Inma no Hado chapter 265

Inma no Hado chapter 265: Next room



A light electronic sound is ringing. Waking up slowly with the sound of the hotel’s built-in alarm clock. It is 7 o’clock when Ryohei looks at the pillow base watch, before he raises his body on the bed.

It is fine weather today. As the early winter morning sun is rising, dazzling light is falling around the square curtain, brightening the not so large hotel room.

(Ah, I slept well…. Well, I cummed yesterday…)

He sees the tissue curled up on the side board at the bedside and think of its cause. Ryohei got excited, masturbated and then fall asleep without a dream.

(Well then, I take a shower first and afterwards eat something…)

When he decides on that, Ryohei gets off the bed with his underwear on. Because he was sleeping in a room that he used to heat, he was sweating during the night.


Ryohei who tried to take off his underwear and go to the bathroom stopped his movement hearing a faint voice. It was clearly the voice of a woman, and it was sweet and sober and sensual.

(…Hey hey….these guys, are you still doing it?)

Ryohei listens to the unbelievable voices and gets stunned in his room. Last night, he noticed that the person next door was having sex just around 2 o’clock. The fact that he can hear their voices this morning means that those two had sex all night. Of course, they might have slept on the way, but even if Ryohei went to bed, they continued to have sex, until this morning before he got up, so they must have bottomless strength.

“Aaa…already…let me rest already…. I’m sorry…aaaa…, again…I’ll come again, I…I’ll come again…”

(Are these guys insane…? We have been training all day long since the morning and they still had sex all night long?)

The female voice continues with the same tension as last night. While listening to it over the wall, Ryohei really drowned rather than be excited.

(Don’t they think they´re going overboard…. Fucking a married female teacher…)

There is no doubt that the man and woman from next door are teachers who are participating in the training camp. The woman called the other party a “teacher” and above all this hotel is reserved for the training camp only. Moreover, the woman is a married woman because she said that she has a husband. Ryohei doesn’t know if the man in the next room is single or not, but he is sure they are having an affair anyway.

Even when he was taking a shower and drying his hair, he could still hear the next room voices. He thought it wouldn’t be heard only by himself but also in the other rooms around, but Ryohei remembers that this room was the second from the end. In other words, there is a room on the back side where you can hear the lively voices now, while a wall is on the other side.

(Do these guys know about that…)

“Noooo…not good…. Inside…not inside…. If so, what should I say to my husband…. Yaaaa…”

The moment Ryohei was going to the breakfast room, he heard such a loud voice. It is a scene where the man tries to ejaculate in the vagina of that married woman without hesitation.

“Sensei…. Forgive…that alone…just forgive me…. Aaaa…hiiiiii!!! Inside… just inside is not aaaaaa!! Hiiiiiii”

“Hey hey, they are already messed uo…”

Involuntarily speaking out. The creaking of the bed, which Ryohei heard without having his ears on the wall, stopped with the scream of the woman reaching her climax. That man from next door ejaculates in the womb of that married woman and it is completely out of order. Silence reigned for a while. However, after a while, Ryohei can hear the noise of the bed and the sweet voice of the woman again.

“Aaa…Sensei…. It’s like this… still, it’s so terrible…aaa…it’s going to be strange again…aaa…”

“Do as you wish…”

Ryohei was surprised at the abnormal man and woman who doubted common sense and shook his head while leaving his hotel room.


Ryohei went to the breakfast room on the first floor of the hotel, a large round table was placed inside the large area, where the teachers were eating together. There are nearly 500 teachers participating throughout this training, so this place that isn’t narrow is quite crowded. The participants are 70% male and 30% female. The reason why most teachers are somewhat younger than mid-careers is that this training mainly targets teachers with less than 10 years working experience.

(Yoshikawa-sensei is…)

It wasn’t his wife Kumiko who he was looking for first, but his female colleague who is a super beauty. They separated at the bar yesterday night, so he just looked for her with his eyes. He stood at the entrance of the hall and looked around, but he couldn’t see her lustrous appearance.

“Sensei!! Anzai-sensei!!”

When Ryohei heard a voice calling his name, he saw Saegusa Noa and Miwako Kawasaki who work for the same school, and they waved in his direction. There are several young men around them, who have a complex face looking at Ryohei. When he comes near, the men carry their dishes and move quickly.

“You are also here. Would you like to eat with us if you like?”

Miwako with her pretty face says so without hesitation, and next to her, the cool beauty, Noa, smiles with her red framed glasses on her face. Of course there is nothing wrong with Ryohei. After taking his dish, he sits in front of those two.

“It was good for Anzai-sensei to come here. Those people came up suddenly and were very persistent since yesterday…”

Miwako’s “people” must be referring to the male teachers who has been here before. After seeing Miwako and Noa who came together in the training camp, many male teachers would call out to them to get a chance. No matter what, Miwako and Noa are different types, but they are beautiful and among the many female teachers who are numerous, their beauty is outstanding.

“Where is Kumiko-sensei? Aren’t you together with your wife?”

Miwako asks with an innocent expression.

“Yeah. Well, our rooms are different…. She is always waking up early in the morning, so maybe she is coming soon?”

Ryohei who was having breakfast with two beautiful teachers, felt the stinging eyes of the men around him with a good attitude. He feels a sense of superiority and he remembers while speaking now that Kumiko also said something. The training started at the same time, but he didnt see her face since yesterday afternoon. They are in the same training center. So he can see her anytime, so he doesn’t need to email or call her. He didn’t feel that need.

Then, while talking for a while, they ate breakfast. It was only Miwako and Ryohei who talked, Noa was quiet all the time. Somehow he felt that she looked bad, leaking her voice or turning red. Is she having that day?

“Then, Anzai-sensei…. Because Saegusa-sensei seems to be physically ill, we will return to our room now…”

As Miwako stands up while saying so, Noa also stands up. There will be a little more time until the start of the training, so they will be resting in their room until then. The eyes of the men around flew like an arrow again as the two stood up.

(Ah, both are such beautiful women and they both look like this, so any man will want to look at them…)

The two female teachers at Ellis young ladies academy has been assigned at the same time as Ryohei and their style and outstanding beauty are excellent. They also show it this morning, as they both wear tight suits so that you can clearly see the lines of their bodies on their tight clothes. Moreover, the skirt is a super-mini tight skirt, so you can see their underwear if they bend a little. As teachers who work at a school, it is a very bold dress.

(They, why don’t they wear these clothes at school…)

The impression when he first met them wasn’t so flashy, as they have worn plain clothes before. Miwako in his memory wore clothes that had a slight childish taste and Noa was wrapped in a serious, dusty suit. In any case, Ryohei remembers that they haven’t worn such provocative dresses in front of his eyes before. For a short moment he saw the beautiful mini skirts lined up in front of him at the desk and he swallowed his spit without knowing why.

The skirt length is very short by both of them, especially that of Noa is micro-mini. Their legs wrapped in black stockings are long and their thighs are moderately thick and whipping. The hips on top of it are well-knitted and well-shaped and the tight skirts are tightly wrapped around them and the panty lines are clearly visible there.

(Wow…. What a good morning…)

Ryohei swallowed his saliva reflexively. Two people who he is supposed to be familiar with from school on a regular basis, are totally different, so his eyes become nailed at them without notice. That would be the same for teachers from other schools. Inexorable number of eyes are directed to these two bodies.

“Ah, Kumiko-sensei is here…. And Yoshikawa-sensei also…”

Looking back at the entrance to Miwako’s words, as the word said, two well-known beauties were coming into the hall side by side.

“Yoshikawa-sensei! This way!”

Both women who noticed the voice of Miwako who shouted while holding the tray in her hand came straight to her side. Ryohei can see that the eyes of the men around him are even hotter and that they are slightly wrinkled. That’s not too bad. Because two beautiful girls like Miwako and Noa meet two other dazzling mature women.

“Ah, everyone was together…”

Junko breaks her intellectual look and laughs pleasantly. Her eyes are so beautiful that the tremor comes and Ryohei who matched her gaze has something run down his back alone. It is not only her beauty that attracts attention. She still wears a tight suit that stick to her body, so the violent, sexy lines of her body are obvious.

“Good morning, sensei”
“Good morning”

Three people exchange morning greetings. At that time, Noa returned to her room by saying she goes ahead and Junko and Miwako continued to talk happily while standing.

“Good morning, dear”
“Ah…good morning…”

His wife, Kumiko, next to Junko, saw Ryohei and smiled a bit while talking to him. On the other hand, Ryohei is conscious of being in front of Junko and returns an insane greeting as if they were just colleagues.

“Did you sleep well?”
“Ah, yes…I slept well…. How about you?”
“Not so good…because the pillows are different, I didn’t sleep well”

While Junko is talking with Miwako, Ryohei continues talking with his wife. Of course he loves his wife from the bottom of his heart and he would have had a more heartwarming conversation than usual. However, he is worried about Junko listening to their conversation, so he cant suppress how it becomes weird.

“What happened? Your face is a little red?”

Still, he realized that Kumiko’s appearance was a little different from usual, probably because they normally lived together.

“Ah…yes…. No problem…. Since I got into the bath after I got up a while ago, I might have felt a little hot…”
“Is that so…. That’s fine then…”

The face of his wife who smiles is heartwarming and her eyes are moistened as if it had oil in it. Maybe because of that kind of expression, that kind of familiar expression that he usually is used to, she looks somewhat shiny this morning. It seems that female pheromones overflow from her body wrapped in a pink blouse.

(She…isn’t she really sexy today…?)

Half a year has passed since they got married, but Ryohei still hasn’t noticed the gestures and expressions that his wife shows in front of him. It is a change that is too subtle to be expressed in words, but there is something that still makes him feel that his wife changed.

Kumiko looks at himself with slightly wet eyes for some reason. And as she sits next to him, she reaches out and grasps his hands. You can see that her body is shaking a little.

“Wh, what happened…?”
“Uuh…. There is nothing…. Because I couldn’t meet you yesterday, I was only a bit lonely…”

His wife who holds his hands tightly shows affection while giving out a sweet voice. In spite of the fact that this is a public presence, she doesn’t get embarrassed and looks down with her face.

“Well well…. It’s good to be close in the morning…”
“It’s really envious, to show off like that”

Despite the words of the other teachers in the surrounding, Kumiko won’t let go of him. It is as if she knows that Ryohei´s heart is fluttering with Yoshikawa-sensei and he is desperately trying to make a relationship with her. While holding such a weird guilt to such delusion, Ryohei could not do anything while sitting in the chair of the breakfast room.

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