Chapter 10: Logic can’t win against lust


Seeing of Misuzu who has a happy expression, Ran makes a stiff face.
Putting his penis wet with Misuzu’s saliva and love nectar in his pants, he turned towards the trees like in a play then speak up.

「…The disciplinary committee is quite bad at tailing someonie」
「Unfortunately, I’m not a ninja nor a detective」

Behind the tree, a long black hair was blown by the wind and colored the night view.
The school girl opens her legs on shoulder length and folds her arm in front of her chest dignifiedーInugami Kanami.
Ran slowly observes Kanami’s figure.

Her bangs evenly cut.
Reddish brown eyes peps from behind.
Brave and sharp like a hawk who found it’s prey.
Ridge of the nose developed well, pink lips closed tightly.
A splendid ponytail peeps from the neck.
Each and every part that makes herーeverything creates Kanami’s swordswoman atmosphere

On her waist is a real sword sheathed.
Seeing that, Ran draws back his neck in surprise.

The fact that he’s having sex with Misuzu every night.
I thought that it’ll be found out someday but who’d thought that Kanami would be the first one to notice
Furthermore, if this continues, it’ll be murder
Ran’s smile breaks from the dangerous atmosphere.

「I thought you’re dead but who’d thought that you’re alive.」
「…Don’t look at me like I’m your parent’s enemies. I’m quite scared you know?」

Try to use the Retrainer training towards Kanami while buying time
But, the distance is too far, it can’t be sensed that Kanami can be enslaved.

Also, there’s the anxiety whether the skill would activate or not.
Misuzu’s less cautious of Ran, it was easy to take it to the next step and give her a French kiss.
But in this situation, in this atmosphere, can I even kiss Kanami?
Can she be hold down by the first stage of the Retainer training.

「…For the time being, how about putting down your sword? If you have that skill and a real sword, your classmate can’t help but to be scared」

On Kanami’s head, the letters 『Infinite_Cutting(Overkill_Critical)』 are floating.
A skill that would shooting countless attacks in a flash.
It’s unknown how much power it holds but if he carelessly moved and allowed it to activate, it’s possible that Ran’s life would be flicked away easily.
Feeling that pressure, in addition to his unskilled conversation, he doesn’t think he can seduce Kanami.

「Well, you’re right. Kirishima’s unarmed. It would be unfair if I’m the only one who has a sword

Saying that, Kanami pulled the sword out of her waist and leant it against a nearby tree.
The distance with the sword is too close.
Even if he can jump into Kanami’s breasts when she’s out of guard, he’ll still be torn to pieces in the next moment.
How do I steal Kanami’s lips?

「But, why do you want to break my relationship with Misuzu? Could it be that you’re jealous of us making love every nightー」
「Jealous? Why would I be?」

Not looking she’s trying to fool him, she clearly cut the trial into two.
This is harsh.

Especially, today’s opponentーKanami has clearly witnessed what Misuzu and Ran did.
Furthermore, in this state, she likely has figured what Ran did to make Misuzu look like that.

If he moved badly, it’s possible that she’ll call the schoolboys she trust then attack again.
That has to be avoided by all costs.
Right now, there’s a need to use the retainer training for sure.

「Misuzu and I love each other. Why would you, who’s unrelatedーjust a classmate, Inugami-san interfere with us!
「Love each other? Isn’t it just a false affection put by your vicious skills?」

Kanami’s words were all sound arguments.
The disciplinary committee member, and Kendo’s model swordsman, Inugami Kanami. It’s unthinkable to be able to oppose her in a fight.

First, approach and manipulate her body alone.

Ran shows an attitude of thinking something, then he tapped his toe on the ground three times.

Immediately after, Ran’s mouth distorts.

Kanami who’s facing him tilts her head from that doubtful change in expression.
Ran tapped the ground with his toe again then jumped into Kanami’s breasts like a bullet while guarding his face with his arm.

「The sense of justice ruins itself in time!」

Kanami confronts Ran who lost himself and charged with her real sword.
That said, the opponent is a classmate of the same age.
Use the skill with the sheath and just beat him up.
Ran doesn’t have any physical skills so it’s easy to make him unable to move with that alone.

Go easy on himーand have Misuzu be healed afterwards, Kanami’s guilt from injuring a classmate would be cleared up.
Kanami doesn’t like to denounce someone but, Ran’s the bad one in this case.
She has to drive it in properly.

Kanami holds her sword then takes a kendo stance.
She prayed for her skill to activate then tried to swing her sword towards Ran who’s rushing inー

Suddenly, countless number of presence appeared behind Kanami.
That sensation took her will for a while then at the next moment, countless numbers of butterflies buried her vision completely.


Surprised from the sudden appearance of the flock of butterflies, Kanami instinctively guarded her face.
With her skill cancelled, Kanami created a bit opening.

「Inugami Kanamiー. I’ll have you as my retainer!」

At the moment the flock went away, Kirishma Ran is already in front of Kanami.
Flicking off the sword in her hand, Ran jumps in Kanami’s breasts.
He turned his arms then Ran carressed her ass.
Kanami instinctively closed her eyes from the discomfort felt on her hips, ass, and chest.
Even though she’s being groped by a school boy who she’s not intimate withーeven though it should be unpleasantー

She thought that it feels slightly good for some reason.

The parts embraced by Ran feels strangely hot.
Kanami doesn’t think of anything about Ran but her body’s hot and she can’t help but feel ticklish.
Normally, she’d only think of devoting herself to shake him off with the prided strength forged by kendo
Before she could think, she’d reflexively make the action.

But, why?
I’d like to hold Ran in my chest just like now.
I want Ran’s temperature.

「ー. I-I won’t be fooled!」

Pushing Ran away, Kanami folds her arm in front of her chest.
Staring at Ran as if punching a hole in him, Kanami’s desperately manipulating her heart that’s beating so fast.

She understands it in her head.
Her chest tightens when she look at the boy in front of her is because he’s using his skill.
Even if she understands it with her mind, her body doesn’t listen to what it says.

The skill will ensure the retainer enslaved after the steps.
First is to activate the skill.
Then, fill the head with him alone, then give a French kiss.
Finally, by making the retainer reach the climax from the hand of the user, they’ll fall as a completely obedient slave.

Kanmi right now is in a state where there’s still some reason left.
If she thinks of shaking him off then she can, if she thinks of escaping then she can.

But, at the same time, the emotion of not wanting to refuse Ran also rises.
Her heart beats quickly, her mouth dries up. She thought, she’d like to see him more and more.
In such a state looking at an opposite sexーeven Kanami can’t refuse Ran completely.


Her cheeks caressed by this school boy she hates, Kirishima Ran, it hurts her to think that it feels good.
When her jaw was stroked, her mouth instinctively melts down.
The way he touch is obscene.

「You don’t need to hold back your voice. Nobody’s going to come, nobody’s going to hear you know?」
「…You’re going to hear it don’t you? I’d rather die than show a shameless figure to you」
「You’re the “Kuh, kill me” type?」
「I’ll beat you up」

Even if she speaks strongly with her mouth, Kanami’s already captivated by Ran’s hands.
She thinks “I want you to touch the hot parts, touch it more”
Stoke itーshe can’t say those words.
If that spot is ‘that’, Kanami would’ve already climaxed multiple times.

Ran’s fingertips reaches Kanami’s mouth and traced it slowly.
Kanami’s non-resistant lips opened up by his fingers, then Ran’s finger slowly invades Kanami’s mouth.

Making wet sounds, Kanami’s mouth is violated by Ran’s fingertips.
She knows that she looks miserable, she’s only thinking about her mouth being tampered by Kirishima ran, her cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

But, she can’t resist.
It is not instinctive or that she’s being hindered.
The man in front of him playing with her mouthーthat act makes her feel excitement clearly.

Her tongue stroked, her cheek pushed from inside, her gums being poked.
I want to be violated more.
I want Kirishima ran to mess up my mouth.
I want you to tell Kanami’s a lewd woman, making her saliva drip down.
I want you to tell me that I’m attractive.

「…Ah, aaah, ahー」

Drooling from the end of her mouth, Kanamiw remained being done.
Why does Ran violate my mouth with his fingers.
I want to be stirred by something softer.
For exampleーthat’s right, Ran’s sweet tongue inside his mouth.

「K-Kiri-Kirishima. Why are you doing this…」

Ran doesn’t answer
He just sent a glance to Kanami then kept playing with her mouth silently.
Why fingers?
If anything, I’d like you to poke your tongue in.
I want to be teased by those soft looking lips.
I want to be messed up.


Unable to endure her impatience, Kanami grabbed Ran’s cheeks.
While playing with Kanami’s heart with a strange ability, Ran’s doing as he please with Kanami’s mouth
If you don’t have the courage to violate me then don’t do this from the beginning.

Kanami’s not an indecent doll who’d listen to everything she’s told.
She feels when she’s touched, she feels excited because of the boy in front of her.
It’s already her limit.

「I’ll make you regret making me strange. It’s Kirishima Ran’s fault why this happened」

Kanmi grabbed Ran’s wrist then pulled his fingers out of her mouth.
Feeling aroused from the light that connects Ran’s finger and Kanami’s mouth, her mind preparation is complete.
She’s been violated inside her mouth a lot.
This time, it’s Kanami’s turn to attack.


Kanami draws Ran’s face then robbed his lips away.
The hot pleasure attacks her body, she can’t endure it if done this way.
Ran turned Kanami as his retainer so his relationship with Misuzu won’t be found out.
There’s no kindness at all.
A kiss on the opponent sex who I don’t think about at all, I shouldn’t be happー

「Fufu, you’re quite a straight girl more than I expected. Inugami-san」

At the moment she heard a voice from somewhere, Ran’s fingers violated Kanami’s mouth again.