

Eiri is like a frog stared at by a snake and can’t do anything because she is puzzled.

This beautiful girl who hesitated many times turned down her long eyelashes quietly, before she slowly brought her mouth near.

(Disgusting smell…)

It is attached with an disgusting smell. When Eiri gains more experience, then the smell will be covered by another girl´s pheromones. The thick smell comes from her classmate Ruriko Asakura who had this meat pole inside her until just now.

Eiri was hesitating, but her rose-like lips is brought near again. This is the moment, when another good-looking girl becomes a sacrifice for the Incubus inside Kenichi.

Yuri Kondo who belongs to class 3-4 was waiting for her elder sister at the 1st floor hall like usual. This lovely girl who loves French literature sits down on a bench in the hall and is reading the “foreigner” which is Camus’s masterpiece again. After she went to the library, she borrowed this book which she has read many times again.

Students wearing their uniforms are rushing home now. Laughing at each other many groups walks out of the school. That’s daily here in this school. Yuri on the other hand sits on the green bench put in the hall and quietly waits for her elder sister.

Yuri and Eiri are identical twins. Sisters with same gene and same appearance like two melons.

Her long black hair matches her small face and the same goes for her big and bright eyes and her glossy red lips. A well-shaped face and white-porcelain-like skin that is transparent.


These sisters have a good relation and always come home together. These two always walk side by side and aren’t worrying about the glances of the people who turn around on the road and they always meet up to return together.

(Wh, what?)

At that time, a hateful feeling runs through her whole body and she shakes her body in the bright lobby. Something that is frightening and wicked is felt by her body, like a creepy sense.


Completely without understanding the meaning, she becomes suddenly insecure. An unknown danger and vague panic approach her.

When she put away the book into her bag, she breathes deeply to settle down. However, the bad presentiment continues and the uneasiness doesn´t vanish.

(What happened…what´s wrong…)

Her sisters’ intuition is sharp for a long time, so she was sensitive to this. Looking at the nightmare, when they stopped the business trip of their father, who should have flew with an chinese airplane that crashed down later, this shiver is simultaneously to what she feels now.

The uneasiness that she feels now equals from that time. Therefore she is clearly convinced that someone in her surrounding is in trouble.

(Th, that’s impossible…Eiri-chan!!)

Recalling her elder sister who should already has come, let Yuri stand up in panic. Her red-checked miniskirt flutters when she runs up the stairs.

A erotic sound can be heard from Kenichi´s classroom and the sigh of a student echoes through the room in intervals.

“Oo…its good…. Hold it in your mouth more…”

Eiri expands her small mouth to the utmost, before she tries to hold this huge penis in her mouth. At first she could only swallow the tip but after some tries she put the whole thing inside.

Her doll-like face is bright red from sucking the dick desperately. And although it is awkward because it’s her first time today, it fuels the lust of her homeroom teacher.

Eiri was also completely sexual exciting. Being at close range and bathing in the wave motion of the Inma, a resonance happens and her body and heart are devoted to Kenichi. As her fear is paralyzed, her secret desire erupts and goes up. Even if Kenichi doesn’t use his red tentacles, this girl is sexual excited on her own.

(Aaa…why…do I feel it…)

The power of the meat spear is remarkably, that it warps further in her mouth. Eiri desperately holds it in her mouth and sucks as it was ordered. A fishy taste spread inside her mouth, which let her bottom heating up further.

(This awkwardness is indescribable…)

There is no technique and even the kiss was her first time. The faltering mouth service that this innocent girl does, let this middle-aged man go crazy. Making a student do fellatio in the classroom accelerates his lust.

Eiri stretched her mouth to the limit to suck it up desperately. And from her sweaty body drifts a sweet-sour fragrance.

(Is it pulled out…)

Although Kenichi violates high school girls when he found free time in the morning, he never ejaculates. After the end of HR he took Ruriko who was completely red into the girls rest room and had sex with her from behind, while standing. This lady gets excited from this abnormal situation of being violated while standing in the rest room and she reached an orgasm many times in less than only ten minutes.

Therefore, the energy overflows in Kenichi’s body and the huge desire of him want to be released. Ejaculating once or twice here isn’t a problem for the rest of the day. With that behavior, he is really excited to let this pretty girl drink his cum inside this classroom.

“I will put it out”

Not understanding the meaning and looking up with her cute face, Eiri notice that something is discharged from the thing in her mouth.


Kenichi suppress her head that is trying to escape with both hands and poured his desire into Eiri’s clean throat. His complete desire that was piled up is released and Kenichi reached paradise.

“Drink. Swallow everything”

He declares so cruelly in a low and hoarse voice.

Eiri’s small red mouth is still occupied by Kenichi’s son and at first her eyes were blank, but soon she must have given up because her throat moves and she swallows the white fishy liquid.


And at once she felt a great pleasure running through her body, which ended with her first orgasm.

(Aaaa!! Feeling good…)

Drinking the large amount of semen like Eve who ate the forbidden apple, Eir suddenly closed her eyes and got intoxicated to the pleasure.

The affair is settled, when the last drop of his semen entered Eiri’s throat.

This girl who drunk all his semen has hollow cheeks now and she continued to clean Kenichi´s dick. Moreover she used her tongue this time, because her beloved teacher ordered it.

After a while, Eiri finally separates her mouth to take a breath. Her throat is yucky, from the semen she swallowed.

(Now this fellow is mine…)

Looking down at such a beauty, Kenichi chuckles.

His demon sperm cause a resonation with his wave motion continually, even at the time it entered inside a woman. Before long that woman will her heart and body ruled and she will become a subordinate for Kenichi. And if you pour it often inside a woman, then she will dedicate everything of her to Kenichi like Junko.

(Well, that felt good, shall I get the main dish now…?)

Eiri is blank surprised and looks down, while sitting on her seat.

Her body is still covered by the pink aura. That is the proof that this girl completely felt the desire and it meant that all preparation are finished. Kenichi who released only once inside Eiri´s mouth holds her body firmly before he lowers her.


And although she starts resisting, she hasn’t the power to escape Kenichi´s poison fangs. Next her legs are expanded forcibly and her white panty is exposed.

“Huhuu, great smell…”
“No!! Sensei! That’s shamefulll!!”

A thick female odor rises between her legs and stimulates Kenichi´s lust. A simple white cotton panty stucks on her crotch, which already got wet from the love juice that overflowed from her pussy.

“Nooo…don’t look…sensei…”

Kenichi quietly stares at her secret part, which is really shameful for Eiri. She can’t shut her legs because they are firmly held by Kenichi. This virgin doesn’t know that with her resistance does she only fuel Kenichi´s desire.

Her lewd smell is suddenly inhaled by Kenichi´s nose who brought his face near her bottom. A peculiar body odor of a virgin that is a mix of sweat, urine and combustor stimulates Kenichi even more who has the hobby to rape high school girls like a hungry beast.

(Well, what kind of taste will it be…)

It might be fear and shame. Her white thighs also have goosebumps already. Enjoying Eiri´s fear who is trembling, Kenichi only licks his lips, before he completely buries his face into her panty.

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