Chapter 39 : Jealousy x Punishment x Reward


When Kanami finished eating and left the dining room, Sarayuki Saki’s been waiting for her by the door as usual.
Leaning her body wrapped in training wear on the wall, bending her glossy legs, making circles on the ground with her toenails.

Saki who noticed Kanami coming out of the dining room shows a puzzled face and run up to her side like usual.

「Hallo, Kana-chan」

Depending on the usage, Saki’s skill will cause an enormous damage to the surroundings.
Enduring her training everyday apart from friends, she was able to finally control it yesterday.
Starting today, she’ll be training in the same place as Kanami and others.

Kanami and her other’s training has changed slightly recently.
To perfect the skills given to them, each of them uses a straw doll repeatedly.
Those with compatible skills were doing group exercises.
Andーpractice to get used on real combat, in other words, attacking living creatures.

Different from the inhabitants of this world who murder humanoid demons and inorganic creatures in their daily lives, a normal high school student suddenly thrown out to another world can’t easily say「Monsters are harmful so kill them」

Their life in the original world was far from killing.
However, human beings used to live hunting using their own hands in the past.
The long history had just gradually changed that they could live on their own without putting blood on their hands.
It may be indirect but humans still live at the expense of other living creatures.

Therefore at first, Kanami and other saints can’t accept that they’re killing living beings.
It’s unavoidable to sacrifice the weak for the strong to live.
The weak race has evolved having high fertility in order to feed the weak race.
This world’s common sense was like that.

Certainly, there are saints who would just take down demons as told.
Before reuniting with RanーMikoshiba Aya who just came to this world was shooting various monsters as if she’s venting up her anger.

Ryuzaki Tsubasa who’s totally immersed into hunting games declared that he doesn’t have any feelings for monsters who look like realistic models and just chopped a demon that’s shaped like a lizzard.

Jougaoka Reika who’s an Ojou-sama says 「I’ve been doing this on a foreign country when I was young!」using her skill space operation《Dimension The World》she’s crushing demons like it’s a sport.

However, those are just a few number
Most of the students have given up on the「training in anticipation of actual battle」, so the training had stopped for a while.

Then, they gradually got used to it, Kanami also finally was able to cut down having an ugly face monster without mercy.

「I think the mentally challenging training will continue until we get used to it. If you feel sick or unpleasant, don’t hesitate to speak to me. It’s not something to be embarrassed about」
「I’m fine. Even I know my limits to a degreeー」

Saki who’s a sprinter is quite a handworker.
Kanami thought that she should look after her as a senior in training so she won’t overdo herself exceeding the limit.

「By the way, Kana-chan. There’s something I’d like to ask」
「Sure, what is it?」

Saki stopped walking, took a deep breath and turned to Kanami.
Showing a serious expression, Kanami’s expression turned stiff unintentionally.

「Kana-chan, do you have a strong monopolizing desire?」
「…Is that what you want to ask?」

Kanami tilts her head from the sensation of letdown.
‘Desire to monopolize? I wonder’
‘Although there’s greed, I might not have the thought of wanting it only on my own;

「Not that much」
「I see… Then you you can forgive a guy you thought only yours but is also used by others?」
「……………………Wait a moment」

Saki’s face is slightly red.
Desire to monopolize. Speaking of which, that’s not a word that’s usually used.
She thought she was asking about a character on a story but perhaps Kanami might’ve made a serious misunderstanding.

‘Let’s calmly remember last night’
‘He told me to not come into his room’

‘No way. But that manーor rather, I can’t trust his lower half’
It’s true that Kanami trusts him.
But, to be clear. Kanami doesn’t have confidence in him.
With the class idol and the discipline committee and Kendo girl made his own, he also took the lone wolf and the tea ceremony girl.

「Shirayuki. …I somehow understood what Shirayuki is talking about」
「Eh, Kana-chan, could it be that you’re a psychic?」
「No, I just know a small devil who plays with a maiden’s pure heart and make them like him without even doing anything」

Far from being a small devil, he’s someone comparable to a demon. Anyway.

「Even though I was worried about his condition, that bastard」
「…K-Kana-chan? Somehow, you’re scaring me off with your smileー It’s like a black smile made by a glasses guy on a certain anime」

Looking at Saki who’s shaken, Kanami regains her usual smile.

「It’s fine. I’m already used to it」
「Used to it, oh… Kana-chan knows」
「I never thought that he’d aim for Shirayuki though」

Kanami makes a dry laugh to his sexual desire.
It’s the second time Kanami had a good friend of hers clashes to a single man.
Moreover, the culprit is the same school boy as before. Just how many times will he manipulate Kanami until he’s satisfied.

「…I think I need to punish him」

Looking at Saki who’s anxiously pale, Kanami makes a smile.

「Don’t worry. I don’t have any grudge against Saki and I intend to do something he doesn’t hate. ーI think」

It would be a mistake to be hostile to Saki here.
Kanami actually also is having the same kind of skill so she knows the threat of using skills on their body.

But, she lovesー
Kanami loves that devilish manーKirishima Ran.

She’s madly in love.
Whatever the reason, that fact hasn’t changed, and it’s a love that can’t be opposed with reason.
Only the process of loving is vague but this feelings are genuine and honest.
Though it’s just planted false affection, the feelings she hold now is true.

「Therefore, he needs to feel the real jealousy」

It’s not an ugly jealousy where she just screams and cry.
It’s also different from foolish envy like torturing.
Kanami will only make Ran feel the affection she holds with his body, a lot.
Ran who loves lewd things will surely be pleased.

Looking at Saki who’s making a scared expression when she looked at Kanami’s face, Kanami walked in the corridor triumphantly.


Next night after taking Shirayuki Saki.
Ran who doesn’t know about Kanami’s decision this morning is looking out of the window yawning looking bored.

A beautiful night sky.
Though it’s forgotten if it was factory waste or chimney smoke or photochemical smog, but the air in this world doesn’t have such chemicals tossed in so it’s clear and beautiful.
On cloudless nights, you can see the starry sky shining like a jewel box.
Ran who lived in a somewhat provincial place compared to Tokyo, it’s his first time seeing such a beautiful night sky.
His tension rises up unconsciously from the fantastic spectacle.

「I present this beautifully scattered stars in the sky to you, my love」

Spreading out his arms like a theatrical pose, Ran gently smiles showing his teeth.
It’s a line that would make one writhe from too much embarrassment usually but it’s a line you’d want to say if possible.
Embracing the shoulder while saying that, then flirt a lot.

If it was Misuzu, then she’ll definitely be pleased.
If it was Sayaka, she’ll make a blank face then laugh later.
What kind of reaction Kanami and Aya would make?

Though the delusions unfolding is expanding in numbers, he decided to restrain himself.
Instead of making wasteful delusions, Ran can see the reaction of the girls right away.
Instead of making expectations, it’s better to see their natural reactions.

「Now then, which room I’ll go for today」

Striking his palm in front of his chest, Ran reaches out for his butler clothes.
With the thought he must not get it dirty, he’s now relaxing in the everyday clothes unique to this world.
As expected, he’ll stand out when he goes out wearing like this.
If a maid who doesn’t know anything screams, it’ll be exposed that Ran’s sneaking into the royal palace as a result of the first concubine’s discretion.

With that said, Ran carefully spreads his butler clothes on the bed in preparation to changing clothes.
When he throw the clothes he’s wearing and his underwear remains, someone knocked on his door.

Hearing the sound from his door, Ran tilts his head, saying「Oh?」
There shouldn’t be anyone planning to visit Ran’s room tonight.
Or could it be that there was a problem in the palace?
Like the fact that Ran is being hidden by the first concubine was revealed to the knight’s of the Queen or something. Is that what it is?

Ran was shaken at the moment with the momentary unease.

「Ran, you here? It’s me」

A familiar voice hits his ears and Ran stroked his chest in relief.
There’s no doubt. It’s Kanami’s voice.
With his mind loosening at once, he unconsciously hit his forehead.
It’s good to be careful but it’s not good to be too nervous.

「Please wait a moment. I’m changing my clothes right now」
「I don’t mind. …I came here with that intention」

With the sweet temptation at the door, his spine trembles.
Ran’s penis that’s swaying bored rises up inside his pants.
With the exquisite sense of numbing as it rubs through the cloth, Ran opens his door filled with expectations, and then showed up on the gap while being wary of the surroundings.

Looking at the dark corridor, two school girls dressed in sailor uniform appeared.
The black haired ponytail girl and a cat girl who can stir up the desire to protect.
It’s Kanami and Misuzu.

Ran who thought that it was only Kanami relaxes his cheeks when he saw Misuzu’s figure.
Kanami brought Misuzu or Misuzu brought Kanami, either way.
With the two of them coming to Ran’s room, in short, it means that.
Who’d thought that they’d come to watch sex.
Like the three of them wanting to do pretend wrestling together on top of the bed.

Expanding his expectations, Ran urged the two to enter the room.
After confirming that Kanami and Misuzu entered the room, he locked the door to the room on his back.
Confirming that it’s locked tightly, Ran faced the two.

「Sorry for not making a prior appointment. I just want to see Ran by all means」
「…Ran-kun, you’re already that big」

Kanami loosens the scarf of her sailor uniform like her mouth, then Misuzu stare at Ran’s crotch swelling strongly, her cheeks blushed.
They looked at their faces and smiled softly.
Healed by that smile, Ran takes a sit on the bed.

When he spread his arms lightly to accept the two, for some reason, they grabbed Ran’s wrist.
It doesn’t hurt. But they’re putting in strength so they won’t let go.

「Ran. I was so worried about Ran last night you know」

Narrowing her eyes, Kanami’s sending a serious look.
Is it Ran’s imagination that there’s some kind of unpleasant air floating around?
He wants it to be just his imagination.

「We don’t want to monopolize Ran-kun but to think that you’d go that far nya…」

Misuzu puffs her cheeks and sends Ran an upward gaze.
On a high angle view, you can only see it as a figure of a man being accused for a shallow act but, Ran can’t help but think that he’s being criticized by Misuzu and Kanami.

It doesn’t mean that Ran’s escaping from the reality or something like that.
But, Ran seriously thinks that it’s some kind of play.
That is becauseー

「I can understand what you’re saying but…then why are you two smiling?」

That’s right.
On a third person’s view, it can only be seen as a scene where he’s being accused of cheating.
But, for some reason; Misuzu and Kanami holds Ran’s wrist, showing a smile full of expectations.
Kanami and Misuzu aren’t women who bully for pleasure.
Therefore, there’s something’s strange with the situation.

The woman he did last night, Shirayuki Saki is a close friend of Kanami and Misuzu.
It’s said that there’s a rumor of her going out with Niigaki, and for him to make Saki who’s holding love towards Niigaki his retainer, it’s not strange if the two reveal their emotion about it.
Therefore, even if the two feel anger from Ran’s actions, Ran can’t just laugh it down.
It’s true that they were made obedient slaves by planting fake love but they’re not dollsーwho understand the atmosphere from just words.

「Could it be that you girls are angry?」
「If Kanami-chan was seriously angry, I think that Ran-kun’s upper body is already cut into pieces nya」

Misuzu says something scary while showing her fang in her mouth.
Feeling his penis withering from the spectacle imagined, Ran looks at Kanami’s face timidly.

Countless times experiencing physical relationship with high school girls, in Ran’s case, he all got it with the strength of his skill alone.
Usually, men and women make a bond or something to experience it again, Ran’s still inexperiencedーan absolute beginner on that part.
Even if it’s said to be a soap opera development, the adulterous man and the frivolous woman only creates a triangle, or a square relationshipーso the status quo could be understood.
In the first place, there’s no chances to watch daytime drama during lunch.

「It is as Misuzu said. It’s not that I’m holding any feelings of resentment towards Ran」
「T-That’s great…」
「However, I’m jealous enough to make me crazy」

With Kanami’s words as signal, Ran’s field of vision turned around.
The balance of his body collapsed and the ceiling full of spots comes into his vision.
That’s when Ran finally understood that he was pushed down the bed.

「Eh, err? This is…?」

The high school girls wearing sailor uniform have thrown down Ran in his underwear.
His legs opened sloppy, his important part swelling obscenely.

Kanami and Misuzu sending each other meaningful glances and then nodded at each other.
Though he’s feeling somewhat afraid about the act continuing silently, Ran imagine what will be the situation and smiled.

Seeing at that smile, Kanami’s cheeks dyed red.
Pinching the hem of her skirt, Kanami straddled on Ran’s body.
Ran who somehow understood what Kanami’s trying to do, he pushed his waist up to make it easy for Kanami to straddle.

「Well then, it’ll be the same as usual?」
「Eh, what what are youーmph!?」

Kanami sit down not on Ran’s waist butーon top of Ran’s defenseless face looking at the ceiling.
The dark blue skirt’s lining flutters softly, her healthy suntanned bare skin and the boundary line of the inner crotch not subjected to sunlight, and her moist pure white cloth covers his vision for a moment, a sweet weight is pushed right under his eyes.

「I’ll let you breathe. Where’s your thanks?」
「M-My cheeks! My cheeks are being wrapped in soft meat!」

When he breathes, a unique damp scene goes through his nostrils.
Her sweaty crotch and thighs rubbed against his face, that he became filled with Kanami’s scent.

With his face enveloped in Kanami’s body temperature, Ran snorts and screams in delight.
Ran did various acts with his classmate but it’s the first time this was done to him.
Sandwiching his face in between thighs, and his eyes are being trampled down with her crotch wet with love nectar.
But, she’s never pushing her weight.
She’s raising her waist slightly, being careful not to put strain on Ran.
Still being thoughtful even at such times, Kanami’s consideration is amazing.

「If Kanami-chan goes for that then I’ll take this one nya~」

Feeling Kanami’s lower half in his face, he felt his lower half wrapped in momentary cold.
The cloth concealing his penis swelling in excitement is removed by Misuzu’s hands.
The meat stick standing upright in the underwear bounced off and hit something soft.


Shortly after, Misuzu screams cutely.
It seems that it just it Misuzu’s cheek just now.

「No matter how many times I see it, it’s a very strong penis nya…」

Leaking a sigh, Misuzu holds into Ran’s penis.
Gently twining it with her fingertips like it’s a fragile object, she rubs the meat with her palm.
Misuzu’s small and soft girlish hands stimulates Ran’s penis.
The overflowing cowper fluid caught in her fingers, and she caress it from the tip to the root.


He scream at Misuzu’s caress and breathe roughly.
Though he want to raise his head instinctively, Kanami’s straddling over his face so he can’t move.

Kanami sitting on his face and Misuzu’s gently teasing his crotch.
What a wonderful reward.
Being able to receive such a reward from the warm Jealousy of Kanami and Misuzu who’s friends with Saki.
While showing the most inhuman vulgar face, Ran licks up Kanami’s inner thighs.

「Hyaa!…Seriously, Ran’s a very lewd one」

As for payback, Kanami pushed Ran’s arms and began kneading from his wrist to his fingertips.
Feeling the ticklish feeling from the loving caress, he felt his fingers turning wet and warm.

「I’ll do this to the naughty boy who’s licking such a place you mustn’t」

Sticking out her lustrous tongue, she licks up Ran’s fingertips.
Moving her tongue around, Ran’s fingers became wet with saliva.
Before long, Kanami extends to Ran’s index finger and middle finger, and began to suck and push it inside her mouth.
Painted in warm saliva, he feel his two fingertips becoming warm.

Unfortunately, the sight is blocked by Kanami’s crotch so he can’t see the figure of Kanami obscenely licking Ran’s fingers.
The sound of the tongue making wet sounds stirs up his imagination and arouses him on the contrary.

「Then I’m going to lick too nya」

When he was concentrating to listen on Kanami’s finger fella, his lower half felt a numbing pleasure.
The rod of his penis is softly stroked by a warm thing, it jumps up.
Assuming from what she said and the current sensation, Misuzu’s licking Ran’s penis.

「It’s twitching. Ran-kun’s penis is so cute nya…」

Feeling love and affection in his crotch, Misuzu kisses his penis without hesitation.
Damp with cowper fluid, it’s softly wrapped in Misuzu’s saliva and breath.
She then swallows Ran’s penis in her mouth and soon half of the rod goes inside Misuzu’s mouth.

「hiwehin(It went in)」
「Uhyaaaooo!!? Misuzu’s mouth is so warm!」

Misuzu sucks Ran’s penis while squeezing the base with her hand. She strongly sucks as if siphoning the contents of his testicles.
From her devoted appearance of her tasting the penis, you can catch a glimpseof a worshipper more than a nympho.
As if the semen he’s letting out is an enchanting aphrodisiac.
Not letting a single drop go to waste, she sucks up the glans carefully.

「feefh hoog?(feels good?)」1
「M-Misuzu’s fellatiーo! F-Feels so good」

Ran’s waist trembles from the pleasure that seems to suck up his soul.
In truth, he would like to grab the sheet to endure it but Ran’s hand is currently in Kanami’s mouth.
Because his vision is in a dark world, he can’t move his body that well.
Therefore, Ran can’t escape from too much pleasure and just receives Misuzu’s vacuum fellatio obediently.

「Ah, afu, fuoo…muguu!?」

Kanami closes Ran’s mouth with her hand as if to close off the scream leaking out from too much pleasure.
The puzzled ran (literally) sends a sidelong glance and his mouth was completely covered by Kanami’s hand.

「Fufu, that’s cute. Ran」
「Nmu, muguー!? Muu!」
「Hii amfue bap omy wam hoo kee hab fek wif a gurr wewebe he wamps」
「…Misuzu’s saying ‘it’s unfair that it’s only Ran who can have sex with a girl whenever he wants’」

Releasing the hand holding down Ran’s mouth, Kanami then put his hand on her breasts.

「Even we want to have sex with Ran. We want to make love when we want it. For Ran, it might be okay to pick me or Nekoyama or anyone. But for us, we don’t have anyone but Ran」

Caressing her own breasts over her uniform, Kanami leaks out a sweet breath.
His fingers wet with saliva is hit by her sighs, it feel strange.

「At least for today… I’d like to do what I want with Ran. I want Ran to become a toy only for us」

Kanami speaks in a melancholic voice mixed with lively sighs.
‘I understand what Kanami’s saying. Even women seek out the body of their partner other than sex’

Ran is the same. Libido and love are different.
The time when he wants to meet up with Kanami and Misuzu isn’t always the time when there’s semen pent up in his testicles.

The soft and warm feeling transmitted from pushing Kanami’s breasts with his palm is transmitted.
The beating of her heart is conveyed, and he’s able to strongly feel that Kanami’s by his side.
The other hand is being showered with Kanami’s saliva, it feels like the fingertips are taking a bath.

From what Kanami’s doing, Ran realized what she wants.
Straddling over his face, putting heated breaths, doing as she want with his hands.
It shouldn’t feel that great to be unable to move on your will but, it’s Kanami so there’s no unpleasant feeling.


At the moment he tried to call out, a sudden pleasure came running from his waist.
Did she read the air? While Kanami’s confessing her passionate love to Ran, Misuzu kept holding his penis in her mouth.
Therefore, Misuzu’s oral temperature was felt until a while ago.

「ifs nau hath hawawi hooth feewing feafuu(It’s not just Kanami who’s feeling jealous)」
「Fuoo! W-Wait a moment! If you do that, I’m going to…!」

The saliva and pleasure overflows as Misuzu swallows in Ran’s penis.
The warm tongue twines and keep attacking near the tip.
The movement of her hand attached to the base also accelerates and his testicles tightens up.
Caressing the bulging bag at the end, Misuzu’s innocent appearance loosens impishly, her fingers poke the testicle before the critical point.


With the last dam breaking, his waist jumped up.
Along with the sensation of his testicles tightening, a tremendous sense of freedom accompanied with pleasure is given to Ran’s lower abdomen.
The penis that went beyond the critical point releases white liquid inside Misuzu’s mouth.
Misuzu had tears on the corner of her eye from too much vigor that she instinctively let go of her mouth.

「Nyuu, nyaaa? Nyaaan!」

Accepting the spilled semen on her face, Misuzu’s cute face became stained pure white.
The tongue peeping out of her mouth is also painted in semen and there’s already scent of squid coming out from her sighs.
It’s a seemingly insulting scene where tears fall as semen comes out of her mouth. Misuzu wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and showed a smile displaying her fang.

「No matter how many times I see Ran-kun twitch as he ejaculates, it’s still cute nyaa…」

While saying so, Miszuu gently holds Ran’s testicle with her palm.
Misuzu’s temperature slowly gathers on the testicle that’s hanging down as it finished it’s role.

「Fufu, it’s still coming out」
「A lot rushed inside my mouth you see…」

Staring at the sensitive tip overflowing with semen mixed with cowper fluid, Misuzu breathes on the tip.

「When Ran-kun twitches this much, it makes me want to do it one more time nyan!」

The testicle stroked by Misuzu becomes warmer gradually.
Misuzu’s skillーreinforced recovery can recover the released energy in an instant.
After a few seconds, the testicle becomes heavy and it contracts in Misuzu’s palm.
Staring at the penis that just ejaculated becoming erect again, Misuzu pokes it like she’s admiring a small animal.

「It’s sticky white so I’ll clean it up nyan」

After confirming that Ran’s sight is blocked by Kanami’s ass, Ran blows a breath towards Ran’s penis.
She keeps her mouse close to tease and let out the moist warm sigh.

「Nyawaaa… Could it be that I can finish this without even touching his penis nyaa!」

From what Misuzu said, Ran reacts with a sorrowful voice.

「…Y-You won’t touch it?」
「Hmm, what should I do nya? It looks like it’s also fun to make it ejaculate without doing anything」

But, Misuzu continued by licking Ran’s penis with her tongue.

「I’m happy that Ran-kun wants me so I’ll take my time licking it」
「ーNn, Hoooo!?」
「…Ran, you’re letting out so much voice」

While Kanami speaks to Ran as she straddle on his face, Ran’s waist trembles.
He tries to close his mouth to prevent leaking out a pitiful scream but it’s impossible as both of his hands are being toyed with Kanami.

「Nekoyama, you’re making such a lewd face when you lick him」
「It’s a bit embarrassing being watched by Kanami-chan nya」

His curiosity is stirred by the words he hear but Ran has no means of seeing their real intention.
Even if he move his face, he can only feel Kanami’s thighs and her shorts.
He close his eyes and his vision is filled with darkness.

However, Misuzu’s tongue directly attacks Ran’s penis.
The cloudy liquid sticking to the penis is licked up by the tip of the tongue smoothly.
Sometimes playing with it, a sound of swallowing can be heard.
The image of Misuzu licking up his penis and drinking his semen floats in his head.

「Misuzu, Misuzuuu!」
「…Could you call my name too?」

Moving her thighs, Kanami tightens the sandwich of his cheeks.
Ran can’t move at all as his face is completely stuck. She lowered her waist and her soaked panty is pressed against his nose.


The exquisite female smell drifts under the damp nose.
It’s Kanami’s scent. The scent of the most sensitive and most indecent part of Kanami’s bodyーit’s very dense that he almost let out blood from his nose

「Hafu, Hafuu!」

The skirt covers Kanami’s movements, Ran’s face is completely sealed in Kanami’s navy blue skirt.
Kanami’s scent fill his face and it’s turning him dizzy.

While wrapped in Kanami’s fragrance, Misuzu’s giving a devoted and careful fellatio.
Ran’s hands that’s wet with Kanamis’ saliva is pushed against Kanami’s breasts on top of the uniform, and transmit a soft feeling since a while ago.

「Ran’s hand is so hot and pleasant…」
「Mufu, mufuuf. Muuuー!?」

Is she aroused because she’s sitting on her beloved’s face?
Kanami puts even more weight and firmly press her slit across her panty to Ran’s face.
Using her thighs dexterously, she then slowly move her waist up and down.

「Kanaーumu. Wait, mugu. Can’t breathe!」
「Haa, haa… Sitting on Ran’s face, I’m doing something so lewd…」

Ignoring Ran’s words, Kanami raises a sweet voice and shakes her waist.
Spreading her girl part shamelessly, rubbing the clitoris over her panty on Ran’s nose.

Even though there’s a twitching penis in front of her, Kanami’s comforting the fire inside her with Ran as her tool.
Although she felt only a bit during the time she heard that Mikoshiba and Ran flirted in the bath, Kanami thought that she possibly gets aroused by the thought of『Ran being stolen by someone』
Looking at Misuzu deliciously licking up Ran’s penis, her stomach aches a lot.
It seems she has gotten a strange fetish because of Ran.


Ran’s body jumped up and his legs stretched out.
Ran’s penis released out a thick cloudy liquid after a moment.
The semen released like fountain stains Misuzu’s face and drips down syrupy due to gravity.
Ran’s semen defiles Misuzu’s face. ーThat looks very pleasant

「Nihehehe… You can do it one more time right?」

Showing her fangs, Misuzu begins to touch Ran’s testicle again.
With her face dirty with semen, she makes a sound of sucking Ran’s crotch.
Misuzu’s giving a devoted blowjob, holding Ran’s waist.
Every time Misuzu’s lips narrows, Ran’s hips tremble.

Staring at Ran’s body, Kanami rubs her crotch on Ran’s face.
With Ran’s hand on her breast, Kanami press her crotch against hi face.
Feeling the dense aroma of Kanami under his nose, Ran bends his mouth feeling in pain.

「U-uoo… I’m cumming again!」

Enveloped in Misuzu’s merciless fellatio, his face wrapped in Kanami’s scent.
Unable to endure the stimulation from both sides, Ran’s waist twitches.
Before one noticed, he ejaculated three times but, Ran’s lust isn’t fading anytime soon.

If it’s an ordinary penis then it would already have finished it’s role and return to it’s soft pose.
But, Ran’s penis can stand up as many as possible with Misuzu’s skill.
Furthermore, the act different from sex continues, her devoted fellatio with her tongue and fingertips.
Not needing to shake his hips, no need wo worry about the girl.
However, only his semen accumulated in his testicles is released as his desire continues.
His fatigue caused by ejaculation disappears with the reinforced recovery.
For Ran who continued to receive endless pleasure, words like compromise and endurance were blown away.

「Ran-kun, Ran-kun! It’s okay to ejaculate even more! Take a look only at Misuzu tonight, feel even more good!」
「Ran, I love you! I love Ran the most in this world!」

Kanami who’s supposed to be caring not to put on weight on Ran’s face has rested her legs and leaned on Ran from too much pleasure exceeding her reason.
From the lip to the noseーMisuzu’s face that’s wet with semen, she’s sucking Ran’s penis showing a happy face.

「Mu, ugoo!」

With Ran’s face rubbing into her clitoris across her panty, Kanami’s body jumped.
Forgetting herself from the pleasure of climax, Kanami tightens her legs.
Ran who’s sandwiched in between them desperately clenches his teeth so he won’t lose consciousness.
It’s just too pathetic to faint in front of a girl in whatever situation it may be.

Kanami who made Ran’s body her toy collapsed on the bed.
It seems that she lost consciousness from that climax just now.
With Kanami no longer on top of his face, Ran raised his body by putting strength in his arms.
Wipig his nose soaked in Kanami’s love nectar, Ran turns his gaze to his lower body.


There was an angel in front of Ran’s eyes.
The bob-cut black haired girl continues to do fellatio devotedly with her innocent expression yet stained with semen.
Nekoyama Misuzu tilts her neck in curiosity while her mouth is filled with the penis pulsing in pleasure.
The innocent face sways, and her reddish brown eyes met his.


At the moment Misuzu’s eyes pierced him, Ran’s testicles contracts.
An upward glance as she softly moving her lips painted in semen.
The eden blocked off by Kanami’s crotch is now spreading in front of his eye.
The moving cheeks as she stuff his penis in her mouth, her small nose moving with her every breath.
Her eyes narrow softly as if she’s asking if it feels good.
All of the visual information spread before his eyes stir up his arousal.

「Fuooa! I-I’m at my limitー!」
「Nyu? Nyu mu muー!」

Along with the tremendous sense of relief, a cloudy liquid flows into Misuzu’s mouth.
Ran falls downwards limply to the pleasure like his soul is being sucked up.
Though his physical exhaustion and energy is restored with reinforced recovery, if he keep feeling the pleasure accompanied with the ejaculation, the mental fatigue will accumulate.

He doesn’t want to faint in front of the girl he likes.
His desperate resolution won’t do.
Having Misuzu suck out his semen, Ran fainted from too much pleasure.


  1. I actually tried stuffing my finger in my mouth and listened to what I was saying lol