Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1023. Inspecting the virgin prostitute / Misato’s deflowering, first Creampie



Wearing nothing but a red hadajuban on her naked body.

A camellia hairpin tying her hair.

Just those two made Misato-san a prostitute.

Her appearance changed her.

「 Ufufu, dear customer 」

The girl who was trembling earlier now hugs me.

She pushes her soft breasts onto me, then kissed me on the lips.

「 Now, let’s go to the bed 」

「 Yeah 」

Returning to the bedroom from earlier, we sit down on the bed while embracing each other.

I hug Misato-san’s back and insert my hand to the armpit gap of her hadajuban.

「 Japanese clothes are designed so you could do that. Ahnnn 」

Misato-san said while moaning.

「 Yeah, now that you put this on, I can touch Misato-san’s breasts like this 」

I grope her hot breasts.

「 Ahn, that’s lewd. Ahn! 」

Her nipples are harder than before.

Since she’s become a prostitute in appearance, Misato-san’s arousal is rising up.

「 Lie down on the bed 」

「 Yes 」

Misato-san lies down elegantly.

「 I’ll unbind the sash 」

「 Please do 」

It’s called a sash but it’s just a thin fabric tied around her hips.

It’s tied in a bowknot so I can take it off easily.

The knot is undone smoothly.

The chest part of her hadajuban opens up.

Her beautiful breasts and pink nipples appear.

Ooh, it’s completely different from the uniform earlier.

The 18-year-old young lady’s childish appearance is gone.

Now it’s just a woman who’s filled with charm and sexiness despite being a virgin.

She’s transformed.

Women change a lot.

「 It’s beautiful 」

I kissed her again.

Then, I licked her nape and sucked on her nipples again.

「 Aaaahn, So embarrassing, my voice is leaking 」

「 Go on. Moan for me. Men get even more aroused when they hear the woman moan 」

I said.

「 I’m going to make you moan a lot 」

I suck and lick her nipples.

「 Aaaahn, it makes me shiver! Aaaaahn! 」

Misato-san moans louder to please me.

These are the right manners for a prostitute, she learned it.

「 Aaahn, uuu, dear customer, you suck like a child, so cute 」

She says as she watches me suck on her nipples.

She’s now accustomed to having breasts licked that she now shows composure.

If that’s the case…

I now move to Misato-san’s lower body.

I spread out her hadajuban.

I resumed on her soft belly and caved in the navel.

Then, the thin fabric wrapping her mound of venus.

「 Please don’t stare too much 」

Her white panty is drenched.

I can see the shape of her pussy, and the color of her skin is showing.

「 No, I’ll give it a good look. If I don’t, then I won’t know it states 」

I stimulate her genitals across the fabric.

Virgins should be sensitive here.

Touching them suddenly makes them feel afraid.

But if it’s across the fabric, they feel at ease.

I press my index and middle finger on her clitoris and give it a small vibration.

「 Kuhaaaa, aaaaa, uuuuuuuu!!! 」

Misato-san breathes heavily, writhing.

Then, more love nectar oozes out from the inside.

「 Aaaaaah, I can feel the shivers! It’s coming down my spine! 」

Misato-san probably never masturbated.

This is her first time experiencing her genitals teased.

「 Aaaaah, haaaaaaa, haaaaaa, haaaaa 」

Misato-san’s breasts spilling out from her hadajuban moves grandly.

Her flushed skin sweats more.

「 I’m taking this off 」

「 Yes? 」

「 We can’t have sex unless I take this off 」

I hold her drenched panty.

Still, I can just slide her panty to the side and shove my penis in.

I’ve tested it with Nei and Misuzu.

The two of them were extremely aroused from having sex with their panties on.

But for now…

I want to imprint Misato-san’s pussy in my memory while it’s still a virgin.

I want to see her hymen.

「 Raise your hips. 」

I told Misato-san.

I won’t pull her panties forcibly.

I’m not raping her.

What we’re doing now is prostitution.

The prostitute has to answer their customer’s desires.

「 Y-yes 」

Misato-san raised her hips.

I lower the panty from her surprisingly thin hips to her plump ass.

Oh right, Arisu was quite thick for her age.

But her elder sister has quite a lot.

「 I-I’m embarrassed 」

Misato-san speaks with a blushing face.

「 Knowing that it will come to this, I have processed it beforehand, and yet… 」

「 No, this is good on its own. It has its charm 」

A young lady’s pubic hair.

That gap is quite amusing.

The customer who rents out Misato-san will see this and get aroused, I’m sure.

Thinking that way, it makes it hard for me.

This body isn’t just for me.

「 Here, let’s take them all off 」

I then pull her panty down.

「 Aaaa 」

I can see her slit.

A virgin’s labia is closed tightly, but the liquid overflows from the inside.

I continue through Misato-san’s bare legs smoothly moving down and removed it from her ankle.

She still has the hadajuban on her shoulder and arms, but…

Her face, breasts, stomach, genitals, legs, her naked body is for my eyes to feast.

Misato-san’s sweating, leaking hot sighs and oozing out love nectar.

「 Open your legs, I want to see 」

「 Y-Yes? U-Uhm… 」

It seems that she can’t imagine how to do it.

「 First, bend your lap and then raise it up 」

I hold Misato-san’s thighs and hold it up.

「 L-Like this? 」

She bends her legs.

「 Yes. Then, spread your legs on both sides 」

「 Ah, yes….uuuu 」

Though she’s drowning in embarrassment, Misato-san spreads her legs.

「 Then, you spread from your lap. 」

I grabbed Misato-san’s thighs and spread it open.

「 I-It’s like I am a frog 」

Misato-san says, but…

「 Don’t joke about it. Do you think a frog as cute as this exists? 」

I said. Then get in between Misato-san’s legs.

First, rub my cheek on her smooth stomach.

Then, I turn my gaze to her crotch.

Below the black curly hair is a line like its butter cut by a knife.

Furthermore, butter oozes out from the inside.

「 Misato-san 」

I hold Misato-san’s hand and lead it to her crotch.

「 Then, hold this and this, and spread it out. Kupaa, like that 」

「 U-Uhm 」

「 Show me the most embarrassing place 」

「 Y-Yes, dear customer 」

Misato-san does I as tell her, she spreads her lewd mouth below her abdomen.


Love nectar continues to ooze out.

Her fresh pink insides shine.

And deeper inside;

The hole to accept a man’s penis…

Oh, I can see a white film.

「 Yeah, this is a beautiful virgin pussy. I can see your hymen. It’s cute 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Misato-san thanked me for some reason.

「 U-Uhm, dear customer? 」

「 What? 」

「 That, can I accept dear Customer down there? 」

Her fear of sex turns into a question.

「 It’s okay. My dick went inside Arisu, Mitama, and Kinuka to the root 」

I show my erect penis to Misato-san and stroked it.

「 Your pussy is much more developed compared to Arisu’s. Besides 」

Misato-san’s eyes are glued to my glans.

「 This is designed for a man and a woman to commit that act in the first place 」

All humans can have sex.

「 Misato-san’s pussy will be able to accept my penis 」

It’s so wet, and it’s already melting inside.

Her mature body should be able to take me in without a problem.

「 I see 」

Then, Misato-san looked up at the ceiling.

「 Father, Mother, please forgive me. Misato can’t keep her purity nor become a bride with another family 」


「 I will be selling my body. Misato will become a bad girl, selling her chastity for money. Misato can’t become a bride anymore. Please forgive me for committing this sin 」

Oh right, this girl thinks that one should keep their virginity until marriage.

What a sheltered young lady.

Then, she looked at me.

「 I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Please go on 」

She waits for my insertion while spreading her slit open.

「 My poor-quality body is yours, please enjoy it 」


「 You won’t drink any contraceptives. And I’m going to ejaculate inside, okay? 」

「 Yes. I’m ready 」

If she becomes pregnant, then I will look after her for the rest of her life.

No, that won’t happen.

Minaho-neesan will make Misato-san drink contraceptives.

Just like usual.

Therefore, Misato-san won’t get pregnant no matter how much I ejaculate inside.


I just want to impregnate her.

I want her. I want to make her mine.

I know in my head that it’s not allowed, that I can’t do that.

I know that and that is why I want her.

The lust inside me bursts into flames.

「 I’m going in 」

「 Please do 」

I put a pillow below Misato-san’s ass to raise her hips.

That makes the angle of insertion better.

Also, I get on top of Misato-san’s naked body.

「 I won’t stop even if it hurts you 」

「 I won’t complain about the pain 」

Misato-san puts on a brave front.

I kissed Misato-san once again.

I put my glans touching Misato-san’s entrance while enjoying the sensation of her lips.

I push my glans against her slit.

I grind her clitoris up and down.

「 Ah. 」

Misato-san raised her voice, feeling the heat of the glans.

I guess I should lick her entrance and her clitoris and make her cum at least once.

That way, it would be easy to accept my erect penis.


She’s going to become a prostitute.

She won’t be taking in customers who will give her plenty of foreplay.

There should be men who would want to shove it inside Misato-san right away without checking her body.

Misato-san’s first experience, and first-time prostitution…

It would be bad if she thinks that sex is like that.

Therefore, I can’t give her any more foreplay.

I’m just going to shove it in now.

「 Loosen up. Take deep breaths. Suu, suu, haa, a three-step tempo 」

Although, it should be okay to teach her about relaxing and breathing techniques.

It should be useful even in prostitution sex.

「 Now do it…suu, suu, haa. That rhythm 」

Usually, I do it together with the girl but this time, I won’t be that kind.

「 Yes, suuuuu, suuuuu, haaaaa 」

Misato-san starts breathing as I told her.

Suuuuu, suuuuu, haaaa

Suuuu, suuu, haaaa

I rub my glans into her entrance with that rhythm.

She’s slowly getting used to it.

Our genitals are touching, but…

Misato-san’s body is loosening up.


Suuuu, suuuu, haaaa


Waiting for the moment she breathes in…I pushed inside.

「 Kuuuuuuu 」

Misato-san who’s about to breathe in can’t raise her voice too loudly.


My hot erect penis slips into her narrow meat.

My glans is obstructed by a flesh wall.

「 Hmph!! 」

without warning, I pushed my hips and broke through it.

I push a hole into her hymen.

「 Ouch!!! 」

Misato-san’s face frowns in pain.

Even so, I won’t stop the invasion!!

I grabbed Misato-san’s shoulder and pushed in.

「 Aaaaaaaaah! Ouch! It hurts! It hurts! 」

The swell of my glans passed through her hymen, and just a little more and we’re reaching the goal.

Zubububu, zububububububu!!!

「 Ouch! It hurts!!!! 」

Tears spill from Misato-san’s big eyes.

「 Don’t cry! Look! Watch the man who you’re giving your virginity Remember it! Burn this image in your head! Don’t forget it even after a thousand years! 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

Misato-san endures the pain and looked up at me.

「 That’s right, that’s good! Hmph!!! 」

「 Hiiiiiiii!!! 」


My erect penis pushed to the root.

I pushed inside Misato-san’s narrow vagina.

「 Now that’s all in! 」

「 Kuaaaaaa, Kuaaaaaa! Haa, haaa, haa, haaaaa 」

Misato-san endures the pain from a foreign object invading her as sweat floats on her forehead.

She’s enduring.

「 Hey, touch it. It went all inside to the root 」

I hold Misato-san’s hand and made her touch the connected part.

「 Y-Yes, it’s all in. Your fat thing went inside me

「 We’re having sex 」

「 Yes, Misato and dear customer are having sex 」

「 Say that you’re glad to give me your virginity 」

「 Yes, Misato is glad to give her virginity to her dear customer 」

Misato-san will say anything to please me as she’s a prostitute.

She’ll follow any order I tell her.


「 I like you Misato. I like you 」

「 No, dear customer, I am a prostitute. I have no right to receive love from someone 」


「 Please do, please continue to rent out Misato’s body. Please continue to pet me. Misato is yours 」

That’s right, she’s a prostitute.

She will not belong to anyone, for the sake of regaining the Kurama Kaku and the assets of Kurama house.

「 I’m going to move. It’ll hurt but endure it 」

「 Yes 」

I slowly move my hips.

「 Ouch!!! 」

Misato-san’s hurt already even though I’m just pulling out.

The torn hymen must be hurting her.

My penis is red from Misato-san’s proof of her first experience.

「 Kuuuuu, uuuuu 」

「 That’s not it. Didn’t I teach you earlier? Start breathing 」

「 Ah, yes 」

Suuuu, suuuuu, haaa.

Suuuu, suuuu, haaaa

I join Misato-san’s breathing.

Each thrust shakes Misato-san’s breasts.

I grabbed her chest.

I knead her nipples with my fingers.


Her virgin pussy tightens up. It feels good.

Her tight meat pot wraps my penis.

「 Aaaah, I’m about to cum Misato-san 」

The hot lump rises up from the inside.

「 I’m going to cum inside Misato-san’s womb. My semen’s about to blow 」

「 Please do! Aaaah! Cum! Please do it as many times as you want!! 」

Misato-san shouts in excitement and despair.

「 Embrace me! Tightly 」

「 Yes, dear customer!!! 」

Misato-san’s thin arms embrace me.

I embrace her back tightly as well.

「 C-Cumming!!! 」

I push in my hips with all my strength…

My greatly tensed glans push into Misato-san’s uterus!!!


「 S-So hot!!! 」


My smelly white liquid defiles Misato-san’s innocent womb.

「 Aaaah, it’s hot deep inside! Something’s coming in! It’s spreading in my stomach!!! 」



「 That’s semen! My semen’s impregnating you, Misato!!! 」

「 Y-Yes, dear customer! Yes 」

Misato clings to my body tighter.

Accepting the semen in her womb.

「 Aaaah, I have fallen! I have fallen! Aaaaaa 」

My ejaculation doesn’t end.

「 Haa, haa, haaa, haaa, haa 」

Misato-san’s whole body is wet from sweat, tears, love nectar, and semen.

She’s breathing in pain.

I lie down on Misato-san’s flushed skin while still connected to her.

I licked the sweat on Misato-san’s nose.

It’s salty and bitter.

「 H-How was that? 」

Misato-san asks me.

「 Did you enjoy my first time? 」


「 It’s good. Thank you for giving your virginity to me 」

I kissed Misato-san.

「 But, I haven’t had enough. I haven’t ejaculated enough 」

I want to cum inside her more.

I want the smell of my semen to drift from Misato-san’s body, no matter how far anyone who smells it is.

I want to ejaculate inside Misato-san’s womb.

I want to fill her womb with my semen.


I want to impregnate Misato-san.

「 If you’re not yet satisfied then please continue. I’m yours, for now, dear customer 」

Misato-san said.

My penis became harder inside Misato-san.