Inma no Hado chapter 263

Inma no Hado chapter 263: 12-year-old flirting body



“Hiiyaaa!!! No…that’s…”

The feel of Kenichi´s long tongue that gets in between the wet panty and the secret part let Ema scream loudly. She tries to go up and run away, but she cant do anything as she is tightly hold by Kenichi. As it is, every corner of her embarrassing part is licked.


Again a voice leaked out and Ema is attacked by a brutal tongue.

(No… it’s embarrassing…. It’s as it is…)

Anyway she is not alone with Kenichi, there are two girls of the same age in front of her. Ema doesn’t want to feel shame anymore by being jealousy in front of the two young girls, she met for the first time. However, her sexual feeling has already been dug up so far when she meet Kenichi before. Even if Ema is a virgin who didn’t have sex yet, ecstasy’s catharsis has been experienced.

“Noo…that place is not good…”

When the sensitive clitoris is sucked, Ema is one step further up the stairs to orgasm. Because of the masturbation that has been hidden from her parents recently every night, her reaction to the caress is sharper and deeper than before, so it is much easier than before to the contrary to her irresistible heart.


It is comfortable that the erect clitoris is stimulated with Kenichi´s tongue and occasionally the entire genital region is sucked. This extraordinary pleasure is unique to the Inma who can accurately grasp the sexual feeling of the other party and it does not change whether the other party is a married woman or an elementary school student. Kenichi uses his power to the fullest and attacks the weak points of the 12 years old Ema without hesitation.


Ema endures and bears it with a bright red face. As if laughing at her modest resistance, Kenichi inserted his long tongue into her virgin hole with a deep temptation and rubbed the mucous membrane of the sensitive entrance with his tongue. At that moment, a stimulation that blows away the little pride of Ema runs through her crotch and the 12-year-old little body convulses like a shot by high voltage current.


While exhaling a large amount of mucus from the back of her vagina, Ema falls into a bright red acme. The odious Kenichi opens his evil mouth while screwing his tongue into the small vagina which tightens from the convulsions ​​and filthy fluid overflows.


“No No…I…something is coming…something is comiinngg!!”

Shaking her small hips wearing blue panty, Rin gets caught by the orgasmic waves on Kenichi’s face. The obscene Kenichi put his face against her crotch and the crotch of the elementary school student is invaded by a tongue with greed. The pretty girl with long hair shakes her long eyebrows and her body.


By absorbing the sexual energy exhaled from this beautiful young girl and by squeezing the nectar that overflows from the pussy, Kenichi gets more and more violently. Even Miku who is sucking on Kenichi´s penis and balls, keeps her eyes like that of another creature in black and white and still desperately continues her oral service.


Before long Rin was exhausted and laid down on the bed. Kenichi exhaled a breath, raised his body and wiped the honey liquid that was sticking around his mouth away with his fingers. After Ema, he tasted the crotch of Rin and Miku, but as the taste of the saliva is slightly different, it is fun that the taste of the love juice that is spitted out is also slightly different.

(Now, what do I do…)

Kenichi thinks about the future while seeing the two lovely girls who are still wearing their clothes and give a oral service to his dick. All three young girls have been purposely left as virgins and Kenichi enjoyed their original response. Of course he can take it anytime. Even if he robs their three virginities here, there are many other possibilities if he wants a virgin.

There are plenty of untouched high school students at Ellis young ladies academy and there are many favorite girls in the ballet classes and the rhythmic gymnastic club. Also, speaking with Aiko and Natsuki, who have a wide relationship with each other, they will bring as many students from other schools as possible, so Kenichi can get as many virgins as he wants.

(Because I’m already bothered, I wonder if I will eat them…)

The penis who has been caressed by the girls since coming here and hasn’t ejaculated yet, is so full that it is searching for an exit of the lust. He has played enough with these virgins here, but it would be good to make them women soon.

(Who will I take first?)

Dancing, ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. All three are trained in movement, so the taste will be wonderful. Imagine the intense tightness of those beautiful virgins when they are just screwed by his penis, Kenichi drinks the spit that accumulated in his mouth. At that time, Miku, who was licking the glans, raised her face and spoke to Kenichi with a serious expression.


While being embarrassed somewhat, Miku has an tense expression. Every time she shakes her face, her twin-tails also sway.

“Hmm? What is, Miku-chan?”
“Emm…with…me…please have sex with me…”

Saying so ashamed, Miku turns her red face down and looks at the bottom.

“Eh…? Is it good?”
“Uh, yeah…. I’m scared…but with uncle, I want to have sex…”

While facing downwards, Miku says that clearly. On the side, a surprised expression is pasted on Ema´s face from hearing those words from a girl of her age.

“Be…because, Senpais…Yui-chan and Emi-san have felt very good when they had sex with uncle and their acting is also very good…. It’s better to have sex a lot than to do it with the mouth…. So…I…I want to be better…. And…”

When she says only that desperately, Miku shuts up with embarrassment again.

The pretty lecturer of the famous rhythmic gymnastics class that Miku attends is entrusted with Kenichi’s poison and is made a obedient sex slave. And while being commanded by the odious Kenichi, she chooses only lovely girls among the students and presents her student as a carnal sacrifice to Kenichi. And Miku feels envies from knowing that Emi and Yui have sex with Kenichi and their acting became so good and she is left behind.

All four are quiet for a while. Rin and Ema are surprised and solidified and Miku who expressed determination has been embarrassed. Kenichi was thinking a little bit, but when he lays the slender body of Miku down on the white bed, he opens her thin legs and takes a break. On his bare crotch, a huge meat sword soars as if striking heaven and its striking figure is clearly visible in the indirect lighting of the hotel room.

“Ah…no. After all, I’m scared…”

An adult penis that glows with her own saliva. This is the erected genital of the man who deprives Miku´s virginity from now on. Miku who has seen it in the corner of her eyes shakes her body with fear that is rising up. Still, it seems like it is hard for Miku to shut her eyes as if she must look at it desperately.

“Hey, you two will put a lot of spit on it so that Miku-chan wont feel painful”

When Kenichi who get on his knees commanded, Rin and Ema, who had become pale white, put their faces from the left and right. And, as if it was strange, as it is said, they put out a lot of saliva and smear the penis full with it, using their tongues. The black penis is coated with the saliva of these girls immediately. The head of the huge cobra swells and aims at Miku’s crotch who will lose her virginity now.

The crotch area of ​​Miku who closed eyes and trembles is covered child panty with a floral pattern on a white background and when it is silently put aside, Miku´s vagina entrance appears. The venus hill still has a faint pubic hair. The ephemeral and lovely petal has opened its small mouth since a while ago.


When the position was confirmed and the tip was pushed in firmly, Miku screamed small, but still desperately endured her fear. Her small, cramped 12-year-old vagina is extremely narrow and although it gets wet, it isn’t easy to enter.

(Well, that’s fun…)

The act of pressing the best mark on a woman’s life. Kenichi has tasted it innumerably until now, but the unique acidity of the blood, which is unique when taking a virginity no matter how many girls he fucks, fascinates Kenichi. Women will never forget the person they offered their first time to.

“Ou, Ouch!”

The moment Kenichi pushes the tip in, the narrow meat hole is mercilessly spread and Miku screams. But it is still just the beginning. He slowly put weight on his waist and forcibly spread the narrow vagina.

“Higiiiii!!! Ouch! Ouchh!! Ouch Ouch!!”

Although she was prepared for the severe pain that arose in her crotch, Miku couldn’t withstand it. With the help of saliva, the huge glans has it easier to move in and out in that small vagina. After all, even adult women feel pain from Kenichi´s size. For a 12-year-old, whose body hasn’t yet mature enough, it is an unreasonable act.


Ema and Rin can only watch from the side. They are shocked by Miku´s appearance who shook her face from side to side and screamed holding each other’s hands.

“Oouuuccchhhh!!! Hiiiiii!!!! Noooo, stooppp!! Already, stooppp!!!”

Miku who cries up her determination is screaming at the intense pain that a heated iron rod is thrust into her crotch. It can be seen that fresh blood has already spilled out of her crotch and the fragile mucous membrane has suffered severe tears. Her white panty and the bed sheet absorbs it and are stained red. But of course there is no reason that Kenichi stops here. Slowly but surely split the inside of the 12-year-old using his waist.

“Higuuuuu!!! Ouchh! Ouch! Ouch! Ouucchh!!!”

(Well, it’s narrower than I thought…. My cock seems to be eaten up…)

Kenichi gets drunk with the delicious taste of this virgin while holding down the shoulders of that crying girl. Her vagina, which contracts out of pain and fear, shuts itself down like a vise with a sphincter trained in rhythmic gymnastics. However, the engorged gem is so gritty that it attacks by squeezing deeply into it so as to kick out the invader. And at the same time the thickest part of Kenichi´s penis slipped in and the sense of breaking through some resistance is transmitted. It is a shock that tears the 12-year-old hymen.

“Hiiiiiiii!!! Agiiiiii!!!”

Kenichi penetrates the hymen, cracks in the mucous membrane and Miku cries out while shedding tears from the intense pain.

“Huhu…the tip seems to be twisted off…”

Kenichi who stops his waist movement for a while enjoys the movement of the 12-year-old vagina that convulses. Originally, if ihe penetrates at once in this way, the burden on Miku would decrease. However, because this evil, ruthless and nasty person prefers to look at Miku’s crying face, he fucks her very slowly and it can only be said that it is unfair for Miku. Enjoying the virgin mucous membrane that squeezes his son to the last minute, Kenichi gradually divides it.

“Hiiiii!!! Ouch Ouch!!! Hiiii…”

Miku is sweating a lot from the intense pain while wearing clothes and she screams loudly while shaking her thin body. Internal tears are rubbed, causing severe pain and sweat drops are floating on the forehead.

(Aaa…. It’s hard to open up with stuffy meat…. Elementary school students are the best because of this…)

Enjoying the resistance of the internal muscles trained from rythmic gymnastic, Kenichi covered Miku´s small body, while piercing her pussy with his long dick. He rubs against the mucous membrane inside while breaking up the narrow vaginal meat. Kenichi has no hope for a complicated movement yet, but it’s so comfortable that the vagina just shuts him down. This is the reaction that a 12-year-old virgin shows and it’s a super pleasure different from a mature vagina.

He finally reached the end. Of course not all of the big penis fits in, about a third is still not inside. From the junction, a lot of mucus liquid is flowing out and there are many small red rivers. When Kenichi confirms it, he slowly moves his waist back and forth mercilessly towards an ejaculation.


Miku cried out loud again from the severe pain she felt as the internal tears are touched. Her expression that spills tears is very cute even though it is such a time. The smell of a girl is emitted from Miku´s whole body which is sweating a lot. A pretty expression that screams under his body. The small vagina hole comes around the penis tightly. All of it stimulates Kenichi´s desire and the glans swells greatly inside Miku´s womb.

Holding down the small, thin body, Kenichi, who was watching, was almost at his limit. After all, he withhold his ejaculation impulse for a long time now even after receiving a triple fellatio.

“Hey, I’ll cum”

Watching the girl’s crying face, Kenichi squeezed the trigger of his ejaculation valve. He holds down the elementary school student from above in the state of so-called seeding press and pour his accumulated sperm unforgivingly into the little womb. It is a pleasure to spit out his desire without being irresponsible in the still immature body. It is probably because of the fertilization behavior that women have in order to show the movement that the vagina squeezes in a simmering manner to the pulsating penis. The tip is put on the small cervix and the desire is vomited voluntarily.


Rin and Ema who are watching from the side have no voice from seeing such a sex act for the first time in their lives. They hold each other’s hands while shaking their eyes as they watched Miku´s crying and painful face. The thick black meat pole is pulled out from the small vagina and becomes visible as it is towering in the air. Suddenly they stopped when they thought it was moving violently while be smeared with mucus liquid and sperm. Then they saw Kenichi shaking his hips and knew that everything has come to an end.


Kenichi stops preying and emits his strong black wave. As soon as it touched Ema and Rin, they swayed their bodies. It was light. On the other hand, Kenichi, who had been unwilling to release his desire for a while, smiled with a grin as those two girls became bright red.

(As always, the effect is great…)

It is known from his experiences that a lot of magical power is inflicted on his own sperm and it exerts various actions. One of the actions is to heal the tears in a virgin’s vagina. Perhaps because the magical power is intensifying these days, its effects are also faster than before.


When he stirs the inside that has become muddy with a large amount of injected semen with his meat stick that hasn’t lost its power yet, Miku shakes her head while looking up with teary eyes. But it is not only because of the pain, but also because of the deep sexual acclaim that has already begun. Kenichi who grasps it correctly stimulates the internal weakness exactly as if to make the 12-year-old young girl a perfect meat doll.


Although the overwhelming sense of expansion remains the same, Miku who has the inside rubbed where the pain has subsided notices the goodness of that feeling, and a voice leaks out. Climaxing from the back of her hips, masturbation and sex are different in dimension from pleasure. Miku is stimulated by the hidden sexual feeling zone that she didn’t know herself and she is embarrassed while being puzzled by the first sense.

“Ah…no…this…this is scary…”

The instinctual fear that the adult’s pleasure will be known by the first sex is born. However, the magical power of the Inma blows away such fear and planted a forbidden seed named pleasure inside this young body.

“Hey, how are you feeling here? Are you feeling good?”
“Aa…aaa…. Noo, that is…”

Kenichi let Miku feel good with his skillful posture. Before long, while Rin and Ema stare at them, does Miku turns her hands over Kenichi´s neck and entangles her slender long legs around his waist and she shakes her small body while climbing up to heaven.

“Come…something is coming…. Nhiiiiiii…!!”

Miku who has her first vaginal orgasm after birth makes her white thin body have convulsions. Squeezing the huge penis swallowed in her womb with her little vagina, Miku trembles to the best pleasure in the past 12 years.

(Ooo…a elementary school student´s convulsions, it’s the best…)

At the moment of tightening the penis, Kenichi also drops his eyebrow and exhalesa animalic breath. By the muscle which was originally small-sized and trained through rhythmic gymnastics, it only crushes the cavernous penis. This is a taste that every middle-aged man dreams of.

It was full of shaking for a full 30 seconds, causing the whole body to shake, but eventually it stops and power is released from the small body. Miku is lying on the bed as she fainted and is so full of sweat as if she came out of a hot bath. Her legs wearing black knee socks spread without force. In the center of the small crotch, which is almost hairless, love juice mixed with blood is flowing out.


The deep joy of a woman is born and experienced for the first time. Miku has dissolved all reason and fear because of the extraordinary pleasure that also let her whole body fall apart. But that’s only the beginning. It didn’t take so long until the 12-year-old girl started to squeeze her throat many times and continue to scream happily, just like a mature wife.

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