Inma no Hado chapter 257

Inma no Hado chapter 257: Fate destined to be crazy



“It’s here but… I’ve omitted the explanation on this page and I think it would be easier for students to put this part in.”
“Ye, yes… Th, That so, isn’t it…”
“Le, let me explain this a little bit more…are you listening to me, Sensei?”
“Eh!!! Ah, no…I’m listening, of course”

Ryohei Anzai has been scratching the cold sweat, although he had suddenly denied it.

(No way, I can’t say that I could see into the valley of her chest…)

During one afternoon in the staff room. As an English teacher, Ryohei had been working with his wife, Kumiko, and it had already been about a month now. There were five English teachers, including himself, working in this academy. But Junko Yoshikawa, who was sitting next to him, was the oldest. Her background and age as an English teacher were highest in this school.

(Anyway…what a good woman…)

Because the staff room was lined with desks for each subject, this extraordinarily beautiful teacher was next to Ryohei. Now they were discussing the materials to be distributed to the students and because they sat side by side, the distance between them was closer than usual. Therefore an indescribable sweet smell was rising from Junko ́s whole body that wrapped around Ryohei more than usual.

“Well, I think that this is good for first graders, but I think it’s easy for second graders to understand these materials… But, because you need permission for the version to be used as it is, we will have it processed here together…”

Listening to the explanation with a moist mouth, Ryohei couldn’t stop his eyes from looking into Junko ́s cleavage.

The well-dressed English teacher wore a sober beige suit today, which emphasized her huge chest that could be clearly seen from above. Despite her slender body, her white blouse’s buttons were likely to be cut off, and the white, deep flesh valley was visible from the spread collar. Her skin glowed white as oil and her veins running deep in that transparent skin were clearly visible.

(If you look at this…)

Although Kumiko, whom he was married with half a year ago, was also a beautiful woman, the female teacher next to Ryohei was an existence of a different dimension. The eyes behind those metal framed glasses were sharp-cut and perfectly matched with her well-shaped high nose and slightly larger lips. Her small oval face as a whole was a masterpiece created by God.

And her body that followed it was even more likely to be a waste of her being a teacher. Her huge bust protruded forward against gravity and from there followed her waist, which was sharply squeezed down to large, well-shaped hips. Her plump thighs were well-shaped and the line leading to the thin ankle below it was beautiful enough to let one sigh. When Ryohei first met her, he even felt a shock as if his mind was scolded by extreme beauty.

(Ah…I want to embrace such a wonderful woman because she is all good in one…)

An evil black desire came from the depths of his body despite the fact that it was a serious time to discuss educational materials.

“Ah, wait a minute…”

As the phone on the desk rang, Junko stood up from her chair and answered it. So Ryohei, who was sitting in his chair, had the buttocks of a lion facing backward in front of his eyes.

(Amazing!!! So great…)

The beige tight miniskirt was stretched on the inside with squeezed meat. If he looked closely, there was a panty line running on the buttocks and he could see that it was biting into the soft-looking meat. Her hips were looking up and drew an exquisite line that would mislead any man.

(Holding this ass and having sex as much as I want…)

Ryohei had a neat appearance and was popular with women ever since he was a student. His wife, Kumiko, was the last one he selected after meeting many women. He chose Kumiko as she was a woman with the best appearance and content. He thought so until he was transferred to this school. However, as a woman with an attraction different from that of Kumiko, this co-worker, the beauty of a lifetime, appeared in front of his eyes.

“…Yes? What?”
“Sensei…that, are you dating Midou-sensei?”

After the material discussion was over, Ryohei asked what he wanted to hear earlier.

“I and the vice-principal…?”
“Don’t you know, it’s rumored all over the school? That Yoshikawa-sensei and Midou-sensei are dating!!”

She might have noticed that it was a sudden and rude question, so Ryohei made an excuse.

“…Why would Anzai-sensei want to know that?”

Suddenly, even if she was struck with an unrequited private question, Junko rolled back with a grim smile without an angry appearance.

“Wh, why…another…that…I, I just wanted to know… That…”

Ryohei panicked. Seeing that, Junko laughed and responded with a smile.

“I and the vice principal are not dating…”
“I, Is that so!”

He didn’t know why, but Ryohei ́s mood got brighter and his voice rose unexpectedly.

“Sensei…are you interested in me? Even though you have such a pretty wife…”

Suddenly his voice went down as a mischievous Junko asked this question. As soon as her body moved, a rich aroma rose, and Ryohei ́s heart skipped a beat suddenly at that unbelievable fragrance.

“If it’s good, I would like to go out for a meal next time? I found a restaurant with a very good atmosphere, but a single woman like me has no courage to go alone… Of course, I will keep it a secret….uhuhu…”

The eyes at the back of those glasses had some light like a wild beast, but at this moment, Ryohei was neither calm nor objective enough to notice it.

“Divorce!!!! N, No way!!! …N, No way it is true…did Keiko really say so?”

Looking at his father-in-law sitting on the heavy office desk, Shioya asked with a shout. His father-in-law, however, looked at his face as if he had been bitten by a bitter insect and was grimly glaring at himself.

“Oh yeah… Keiko…my daughter wants to divorce you. It seems that she was really shocked by your violence”
“Th, that’s…it’s no violence…”

Shioya tried to say something but he got stuck in words. No wonder. Even though he was drunk, it was true that he used violence against his wife, Keiko. He still directed a glimpse at his father-in-law, who was the president of Ogawa’s construction, but his eyes were more severe than ever.

“My daughter…was beaten by you and went to the hospital for about 2 days… Because her face was so badly swollen, she had a concussion… Why did you do that? Tell me?”
“Th, that’s…that…”

As he was trying to answer, he again swallowed his words.

That day… The day he was scolded by that devil. He went back home late at midnight and screamed in rage. As the irritability reached its peak from the daytime, his outburst was also intense.

Shioya didn’t remember the details of what he did, but he could see the severity of it when he looked at the number of blood stains in the hallway and the messed up living room. Keiko disappeared in the morning and since then, his wife never came home. He made phone calls and mailed her many times, but when he was at a loss without an answer at all, he was suddenly called to the president’s office this morning and divorce was mentioned by the president who was his wife’s father.

“What? Can’t you tell me why?”
“No…I was drunk because of alcohol…that…”

There was no reason to tell his father-in-law the reason why he drank so much that day. That day, his wife spent time with their former middle school classmate and his heart was burning with jealousy and he went crazy. And above all, in exchange for a debt bully, he allowed that man to have a meal with his wife. Then he was driven by a delusion that because his wife hadn’t returned until midnight, she might be having sex with him. So he drank a lot of alcohol and finally lost reason.

In front of his father-in-law, who looked at Shioya with cold and dignified eyes, Shioya was shedding sloppy and greasy sweat. In his panic state, he couldn’t think of a good excuse in any way but he just had to keep his head upright while standing still.

“You got drunk… Speaking of which, I’ve heard rumors about you before, but it seems to be true…”
“Eh…th, that…?”
“I heard you often invited people from your company to drink, that you were spending a lot of money at the expense of the company. And there’s also a rumor that you’re having a woman here and there. So it seems you have done all that…”
“Th, that’s…that… No, that’s…”

Finally, Shioya couldn’t help but lose his words. It was impossible to say anything because these were all facts that were true.


Shioya wasn’t able to endure the pain of being stared at so coldly by his father-in-law so he looked down all the time. It was the rust that came out of this, but if he didn’t handle it, his position would be at risk. The current position of managing director was also a position he got as the son-in-law of the president. If Shioya got divorced here, it would be clear what would happen to him in the future.

“…Emm…Keiko… I want to talk with Keiko…”

He never asked for his will, but his father-in-law, the president, just kept silent for a while with a breath. This existence, which was an ally when the married couple was harmoniously together, would now be scarier than anyone if he became an enemy.

The time seemed endless, and finally, his heavy mouth opened and Shioya heard a low voice.

“My daughter doesn’t want to see you again, but I don’t care… I will ask her…”
“Is, is that true! Thank you very much!!”
“It’s too early to thank me… It’s not like my daughter’s feelings would change when she meets you…”
“There is no such thing! I’m sure…it will always be the same!”

Shioya who said so, had his eyes shining. After meeting at the age of 14 years old, those two had been together ever since. Shioya was proud that he understood Keiko more than anyone in this world. If he explained the situation, she would surely understand. The long years spent together would surely restore the relationship. From now on, there was no way to expect the hell waiting for him ahead but the originally confident and optimistic Shioya believed so firmly at this time.

“Ah…st, still…”

The wish of restraint was unreasonable as a pulsating penis was inside her womb. In order to feel the vibration more, she opened her crotch and pushed her waist as much as possible, but of course, the desire to burn up with such stimulation couldn’t be fulfilled. Anyway, her husband’s penis was so thin and short that she could only confirm its presence by tightening it desperately because it only rubbed near the entrance without reaching her deeper parts where she felt the most pleasure.

(Ah… Not at all …come inside…)

Her body was on fire and wanted something to be plunged into the back of her womb. It was frustrating not to get it when her cervix was opening its mouth.

The body of her husband, who ended on one side, weighed heavily. His sweaty body odor shook her nose and the middle-aged man ́s belly, which had become completely metabolic, stuck to her skin tightly with sweat. The weight, smell, and warmth that made her feel good once, now somehow felt sparse.

“Very good…Reiko…”
“…I, I…dear…”

She replied with a lie to the sweet words which were whispered in her ear. This had already been repeated on this bed again and again. She had sent innumerable small lies, but she never got used to feeling guilty.

Her husband’s penis lost its power and was pulled out. It was like a child’s compared to that man in thin rubber. While lying down side by side in the couple’s double bed, they stopped and cleaned up. However, her unfilled ripe body exuded slapsticks and spears in anticipation of a true invasion. The big mouth of her petal was still open.

(Aaa…still…still, this is…)

Reiko wiped her genital area with a tissue and she was embarrassed by her own body which had been completely developed now. Her mature body felt shallow from the short caress of her husband and his quick ejaculation. The secret meat that learned what great pleasure was from another man was aching constantly and kept its mouth wide open in search of a real penis.

(Like this…aaa…I don’t like this…)

Her body, which had been accustomed to having sex with that man, couldn’t be satisfied with her husband’s small penis anymore. She wanted to have something big plunge into her insides so that it would open it painfully and plunge into her innermost point. Reiko wanted her stiff and sensitive mucous membrane to be squeezed over and over again. And at last, she ignored her own fear of becoming pregnant and having sperm poured into her womb.

However, Reiko couldn’t ask for such things from her husband and it was impossible anyway because of her husband’s penis. It was a physical difference of hopelessness that would never be buried in things such as love or the bond of a couple.

“Huaa… Then, I’m going to sleep… Good night…”
“Good night…”

Her husband was satisfied after releasing his desires and began to sleep in an instant beside Reiko who was in agony when she said good night. However, Reiko put on a negligee and closed her eyes but she wasn’t able to sleep. Her body was thrown out halfway and was burning.

As she had been left alone for two weeks from Kenichi, her desire had swelled to an unbearable level inside her mature body. It wasn’t satisfied at all with sex with her husband and it was a result which in turn invited the consolation.

(Sorry…aa…getting this inside…)

This pain didn’t end even after a while. Reiko put her hand in her pajamas with her back to her husband.


Lightly rubbing from the top of her panty, amazing pleasure was felt and her voice started leaking. However, her fingers didn’t stop. Faithfully to her own desires, she squeezed her sensitive parts with her fingers.


Why did her body become like this? Her body had matured over 40 years ago and had been developed by that man and then became completely different. It was completely different from one year ago; it was a pleasure that would make her soul fall. No, she had already fallen. She hid from her husband ́s eyes and opened her body in a shameless appearance which he didn’t know and mourn with a face and voice which also he didn’t know about.

(Aaaa…like this…like this is not good…)

What revived in Reiko ́s mind was the huge penis that made her feel the best pleasure of this world. A devil’s weapon that caused all women’s dignity, pride, and perseverance to fall, to be subordinated, and to obey. A thick, hard and large meat pillar. At least two thin fingers were aligned and put in her horny hole, that was like a starving sea anemone. But it is far from the sense of fulfillment of that destructive weapon.

(Ah…I…I want to…I want to be fucked…)

Reiko put her fingers in and out and sought more stimulation. The sense of unbearable hunger now extended to the back gate which was aching with the rhythm of her heart. Putting her tongue in her mouth, she imagined licking an imaginary penis. Next, she slid her other hand into her pajamas and squeezed her hard, erect nipples with her fingers while sucking on her breast.


A sharp stimulation ran through her and a voice leaked from her half-opened lips. The more she understood it herself, the more she got wet with lust. If Reiko looked at her face in the mirror, she would fall into a state of despair due to her indecent expressions.

(I want to fuck…I want to have sex… I want to be fucked by that person…)

As she moved her fingers, she remembered that man. That man who called her in a whimsical manner without thinking about anything and violated her body as he desired. A shameless villain who was a devil-king type Incubus, who was the enemy of humanity and preyed on women. Reiko could never go against that man even though he was her enemy.

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