Flirting with Beast Girls Chapter 3

Hanjob from the back and happiness from bath love chu chu!

「Onii-san, Onii-san!」
「You like this position?」
「Un! Papi loves this position!」

Immediately after Papi made me ejaculate with her chest, she’s rubbing my dick on her cheeks, groped and stroked it with greedy eyes.

It feels electrifying as I just came but it towered greatly again after being touched continuously.

I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve abstained for this day or just because Papi is unbearably cute but I regained hardness again.

As soon as she saw the genital entering attack mode, Papi had the pole on both her hands she looked up pleading. 「Papi want Onii-san’s penis inside」she said.

She’s anticipating while swaying her chest and blushed cheeks, I want to answer her feelings. I made Papi put her hand on the edge of bathtub and had her ass point into me.

Her expecting eyes says 「Put it in, put it in」and her ass and tail sways. I held her fluffy hands firmly and I when I rubbed the tip of the glans, she’s already soaking wet.

ーThe moment the genitals rubbed each other, it easily went inside Papi along with a wet sound.

Her body shook for a moment from the pleasure, then I enjoyed copulating while banging her from the back which had flowed my movement. Every time I pierce her she releases a 「Haahaa」sweet voice, That appearance of calling me is unbearably cute.

「Nnn! Onii-san is hitting…hitting so deep!」
「Isn’t Papi’s uterus going down every time I pierce it, See」
「Hyaa! Papi is being electrified.…Ahn~ Ah, Ah!」
「Every time it hits so deep, it tightens cutely」

「…Haahaa. Onii-san Papi is. Papi can’t endure it anymore. Can I cum?」
「Go on. Papi is a good girl because you confirmed it first」

「Ah, Ah. Because…Ahn~ Onii-san is my…Uuu. Papi’s master. Papi is a good girl? Ah Ah. Onii-san I love you. Ah, No more! If you do that fast, Papi will cum. Cumming」
「Then Cum! Papi!」

Immediately after, her whole body convulsed. She can’t maintain her posture so she fell down on the washing board. Her vagina is trickling and releasing like a fountain, It’s convulsing.

Holding her flushed body, I stroked her head.

She’s 「Haahaa」 breathing hard for a while but when she had settled down she released a 「Kuun~」 sweet voice, she voluntarily cling to me and licked my face.

「Papi, it tickles」
「Papi is glad that she’s being loved. Papi is at bliss」

We smiled and snuggled. While applying shower so we won’t feel cold, I washed every corner of Papi’s body this time. Her delicate thighs and lovely fingertips. I washed her crotch to clean it beautifully.

Though she’s being fidgety, It’s my job to keep her crotch clean so I used my hand to push my way through. Washing all of the corner of her body we rinsed off the bubbly Papi, when I twist the shower again.

「You see, Papi, Wants to wash Onii-san’s body!」

Saying that, the bath mat was spread and she urged me to lie down there. As I don’t have any reason to refuse Papi, I laid down and faced upwards then Papi covered me from the top.

ーUsing her breast and soft fair skin, she washed my body gently. Like washing me using arm and hands, she sandwiched me using her big breast, I got hard from the feeling of her breasts and in the end she stroke me with her cute hands.

「Onii-san. Does my hand feel good?」
「Un. Very much」
「I’m glad. Then, I’m going to make you feel more」
「Wait! Agu Feels good」

The speed of the piston increased and the entire pole and glans were being massaged. Papi brought her face close to the liquid coming out of the tip curiously.

「Papi, I’m cumming. It’s coming out」
「Really? I’m glad. Let it out onii-san, Papi will take it!」

Her eyes are sparkling, she opened her mouth wide to accept my ejaculation and she accepted the semen that flew out seeming delicious, when she confirmed that I let it all out, she gulped it down.

「I love this Onii-san」
「You drank it? Thanks」

She swings her tail while smiling, I hugged Papi hard. Rubbing her back while saying ‘there, there’, we felt really happy.