Kininaru Chapter 44

A summer day Ⅲ


「At your wit’s end already? Having big tits while you’re still a middle schooler is a problem after all huh」

Miyu turned over and opened her legs like a frog in exhaustion. There’s no vigor left in her eyes, she’s been violated by me in this secret room during a midsummer day, that’s why even her hair is wet with sweat now. But I can feel the sweaty smell of wonders coming from a girl.

「C’mon、don’t get tired yet。 I’ll put more vigor into you。 Of course it’s sex」


A little while ago, in order to pin her down, not letting her move an inch, I dug into her G-spot and poked it.
Miyu shook her head yelling “No no” and it was cute so I overdid it.
Whenever I swung my hips, the place where we were connected made splashing wet sounds, but I was burying my face into Miyu’s nape so I didn’t know what it was like down there.

「You’re thirsty? Here、drink as much as you want。 」

I kissed the panting Miyu deeply.
Then poured my saliva into her throat.


Miyu who lied facing up somehow drank it.

「Good、I’ll take you to the shower as a reward」

I stroked her wet hair with my hand.




「Who the hell’s coming at this time」

I separated from Miyu and checked the camera at the entranceway.

It was a twin tail girl. She was wearing the uniform of a middle school in the neighborhood that I saw on the day I left the hospital.

I turned my head and looked at the disastrous state of the room. A middle school girl is lying stretched out on the bed with semen drooping from her crotch.

In the worst case scenario I’ll get exposed and that can’t be allowed, so I pretended not to be home.


I cleared my head and tried to lead Miyu into the bathroom, but Miyu came too much that her hips wasn’t working thus she couldn’t walk.

I helplessly carried Miyu in my arms. I lifted her up to the front like Ekiben-position. Her upper body wasn’t stable so Miyu clung to me. My arms were filled with the moistened sensation of her skin.




It’s summer vacation, but there are club activities today so I went to school.

Because it’s hot today, I didn’t want to wear uniform, but attending clubs without school uniform would receive scolding from the teachers.

When I was walking while feeling hateful towards the person who made that rule, I saw someone I knew.

She has big boobs so she’s really popular among the boys, I heard that even the most popular girl in my class who is a baseball club captain also likes her.

When I was faintly looking at her figure from behind, she rang the bell on a single isolated house.

When I was looking, wondering if she’s dropping by a relative’s house or something, the moment the door opened, she was grasped by the wrist and pulled in instantly.

The moment I saw that person’s face, my body was filled with shivering chills.

He pulled down my panties and touched a girl’s important place on the train, he forcibly took my first time at the school’s rooftop too.

As memories I wanted to forget surfaced, my stomach throbbed in pain.

I never told anyone about that time. Because he threated to post my nude pictures on the net if I told anyone.

I think the person just now also got a lot of terrible things done to her by him.

Maybe if I call the police right away I can save her.

Even though I thought so, when I thought about having my nude pictures seen by a lot of people, my body didn’t move.

I ran away from that place.


I was absent-minded during club activities.

Then on the way back

After thinking about it a lot, I decided to investigate the state inside and walked into that house’s yard. I wondered if that person was already sent home.

Looking from outside, seemed like there was nobody inside the living room.

Thinking if I could hear anything, I put my ear on the window.

『At your wit’s end already? Having big tits while you’re still a middle schooler is a problem after all huh』

I faintly heard some terrible words.

I confirmed the time. How many hours had passed since that time and he still haven’t sent her home…

Feelings of guilt and regret throbbed inside my chest.

I finally mustered up my determination there.

I rang the bell with my trembling hand.