Inma no Hado chapter 248

Inma no Hado chapter 248: Housewives orgy



An obscene sound of water is heard. A dark meat pillar goes in and out of crimson red lips. Ten white thin fingers are wrapped around the root and even in this dim lighted suite Noa is dumbfounded with the saliva her older sister spat out. The acts of this married woman are dirty and glossy enough to make Noa look disgusted.

“Aaa!! Se, Sensei!!! Theerree!!! There…hiiii!!!!”

And one more person. Manami, who straddles over Kenichi´s face is enchanted about having her secret hole that is completely wet licked from top of her purple panty and black stockings so that she shakes with her body since a while now.


As long as the freedom of her body doesn’t change, there is no choice for Noa but to watch it strangely. As she is fascinated, she cant take her eyes off and she realizes that there is a gradual change in her body with that.

(No…. Wh, what…why…. Why…)

Initially it was a small lump made in the back of the waist. It gradually gets hotter and hotter and an unbelievable pain occurs in her crotch and breasts. Once aware, it flares like a wildfire spreading over the meadow and spreads to every corner of her ripe 28 years old body.

(In, in this place…why, I…)

This female teacher doesn’t know that it is due to the magical powers of the Inma in front of herself as she is shamefully embarrassed by the intense lust which erupted suddenly in her body. She cant believe why she is tormented by intense lust in this situation, she really cant believe it.

In front of Noa´s eyes where her body, reason and heart became paralyzed, the vice-principal of her school gradually pleased two married women. After licking Manami´s bottom for a while, Kenichi raised his upper body, pushed down Manami who is still wearing her clothes, pressed her down as it is and violates her at the normal position.

“Hiiiiiii!!! Aaaaa!!! Am, Amazing!!! Aaa!!!”

(Noooo!!! Th…That…!!)

It is done right in front of her, so Noa can see how it seems to be in the dark. The penis that is shining from Saki´s saliva pierces into the pussy of a married woman who raised her voice. An incredibly extraordinary penis, Noa´s lower part is jealous. It is obscene that the honeydew collected in the inside is pushed out to the huge mass and overflows in a large quantity from the joint part. And Noa notices something important.

(That…although she is married and have children, why…why…)

There is nothing worn on the penis. It means that they have raw sex and if the man ejaculates inside it will be dangerous for that married woman to become pregnant. If the vice-principal impregnates a student’s mother, it will be a tremendous scandal. Still, that mother doesn’t seem to dislike it and Noa is stunned by that mother who seems to be happy.

“Aaaaaaa! Insideee!!! Thereee!!! Thereee!!!!”

When Kenichi pushes up to the deep and back with his waist, Noa can hear a loud female voice from behind the man’s body. Along with that, the two female legs wrapped around the waist of the man are shaking and Noa can see that the toes wrapped in stocking warp and turn.

“Hooooooooo!!! Hiiiguuuuuuu!!!!”

Unexplainable combat of a man and woman who are like beasts or american porn actors. Unlike the gentle sex Noa has with her boyfriend and that she knows clearly, it is a misdemeanoring of the instinctive burnout shown by a female who matured and knew the pleasure of sex. This sex blows off such a goddamn sentiment like an reproductive acts of a primitive male and female.

“Thereee!!! Aaaa!! Moorree!!! Moorrreee!!!!”

Manami who pleads with a pleasing scream to a man other than her husband fully released all her hidden desire. She desperately clings to Kenichi with her whole body and slowly but aggressively loses herself to the piston that pierces her interior.

“Hiiiiiii!!! Aahiiiiiguuuuuu!!!!”
Manami’s meat jar shrinks to squeeze the intruder. While tasting its exquisite taste, Kenichi´s penis pierced the interior without mercy and chased Manami to the top many times. The waist is earlier in pitch than usual. Anyway, as there are nearly 30 people today, even though there is time until midnight, she cant take time for each one. Therefore, fucking this married woman without handling from the beginning and squeezing sexual energy from her ripe body.

“Ahiiii!!! Greeaattt!!!! Aaaaguuuu!!!”

As the inside of her vagina became sensitive through the magic power of the Inma, each time Kenichi´s son rubs against the mucous membrane she reaches the climax countless times. Matured wives who have accumulated a lot of lust inside their bodies do to a poor sexual life with their husbands are the best prey as they got plenty of energy for an intermediate Incubus like Kenichi.


“Huu…. Well, such a thing…”

Kenichi who enjoys the tightening of Manami´s vagina many times in a short time moves away from Manami´s excellent body. His penis is pulled out. Its surface glows wet with even more body fluid spit out by that married woman and serious white juice is attached here and there.

“Hey, clean it up”
“Aaa…. Such a deep smell and mud…”

Shizuka who was sitting on the floor next to the bed gladly narrows her eyes behind black glasses while grabbing the meat pillar without hesitation. Instead of worrying about other women’s bodily fluids, she cleans it with her delightfully elegant lips. Holding the tip tight and make it as beautiful as possible, once she let go of her mouth her long tongue takes care of the root. The pink tongue dances obscenely on the dark surface and it licks the white mucus attached on it.

This noble wife gladly conducts hesitant acts like a prostitute.

“Huhuhu…you are the best licking dog, Shizuka. Look, you see, you are an elegant lady who loves to lick my cock with plenty of other women’s soup, while the new female teachers are surprised, too…”
“Yaaa…. Don’t say that…don’t say such thing…it is so delicious with this raw soup…”

She is ashamed to be ridiculed, but her tongue won’t stop moving. She continues to lick the rugged surface with her long tongue while making a red face. Kenichi keeps his penis inside this lady’s mouth as it is, and brings his face closer to the back of Saki’s skirt who is waiting on all fours on the bed.

“Huhuhu…. What a patient pussy…”

Saki who has become extremely estrus now raises a scream, showing off her desire to be fucked. The back of the rolled up skirt is steaming and it is obvious that the panty in the stockings is wet even from above the stockings. Her crotch that straddles over Kenichi´s face has honey fluid overflowing from the inside that overflows from the nylon fabric, flows through the stockings and down the thighs. A ripe odor is emitted.

“Releasing such an intense smell…. You’re a lewd mother…”
“Aahiiiii!!! Th, That place…aaaa…”

A ferocious tongue attacks Saki´s crotch where the stockings were torn apart and it was exposed. Her lust estranged until it is shallow, scattering the smell of a rich female until it is violent, but that is what she was looking for from her beloved Kenichi. Originally, her secret place is only allowed to be touched by her husband but now honey juice is sipped from there.

“So much!! Ah, if you suck so much…ahiiii!! Kuaaa!!!”

Saki is embarrassed to have her lower part sucked that opened its mouth while wiggling with her buttocks all the time. Her intense shame makes her head become blank and makes her whole body burn. She is like a rabbit that is eaten by wolves while living as it is and trembling.

From the crotch of this married woman who had not sex with her husband for years, honey liquid with high viscosity flows out from behind. Her whole body waits for the invasion of Kenichi´s penis and the already descended uterus has a shallow mouth and desires a child. Saki raises a voice all the time to the stimulation and holds the sheet strong enough so that her thin fingers whiten.

“Hiiiiii!!! Aaa…th, that place!!!”

A weak point of her vagina is licked and sucked after it became loose. She screams at the suspicious feeling of having her lower part sucked and the mean tongue rubs up the granulation congested under it. A supersaturated pleasure gives rise to a small explosion, so that Saki reached the climax and her vagina is having convulsions.

“I don’t care about this…”

When Kenichi looks away from Saki who is writhing, he licks his mouth. Actually, she would like to taste the pubs of milf for as long as he wants, but for now there are still 30 women who are desiring him. It is difficult for Kenichi to take so much time for Saki alone.


Saki who has repeatedly stressed a light acme, still desires further pleasure. With a bitter smile on her greediness, Kenichi thrust his dick inside her pussy.

“Hiiiiiiiiii!!! Ahiiiiiiguuuuuuuuuu!!!”

Saki reacts to the meat weapon with tightening her vagina and releasing a loud cry. Finally when the deepest part of her body is touched, she raises a terrible voice and scrapes the sheet. At this moment, in her head, such things like husband or daughter who are at home or her real sister who is watching right next to her aren’t thought about, but the whole body is struck by a thunder of pleasure and even blissful tears are shedded.

“It is a good pussy filled with fresh meat…”

Kenichi´s son is squeezed by the thick vaginal wall from the tip to the root and Kenichi has a wicked smile on its taste. The meat, which was hard when first fucking her in the school toilet, was loosened softly while pouring his magic sperm repeatedly inside her vagina and now it is a high performance semen squeezer. When rubbing her huge melons and taking use of her waist, Saki drowns in ecstasy every time and the highest sexual energy flows out from her body all the time.

“Hey! Don’t take a rest!!”
“Ahiiii!!! Aaaaauuuuuu!!!”

When Saki is about to lose her body by losing her strength, Kenichi mercilessly slaps her ass. Every time that pathetic married woman screams her wonderful ass shakes. While being ordered to do so, she remembers the joyful feeling of being thrilled to be treated roughly.


Noa wonder how many times Saki was forced into ecstasy. Having countless climaxes, she raises a loud voice all the time while having no strength in her body and falling down.

“Ohooooo!! Iguuuuu!!! Iguuuuuu!!!!”

Saki´s hips became deep red after being slapping again and again. When the last energy was suddenly sucked up, Kenichi pulls out his penis casually. Placing it in the mouth of Shizuka who was waiting with an wide open mouth as it is, he receives a plastic bottle from Junko who is by his side.

“Huu~. How many have I eaten?”
“Oh well…. I guess there are still about 15 people…”
“I see,… I still have half amount left…”

The penis which is treated in Shizuka mouth has been swollen to the limit by sucking the energy of 15 people. Of course, the greedy Incubus cant be satisfied with that and further moves Kenichi with a dark desire to seek further sacrifices which is not exhausted yet.

“But I guess it’s only fairly crispy like this…”

He grins like a devil. As he has eaten a lot of women until now, he is hungry and wants to enjoy occasional a new taste once in a while.

“Ara…, so there are these two people?”

Junko laughs after watching the side with a chill. Following that gaze, Kenichi turned his red eyes to the direction where there were two new teachers who couldnt move as if they had been tied up in this large bedroom.


Both women received a strong magic impulse and caused an resonance. They have a red tentacle winding around their bodies and it manipulates the balance between reason and libido. Reason is desperately trying to escape from the obscene and shocking sight that occurs in front of her, but her body rejects it and seeks pleasure. Conflicting mind and body. As a result both cant do anything, they are just standing in this place.

“Well, will you eat from here first?”
“Aaa! Noo! Noo!! Aaaa!!”

When Kenichi holds the hand of Miwako, he drags her into the bed while enjoying the ephemeral resistance.

“Please stop! Stop it!! I…I have a boyfriend!!! Nooooo!! Help!! …Yo, Yoshikawa-sensei!!! Nooooo!!!!”

The female teacher who wears a pretty pink one-piece makes her limbs become wild and rages to escape somehow, but the individual is not aware that such resistance is exacerbating the rape devil more and more. He who has raped dozens of beautiful women after fusing with the Inma skillfully use their limbs to suppress resistance and put his body between their legs in that gap. If he does so it wont be long.

“Midou-sensei…please stop it!! Noooo!! Uguuuuu!!!!”

Of course, her body is on fire with lust. When the point she can feel is touched, Miwako collapse without being able to resist with words. She hates kissing Kenichi and shakes her head, but as soon as she is held in his chest, it is neglected and she is robbed of her red lips. Meanwhile, the lower part of her body is stimulated through the panty and the movement to close her legs is gradually becoming slow.

“Nooo…aaa…. Al, Already stop…umuuuu…”

Miwako is like a butterfly that hungs on the spider’s nest living and being eaten. In fact, this female teacher who was corrupted with a thread called red tentacle has her white skin exposed.

“Your skin isnt different from a 20 year old woman…”
“Help me…aaa…so, someone help…”

High school girls are different from married woman, their bodies havent matured yet. A female meat that started softening and ripening before knowing the pleasure of sex in earnest yet. Perhaps Miwako´s number of experiences isnt so many. While having a bright red face out of embarrassment, it is still pleasant to be embarrassed by such a body while reacting sensitively to the stimulation.

“Noooo!!!” Th, That place is…nooo!!!”

Kenichi knew it because of his black wave, but when he thrusts his hands from the top of the pantyhose and slipped inside of the panty, Miwako who made a cute face was wet like she was incontinent. From the initial reaction, it seems that sex with her boyfriend finally starts to blossom. The female flower who releases a thick amount of body fluid tightens and caught the fingers that are shallowly inserted.


The body fascinated by the magical power of the Inma on the side opposite to the head burns like a cloth containing oil quickly in a flash. Rubbing the mature granulation there only with his fingers, it pushes Miwako into paradise immediately and let her slender body tremble. Doing so many times with a mild culmination, the ability to resist disappears from Miwako’s body.


Even if the pantyhose is broken after having been sought repeatedly, no more power is added to the whole body and Maiko is at Kenichi´s mercy. The crotch that was steaming in the morning is burning hot and emits a thick female esthetic smell. Miwako´s pink panty is getting wet and are perfectly adhered to the crotch to show unevenness inside. The pubic hair surrounding the hole is dense similar to the face but it is obscene that it protrudes from the bottom of the fabric.

“Good…. Pretty face, erotic pussy…”

The hungry Kenichi makes a low groan like a black wolf and grew tight with the pheromone source while tilting his tongue.

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