Flirting with Beast Girls Chapter 2

Papi Paizuri in the bath!

「Uu. cwold~」
「Sorry, Papi. I’m preparing hot bath right now」
「Ah, it came」
「Okay okay, let’s wash then」

We who confirmed our compatibility by copulating at the entrance instead of greeting, steeped into the bath together after we thrust out sweaty clothes to the washing machine.

ーPapi shakes her body with water flowing in her body from the shower, along with the sound of hot water coming out, she had a charmed expression while sitting on the chair.

Her head was washed with a shampoo then her tail is flapping happily and she faced me with a smile. That gesture was too cute that my heart went kyun~

「Waー Onii-san, it feels good」
「Papi likes to be washed in the head?」
「Un! Papi is glad when Onii-san pats me」
「I see, I see. Then I’m going to flush it so close your eyes」

Her obedient reaction is cute. Flushing away her hair, I scratched the root of her ears that’s fixed on the calvaria she twisted her body and her cheeks blushed as she say ‘Ticklish’ That appearance is too lewd that I can’t endure it.

She shook her head when her head was finished washing, big drops of water flew out to my eyes and she smiled saying 「Thanks, Onii-san」 That smile is so pure that it makes my heart throb.

「Then I’ll clean your body next」
「Un! Onii-san will wash me again?」

Thrusting her arm up, she also flapped her feet, showing the happiness in her whole body. She’s really lovely. The big chest of Papi vibrated from that motion and it shook plumply.

Oh, the thought of massaging this chest using washing as pretext makes me excited.

Diligently washing her upper arm, armpit with the towel, I finally massaged the big breasts that’s pushed out in her front.

At first Papi felt ticklish from my deliberate washing using the towel but her crotch tightens and she began to spit out a sweet sigh.

Her nipples began to stand out because of arousal, I deliberately flipped, massaged the point matching with her big breasts.

「Haahaa…Onii-san…you see. Papi feels strange」
「What kind of feeling is ‘strange’?」
「Papi has her heart throbbing because of onii-san, See!」

Thinking that she grabbed my hand to rub her breast, Papi put it near her heart. It looks like wedged in between the breasts, it rebounds softly and made a deformation, Papi insisted my hand against her chest.

If you do that I would be reaching my limit, my son is towering already, preparing for war.

「Onii-san got aroused too. I’m glad. Papi too…nnn. Wants to make Onii-san feel good. What should I do?」
「Then, would you sandwich it between those big breasts?」
「That’s right, just like this」

「Hya! Onii-san’s penis got inside Papi’s breasts!」
「That’s right. Then, move」
「The tip is coming in and out of Papi’s breasts. Cute」

Applying pressure to her breast using her arm, the breast strokes the penis with pressure. I’m going to cum if this continues for a while but I want even more stimulation.

「Papi. Can you lick the tip?」
「Un! Papi wants to lick Onii-san. I’m going to make it feel good with my breast and tongue, okay?」

After directing a cute smile, she licked deliciously the glans that come out of her cleavage, the stimulation that’s too pleasurable runs through my brain.

The pleasure was too good that it can make me give up easily, I increased the speed of the piston.

The alluring stimulation rise up that I’m reaching my limit…

「Uuuu, Hyaaa. Warm. Onii-san is releasing a lot of semen」
「Sorry. I got it on your face」
「Don’t be. I’m glad. Papi is glad that she’s able to make Onii-san feel good」

Her ears were moving nimbly and her tail was flapping, Papi that’s clinging to my goin hard is too cute that it’s unbearable.