Inma no Hado chapter 122

Inma no Hado chapter 122: Black Gal


When Kenichi meets a beautiful girl, then he notices her existence at first sight.Because there were 5 or 6 school girls and 7 or 8 young men around, it was clear that a characteristic black aura was rising from the boys.

In the middle of Shibuya. Inside a famous Hamburger Shop which opens 24 hours a day and is bustling with many guests at midnight, Kenichi slowly approached a group that is loudly shouting in the corner.

If it was six months ago, he would never approach such a group. The young men are dressed in a unique fashion and laughing with girls who bleached their skin with flashy make-up and dress. Despite their loud noises, no one pays attention and also the clerks leave them alone with a annoyed face.

A long time ago, a bad boy and such a flashy girl were called a steamer and carrageenan.

Looking at the beautiful girl in the center of this group, Kenichi was finally convinced that he found the person he wanted and grinned from the edge of his lips.

“What the hell, uncle. What do you want?”

The nearest man notices Kenichi approaching and raises a bad mood. The young tall man has a dangerous light in his eyes and tried to glare from above. An atrocious and aggressive atmosphere is overflowing from his whole body. While he also has several silver piercings in his ears.

“I’m asking you something! Eeh?”

That young man threatens Kenichi. But he felt that his warning was ignored and his anger exploded quickly. This is the typical lack of the control impulse by youngsters.

Everyone on the spot finally noticed the presence of this strange man. The other customers and clerks also stopped talking to each other and looked at this place from a distance.

The past Kenichi would have escaped at the time they yelled. No, before that there is no way that even a squirrel would reveal itself in front of such a group. However, there is no stir appearance at all and Kenichi still looks at the face of the pretty girl who sits in the center of this group.

That beautiful girl deliberately burned her skin to make it dark. She is decorated with flashy makeup and accessories and she looks like a so-called gal wearing her high school uniform. Her dyed hair is a color close to blonde and her eyes seem to be wearing blue color contacts. Her eyelashes are dark and long with a large amount of mascara.

Even if she wears makeup like this, Kenichi knows that her face is surprisingly pretty. This girl looks mature with her flashy makeup, but she is still 17 years old girl.

“Uncle, what? Is there something you need?”
“Looking at us since a little while ago…. that’s disgusting!”

The black gals around that pretty girl in the middle raise voices of abuse and anger against Kenichi who is watching. They show hostility like a wild animal that defense its territory against a disturbing person who came when they enjoyed.

On the other hand, the beautiful girl who is seen seems fine with Kenichi and shows no reaction. She looked at Kenichi in the same way with her big blue eyes. As if her eyes have found something, they can gaze at.

“Hey! Say something, uncle!”
“Don’t come over here! It’s disgusting!”

Those young men and women amplify their anger like a chain reaction. But Kenichi and this pretty girl look at each other without concerning the surrounding eyes.

“What are you doing Sayaka?”

A man who kept silent until now stood up quietly. That young man with a muscular and stubborn style is close to 2 meters. His hair is cut short and you can see a lightning-shaped tattoo on the side of his head.

He might be the leader of this group from the attitude of the members around. The black wave released from Kenichi ‘s body convey the remarkably high fighting power of that man. A rough and savage atmosphere is released from his whole body. So if you are an ordinary human, you should never fight him.

“Sayaka is my woman. So don’t look at her…”

Saying so in a low voice, that youngster brought his violent face close to Kenichi’s face. If it’s an average human, he would tremble from this power and intimidation.

All young people, the other customers and clerks are watching these two.

If they continue to fight, everyone will be convinced of this young man’s victory. A large-sized man with developed muscles that can be seen even from above his clothes and an ordinary middle-aged man wearing a plain suit. Even elementary school students understand this.

After only a moment.

Kenichi slightly diverts his head to the back. The moment when everyone thought that he is losing his power, his forehead was hit against this young leader’s nose.


The scream of a man and a woman arise along with the sound that something fell down. The young man who was completely off guard tried to get close to the others face and received a head bud as counter. While holding down his nose, he sits on the spot without hesitation.

“Th, This guy!!”

Although he was stunned, the other youngsters tried to strike back but their attacks did not hit. Even if they swing greatly, Kenichi dodged it lightly.

Overcoming that fist with minimal movement, Kenichi striked back with his left and right elbow against their jaws. The pre-calculated movement is smooth and has enough speed and power to make them unconscious.


The men who fell down are followed by two more big screams raised by women.Kenichi sees the first collapsed leader sitting on the floor holding down his nose, and casually placed his leather shoe against the jaw


The sound is small and not flashy. But obviously bones were broken and the young leader lost his consciousness and lays down without raising a voice.


Meanwhile, several seconds passed. The event happened in the blink of an eye, that everyone was unable raise anything other than a scream. No one can believe what happened in front of their eyes and become such an disorder.

Kenichi still stands firm. He doesn’t mind the men who are rolling on the floor, and gazes at that girl again.

His red eyes are looking at that pretty girl called Sayaka sitting in front of him. Then two red tentacles extend from his body and try to catch this beautiful girl’s black aura. Of course nobody can see it other than Kenichi who fused with an Incubus.

The red tentacles who were expanded out are shaking. It seems that they are shaking from the pleasure of slaughtering a new sacrifice.

So far as usual. The easiest method to catch such a pretty girl.

Normally the red tentacle tangle around the body of a nice woman and erode the aura by dyeing the aura red. To the overwhelming magical power of an Inma, the wave of a human is changed easily.


However, when the tentacles touch the black aura on Sayaka’s body, the reaction was obviously different from other women who appeared until now.

Sayaka was silently looking at Kenichi with her blue eyes and the black aura that envelops her body has repelled the red tentacles. The two red tentacles repeatedly try to touch Sayaka, but the black aura is resisting every time.

Of course nothing can be heard either and Kenichi is only one who hears the clashing.

For those who are around, it seems strange that these two are only looking at each other without saying anything. While at the meantime, the aura is fighting against tentacles.

Kenichi smiles and increased his magic. Each of the two tentacles split into two and become four, before they pounce again towards Sayaka.

The black aura of Sayaka intercepts again, but unlike a little while ago, the erosion can’t be prevented occasionally. The aura could repel two tentacles but it is a little hard against four.


With that, Sayaka’s face is in agony and she seems to endure something. Her body aura is eroded and gradually resonates with Kenichi forcibly.

While watching the situation, Kenichi smiles a little. That wicked smile let everyone on the spot become frozen.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Kenichi who finally opened his mouth stops the movement of his red tentacles once again. The reason for that is that he increase his magic again and each of the four tentacles split into two again that eight tentacles are spreading around now.

All eight tentacles extend from Kenichi’s back and point their head at Sayaka, while waiting for the go sign from their master.


The blue eyed Sayaka raises a voice of despair by looking at them. Kenichi seems like a horrible monster with eight heads. (Tl note: I think we all know what kind of monster is meant:) )

To everyone else who is in the hamburger shop, it seems that Sayaka’s state is strange. They can’t see the brutal figure of Kenichi ‘s red tentacles as if it was Yamata no Orochi and they don’t know what the reason of fear is for this beautiful black gal.

When Kenichi shakes his head narrowly, all eight red snakes rush at Sayaka. The black aura welcomes them as if to protect Sayaka eagerly, but it is suppressed in the blink of an eye and is dyed red.

It is a toxic vivid blood-like color that shows the fate of this pretty gal.


Sayaka screams. However, her bottom was already wet and sweet from her honey.



“Ohooooooo!!! Cuuummmmm!!! Again, cummmiiinngg!!”

Sayaka raised a loud scream from running to the top of ecstasy again. This black gal sits straight on top of Kenichi who sits on a sofa, while holding him tightly so that she can feel his body. Her sexy body is burned from the sun and is wrapped in a dark blue mini skirt and a white blouse with a red lace ribbon on the chest, while a big meat stick penetrates her crotch from the side of her purple panty.


Kenichi holds Sayaka’s small hips with both hands, and deprive the lips of this 17-year-old girl. And at that moment her pussy tightens Kenichi’s dick that was swallowed from receiving an acme.

Speaking of age 17, it is the same age as Natsuki Kurosawa and Aiko Kawashima who are second year high school students. However, the internal structure of this black girl has an extraordinary complexity and the contracting power is also strong enough not to be compared to Natsuki. An ordinary man would cum in several seconds by this fearful sexual organ.

Sayaka’s body is in sync with the fearful convulsions, that even her meat vase is trembling like an independent living being. Like a carnivorous flower capturing its prey, the inner folds are squeezing with precision instinctively. While doing so, she shakes her waist and asks for more pleasure greedily.

The men who Eto Sayaka had been dating up to now became prisoners of this too terrific pleasure organ and were also absorbed by her good looks. Many men fight for her and compete with each other to have sex with her. The young man who she was with until a while ago is her current boyfriend, but this nymph girl is fascinated with new men by cheating repeatedly.

A small devil driving men crazy and is an outstanding cute and nasty girl.

(After all, a half-demon body is superb…)

Kenichi hugs Sayaka’s body while looking to the future pleasure that this girl will bring.



Eto Sayaka is an existence called half-demon and is a human who fused with a devil like Kenichi.

Because a devil cannot survive in the material world, it becomes a symbiosis state by uniting with a human or rare animal. At that time, there is a case to become an existence called “Satan” with a strong interference power to others like Kenichi and with an ability that increases remarkably or without interference power to others and being an extremely weak “half-demon”.

In Sayaka’s case, it is a Succubus, but she is classified as a half-demon because her interference power to others is weak. However, she is the same as Kenichi who fused with an Incubus by feeding it with sex energy that she squeezes out of men every night and offers it to the Succubus. Although the interference to others is small, it is bad luck in the broad meaning, that her body and vagina are tempting men to go crazy from pleasure.

All half demons in Tokyo were listed by Shinomiya Arisa who was a former member of ”SHADO”. It is enough to say that it is natural for Kenichi to have extended his tentacles to this female demon host to obtain her. Everyone of those half demons owns the finest pleasure organs and there is no reason to not eat them up.

“Hiiiii!!! Aaaaa!!! Cuummiinngg!!!”

Sayaka is drown into a colored climax at a love hotel in Shibuya, while shaking her body. Until now, she was trying to squeeze a man’s spirit for her own benefit, but now she is exploited by a stronger being than herself.


Kenichi wasn’t really calm. Although she is a half-demon, she is a transcendent masterpiece of a succubus. The ejaculation valve which has been endured severely is released by her clamping and the devil sperm is put into her womb.


To the stimulation of white semen that hits her uterus like a bullet, let Sayaka scream as if her soul is leaving and let her experience the biggest ecstasy in her life. In the sense that she falls into a dark empty hole without any pleasure and fear, did her head become blank.

The black aura that covered and protected Sayaka’s body was completely eroded by Kenichi´s overwhelming power. Besides, also his wave motion was driven into her womb by his sperm to forcibly resonate with Sayaka´s wave.

Resonating in this way, even half-demons cannot escape from it. In the meantime, this 17-year-old girl becomes a new sex slave for Kenichi.

“Hey, give me your mouth”

Sayaka sucks Kenichi´s mouth as requested and also kisses him intensely. They intertwine their tongues and exchange their salivas, before they go crazy and kiss deeply. Both figures seems to be true lovers who loves each other.

“Hey, move your hips”

Next Sayaka used her hips again, after nodding obediently. Her expression quickly seem to drown by that overwhelming pleasure that springs up from the crotch. Of course, the penis had made her cum more than once. In addition, she sticks tightly on Kenichi to stubbornly gain energy from this superb prey to create her own pleasure.

“Aaa…this is good…really amazing…”

Kenichi is not the only greedy one. Sayaka revealed her full desire and rubs the huge meat stick to the point that she feels it.

Her face is overwhelmed by lust and the cool mask that she had shown at the hamburger shop was stripped off. Sayaka always looked down on men who fight over her like a queen.

“So good…aaa…wonderful…more”

To the pleasure that is rising again, this black gal is getting crazy. She already succumbs to her owner who has overwhelming power surpassing even herself and let both her mind and body melt away.

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