Chapter 34 : Dazzling skin tone and glossy thighs


If an adolescent high school boy worries endlessly about the thighs of his classmate at broad daylight, there’s only one thing he’ll do at night.

Recalling it multiple times, the flesh colored and soft meat. How will it feel if I touch it, it must be smooth to rub on cheeks, what flavor will it have when you lick it?ーHaving such delusions, a popular solution would be to convert the libido into an overflowing amount of semen let out.

Therefore, Ran will also soar up with an amazing side dish for tonight.
There’s no way the greedy Kirishima Ran would not do such a too good thing.

Changing from the saint Kirishima Ran to the senior employee Ryan, he reached Sayaka’s bedroom by hiding himself in the dark.
The moon is still up. Normally, it’s a time where no one appears in the corridor. Ran’s penis erects painfully just remembering what he saw at daytime, he’s unable to endure it until the time when the Saints fall asleep.

「I’ve seen Sayaka’s lewd appearance countless times but that glimpse of her skin is exceptional. A classmate panting is amazingly lewd but, as expected, nothing stirs up your lust more than a daily glimpse」

However, if he made a mistake and went to the room due to high tension, all of the future plans will go crazy, so Ran calms down in front of the door then knocks twice into the door to Sayaka’s room.
As soon as the door opens, the appearance of Sayaka opening her eyes wide in surprise shows up.

A lowered twin braids bringing out a docile atmosphere. A pair if eyeglasses shows a vacant feeling, the small animal cuteness is shown.
And her lovely stretched out body enveloped in a clothing different from the uniform she’s usually wearing.
The training wear filled with glimpses of lust during the daytime

「KiriーB-Butler? What’s wrong? This late in time?」
「Oooh…Byutifuoo Haisukuru uchudento, yay!1

Speaking out grumblings, Ran jumped inside Sayaka’s room and closed the door behind him.
He put the blonde wig and the glasses on the nearby shelf and embraced Sayaka’s body tightly.
She must have not taken a shower yet. The smell of sweat drifts from the moist head.

Inhaling Sayaka’s aroma to his chest further fills Ran’s arousal.
The erect penis rose up in his butler clothes and the bulging is pressed against Sayaka’s lower abdomen.

「…Kirishima-kun, your thing’s hitting me」

Blushing, Sayaka raises the corner of her mouth proudly.
Looking at Ran’s behavior of jumping to her showing arousal without making any appointments beforehand, Sayaka lowers Ran’s pants while showing a face of her sadistic heart.

「Even though it’s earlier than usual. …You wanted me that much?」

Poking Ran’s lips with her fingertips as if licking it.
Her eyes behind the glasses narrows confidently and her waist trembles.

But, Ran’s glance goes lower than Sayaka’s face. It also goes through her chest that shows no swelling, through her crotch, and eventually to the thighs wrapped in training wear.

The material’s unknown but it’s a training wear for Saints that’s designed like gym clothing.
From the length of the training wear, her thighs burned by the sunーstretched thinly to her calf creating a smooth curve.

In addition, she’s not wearing any socks or black thighs because she’s in the room, only bare feet.
Different from her thin brown calves, her ankle and toe aren’t burned by the sun and is fair white.
That is also creating a sensual atmosphere.

「Kirishima-kun, where are you looking since earlier?」
「No, I’m not looking at anything in particular though?」
「If you answer honestly, I’ll make you feel a lot good」
「Your thighs. I’ve been looking at Sayaka’s thighs. Imagining the curves of Sayaka’s thighs, calves, and kneecap, I wasn’t able to think about anything today but Sayaka’s legs」

With the magical words ‘pleasure’, Ran exposed his desires towards Sayaka honestly.
Though Sayaka shows a puzzled expression as she’s being told even she’s not interested in her own thighs, her expression changed to a sadistic one immediately and she smiled aroused.

「Okay, well done」

Putting her hands on the underwear, she lowered it immediately.
Ran’s underwear fall down to the floor due to the gravity.

「It doesn’t feel good as a woman to think that you’d visit only aiming for my body」

Sayaka stops talking then wraps her palm on Ran’s crotch tightly.
Caressing the penis that’s sensitive, Ran’s face melts unconsciously.

「I’d like to see more of Kirishima-kun’s pleasured face so I’ll do it until Kirishima-kun’s satisfied」

Showing a melting face, Sayaka pushed her thighs atainst Ran’s crotch.
Along with the tightening sensation, the sewating skin of Sayaka sticks to the skin of his penis.

「Uooooo…, Sayaka’s, Sayaka’s thighs on my penis」

The raw legs of Sayaka that made him aroused just by looking is being pressed against his important part without hesitation.
Kneading, massaging, stimulating. Caressed by the soft thighs, the back part of his testicles being kneaded by her knees.
Even though the backside of the testicles should hurt when done like this, thinking that Sayaka’s legs are violating him, the pain somehow feels pleasant.

「It would be boring if we just do the same stimulus…」
「Fua…! Fuoooo!?」

Entrusting the body to the wall of the room, Sayaka tilts the angle of her legs while adjusting the posture.
Stroked by her plump thighs, this is the so-called thigh-job. Sayaka doesn’t stop her legs and used her knee and calf on Ran’s penis.

The softness and meaty thighs, the feeling of her slightly stiff knee, and the supple feeling of her calf. The penis twitches happily from the three different sensation, leaking out cowper fluid.

The classmate in her training wear is teasing his penis with her legs.
Looking from the side, it’s a shameful spectacle for the boy.

But, this room only has Sayaka and Ran.
Sayaka’s the only one who knows the perverted saint who’s pleased to have his important part being gripped by a girl’s legs.
‘If it’s Sayaka, then it’s fine to be seen.’
‘Rather, I’d like to be seen by Sayaka’
It’s not that he’s being a masochist.
After allー

「Kirishima-kun’s mouth is dripping saliva. Does it feel that good?」
「What about you Sayaka? Aren’t you drooling from excitement?」

Sayaka’s aroused by the act violating Ran’s article with her legs.
Narrowing her eyes across the glasses, her face is showing an aroused face.
The breathe leaking out of her nose is rough and hot, saliva happily drops down from the end of her loosened mouth.

It must be the first time he saw Sayaka’s eyes sparkle so much.

‘Sayaka can’t do any perverted play but if it’s a play Sayaka’s pleased then I want to do more’
‘I want to see more of Sayaka pleased from doing something lewd’

「…Sayaka, just a moment」
「Hm, cumming? You don’t have to hold back and cum」

Sayaka shakes her head in denial, Ran then asked Sayaka to lay down on the bed.
Stopping the thigh-job for the moment, Sayaka lied down the bed as told.
While staring at Sayaka who’s lying down looking excited on what’s about to start, Ran then covers Sayaka’s body.

「I’d like you to stroke my dick with your thighs like earlier」
「Ah, true, this might be easier」

The lying down Sayaka looks like she’s doing an exercise, slowly pushing her thighs in between Ran’s crotch.
Because it’s hard to press the thighs and calf against a human body structure, it’s impossible to feel the softness again, but.

「Compared to a while ago, I can grind the penis with my thighs」
「No, just do it with the calf and knees. I want to do things you can’t do unless you take this posture」
「Is that so? I thought that I’d be able to hear Kirishima-kun’s panting voice if you cover me a bit more」

Lying down, Sayaka’s calf massage the prepuce of the penis, Ran gently pats the legs thrown down the bed with his fingertips.
The plump thighs, soft knee, and the smooth calves, he can enjoy all of the feeling of it.
Thinking that he was aroused to see this during the day, the libido of that moment surges out and his waist feels fluffy.

Fascinated by the line from the thighs to the calves, caressing the legs stretched out slowly is being raised in front of Ran’s eyes.
Suddenly turning his glance to Sayaka while holding down one of her arms, his eyes met with hers that’s looking proud.

It looks like she’s saying that he can do what he wants.
It’s a special occasion so she decided to let Ran do with her legs as he likes.

While playing with Sayaka’s moist sole of her feet, Ran gently rubs it with his cheeks.
Sayaka’s face distorts for a moment as she’s forced to make an impossible posture. When the angle of her leg is changed, Sayaka’s pride says『Then that’s fine』
Hearing that the hip joint of a woman is soft, it should be fine to this degree.

Having her right calf and kneecap trampling down the penis, rubbing his cheeks on her left leg calf.
Sayaka’s raw leg paradise.
An act that’s only done in delusions normally is actually being enjoyed in the real world.
The thighs on his delusion is beautiful but he won’t be able to feel such realistic feeling and body temperature.
This softnes and Sayaka’s body temperature, it’s a stimulation of the thighs that can only be felt in reality.

「Hafuu, haa,…auuua」
「Haa, my calves are becoming slimy with transparent liquid」

Leaking cowpwer fluid on Sayaka’s calves, Ran shows up a pleasant face.
Using the cowper fluid he leaks as lubricant, stroking Sayaka’s calf creates more pleasure.

With his waist trembling, Ran licks Sayaka’s left leg.
Reacting to that contact, Sayaka’s left legs stretched out in surprise.
That reaction is just too cute that Ran grabs Sayaka’s kneecap like crazy.
Feeling the delicate curve, he enjoys Sayaka’s skin with his mouth.
Not a single hair, a smooth and beautiful leg.
The legs twitches not allowing lewd things but he can’t stop tasting it.

「Kirishima-kun’s licking it like crazy. So cute, geez」

The right leg calf wet with cowper fluid being rubbed with the penis, Sayaka happily narrows her eyes.
Ran’s feverishly tastes her legs.
Sayaka’s also aroused from the immoral and sensual scene.
Trembling raising her waist with wet crotch, Sayaka smiles pleasantly.

「Chufu, chuuu…chupa, hapuu, Sayaka’s knee is so lewd I can’t stop…」
「It’s okay. Should you make this one feel good too while licking my legs?」

Caressing the back with her bare skin, Ran’s penis twitches in pleasure.
Pushing the tip part against her knee in the end, his penis convulsed greatly

「Ah, aaah, auuu… Aaah!」

Along with the sensation of his testicles swelling up, a torrent of pleasure is released from the tip of his penis.
Pressed against her knee and calf, Ran’s penis thrown pure white semen on Sayaka’s legs.
The thinly suntanned bare skin.
The sight of the sticky sperm dripping moistly and the sweaty bare skin, is unbearably sensual and extravagant.

「A-mazing It looks like it’s more than usual」

Showing her calf colored plenty with semen, Sayaka tilts her head with an expression of desire.

「Does my legs feel that good?」
「It felt really good… It makes me unable to live without Sayaka anymore」

Gently facing each other, they kiss the beloved’s lips.
Showing a loose face, they laughed happily together.


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