Chapter 35: Mikorin in bath


A tremendous gust of wind blows creating a roaring sound that breaks the atmosphere.
It’s often said that the center of the storm is quiet, it is exactly like that. There’s only a single high school girl wearing training clothes in the middle point of the wind, holding a dry wooden stick.

With a dry sound, the piece of wood held in the girl’s hand crumbles
The durability of the wood can’t catch up with the impact given by the gust of wind.

At the same time the wood scatter to pieces, the crushed pieces were arranged in a manner like it’s some scarecrow for a ritual.
Though it’s a scarecrow, it’s just a simple matter of thin stick and hay brought together with a string.
Therefore, the possibility of it being blown away by the big impact is considered heavily.

The main causeーShirayuki Saki is quietly standing breathlessly at the center of the individual training ground.
Whether the attack was a success or a failureーthat isn’t for Saki herself to decide.
Was she able to attack on the fixed distance, fixed location? That is judged by the imperial knight viewing it from the other side of the stone wall

「…Because of the dust storm, all of the useless parts on the attack seems avoided butー」

The skill given to SakiーA flash of Sword (Forever Punishment) is a supper attack type of magic that can release a single attack in an infinite distance.
Although it seems to be a cheat skill that can’t be defended at fist glance, there are some serious shortcomings fated on a brilliant skill.

For example, you swing down a wooden sword while in training and used your skill to knock down the enemy standing several meters away.
Thanks to the skill that allows limitless distance, you can hit the enemy but the energy will be used up to all of the trees and any objects in between.
Apart from inorganic matter. It’s a different talk when she’s walking together with companions.

Furthermore, the current weapon Saki’s using is a weak wooden stick but if she seriously uses her skill with a sword.
All of the creatures and materials in between the target and Saki would be sliced in half.

Therefore, to use this skill, it’s necessary to adjust the force and distance.
If she wield weapons blindly in all directions without stop, all of the creatures and villagers who have nothing to do with it would suffer serious damage.
To prevent it, Saki never had a hard weapon more than a child’s wooden swordーshe has received a boring training of swinging the wooden sword to pieces of hay everyday.

Turning away her face from the rising dust, Saki doesn’t close her eyes.
The damage on the surrounding is less than usual.
Usually, the sand’srolled up more and her training wear and face is painted with sand.

「I wonder if the narrowing of the blow point succeeded」

Saki’s goal is to reduce the unnecessary damage while knocking down distant enemies as much as possible.
Of course, as the distance becomes longer, it becomes more difficult to adjust, so even on a plain where there’s no obstruction such as trees or any creature, it’s limited only to several hundred meters.
But still, it’s a considerably excellent ability if you can give it a reliable strike other than missile or magic.

It seems that there are creatures wearing shells to counteract with the elemental magic among the evil demons.
It’s unknown whether the Maou has such barriers but it’s better to be prepared.

When the dust disappeared, the imperial knight who was watching from the distance appeared form the other side of the stone wall.
Unlike Saki who’s maiden soft skin is out, the imperial knight has a scarf like thing around it’s mouth.

Saki’s also provided with it but it’s yellowish and it smells strange so she’s not using it.
Are they washing it properly. It’s unsanitary.

Not knowing the worries of a modern JK, the imperial knight beng on the place and observed the condition of the surroundings.
The Imperial knight nodded satisfied as he look at the scattered condition of the pieces of wood and the damage of the scarecrow.

「It seems you passed. Though the straw figure is finely crushed, there’s no trail of something scattered from Saint Shirayuki Saki to the straw doll」
「Although we can’t still hand you a real sword, it won’t be a problem if you continue training at the same place with the other saints already」

The silver haired short muscle daruma knight nods with the purple haired delicate looking knight and pats Saki’s shoulder.
Hearing the words of the two imperial knights, the surrounding knights also consented uniformly.

「Congratulations, Saint Shiarayuki Saki. Your skill control is a success」


Kanami goes to the large public bath for guests installed in the royal palace in order to heal her body that became sweaty after finishing the day’s training.

Because it’s a guest bathroom, it’s full of luxury. The beautifully polished walls, like marble, have ancient characters engraved on it, reflecting a spectacle in the bathroom.

Taking off the training wear heavy with sweat, Kanami enters the washing place making a splashing sound.
Although there’s a thin cloth provided to be worn, Kanami doesn’t put it on and just sits down on the washing place.

She’s behaving dignified that you’d doubt if she was a nudist in her previous life.
As a young high school girl, even if it’s the same sex, there should be some resistance to revealing their bodies.
Rather than that, it’s actually the case, the classmates who were in the same washing space as Kanami were hiding their chest feeling pitiful.

Kanami’s the only one among the 10 classmates showing her naked body, not wearing anything.
At first the classmates look at Kanami with strange eyes but now they’re already used to it so nobody talks about Kanami being completely naked.

Spreading her legs as she take a seat, she washed up her head and somebody traced the backline with a fingertip.
Unable to bear the sudden stimulation, Kanami raised a strange scream.

「Kana-chan’s body is really beautifulー」
「Shirayuki?! Even though we’re classmates, it’s rude to just poke someone who’s taking a bath you know!」
「Eh, I was trying to be considerate as I didn’t massage Kana-chan’s breasts thoughー」
「Women touching each other’s body during bath, isn’t that just a lewd scene on a Shounen manga?」

Though she says that, Kanami is aware that her body holds a beautiful and exquisite proportion, she thinks that it can’t be helped if it’s just for a bit.

「Or rather, you seem to be strangely high tension today. Did something good happen to you?」

After washing her long hair from the bubbles, Kanami shakes her head.
Wiping down the water droplets on her face, Kanami goes into the bathtub looking dignified, without even hiding her body.
Following Kanami, Shirayuki Saki also sinks her body in the bathtub.

「Listen to this! You see, the imperial knight gave me an approval today so I can train together with everyone starting tomorrow!」
「Isn’t that great? …Congratulations! Will that do?」

Kanami words ended with a question mark, Saki returns a smile.

「With this, I can spend my half-day with everyone」
「ーOh, that’s what you’re happy about」

Her blushing cheeks aren’t only because of the steam.
Looking at her wavering eyes, Kanami understood the content of what Saki said
Without saying anything else, Kanami pats Saki’s head and speaks「I get it」

There’s other school girls in the bathtub too.,
Since the sound of voices are strange in the bathroom, it won’t matter whether you speak with loud or whispering voice.
To put Saki’s real intention from what she saidー It means that she’ll be able to spend half a day at the same place as Torao.

Kanami soaks her body in plenty of hot water and stretches out her limbs.
‘It’s thanks to Mikoshiba’s skill that the royal palace’s bath is warm. I must thank her’

Before long, her whole body heated up, Kanami raised her body from the bathtub.
Not trying to hide her body that’s dyed faint red from the heat, she changed to her sailor uniform in the changing room and breathed out a sigh of relief.

She thought of waiting for Saki but she was told『You can go ahead』from the bathroom, so she decided to go to the dining room alone.
She usually soak longer than others, well, this is also usual.

The moist wet hair flows to the waist, Kanami walks to the dining area while letting out a steamy sweet smell from her body.
Entering the dining room with fluffy feeling, there are few girls that are already taking a seat.

‘Well, this is also unavoidable. The bathing order alternates every night. If I recall, after all of the female students come out, the boys should be the next one to enter’

Though a high school student at the peak of their adolescence would be immersed in hot water that an opposite sex entered, aside from the water, it’ll take some time to warm up water with only magic.
Therefore, it’s impossible to wastefully take out all of the hot water where the female students were and and put in water again.

Of course, it took a considerable amount of time to convince both the sexes to consent on the current situation.
The make students excluding Kiryuin Subaru agreed comparatively early, to use the same hot waters as the girl’s used.
Subaru’s the only one who spoke「There’s no way I can’t let you bastards touch the bathtub where Reika-sama’s soft skin soaked in」with a serious face.
Niigaki persuaded him by saying「It’s fine as long as Kiryuin is the one go come in the bathtub Jougaoka just took a bath in」he consented while having a blushing face, that’s a very unpleasant detail for Kanami.

Actually, Niigaki and Torao are in the bathtub whjere Kanami and Misuzu went in.
It’s impossible for the school girls to enter the bathroom to check what the boys are doing

「It helps that there’s no student with androphobia or a clean-freak…」

Well, since the consensus of the selfish minority can’t just pull it out, the students managed somehow by not immersing themselves in the bathtub.
As for Kanami who’s aiming for a daily life where everyone can be comfortable, she’s not in favor of making a special treatment on a single student.

Misuzu and Saki hasn’t come yet so Kanami took a seat on the wall side for the time being.
If another of her group member comes in then she’ll just move on where they suggest.
Kanami stabs her small shoulder on the table bored thinking that she should’ve brought something to kill some time, someone pokes her shoulder.

「What, Mikoshiba? What’s wrong?」

Dining roomーor rather, excluding Ran’s room, it’s rare for Mikoshiba to talk to Kanami.
Mikoshiba who’s basically surrounded by the otaku group is originally a lone wolf delinquent. It’s just too contradicting for her to be in the center of the class, furthermore, Kanami who’s a disciplinary committee. There’s nothing common in them except for Ran. Kanami was able to guess that Mikoshiba came in contact in regards to Ran.

「Earlier, KirishiーButler Ryan san talked to me. He said, you don’t need to come to my room tonight…or rather, it seems he said I don’t want you to come」
「RaーThe butler?」

Don’t come to his room, he said.
Could it be that he’s feeling unwell?

「Sure, got it. I’ll tell Nekoyama and Sadogashima later」
「No, I’ve already told the two of them earlier so it’s fine」

Kanami looks at Mikoshiba with a surprised face, thinking that she’s a fast worker.
‘I thought she’s a girl that’s always lazy when it comes to anything but she’s surprisingly agile’ ‘She might surprisingly the devoted type’, Kanami thought of something unneeded.

「Still, will it be okay?… Last time, he only hugged me all the time, his lust might’ve been lost from overdoing it…」

With four high school girls ripe for reproduction waiting upon him, his reproductive instinct is finally satisfied.
Men are always horny all year round unlike women who go into a cycle on a constant period of timeーit’s said in health education lessons that their body are always ready to have sex.

That said, if that desire is fulfilled, then the sexual curiosity will somewhat wither.
Although creature’s reason for living is to plant the seeds, once you’ve taken out everything, all that’s left is to wait for it to sprout.

Looking at Kanami who’s anxiously knitting her eyebrows, Mikoshiba Aya’s averted her eyes blushing.

「No, he’s quite energetic. We just did it a while ago, there’s no problem in hardness and curve. Ah, but he told me to use bestowal magic on him in the endー」

‘Gabaaaa’, Kanami leaned her body on Mikoshiba

「Eh, when? When did you to do it?」
「My training is almost independent so I can decide when to take breaks or not. So, I’ve been watching Megane or Otagawa’s training but later, I was idling in my room」
「T-That’s unfair!」

Isn’t that literally self-study time?
It’s true that the training of Kanami and others are shorter than the class hours in school but it’s just unfair to make it shorter than thatーa cheat. It’s different though.

「Or rather, where did you do such an immoral act!」
「Immoral… Even though Inugami’s showing such a sloppy face tooーー」
「Who cares, where did you do it?!」
「I-In the bath. The servants like maid won’t be coming except when collecting hot water so I was pierced from the back that time. However, since it’ll dirty the bathtub as it’ll leak from inside my vagina, he came outside」

She imagines the figure of Mikoshiba swinging her waist to seduce while her hands are on the tub.
The hot water collecting bit by bit. Steamy surroundings. The room temperature gets warm, increasing the humidity and mood. Feeling thrilled wondering if someone will come, a lovey-dovey sex while flirting.
With the voice of her beloved giving the signal of reaching climax, the white torrent poured into the floorー

「I’ve thought of it a while ago but Inugami’s a muttsuri」1
「T-This is normal. Or rather, don’t try to read my mind!」

Or rather, if what Mikoshiba said is trueーthen Kanami and others cleaned their body in the place where Mikoshiba and Ran had sex.
Even though it’s impossible in the public baths, it’s quite unhealthy if you think about it.
And when she imagines the appearance of Ran being connected with Mikoshiba, it made her feel a bit hateful.

「UuーSomehow, I feel like I want to be messed up by Ran but today’s no good… Uuuー…」

She’d like to be punishedーto be pinned down by Ran after enjoying herself in the training.
There’s no way she can go out of the way to her lover’s room when she’s told not to come.
As for that, Kanami’s quite dutiful.

Sending off Mikoshiba from the table after she’s done with her matter, Kanami sighs in frustration.


  1. describes a person who appears passive, reserved, and indifferent to sexual activity, but in fact is nothing but a pervert