LOTA CH22 — Peculiar Bond

The sun glares through the window, forcing me to wake up from my strange slumber — one with a dream. I rarely dream these days. The last time I dreamt was a horrible nightmare. But alas, this time I somehow vividly dreamed something different. Something… Erotic.

The weight of a girl’s warm body as she pressed on my lower body. The warmth I felt in embracing her. The pressure on my member as it coiled around the warm, moist flesh of hers, making me feel ecstatic like never before. My hand holding the glinting black metal collar that tightly coiled around her neck, its chain dropping down over the mesmerizing beautiful valley on her chest.

A symbol of her being mine and mine only.

She moved with such passion and roughness that added to my lust as I kept staring at her jiggling boobs. Her delight and affection were clear as she repeatedly moaned master over and over again, expressing her inner passionate lust over me.

And then, as I almost reached my peak, she leaned down very close to my left ear, her breast tightly pressed against my chest. Her hands gently slipped under my back as she wrapped up and hugged me tightly.

Her gentle whispers – “Please mark my womb as yours, Master~” – was all it took for a huge dam to break out, releasing all of my lust as I poured my seeds into her womb of a lifetime.

Shortly afterward, I then woke up, to this present right now. All of It feels so surreal. Even with all of the small details I felt, I can’t exactly recall what her face looks like.

Wait a minute. If I dreamed about something erotic, does that mean…

I look down towards my underwear and thankfully didn’t find any spots being wet with any sticky stuff. Thank fucking god. The last thing I want would be to find out I actually wet my pants.

Not wanting to reminisce and deeply question my dream, I quickly wash my face and brush my teeth to freshen myself up, then, after preparing my stuff, I immediately go to the pub’s second floor, with its more refined furnishing compared to the first floor.

I sit down in one of the many provided chairs and a plain girl wearing a simple waitress uniform classic of a typical tavern comes to me.

「 Greetings, sir. What would you like to have a late breakfast with? The menu for today is either oat with exotic fruits or freshly baked spiced fish with white bread.  」The girl says.

「 I would like to have the first one. 」

Shortly afterward the plain girl comes to me with a tray in hand. She placed the meal on the table then goes down the stairs, presumably attending to other customers. The second floor is surprisingly quite empty, unlike the floor down below, whose rowdiness I heard all the way up the second floor, even though it’s still early noon. As I eat, I can’t help but fidget with my food as I keep pondering about the main event of the day.

I’m going to buy a slave.

It’s not set in stone, since of course, I want to get the perfect companion. One who’s absolutely devoted to me and who will love for who I am. A desire I’ve always had since the very beginning of my existence in this world. Heck, it was the reason why I wanted to become wealthy and powerful since girls always flock to men with those characteristics. But why bother doing so when I can just buy one?

For buying love to be such an easy thing. On the other hand, I’d rather not buy a slave at all before buying the wrong one.

A sense of guilt lingers within me, however, for what I’m about to do is considered immoral back on earth. Though it’s overshadowed by my twisted desire and sense of excitement as I’m about to buy a slave, one who’s loyal and dedicated to their master, fully aware I won’t receive any repercussions for it.

As I finish my meal, I also finish musing over useless things. My decision was set long ago. All I can hope now is to find the perfect slave for my amount of money. Thirty gold coins is more than enough to buy a decent plot of land in the Alderhide fief after all.

I remember the way to his place and it’s not that far. With the walking pace I’m in right now, I should arrive there in less than twenty minutes. As I walk to Galeal’s mansion, I quietly enjoyed the distinct feel of Karvent. The busy main road is crowded with multiple mining cargos passing by almost constantly. Soldiers marching by can also be seen throughout the place. All of it gives a vibrant of strength and might feeling in this city, compared to the prosperity and sophistication of Hasten.

After diverging off the main road and walking to a seemingly quieter place, I’ve finally arrived in front of the unique gold and red mansion of his. A gate with what seems to be a guard post is in front of it. I walk to the guard post and notice a slave maid stationed on the post. She seems to have also noticed my presence as I approach.

「 I would like to meet with Galeal O’dinn. 」I say to her

「 Goshujin-sama has told me about you beforehand. Please follow me, Okyaku-sama. 」The slave maid replies.

Well, that’s quite shocking. Did he actually expect me to come this soon?

His slave maid guides me to a spacious guest room with nothing except a few sofas and coffee tables. I take a seat. The slave maid goes away to where we came from, presumably to call Galeal.

My unattended state was short-lived as another slave maid, this time a Canids girl with its beautiful golden furs on her ears and tails carries in a tray filled with tea. She places it down on the coffee table and pours it before offering me the tea. This time, a rather normal green tea… I kinda miss that spicy red tea but this is fine.

Not wanting to reject her offer, I raise the cup, moving to drink it but I notice midway the tea inside forms small waves as it slowly spills — my hand is shaking. I’m… I’m nervous huh. It’s quite odd when I think about it. Calmness was at all times high when I tied and knotted the hanging rope, hammering my fate of a rather… painful suicide. But now when doing something much less gruesome, I’m completely shaking.

「 Greetings, my esteemed young gentlemen Alderhide-sama. 」

Galeal comes to me, his attire the same as last time, greeting me with a light bow.

「 Greetings. Thank you for spending your time with me in the midst of your busy schedule. 」I reply.

「 I should be the one to thank you for spending your precious time with this humble merchant, young gentlemen. And please… sleeping around with my beautiful slaves doesn’t count as being busy. Would you be interested to join me for a nice warm bath? 」

「 Eh… 」I say, about to reject, but it would be impolite for me to do so.「 Sure I guess… 」I say, reluctantly.

「 Well then, please follow me, young gentlemen. 」He says as he leads the way to his private bathhouse inside the mansion.

Galeal and I walk into the bathhouse, everything stays the same as the last time I’ve come. The floor and wall plates are beautifully crafted marbles, and the colorful plants surrounding the bathhouse compliments its charm and luxurious feel. As we step into the warm water, his slave maid serves us wine to accompany our bath.

Too much luxury for my taste but rather than complaining, I focus on relaxing myself with the warmth of the water.

When we change and take off our clothes, my old habits back on earth kicks in as I come into the bathhouse with a very small towel to cover my body. Galeal, noticing my habit, is completely shocked and immediately tells me to wrap my bottom body with a towel that goes down to the knees. He even adds that I should submerge myself with the towel on. I guess the bathing culture in this world is different as well.

「 Ahhh… I love taking a bath. Do you feel the same way young gentlemen? 」Galeal says, much more relaxed.

「 Yes, of course, thank you for letting me experience this. 」

During my stay in this world, I’ve almost always taken a bath in a tub, common for nobilities, but never in a tub this wide and spacious. It truly reminds me of Japanese public bathhouses. I used to take showers exclusively there since when I was still living under my father, we didn’t have the luxury of owning a private shower.

「 Is it okay to assume this young gentleman is looking to purchase a fine instrument of pleasure? 」A smile forms on Galeal’s face as he says that. He must be teasing me.

「 W-was it that obvious? 」I ask back, slightly surprised.

「 To be a successful merchant, especially one in this field, requires the ability to know what my guests want even before they know it themselves. 」

「 Okay… I’ll bite then. What do I want Galeal? 」I ask him, intrigued with his current confident demeanor.

A pause takes form between us. Galeal starts stroking his beardless chin, seemingly pondering quite heavily on my question. I take my time by sipping some of the provided wine. And began to stray away, thinking whether I should stockpile my own supplies of the unique red tea.

「 Hmm… A devoted and loving one for sure…  」Galeal says out of nowhere.

I abruptly stop whatever I’m doing. Another smile forms in his features — a jocular one. He must’ve known from my surprised reaction that he’s spot on.

「 An obedient girl who will do whatever you want. Her sole reason for existing is to serve you,  」he continues,「 And that’s something within my power I can easily provide – for a price of course. 」

「 Name your price. 」I ask immediately.

Love is such a priceless thing, although I sincerely hope it’s within the range of what my treasury could afford.

「 Woah, Woah… Slow down Alderhide-sama. I know the youth and the inexperienced ones are very eager and brimming with energy, but you need to calm down. There’s no need to rush. Although I can recommend some immediately, do you perhaps have any particular preference in mind? Maybe you’re still interested in Canids? 」

「 Not really, perhaps a slave girl with magic capability or potential. 」I answer.

Having a loving companion who could also fight by my side would be nice. It feels somewhat lonely to only be accompanied by my shadow minions in a fight.

「 Perfect. Tayla, please bring the merchandise to this esteemed young gentleman. 」Galeal says to his slave maid accompanying us.

「 As you command, goshujin-sama. 」

She then goes out of the place, and not shortly afterward the place somehow becomes more heated as several pretty girls stepped in and lined up in front of the tub me and Galeal are in. The girls all are only wearing simple sleeveless tight white dresses that cling to the curves of their bodies. Another noticeable item would be the black metal collar all of them are wearing.

It feels a bit weird for them to be more dressed than us as we are basically naked with only a towel submerged hiding our private parts in this pool of water, but seeing how Galeal is the same always, I should just get along with the situation.

All in all, there are eight of them lined up with a variety of appearances. Interestingly, from a glance, three of them are the so-called canids race with either white or black furs. One of them is rather petite and dangerously short, like a very young teenager… Oh god, why is she on display? Please no… I’m not interested in those types of girls.

I also notice a dragonkin with pitch-black horns that could’ve been mistaken as Rengda, but the small, sleek, pointy black tail branching into two near the end show otherwise. The Wyrm kind. Accompanied with black hair, she looks dazzling and dominant. But her looks of disdain towards me completely changed my mind about her.

There are also some human slaves, all of them look beautiful with each of them having colorful hair and the body and face type that would’ve made them an idol or model back on earth. But none of them dare to make eye contact with me, instead, they always look to the ground, as if they are trying to hide.

Then, I found a girl who caught my attention the most.

She has green waist-length hair, with equally green eyes, and the most eye-catching of all is her long pointy ear. An elf. She has a delicate thin build but with quite the large chest that fuels my lust. Feeling my gaze, she looks back curiously without nervousness and doubt, unlike the others.

「 The elf strikes your fancy, young gentlemen? Siana is quite the dazzling beauty of an elf. She possesses supportive and healing magic similar to the 《School of Aegis》and 《School of Miracle & Blessing》. You should know the elf magic system is completely different than ours but I believe she should be on par with intermediate mastery or perhaps even advanced level mastery. 」Galeal says, noticing my gaze focusing on her.

I want her.

「 How much? 」I say.

「 The young gentlemen are very decisive huh? To be abrupt, she cost quite the fortune. Fifty gold coins, but since you are a good acquaintance of Reinhardt-sama, I’m willing to lower the price to thirty gold coins. 」

Even with the lowered price, it still cost almost all of my treasury… I don’t want to owe him anything but it looks like I have to take his favor this time.

「 Are you sure you are fine with lowering her price? 」I ask, wanting to confirm.

「 Oh please, young gentlemen. It’s my pleasure to help you. Besides, I sense greatness within you, young gentlemen. This is the least a humble merchant could do to rub some greatness. 」

Damn. Should I bite and use his favors?

I look back to her and within her eyes, there’s a sense of belonging and pleading.

I must have her.

「 Deal. 」

Galeal then gives a hearty laugh and with the slave maid’s signal, the slaves start to leave the bathhouse.

「 Let’s carry on to another room to finish our deal and wait for Siana to get prepared. 」

With swift drying and Galeal’s guide, we arrived in a surprisingly different guest room, this time with what seems to be a magic circle on the floor in the middle.

「 Just to confirm, this is your first time purchasing a fine instrument of pleasure yes?  」Galeal says, breaking the silence.

I nod in confirmation.

「 Alright, let me give you a quick lecture about this world of pleasure. There will be a magical ritual to establish the master-slave contract. The slave will wear a special collar engraved with manaritium that connects the slave to its master. The main feature of the collar is to cause discomfort and even pain to the wearer, the slave when disobeying its master. Another feature is for the master to vaguely know the location of his slave, binding it to its master. 」

Sounds a bit brutal but this is another world’s customs after all. They have different values here. As long as I treat her right, everything should be fine.

「 Should the master die, the collar will kill the slave, 」he continues, 「 or should the slave forcefully try to remove the collar. Only the master can remove the collar successfully. Lastly, since slaves are considered as property to their masters, they can’t register independently to any kind of formal institutions and can’t travel unaccompanied. 」

As soon as he finished talking, his slave maid enters, bringing Siana to the center of the magic circle. This time she’s dressed in a charming light green dress with white boots.

「 Okyaku-sama, please enter the magic circle, facing Siana. There’s a small empty circle in the middle of the magic circle where Okyaku-sama will drop his blood to initiate the ownership ritual. 」The slave maid says.

The slave maid then brings me a small knife. I’m guessing I’m supposed to draw blood with it huh.

I enter the magic circle and prick my index finger quite deeply. Damn, it hurts. Drops of blood spills and land in the clear circle. The magic circle starts glowing and as more drops of blood land on it, the more it glows. Then at its peak, it radiates its light upwards, creating a mesmerizing effect and the magic rune in the collar Siana is wearing starts to glow as well.

In the midst of all this, Siana smiles. There’s something with the way she smiles. A genuine smile, the kind of smile that makes me truly feel happy to be alive and just that little bit more human. Filling my cold heart with that radiant smile of hers.

I’ve made the right choice.

I suddenly feel the location of Siana’s presence which is of course in front of me at the back of my head as if there’s a mental GPS in my mind.

「 Congratulations, young gentleman. The contract is complete, Siana is now officially the slave of the great Renald Alderhide. This is the Zempten banknote, please fill out the form to initiate a wealth transfer of thirty gold coins to my treasury. 」

Hearing Galeal words, I stop blankly staring at her and focus on the document he gives. I carefully read the banknote to make sure everything is clear and there are no hidden meanings, then I fill out the form and give it to Galeal.

「 Thank you and take this young gentleman. This is a document proving your ownership to Siana, as the one and only master of Siana. If by chance you lost it, feel free to contact me to create a new one, for a fee. 」

He hands me the document that feels and has the same magic rune art decoration similar to my magic certificates.

「 Oh, forgive me young gentlemen, but I forgot to tell you one more thing. Although interracial breeding has never happened before, the collar bears the effect of infertility. The wearer won’t be able to procreate. 」Galeal says with a shamelessly wide grin.

Damn this guy really knows what most men really want. I never thought about procreation, even with my wife in my past life.

Now I officially own a slave huh… I can’t help but feel that I’ve done something wrong, but not out of immorality…. But something else… Isn’t this what I want? But then again, it’s probably because I’m doing something very new.

I look back at my Siana and she is charming as always as she smiles with the black metal collar that symbolizes my ownership of her.


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