Flirting with Beast Girls Chapter 1

Copulation flirting with the dog eared big breasted beast girl!

「Hello! Onii-san」
「Un. Welcome. Then, should we start?」

The world where us Huma live in had been connected to the beastmen country for some dimensional distortion from an unknown force recently, and it made possible to come and go freely.

It’s a common fantasy story that it might not be strange for the beastmen to invade our world for a new frontier to begin, but it seems to be different, apparently, majority of the cute beast girls are wishes for men of other race and courted them.

Though it became a huge problem to shake the society at first, it’s now protected by the Japanese government that’s having a low birthrate problem which matched the interest of the beast men who wants to prosper offspring, thus girls are sent to unmarried men’s house to make children.

Though they’re beastmen, they’re not densely furry, their appearance is almost like a normal human woman with sexiness coming out of them, it’s only to the degree of having ears and tails. You can’t tell them apart if they hide it with hat and clothes.

But, most of the beastmen are friendly, fond of fawning and cute.

So, when I took out my dick in front of the dog eared big breasted loli, she kneeled and opened her mouth deliciously.

She’s sucking it gladly even though we don’t know our names yet, Even I feel good too…Me at the age of 25 don’t have normal woman is now wanting to make love with a beast child.

If the beast child made your dick erect, she’d be happy and you’d spend your life together if she get pregnant.

That’s why Japanese men work hard to have sex with obedient beast girls every night.

「Hey, what’s your name?」
「Nnn. Chupa…I’m Papi. Nn. Delicious」
「Same here…! Sorry for the late introduction but, I’m Sudo Keisuke1 best regardsーー!」

At the same time we tell our names, I released a cloudy liquid inside Papi’s small mouth, throwing in my semen.

「Keho, Keho. What an amazing amount. Did Onii-san not masturbate recently?」
「Yeah. Papi is too cute that I let it all out」
「I’m glad. Papi loves people with strong lust!」

She clings into me with her small body and swing her tail. Though she has a small body, her large emphasized breasts hit me, my son that just let out a while ago is now ready to go again.

「Ah, it’s hard again even though you just game! I’m glad」

She rubs her cheeks on my dick gladly.

「What about Papi’s cunt?」2
「Hyan~ I love it when you whisper in my ear. It makes my heart thob」

While licking the cute dog ear that pops out of her semi-long gray hair, I massage her breasts that’s inside her white sleeveless, I hid my finger inside the skirt with a hem that contains a black and red pattern.


Her genitals are already making a huge flood even thought it’s not touched, touching it a bit already made Papi twitching, she looks wistfully while her cheeks are blushing.

「Uuuu. Haahaa. If you touch me like that, I would come to want it」
「What do you want? Say it」
「Onii-san’s…Onii-san’s penis! I want penis!」

「Very well. Then let’s copulate」
「Un! Copulating with Onii-san!」

We’re copulating immediately after meeting at the door. Being carnal is the best. Rubbing each other’s genitals if they like each other, it’s an impossible situation for humans. In truth, I’ve put it in on various beast girls while embracing them gently.

「Did it hurt?」
「Un. Just a bit. It’s my first time so…Papi is now a splendid female. I’m really glad」

I gave her a kiss to ease her pain a bit, then we sucked and rolled our tongues. It got lewd again and it sends an electric shock.

「Want to take a rest?」
「No. I’m already fine. Onii-san should move to make yourself feel good」
「You sure?」
「Yeah. I want you to feel good inside me」

The smile directed at me made my heart throb, it made me unable to endure so I pound my hips hard. The wet sound echoes from the entrance, I think I lost my reason that I don’t even know who’s the beast here.

「Aaaー. Iiiー. Onii…san. Haahaa Too intense」
「I feel good too. Papi’s insides are slippery and tight, it’s the best」
「I’m glad. Papi and Onii-san…Haahaa. are compatible?」
「We’re feeling this good so I guess It’s surpassing that」

「Uuu. Onii-san’s penis got bigger…I can’t endure it anymore」
「Are you already going to cum?」
「Un. No good. I might not be able to endure it…Onii-san…onii-san!」

「I’m cumming too! I’m cumming inside Papi」
「Come, inside Papi…Uuu. Lots…cum lotsー!」

I gripped the swinging chest while shaking my hips, when I felt the ejaculation approaching, I threw a powerful stroke at Papi. We both reached the heights…


I released semen inside Papi that you won’t think it’s the second time. Papi falls over me exhausted and I gently kissed her.

「Papi, it felt good」
「Same, Papi felt good too. Onii-san I love you!」

Her tail and ears are swinging, she embraced me hard happily. Her smile is really cute. The best beast girl came into me.

I want to be with this child forever.

I who felt mutual feelings with Papi hugged her tightly while feeling glad.


  1. I hope he’s the only JP name we will encounter
  2. Because using pussy on a dog girl is rude