LOTA CH42 — Veinard Trading Guild

By the time I’ve come to my consciousness, the light stings my eyes, the curtain still left open for the bright light to come through the room. The roof, a much more pristine marble and elaborate framework way better than the dorm or mother’s house, coupled with a chandelier with more lamps and tiers than mother’s. And the bed I’m in is as soft as the clouds and huge enough that it can fit four people.

I’m in the Alderhide mansion, aren’t I?

I wake up and go near the window, where the sun is at its highest peak, shining and showcasing the spectacular view of the maze-like garden springing flowers and beautifully crafted white statue, a lady pouring water to the fountain. Damn, I slept for too long.

I don’t remember much of what happened yesterday other than taking a bath, then the maids swiftly but attentively mended my wounds, applying fresh new bandages, whereupon at that time I was too tired and immediately fell asleep like a log.

Just as I am wondering what to do next, maybe checking up with my mother, a slight creak of the door invades my ear. I look back and see the maid lightly bowing.

「 Greetings, young lord. I presume the rest was plentiful. 」

「 Yes, it was. Is there anything that matters? 」

「 Lady Heva has recently arrived and is still in her carriage. She has summoned you to join her on her outing if the young lord is awake. 」

「 Very well. Tell mother I will be there in a minute or two. You may leave. 」

The maid leaves the room, and I quickly prepare as I change back to my clothes that apparently have been prepared left on the table.

Then I come outside the room, and make way to the main lobby, passing through the hall littered with paintings on the walls, accompanied by unique flowers in ceramic vases.

「 Wow… would you look at that. The son of the whore in the flesh… 」

Son of a b-

「 Quick, sister. You definitely don’t want to be infected with its shameless vulgar attitude. 」

「 I agree, brother. I don’t want to be the next whore who loves to leech off men. 」

They walk quickly, leaving small mocking laughter as they pick up their pace. They are Ryden, the second oldest brother, and Cefre, the youngest sister of the Alderhide family.

I want to retort the favor but there are more pressing matters. I try to forget about it and continue to the main door, where I finally see mother still sitting in a carriage far better than the one that mother has back in the Alderhide countryside. Wearing a charming green gown this time, but her classic black pillbox hat is still there.

「 There you are, sweetie! 」She waves at me, urging me to come inside the carriage,「  How was your rest? 」

「 Splendid my mother. 」I hop into the carriage, lightly kissing my mother’s hand as it is the normal etiquette,「 My wounds should naturally heal up in a day or two. So… Where are we going? 」

With me tucked in nicely in the carriage’s soft sofa sitting across my mother, the horse neighs and soon the carriage starts moving.

「 While you were sleeping, I thought it would be great to ask for a position in《Veinard Trading Guild》where you will be tasked in one of their branches far away from Veinard. Isn’t it perfect for your current circumstances?  」She says, letting out a small smile, one that is forced.

While here I am lazing around and still worrying about it, my mother has already found a solution for my current problem. Dammit. How much more should I be in debt with my mother.

But why do I have a feeling I’m forgetting something…? Oh yeah, I should check up with Shen.


Shen, are you there? How is your time in the Sky Palace?

『 All Is Well, My Revered And Honorable Creator~ 』


Shen, back to its normal dragonic voice. The same deep and primal-like voice. But this time with deep reverence and respect. Even a bit sultry in the end…

If it was in her human voice, I would’ve probably been entranced, with her dragon voice, however… I’m honestly a bit creeped out.


Judging from your voice, I can see you are back in your dragon form, as requested. How was it? Do you notice any change?

『 I Do Not Feel Any Changes, My Creator. I Am Still The Dragon That You’ve Known Of, Shen. 』


So reverting back to her original dragon form doesn’t change anything huh…

It was a little hope of mine, but it was all for nothing from the seems of it.


『 My Creator, You’re with Your Mother Right?  』

Yes… I forgot you can sense or perceive my surroundings. What about it?

『 Would It Be Permissible For Me To Meet With Your Mother? In My Human Form Of Course. 』

Whaaat?! Why?!


「 Why are you smiling sweetie? 」Mother asks out of nowhere, seemingly bemused.

What? I’m smiling? No way in hell I’m smiling…

Was it that shocking that I smiled…?

「 Nothing, mother. I just thought of a funny joke. 」I say, trying to dismiss it all.

「 Well, whatever it is. 」She lightly giggles, her smile now the genuine kind that I’ve known since I was still a child,「 Keep it that way, sweetie. You should smile more. You would’ve scored yourself a point or two with women with that smile. 」


I dismissed what my mother said. I look out the window and try my hardest to keep a poker face, where I will continue to converse with Shen through telepathy.


And why should I let you meet with my mother, Shen?

『 It’s to… to To Learn How To Walk And To Also Learn Human Society In-Depth, Yes… Yes, That’s Right! May I, My Creator?! 』

Okay… And why does it have to be my mother and instead of someone else?

『 She’s The One You Trust And Is Closest To The Most, Right?  』

Well… If you insist then.


I’m not entirely convinced by her answer but it’s not like anything bad would happen with her meeting with my mother, right? Right?!

In a couple of minutes, the carriage stops. Just about time. Across the street, a towering clock springs out in the corner of the magnificent building which I’m sure is the rumored《Veinard Trading Guild》The clock tower somehow reminds me of London’s Big Ben, but unlike it, this clock only faces one side.

Near where the carriage stops, there’s a small alley, perfect for Shen to come through hiddenly.


Shen, can you summon yourself?

『 By All Means. Although It Would Require Your Explicit Permission And Not Far Away From You. 』

I allow you to summon yourself. Make sure to do it on the small gap between the two buildings near me.


A quick flash of purple light springs out of the alley, seemingly going unnoticed by a few passersby, too busy in their day-to-day life. And shortly afterward, Shen comes out of the alley, looking dazzling as ever. She’s surprisingly standing quite well compared to last time.

「 Ahhh… My cr— Renald! H-how are you? 」

「 Ohh it’s you, Shen! Mother, this is… this is my… my dragonkin friend. 」

「 Hello, Renald’s mother. What a coincidence we met each other. I’m his, Ahh–! 」

Oh no, she falls down again!

I quickly dash to her and carry her up again.

「 Oh my… what happened to her? 」mother asks worryingly.

「 She, uhh… 」Come on… Think of an excuse,「 she sprained her ankle a week ago. She should have already been healed but it seems that she’s still having trouble walking. It would be best if mother can support and teach her how to walk. 」

「 Okay… sweetie, 」mother steps forward, giving her hand, 「 And who is this beautiful girl that I gladly come to know of? 」

「 My name is Shen. 」She steps in, able to stand again,「 and I’m Renald’s ser— I mean… soulmate! 」

「 Wait, wait wait no! we are not! She and I are really just friends, mother! 」

「 Ara Ara~ 」Mother’s hand gently covering her small laughter.

「 Umm… Is there something funny, mother? I’m sorry for not letting you know her sooner.  」

「 Look at you being all shy, sweetie. I’m so happy! All this time I was worried why you’ve never mentioned any women or lovers, while you always go adventuring around with that Reinhardt boy… to the point it leads me to the wrong conclusion… 」She says, avoiding eye contact, and her voice drops near the end, seemingly a bit reluctant and ashamed.

Wait… Wrong conclusion…? Did, did mother think I’m actually gay or something?!

「 Ara-ara~ well anyway, my dear grown-up boy~ I think it’s about time you take care of your business in the《Veinard Trading Guild》with sir Dorlad, while your secret lover and I will have a heart-to-heart, women-to-women talk. 」

「 I-it would be an honor! 」Shen joins in, excitedly.

「 W-wait don’t I have a say in this matter?! 」

They all hop into the carriage again, with mother helping Shen get on the carriage, not even paying attention to the screams of my worry.

「 Fufufu… Bye-bye sweetie~! 」

「 Bye Bye Renald! 」

And they all left, without more words said, other than the sound of the whip and the carriage moving…

I feel left out. I thought I would be together with them if I allowed Shen to meet with my mother. What are they going to do with just the two of them?! Will my mother tell Shen shameful stories when I was still young that I didn’t even know before my transmigration?!

「 Umm… Excuse me, Sir. Are you going to come inside to the《Veinard Trading Guild》? 」

「 Ah yes, I will get inside. 」

I come inside and I must say, the guild is definitely something else. Its decorations and interiors, although slightly less impressive than the《Dyron Temperament》is way better than《Adventurer’s Creed》when I really think about it.

No rowdy crowd of adventurers where they boast of great adventures or share exaggerated tales of defeating monsters as they drink alcohol to the fullest. At first, it gives a rather unique feel to the guild’s atmosphere, but after getting used to it to death, I much rather have some quiet peace. Especially since those kinds of people are usually the ones who only talk and talk, not letting their actions do the talking instead, trying too hard to impress the beautiful girl behind the receptionist.

Much more refined, as trading is definitely the place for the intellectuals with no room left for brutes.

I even overheard a group of merchants discussing which type of grains to buy that will sell the most to different cities.

On the wall behind the large reception desk, lies what I think is this guild’s slogan.

Sweat and guile combined shall turn to gold 

「 Excuse me, sir. How may I assist you? 」the receptionist asks.

「 Ah, yes. I’m looking for sir Dorald. 」

「 Well then, please follow me. I shall escort you to his office. 」

Then the receptionist leads me to his office. I lightly knock on the door and slowly open it. What greets me is a spacious room, with a man sitting behind a table, and what seems to be his assistant standing next to him. A typical room for an important or influential person.

「 Greetings, you must be Renald. I heard from your mother, Lady Heva, that you are interested in escaping from the mundane that is the Veinard kingdom and would like to test your luck in adventuring and experiencing the world outside of our home kingdom. 」

Hmm… Looks like she already has a story to go along with the reason why I want to go far away.

「 Yes, that’s right. I feel like I’m just not living up to my potential. 」I say, going along with my mother’s story.

「 That’s great. We are currently recruiting for skilled professionals in one of our many overseas branches, in the mystical lands littered with floating islands, both equally arcane structures, and mountains — the Kasanra region. The land of the Canids. 」

The man points to one of the paintings. A huge world map plastered on the wall,

「 A week ago we received a message from our branch in Kasanra, requesting more men to help with their operations there. It is a rather weird request since they operate independently and can recruit people themselves, but considering they are requesting educated men with noble experience it is very reasonable as they would’ve been hard-pressed to find a man with such high criteria. 」

「 I can see why that’s the case. But the criteria of an educated man with noble experience… What would I be doing there specifically? 」

「 We aren’t exactly sure, but it is highly likely the job entails diplomacy matters with the local Canids nobles there. You will be given further detailed instructions over there. 」


「 I understand if you need more time before joining us. 」

I don’t need to delay the decision much longer, the sooner I get out, the better.

「 Is there an employment contract I need to sign? I don’t need much more time to prepare. 」

「 That’s great. Give him the contract paper. 」

His assistant places the contract and a fancy feather ink on the table.

The contract is the usual formal one. A logo consisting of the veinard kingdom’s banner of livery white, blue, and gold. With bright stars inside the shield and ships with its classic multiple white sails. The guild’s emblem.

The employment contract term is filled with a description of where I will be assigned to their branch in Kasanra. With compensation of eight silvers per month. Smaller than my monthly allowance, but with an upfront payment of one month. And even insurance. If by chance I pass away in my service, my affected family will be compensated with six months worth of salary…

Not sure if I should be thankful for their generosity or concerned, there’s a mention of death insurance as it hints that where I’m going can be a dangerous place.

「 Welcome to the《Veinard Trading Guild》」he says offering a hand, I return the favor by gripping a firm handshake,「 where under the blessing of his majesty the king, we shall turn sweat and guile to gold for our own and the kingdom’s prosperity. 」

He glances at the signed contract and then passes it to his assistant where he immediately heads out of the room, presumably to pass it to the administration.

「 Your immediate presence there is important, so I will assign one of our affiliated merchants, Sir Aston Marcht, to help transport you to Kasanra in the next three days. He’s going there to sell luxurious goods such as wines to the local Canids nobles there. You will join his voyage and as soon as you’ve arrived in Jayavia city, you will head to our branch where you will report in and be given further instruction. Understood? 」

Hmm… Marcht — a last name. He’s a noble?

「 Yes, sir. 」

「 Great, please give me a second. 」

He leans slightly to the left, where he pulls on a drawer and places two letters on the table. Both have the blue wax seal with the guild’s emblem. Guild’s emblem insignia, and a pouch of money, my upfront compensation from the looks of it.

「 Here is the《Veinard Trading Guild》badge insignia, as you are now officially one of the core professionals of our guild. On the left is a letter of your mission to be given to Aston Marcht. We will tell him the news soon that you will be boarding his ship, but this letter will be for verification purposes. And on the right is a letter to our branch in Kasanra. Oh and don’t forget about your upfront payment. The Kasanra branch will be the one who gives the compensation from now on. 」

「 Thank you, if that is all then I will be on my way to prepare for the voyage. 」

「 That is all. I wish you safe passage and good luck on your journey. And that amidst your duties, you’ll find the great adventure you’ve been looking for. 」

I give a last firm handshake to the man. Then I head outside. My mind is filled with the preparation I need to do for the inevitable voyage. Where I will leave my mother behind…




At the end of the day, I’m in the Sky Palace, writing letters to send to Elras, Aaron, and some of my close professors other than Professor Meyer, after I just finished packing up my things back in the dorm which all will fit in one large suitcase. Although it’s only in three days I will be going to a faraway land in Kasanra, it’s better to prepare as soon as possible.

It’s a breeze, just writing papers, only what’s left is some minor professors I have small relations with. A simple greeting and a small story of how I want to adventure far away, across the ocean.

With these letters, if they are involved in the crossfire, at the very least those dragonkins will know where they should go and leave them alone.

I’m sitting down in what seems to be the master bedroom, a much more spacious bedroom compared to the others. And with a simple mind of wanting a large desk with a comfortable chair, it immediately appeared in this room.

It would’ve been a calm night if it weren’t for Shen barging immediately inside my room. Didn’t even bother knocking first… Looks like I got some common etiquette to teach in my to-do list later on.

She seems to be in a very confident and ecstatic mood after she meets up with mother.

「 Shen, 」I call tersely,「 you know to knock on the door before coming in, right? 」

「 Yes, My creator. 」She answers, as she closes the door.

There’s that word again that bothers me to death.

「 Dear goddess… 」I sigh…「 will you ever stop saying my creator?! 」

「 You never forbid me to call you as my creator, MY creator… 」She says, letting out an enigmatic smile.

Is she being smug?

「 Hmmm, let me guess… If I forbid you to say that, you would just find another one, right? 」

「 Of course. 」She comes closer, the large table that separates me and her proving to be an obviously poor obstacle as she gracefully navigates around it,「 if you don’t like it, I can call you as my lord, my king, or perhaps… My owner would fit you more~ 」

I swallowed real hard. I’m at a loss with this woman…

「 You know what… I give up, I rather you call me as master than creator. 」

「 Wait… Don’t tell me?! 」

「 Yes, Shen… 」I say slowly, preparing for the inevitable,「 I’m retracting my command, from now on you can call me as master. 」

「 M-ma.. master… 」Her eyes lit up as soon as she finished her word.

「 Thank you, my master~ 」

Her words gently blow to my eardrum, sending shivers to the core. And my lower part twitches.

「 Now then, is there any business for you to come here? 」

「 Umm… Master, would you like some tea? 」


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