Flirting with beast girls Chapter 8

Flirting and copulating in the sea!

Papi revealing her unbearably cute appearance, my crotch rise like the sun. That’s how unbearable the charm of Papi is.

Gulping down my throat, I looked at Papi intently…

「Onii-san, let’s go!」
「Go? Wait…uwa!」

She took my hands and took me to the sea forciblyー the feeling of the cold water touching my feet is great. Making progress to the deeper part, Papi suddenly turned around and 「Ei!」and splashed water to me.

「You’ve done it. There!」
「Hyan~ Onii-san it feels good! More, more!」

Papi shakes her tail happily making a splash, her twisting body oscillates and it makes her breast shake, it makes me feel in suspense. That’s why…

「Wawa. Onii-san, onii-san!」
「I’m clinging to Papi」
「Spoiled onii-san is cute too」

I attacked her and the two of us fell down the sea, raising our faces, floating and the pleasant buoyancy and the gentle soft feel. But there are matchless people admiring Papi, if these kind of things are shown, it’s man’s nature to want to massage it.

I turned my waist and sneaked into her soft waist. When I touched it she was 「Onii-san is lewd」and her cheeks blushed, as I massage her, it seems that she’s unsatisfied so she wriggled her waist, she rubs and lets it hit the pleasure points.

In a situation where there are no people even from afar, ethics can’t interrupt us. But, such a thing won’t even breakwater for us now. Our lips crawl as if mutually seeking each other, isn’t that natural? I thought of that way.

「Nnn. Chu. Onii-san, I love you」
「Me too」

Our tongues gently embraced each other. The moment our lips pile up, we sucked each other. With the wet sound of the waves, the gentle sound is as if welcoming our act.

「Haahaa…Papi. The itching doesn’t stop」
「Because, nnn. Onii-san is cherishing me all the time, that’s why…also You made papi wait in the train too」

「You endured it well. That’s great」
「Un. Actually, I want us to change clothes together. NN」
「You invited me that much」
「…That’s why. I want Onii-san now. It’s already painful」

She’s looking at me greedily, I sneaked my hands on her crotch and I can feel moisture and viscosity clearly different from the seawater. Furthermore, it’s flooding.

「Papi wants Onii-san to be rough with me!」
「Ah, wait!」
「Onii-san got bigger…Haahaa. This is going inside Papi right now…I’m glad」

Papi undauntedly thrust her hand inside my pants and stroked my penis with her hand. It’s not movement to invite me. She’s rubbing it violently, she’s moving to make me ejaculateー If yo do that much, my reason would be blown immediately, I who got worked up, took off the defense of her important part and mercilessly put it in.

「Aaahー. Onii-san came in!」
「Hey! Your voice is too loud」
「I’m sowwy. But you see, Haahaa…Papi is so glad, I’m unable to endure it. No good?」

She tilted her neck and asked for confirmation. I won’t be able to endure it if you asked me cutely, when I noticed, the waist has been moving unreasonably.

The waves and the waist nails hard, we’re feeling fearful as we don’t know if our waist banging on the water level would be exposed to the surroundings but I erased such thoughts and banged the cute Papi I nailed her without any bounds. 1

「Ah, aaahn~. Onii-san, intense…amazing, Onii-san is amazing」
「Papi also sucks my penis hard. What’s wrong? It’s shutting so hard?」
「Because, becauuusee! Onii-san is too sturdy…nnna. If you do that much anyone would fall for you」

She said something nice. I embraced her tightly and take spurt to release. Papi who sensed it embraced me even tighter, She clings to me strongly not wanting to let go.

「Here we go, Papi」
「Come…Haahaa. Onii-san’s…I want Onii-san’s semen!」
「Ah, Aaaー. It’s coming in. Onii-san’s thick sperm is coming inside my stomach. nnn. It’s hot. My baby room is being pleased, haahaa, I’m happy」
「Same here」
「I love you!」

Our lips gently stacked. We spend our time together relaxingly while being shaken by the wave. I want to stay like this forever. The pleasant waves and wind stroked us.



  1.  打ち付ける度バシバシと波が立ち、水面ギリギリ見えるか見えないかの水位での腰振りは正直周りにバレないかとヒヤヒヤしたが、そんな思想をかき消す程にPapiの愛くるしさに怒張はパンパンに隆起し、吹っ切れたとばかりにこれでもかと打ち付けていた。