LOTA CH23 — First Taste ♡♡♡

「 Business with you is pure pleasure, young gentleman. And please don’t worry about my small help. Perhaps, one day I’ll need help, and you’ll be there for me. 」

Galeal says as he sends us off from his mansion gate. A warm friendly smile creeps up at his feature as he sends a farewell and the gate closes, where we go our own separate ways.

Now I’m left alone with my recently bought slave, Siana.

「 Siana, we will be together from now on, so feel free to ask me anything. 」I say, trying to break the cold silence.

「 Yes, master~ And thank you for purchasing me. Siana will do her best to be useful to master. 」Siana says

A slight shiver runs down my spine. Being called master feels strangely good.

「 Umm… Where shall we go, master? 」Siana says, seemingly prompting for my response.

「 I notice how you seem to not have any possessions. So how about we buy you some clothes and other daily necessities, first? 」

「 I do not need excess possession and can live with just the bare minimum. But if you wish for it, then I won’t reject, master. 」

Having the agreement from Siana’s side, we immediately head to a semi-fancy clothing store I’ve found midway on my trip to Galeal’s mansion this noon. A young lady greets us as we come inside. After letting her know that I’m buying clothes for Siana, she immediately gives a small tour around the store while introducing quite a variety of clothes.

I was able to secure and select some cute daily clothes and adventuring attire. Then, she guides me to another room which contains… very, very sexy clothing. Lingeries, thongs, micro-bikinis, and even a freaking skimpy maid outfit. They sure got everything.

Looks like the store attendant already knows the type of person I am and who Siana truly is. Not sure whether I should be glad about this or be heavily concerned, but nevertheless, I fully appreciate and accept her marvelous understanding.

Siana is also with us in this adult room and surprisingly she doesn’t show any reserve or embarrassment with the sexual and skimpy clothes they have available. Instead, she attentively looks at them, although with a slight blush on her part.

Throughout the shopping experience, the store attendant only speaks to me and only bothers interacting with Siana to measure her body. I can only assume she noticed the slave collar Siana’s wearing and therefore didn’t deem it appropriate to recognize her.  But I’m not sure whether she’s ignoring Siana out of respect for me as I’m her master or simply because she’s a slave — a property.

I should’ve known more about this world’s perspective about slavery other than its acceptance and being commonly practiced without any moral stigma. It would’ve made it easier for me to handle social situations with Siana.

At the end of it, I secured some necessary cute daily clothes and lingeries Siana surprisingly takes interest in. All of it bore my wallet quite heavily, leaving me with a meager of two silver coins. But it’s a small price to pay to dress up my cute slave as I fancy.

As we make our way back to the inn and ultimately my room, where there’s a likelihood of closing the deal with sex at the end of the day. I can’t help but feel like I did something wrong… As if what I’m doing right now is unreal due to how it was unnaturally easy to have such a wonderful woman like her be my companion.

I sit down at the edge of the bed, the sun already giving out its honeyed light as it sets while Siana is tidying and handling the clothes we just brought to the drawer. I’ve become awkward about what to do next… Fuck, should I take the lead? Is she fine with being pushed around? Do we do it now? Or does she need more time?

「 Master, I’ve finished taking care of newly bought clothes. Thank you for buying such lovely items…. Is there anything you want me to do? 」

「 Uhh… Yeah, no problem, and… thanks, Siana. 」I say, not sure what to say.

Okay, this is awkward.

「 Master, if it’s not too presumptuous for this lowly slave — you’re too stiff. Please relax and calm down your nerves. 」Siana says, breaking the silence.

「 Yeah… I guess you’re right… 」I say, my voice lowers, and my eyes track away from her.

She’s pretty spot on when I think about it. In both my current and past life I’m always working or studying hard, desperate in achieving my goal, the so-called “success”.

Silence slowly instilled again. Okay, this is awkward again, I need to say something… As I ponder on what to say, Siana comes in front of me, with such cutesy steps.

Then, she kneels on the floor in front of me, hands folded on top of her charming thighs, looking upwards. Her lowered position coupled with my lowered head forces me to meet with her kind and charming gaze. Her beautiful emerald eyes looking at me with a gentle smile. All of it soothes me and makes me lose tension.

So adorable…

It’s the same smile that led me to buy her without hesitation.

「 Anyway, Siana… If it’s okay to ask you… I wonder… How’s your life in the elven society? 」I say trying to break the awkwardness.

Without a word, Siana somehow grabs my right hand with both of her hands, holding it and planting light kisses all over it like it’s the most precious thing in the whole wide world.

Shortly after, Siana moves my hand towards the top of her head. Instinctively, I begin lightly stroking her hair, feeling the silky and smooth strains; Giving her headpats.

While doing so, she closes her eyes with a relaxed smile, humming around and shaking her body to left and right lightly and in a cutely manner — dancing — as if she’s in ecstasy and greatly enjoying my small act of intimacy.

Feeling curious on my end, I deviate from the top of her head, moving my hand downwards just a bit until it reaches her pointy long ear, feeling its smooth lobe.

At first, she grows confused with my action, but after feeling my hand on her ear she smiles again and continues her routine from before.

「 …ppfftt… hahahaha 」

The absurdity and randomness of all this make me lose my composure and release a burst of small laughter.

「 Hehehe… you finally smiled and laughed for the first time since I’ve met you, master. You need to smile more, master. It would be such a waste of that handsome face of yours to not smile~ 」She says as she smiles beautifully.

While I’m processing what she just said, Siana slowly raises her body. Her knees still on the floor as she raises her face closer to me. Inching closer as the world becomes blank when her lips finally touch mine

「nnnhmm…… nnnchu……… aaahhhn……haaaa…… 」

Her kisses become more daring as I feel her soft tongue enter my mouth. I suck her mouth intensely, with Siana remaining active and sucking back.

「 …cchu …nnnmmm… M-master~! ♡」

As we kiss, my hands slip under her dress and make their way to her huge breast. Gently caressing her tits, feeling their doughy feel and smooth surface, I gradually begin kneading them.

I’ve never felt such extreme joy and lust, unlike that bitch in my previous life.

After what feels like forever indulging in a very long kiss, I reluctantly release Siana, wanting to check out her condition. Her cute blush with the scene of our saliva thread hanging from both our tongues arouses me to no end.

This reminds me…

「 I forgot to ask both Galeal or you, but by any chance are you… a… a virgin…? 」

「 Yes, I’m a virgin, master ♡ ~ *giggles* But worry not master~ they’ve thoroughly educated me about the subtle art of the flesh. How my silky green hair, my big full breasts, my sexes… even my mouth and my other opening, all of my parts are only to fulfill the needs and desires of the person who purchased me. So, please — my master — let me guide you, and please be gentle with me. 」

Her seductive voice, filled with such affection, arouses me and is transmitted towards my dick. I want her.

Just when I think about removing my bulging pants, Siana seems to think the same as she moves her hands to undress me. I help her by standing up a bit until my dick is able to rise to its full glory.

With the sun still not fully setting down, my penis is completely revealed for her to see. She’s staring so hard at it too.

「 Please let this lowly elven slave delight you with her pretty little mouth, master~ 」

She sticks out her tongue and starts licking my dick.

Just the smoothness and warmth of her tongue alone sends jolts up my spine. Siana doesn’t show any reserve and licks down my shaft up and down fully, without leaving any place untouched.

She breathes heavily, panting on my dick. Then after she goes back to the tip, she starts sucking the head before going deeper and deeper, covering my shaft with her mouth.

「 Aaahh, Siana, it feels so good. 」

「 M-master…. nnnnmmmm 」

Her soft warm mouth slowly but surely gives me a sense of release.

The best thing about her blowjob is not feeling her tongue touching or her sweet moans so close to my dick, but rather her enthusiasm and devotion in servicing me with her entire being.

「 ….nnnmmmmm…. 」she moans, her mouth filled, then she lets out with a pop,「 Do you like this lowly elven slave sitting below you on her knees, serving your towering cock, master~? ♡ 」

I unconsciously grab Siana’s head, feeling her smooth hair again.

Siana continues serving my dick with her mouth. Once in a while, she tries to go down fully, albeit only taking half of my shaft. Amidst her mouth filled with the head of my dick, she gazes upward, offering her submission towards me.

Led by the simulation of her blowjob and feeling impatient, I push my dick down her tight throat. Her hands are on my thighs now but she doesn’t resist even the slightest.

Right. She’s my slave. I can do whatever the hell I want with her.

I stand up, focusing on shoving my cock deeper into her throat, fucking her face. Her back shakes slightly as she chokes, my whole dick down on her tight throat.

Ooh, this feeling of dominating a woman and immortality as I treat Siana’s gorgeous face as a mere warm cocksleeve. I feel way more pleasure doing this than gently making love.

Submerging my full-length cock down her throat is the best.

I could never ask that bitch to do something this violent.

「 Aaahh! Siana!! 」

「 khogh, khogh, khogh 」

Siana’s coughing violently. She’s in such a mess with her drool and tears all over her face.

Fuck, I was too caught up with the moment. W-what have I done…?

What’s worse is that it all felt so good treating her as a toilet and I could cum down her throat at any second.

I let go of her off my dick. She falls slightly as she tries to maintain her balance and gasp for air.

「 A-are you okay Siana? 」

Shit… It’s all over now. She must’ve hated me now…

「 Khogh… Oh, how I wish for you to be gentle with me, but… khogh, khogh, such roughness is also fine master~ 」She replies with a hoarse voice but still manages to display a smile full of affection.

I was so sure she’s going to start to hate me due to how violent I was a moment ago… but she… doesn’t?

Is she okay with all of this? Is she willing to accept my violent and dominant urges?

「 D-do you want to release your cum down my thirsty throat, master? I’m fine with whatever you want to do, master~ I dare offer no resistance. 」

I can’t hold back anymore. I really want to make her mine, and her tight throat is so good. But there’s another place I haven’t tried yet to finalize and make her mine.

「 H-huh? What are you doing, Master? 」

I princess-carry her and throw her on the bed.

I’m atop of her now, looking down at my lovely slave.

She grows confused and seems to become not sure what to do. But nevertheless, she keeps looking at my eyes, as if she’s ready to accept whatever I’m about to do to her — submitting to me.

Her massive tits spill freely above her chest, creating a beautiful shape as she lays down on the cushions, even more so with the same dress she wears back at the slave merchant.

Being impatient and wanting to see her reaction, I grab her dress and tear it down to half with brute force.

「 Aaahh~! 」She yelps in surprise.

Her smooth, slim, yet curvy body can now be seen to the fullest. The warm light that touches her skin adds a beautiful charm to it.

She stares back with the same puppy eyes of hers again, showing no resistance even when I’m treating her pretty roughly with the way I tore her dress and eating her out like a savage beast.

「 Is this… Has the time come at last? For you to take my maidenhood… my precious virginity from me? 」

「 Yes, 」I say with a serious tone,「 be mine, Siana. 」

I spread her thighs lightly and she complies, opening up the beautifully shaped and hairless pussy that betwixt them. Her pussy seems to already be soaking wet and sparkling.

I place the head of my dick just outside the entrance of her pussy.

「 I’m going in, Siana. Be mine and mine only Siana. 」

「 Y-yes master. Conquer my body, ravish me to your heart’s content. 」

I push my dick down on her entrance. She was not lying as it is much tighter, much better than that bitch. I could feel something breaking as I continue slipping my dick halfway to her pussy.


「 Are you okay…? Do you want to stop? 」

I stop midway, her expression filled with pain and discomfort.

「 No!! Keep going, master! Don’t stop! 」

「 B-but you’re in pain… 」

「 Y-yes… i-it hurts master, but please keep going! 」

Even amidst her pained expression, she’s still able to smile so wonderfully. Her hand caressing my cheek as she looks at me lovingly.

She’s… She’s accepting me.

Her approval tears down the last of my reasons, I continue submerging and planting my penis deeper into her wet narrow pussy. My dick reaches to the entrance of her womb.

「 Yes~! Keep going! Take me master~ Take me! Engrave me this pain into me so I never forget that I’ve become yours! — AAAAHHHH!! — That I’m just your little bed-slave you can do with what you will… at your ~every~ passing whim! ♡ 」

I pound into her pussy harder and harder, showing no reserve in using my strength and the weight of my body to the fullest. Solely focusing on enjoying the sensation of her warm hole.

「 Yes~! Yes~! Yes~! Fuck me harder master! — Ahhhhhnnn!! — Completely convert me as your slave! ♡ 」

She makes a sweet, soft little whimpering and yelping sound as I continue to pound into her. Her sweet whimpers and moans stimulate my lust each time they escape from her lungs.

The sound of me smacking and pounding to her, mixed with our moans, gasps, yelps fills the air. Coupled with the heavy scent of our passionate and rough sex.

「 Take it, slave! Take it all! 」

「 Yes, master! Ahhhhnnn! Reduce me to be your lust toy, Master! One who you can treat as your own little plaything! 」

I make sure to keep moving, enjoying the sensation of her vagina as it presses hard on my dick.

「 Yes master! Rape me to the fullest! Have no care for me, Master! — Ahhhnnn! – Make me forget everything! All of my past! My childhood! My everything! 」

I comply with her request, as I keep thrusting my dick towards her womb hard. As I move my hips, I move my idle hand towards her dangling breast.

Squeezing them, feeling their supple texture roughly without care, leaving beautiful red marks on her white skin.

「Haa……Ahh, nmmm! Haaa! 」

She seems to be pleased with the way I’m treating her roughly, maintaining that same wonderful smile of hers. Thank god, she’s a masochist.

I keep thrusting and thrusting. Then, I feel that I’m close to ejaculating. My mind starts becoming blank with the ultimate sensation of pleasure. Left with a single thought of conquering her womb with my seeds.

「 I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! 」

「 Yes master! Cum to your heart’s content. ~RUIN~ me! Claim me as your fuck-slave! ♡ 」

Her dirty talk and sweet whimpers filled with her beg of claiming her are all it took to break the dam within me as I release all of my lust and seeds with my dick kissing her womb.

「 AHHH~!! I love you, Siana! 」


I enjoy the feeling of release as I pour a lifetime worth of seed inside of her. She squeals in pleasure and then she’s left panting and gasping as I continue to discharge the last vestige of my white spunk.

「 Hhhaaaa!!! I can feel your seed inside my womb, my master~ ♡ 」

After ejaculating all of my lust and seeds to the fullest into her womb, I collapse on top of her. Pressing my worn-out and sweaty body on top of her. She seems to not mind my body weight with the way she giggles.

「 Siana… I love you… 」

I relax and enjoy the afterglow of releasing. This is the hardest I’ve ever cummed in both of my entire lives.

Siana, my one and one only… I love you so much.

「 I love you so… so much Siana. Please stay by my side forever and ever. 」

「 Yes master…. I’m your Siana, your elven slave. 」


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