Flirting with Beast Girls Chapter 7

Flirting on the train! Love date together in the sea!

「Onii-san…that’s Hyau」
「Your nipples are already this hard, you’re tha happy?」
「Haahaa…Because, ngu. Becauuseee…」

The heat scorches, the TV program keeps on flowing (Did Papi open it while I was sleeping?)ーWaking up from the feeling of lick on my cheek, Papi was 「I want to stroll」and fawned over me, since it’s summer I decided to make summer memories on the nearby sea.

I thought of doing a normal stroll at first but, I patted her head while blankly watching the program in the television and she was 「Onii-san, what’s wrong?」looking up to me, 「Let’s go to the sea?」, I said it half jokingly.

Due to the unexpected happenings, the sun shines brilliantly and the sea breeze feels fragrant while we’re seating on the box seat, Papi was sitting in front of me first but when I noticed, Papi is already sitting next to me, rubbing her cheeks.

I intend to pat the cute appearance of her at first but I can’t endure the soft feeling on my upper arm as we’re in a situation where no one is, I incidentally grabbed, massaged and squashed her breasts.

Papi had her body tremble in surprise first but her body began to stick to me even more.

Her sigh is sweet and her tail wags like a spoiled child.

「Papi is really spoiled.」
「Onii-san is…Nnn. Onii-san is teasing Papi after all
「Teasing? Like this?」
「Higu. Au. Papi won’t be able to endure it anymore」

I twist her nipples as I got into it, she brought her face close and gave me a sweet warning. But that face says the opposite 「I want more」 That’s why.

「It’s okay. There’s no one here」
「O-Onii-san. That’s…Higu」
「Papi likes to be teased here?」
「Love…Haahaa. You see, that’s Papi’s weakest place…」
「See, it got drenched? Is this Papi’s sweat? Or…」
「Nooo~ Don’t say it…Nnn~」

Every time I fiddle with her crotch, the water gradually grows, can’t she endure it? She pressed my hand with both of her hands, trying to get away from the stimulation.

「Haahaa. Onii-san, Kiss. Let’s kiss」
「Can’t be helped」

The moment our lips touched, her back bent and she moaned, it seems that she came lightly. Papi’s important place even got wetter that her white panties water absorption is lost.

「Haahaa…Papi Did her best suppressing her voice? Good girl?」
「Clever. Good girl, good girl」
「I’m glad」

Patting her head as she looks pleased, she hugged me tightly. Papi also wagged her tail seeming happy.

While we play and flirt on the car where no one is, we gradually reached our destination. We fixed our clothes hastily along with the announcement and got off on the stop. The blue sea and white sand appeared after the train passedー On back is the fresh and green mountain surrounding, the very picture of a resort beach.

Papi’s eyes brightened, she pulled my hand forcefully as she’s excited. 「You don’t have to hurry」and I had calmed her down, Still she’s curious of the waves that’s going to the shore and back, she ran straight to the beach, enjoyed the spray of water and looked back at me with a smile.

「Hey hey, you’ll get wet, Change into your swimsuit first」
「Okay. Let’s play after I change. Let’s play in the sea!」

She ran energetically back to me, hugged me hard then licked me. This isn’t bad at all. Turning her sparkling eyes, Papi felt excited on her rental suit and urged me to the dressing room.

At first she was 「Onii-san come with me? Papi will dress up」and pestered me, but a man like me shouldn’t be on the female dressing room as expected so I 「Papi should go change alone and we’ll eat shaved Ice cream after」then she gladly went in feeling relieved.

But does Papi know shaved Ice? I thought but, she probably had guessed that it’s something like a delicious snack so she faced me with a smile, she probably knows.

Meanwhile, I changed my clothes in a hurry, while I was taking my time under the parasol I rented from the beachside, a cute voice called 「Onii-san」from behind and when I turned back, Papi appeared with a dazzling white bikini that’s clearly showing her body line.

Her big breast is covered with a thin cloth and the cleavage was clear. Slender waist and captivating long legs. Even if there’s an event that’s going to happen in the sea, I am obliged to do it whether I like it or not.