Flirting with Beast Girls Chapter 5

Night Park! Unable to bear it so we flirt and copulated!

Having sex while hiding in the bushes is the best.

The unease of ‘Would we be seen by someone’ is dazzling exciting. But, it’s probably because of that immoral act so we’re getting fired up.

Both of us are desperately trying to endure our voice while indulging in the act. Papi had her body convulse over and over again from the climax along the way and i have enjoyed it.

「Outside sex feels good?」
「Haahaa…Papi…nnn! I love it, I love doing it ousideー!」

I bang her while she kept embracing me hard. Papi likes it in the entrance so I rub my glans quite shallow and her pussy tightens cutely.

「Onii-san…Haahaa, Papi might not be able to endure it anymore」
「N? eh, Wait!」

She pushed me down looking charmed and the situation reversed., Papu is now riding on top of me and she slid it in. Thinking that her face might come out of the bush but Papi moved her waist not minding her surroundings.

「Haahaa. Ah…Onii-san, Haahaa…only pierced Papi’s entrance, Nnn~ I wasn’t able to endure. Haahaa」

She sticks her tongue out and she showed a disordered blushing face I’ve never seen before.\ Her tail and ears are moving nimbly, I wonder if it’s excited.

The tail touches my balls occasionally feels good, her vagina goes squishy, she nails her waist vigorously and I feel that the ejaculation is rising.

「I’m about to cum」
「Go on…Papi to. Naah, I’m already at my limit…Haahaa. Come, pour Onii-san’s hot stuff」

She pleaded me cutely, I gripped Papi’s waist as I can’t endure it anymore, I pushed my penis to the rootー the moment I kissed the uterus that’s madly in love, it sucked my glans strongly.


I squirt out the semen to Papi and her body convulse in response to the pulsation flowing.

After that, she fell down as she lost power and I who let out everything gave her a kiss and embraced her with a smile.

We had confirmed our love to each other under the starry sky of the quiet park.