Inma no Hado chapter 198

Inma no Hado chapter 198: Husband, wife, and others



The body fluids of an Inma is the best nectar for women and a powerful aphrodisiac. The pre-cum that leaked out of the tip mixed with saliva and is sipped eagerly by Keiko’s tongue. Her eyes were completely in estrus with a pink color and coupled with the pheromones rising from her whole body, she looks incredibly sexy.

In addition, her body is in an intense estrus state and her aura is swaying. Especially, when the glans rubs against her mouth and a pleasure that normally is obtain through sex is produced and Keiko is totally absorbed in it. The pleasure obtained through fellatio is better than the sweet-looking sex with her husband.

Red tentacles are wrapped around her body. The final weapon of the Incubus to force someone to be in estrus by ignoring the intentions and circumstances of the person by eroding the target’s aura. Even if the other party is a noble princess or a priestess, the power of the Inma will make them feel lust in an instant even if the girl isn’t touched.

Most recently, Kenichi has refrained from using magic and the red tentacles as much as possible.

One of the reasons is that he doesn’t know where the eyes of “SHADO” are looking at. He knows that “SHADO” is examining men related to Ellis senhorita academy from the report of Arisa who is in charge of the espionage activity and the monitoring is occasionally put on him. It’s unclear why they paid attention to him, but they followed Kenichi for more than two weeks.

Therefore, in the train at the time of his usual life, for instance, commuting, Arisa is carrying the wave cancelling machine customized for Kenichi and the wave generating machine to put out a fake biological wave to hide Kenichi´s wave pattern. The reason is not to be found out with unnecessary risks.

Another reason. Kenichi wants to enjoy the process that a beauty shows reason, shyness and resistance, but still lose to the pleasure and give up her body. Kenichi used it when there is no time like with the cabaret hostesses who were eaten a little while ago, but when he has time like in Keiko´s case, he wants to enjoy the appearance that succumbs to the lust and falls. It is not interesting to make them lustful by using his tentacles only.

(Well, it is still like this…)

Standing in the dark corridor, Kenichi laughs thinly while having his penis sucked by a married woman.

It is his former classmate and first love Keiko Ogawa who is giving him a blowjob in the hallway of her home. Her husband Shioya is sleeping in the living room. Keiko is driven by pleasure and desire rather than rejoice the other party.


This beautiful woman who he was longing for is sucking his penis and a scream and admiration is leaked with a small groan. Kenichi is also excited to spit out liquid since a little while ago, because of the movement of Keiko´s tongue every time. In addition, the greedy wife stuffed her cheeks and is strongly sucking even more than before. His bloodshot penis becomes painful at the root, because it has been licked for a long time now.

“You´re so hungry, is it your first time that it is so intense”
“…Aaa…its shameful…”

This wonderful wife who is teased, finally speaks. But still, her fingers are wrapped around the meat pillar and she moves them. Her tongue extends and the surface is licked and the paint spreads while recovering a large amount of saliva that she vomited.

“How is it compared to Shioya?”
“…Aaa…such a thing…”

Keiko faces down embarrassed. However, her expression which came to the finish eloquently tells the answer.

(…This…This is…)

Everything is different. Her husband seems average in comparison with Kenichi.

Keiko didn’t know anyone except her husband and there was no dissatisfaction in that. She had no interest in other men, because she loved her husband dearly.

She met him at middle school and she was weak at first in a violent, willfully place. Because he was good at sport and she was a popular girl, they came together with the recommendation of their friends. When they went on a date, it was so nice as if only both of them are alive. After graduating from the university, they married at once though Keiko had been cheated several times by Shioya and she thought to break up with him.

There was no dissatisfaction in her perfect husband except for his womanizing occasionally. He has a good job and will be the next president, so there is no problem economically and for the future. Keiko thought so. believed so. Until today. But…

(It’s so different…)

She was surprised at the difference of the size when she saw it first, and the difference is overwhelming when she confirmed it in her mouth. She doesn’t know how much her husband is compared to the standard, but at least she can see that this terrible thing is extraordinary.

The hardness of steel. The glans is overhanging like a spear which kills a prey. Even with both hands, she cant grasp it properly. The diameter and volume of this penis completely occupied her mouth.

Keiko’s body and brain quickly melted because of this hot and strong colt.

The presence of the mouth was white and her lips were hooked and the cheeks entwined with the tongue. Pleasure was born from there when the mucous membrane of the cheeks was rubbed and a spark is scattered in front of her eyes when the tip rubbed the upper jaw. When she licks the thick body fluid from the tip, she is able to get a thrill.

Such a deep fellatio hasn’t been down to her husband before. It is such a skill that her husband wont be able to endure and he surely would cum instantly. However, the man in front of her calmly enjoys it and is grinning while looking at her.


Want. She want this. Keiko want this terrible thing now.

She want to stick it inside her mouth right now. She wants to hammer this thing inside to stop the itchy feeling. She wants her whole body to taste the joy of skinship which has not been tasted for many months now. She wants to block the gaps in her mind and body with this reliable penis.

(I want this…please…)

Keiko’s body which has been neglected for more than six months wants this strong colt from the deeps of her whole body. Her view is narrowed and only Kenichi’s thing is seen. And it seems that she has forgotten why she dislikes Kenichi.

Suddenly her hand was taken and she was made to stand, before her lips were deprived without hesitation.


Reason returns for a moment and it tries to resist, but it is immediately twisted down and the reason is numbed again. When another tongue enters her mouth, it is welcomed by Keiko. This is the first kiss with a man other than her husband, and she is drawn into the arms of Kenichi who asks for Keiko wildly.

(Aaaa…this is…not good…not good…)

Keiko is completely embraced by Kenichi and from that stimulation does her lower part heat up even more. She only has the desire to mate with Kenichi’s penis, because her body asks for it. Then, she is not able to oppose Kenichi.


When the hips are massaged over the thin skirt, Keiko becomes crazy and she is so absorbed sucking the tongue to gain pleasure. It is really after a long time that Keiko is caressed like this because her husband hardly does any foreplay when they have sex.

Her hand is abruptly brought to Kenichi’s penis, while she is exchanging deep kisses. Her hand that is wearing her wedding ring is touching a penis right now and instead of removing her hand, Keiko clenches it to make sure of its hardness.

“What is this…this is so wet…”
“Iyaa…it’s embarrassing…”

When Kenichi’s hand which turned to the back enters inside the skirt, and the crotch covered in panty is gropes, it was a state of incontinence. It is not unreasonable either. Because of the fellatio, kissing and the caress of her body does her body become more sensitive. Even if the other party isn’t her husband, it is a too intense stimulation for a mature woman who was neglected for a long time.

“Opening your mouth so wide…aren’t you satisfied with your husband?”
“Hiiiii…aaaa!! Iiii!!!”

Keiko is not able to answer properly because of being teased by Kenichi’s fingers. She reacts immediately when the wet part below is touched and let her shake her butt. Kenichi’s fingers are put into her vagina hole which is wet and instantly her sight becomes white from the stimulation that is far greater than the sex with her husband.

(Again…this is…not good…)

In such a situation, if Keiko sucks the tongue deeply, all of her will become Kenichi’s possession. The years with her husband who she has been dating since the age of fourteen, the strong love that has spun in the meantime, Keiko is instinctively frightened that it seems to be erased and overwritten.

While groping her crotch with his left hand, did Kenichi stretch out his right hand towards Keiko’s big chest that is sticking out of her thin blouse. Keiko is lightly dressed right now and when her bulging chest is rubbed over the bra, her body starts twitching again and ran into ecstasy.

(Its a big surprise…)

Kenichi is grinning, because he found out that Keiko has a huge chest while having a slim body.

Keiko’s whole body that seemed to have become a erogenous zone drown to the pleasure of being caressed by Kenichi. Keiko is Kenichi’s first love and without the help of the Inma who gave him a lot of confidence he wouldn’t be in this wonderful situation right now. However, even if he understands so by the head, he is still excited that his first love is actually embraced by him and seen to be in agony.

He went with his right hand through the thin blouse to caress directly, while the left hand is inside her crotch. As soon as Kenichi teased her nipples, Keiko’s body writhes.

“Why don’t we have sex…?”

Keiko is denying again but chewing her earlobe lightly while whispering in her ear, she quickly melts. Kenichi’s penis in Keiko’s hand swells up to the thick smell of a female rising from her neck.

“I always liked you, since the time of middle school”
“…Aaa…su, such a thing …”
“I have always thought it from the first time I saw you…I wanted to do this”

A love confession that took twenty years. While licking the white neck of Keiko, Kenichi tries to seduces Keiko to do the last act. When she opens her lips again, Kenichi will be able to take her tongue without any resistance at all.

“You want me too. I will be much better than your husband”
“No…that’s impossible…”

Her body is already ready though pretending to refuse it with her mouth. As if to invite her to succumb to the last act, her body shakes tremendously.

(It is about time now…)

Keiko’s eyes with a charmed look are closed and even her body has no strength and she accepts the caress completely. It is a sign that Keiko is accepting to have sex. When Keiko finally tried to walk the path into darkness, a voice suddenly is heard from the other side of the door.

“Hey, Keiko…. Water…”

It is Shioya her husband and the voice of rationality.

At that moment, Keiko opened her eyes and regained reason at once as she woke up from hypnosis. And, she returned with the precipitancy to the living room where her husband was after freeing herself from Kenichi’s embrace.



When the glass of water is drunk up,her drunk husband exhales. He lays on the couch shaking his head and he feels that his body is still dizzy. The alcohol still remains, his face is red and his eyes are hardly opened.

“Are you…okay?”
“…Hmm? …Ah…somehow…”

When the glass is returned to Keiko, Shioya leans against the sofa again and seems to be exhausted. Originally Shioya isn’t good with alcohol and he sometimes get drunk heavily and comes back like this occasionally.

“Ah no…I, how did I come back here?”
“EH? …th, that……a former classmate brought you here…. What was his name…”

Keiko answers her husband’s question momentarily. Her big eyes are wet delicately, but her drunken husband doesn’t notice such a small change.

“Hmm? …Ah, Midou, Midou was his name. Hey he was in our class? He was a little geek who was a bit strange. I casually met him today, so I let him treat me…”

The memory might have connected with his drunken head. Shioya pleasantly explained it Keiko while laughing.

“So, what happened to Midou?
“…Eh? …Uh, he returned home…”

Keiko is lying to Shioya after looking at the door that leads into the hallway. However, her drunken husband doesn’t look at Keiko’s face, and doesn’t seem to suspect her words. After a while, the husband began to laugh from the back of his throat.

“He…I heard he liked you during middle school…”
“Eh? …Ah, th, that’s right…”

Keiko answer properly, not knowing what to say.

“You’re happy to be popular, right?”
“No, No, such a person…”

Without thinking it suddenly spilled out from her mouth. Kenichi might have been listening to her words on the other side of the door. Glanced and sky farther, the appearance of the other side of the door which separates the living room and the corridor is dark.

Shioya might have woken up from the talking. When he shakes his head again before long, he gets up with his whacked body.

“Wh, Where are you going?”
“Hmm…I’m going to take a bath…. Or do you want to take a bath?”
“Ye, yes…. But is it okay? Entering in such a drunken state”
“Ah, I’m fine, I’m fine…”

When Shioya finally gets up from the couch, he walks in a steady step rather than he thought and disappears into the bathroom as it is. The sound that the door of the bath room opens before long is heard, and the loud sound that water is running continues.

Keiko took the glass in her hand to the kitchen, before she is embraced by a black shadow from behind when she put it in the sink.

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