Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1125. Sex Training with the Virgins / Setsuna 1 – Analysis



「 N-No, I! 」

Shirahata Setsuna-san shouts after I declared that I’ll rape her.

「 Mitama, Kinuka, restrain her 」

I ordered the combat sisters.

「 Certainly 」

「 Certainly! 」

The two approach Shirahata-san.

「 Sorry 」

「 Excuse us 」

The two hold Shirahata-san’s hands.

「 Hey, w-what are you doing? 」

「 Don’t struggle, it’ll be dangerous for you 」

Mitama holds Shirahata-san’s throat.

「 Your joints are delicate, and so if you struggle, it’ll cut off your ligaments 」

Kinuka says while giving Shirahata-san’s wrist a quick twitch.

「 S-Stop! It hurts! 」

「 We already told you to stop struggling…Kinuka 」

「 Yes, Onee-sama 」

Kinuka’s finger pokes Shirahata-san’s flank.

「 Uge 」

「 If you stab here, it takes away your body’s freedom 」

She explained with an expressionless approach

「 Then 」

Mitama who has a tall figure lifts up Shirahata-san who lost strength.

「 Ah, bring her to the other room. It’s ready 」

Katsuko-nee told Mitama.

I knew it.

The option of sending Shirahata-san home was never there.

If that happens, Shirahata-san’s family business will collapse, and their family likely commits suicide. That will only cause trouble to the company employees. And it’s also likely to bring chain-bankruptcy.

If Shirahata-san doesn’t work as a prostitute, then it’ll make a lot of people suffer.


「 Everyone knows that it’s futile. Shirahata-san is the only one who can’t accept her fate, and so we have to push it to her 」


「 Nozomi, Momoka, come with us 」

I told the two.

「 The two of you will watch me rape Shirahata-san. Shirahata-san watched the two of you deflowered too 」

Thinking about what’s ahead of us.

Nozomi and Momoka will stand in the same place as she loses her virginity.

That will be Shirahata-san’s salvation.

The feeling of fellowship among the same prostitutes should rise.

It’s not showing each other their private parts, but watching each other deflowered.

「 Should I come too? 」

Misato asks, but…

「 No, Misato should stay here. Continue playing with Arisu 」

I said.

The three prostitute cadets haven’t seen Misato’s deflowering.

Besides, Misato’s a young lady of the nobility, she’s fundamentally different than these three.

Misato has the pride and dignity of the young lady of the Kurama house.

These girls are daughters of small to medium enterprise company president, but these three prostitute candidates are ordinary girls.

If Misato’s present in her deflowering, it might just make Shirahata-san insecure.

「 Yes, certainly 」

「 Then, Misato-oneesama, Karen, and I will wait in this room 」

Arisu tells me with a smile.

「 I’m coming with you. I’m her teacher after all 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 I’ll contact Ikeda-sensei. I’ll tell her to wait since the two will come together 」

Tamayo-san said.

Yeah, the schedule is for Momoka to have her post-deflowering checkup, but…

Ikeda-sensei’s waiting in her office.

「 Oh, you don’t have to mind it. Ikeda-sensei’s a professional, she also knows that it’s the training day for the newcomers 」

Tamayo-san tells me.

「 They’re all virgins, so it’s inevitable for them to take some time. You don’t have to rush it. Take your time and give them some love

「 Got it 」

「 You sure get it. Is it Minaho-san or Katsuko-chan’s education? Or is it… 」

Tamayo-san says…

「 He’s got the talent, he had a lot of experience after all. He never gives out simple compassion 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 If one’s going to be a hypocrite, then it’s better to be pure evil instead 」

Tamayo-san smiled at me.

「 Well, I’ve been evil from the beginning 」

I’m a member of the Black Forest, a criminal syndicate, and Minaho-neesan’s brother.

「 I never thought of myself as a good person from the beginning 」

I’m on the bad side, and…

「 I’ll do any evil if it’s to keep my family safe 」

「 That’s nice, a man who has an unwavering resolution. I can see why Minaho-san needs you 」

Tamayo-san said.

◇ ◇ ◇

Katsuko-nee unlocks the door to the adjacent room and then opened it.

Is this another playroom?

Katsuko-nee pressed the switch on the wall of the dim room and it lit up.

「 You see, I thought that this might be necessary 」

Katsuko-nee points at the restraining platform.

「 It imitates the ones used in gynecology, but this is obviously reinforced. When you tie up a girl in there, you can violate her intensely and the platform won’t even bulge, so you can use it without worries 」

I see. The frame and the metal pipes are thick. This is strong.

「 Mitama, put Shirahata-san in that platform. Kinuka, help her 」

「 Certainly 」

I ordered. Mitama puts down Shirahata-san.

「 Oh, I’ll put on the leather belts. If you’re not accustomed to it, you could tie her up too tight and that’ll restrict her blood flow, that’s bad to her body 」

「 N-No…s-stop 」

Shirahata-san looked up at Katsuko-nee in fear.

Katsuko-nee ties her wrists, ankles, knee, and elbows to the restraining platform indifferently.

Shirahata-san’s tied up while still wearing her school uniform.

Her arms are tied up on the frame, and her legs are spread wide.

「 Okay, we’re done 」

The huge breasted high school girl is fixed on an embarrassing pose.

「 Mitama and Kinuka, you can go back to the room earlier, you did well. Thanks 」

These two combat girls shouldn’t be watching.

「 Then, we’ll be standing by 」

「 We’ll guard Misato-sama, Arisu-sama, and Karen-sama! 」

The two returned to the room earlier, Katsuko-nee closed the door and locked it.

「 Okay, it’s just us now 」

Shirahata-san in the restraining platform. Nozomi and Momoka, her fellow prostitute cadet.

Then, Katsuko-nee and me.

「 This room is a place to enjoy sex, and so we have movie cameras around 」

Katsuko- nee open the control panel and then turns on the huge monitor in the wall.

Then, in there…

Shirahata-san in the restraining platform is on screen.

「 The ceiling has several cameras there so we can capture Shirahata-san’s deflowering from various angles. Shirahata-san herself can watch herself get violated. 」

It seems the effect of Kinuka’s poke on Shirahata-san is going off now.

Although, her body’s tied up so she can only move her head.

「 Why do I have to go through this?! 」

Shirahata-san looked up at the ceiling with hate.

She’s trying to ignore us.

「 Well then, why don’t we begin our analysis. 」

Katsuko-nee to me.

「 Here, a scalpel 」


「 Isn’t this just sewing scissors? 」

It’s a huge scissor used for handicrafts.

「 Well, yes, but since we’re in the mood for an operating room, I wanted to say “scalpel” 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 Try saying “Sweat,” and “Forceps” too 」

「 What’s forceps? 」

「 Forceps 」

「 Forceps? 」

I don’t even know what it means.

「 Uhm, are we talking about the mountain climbing term, the outdoor cooking set? 」

Momoka said.

「 Pot? 」

「 No, uhm, I’m sorry. Momoka’s a dumb girl. Sorry for saying something unnecessary 」

Momoka apologized immediately.

「 Well, it’s time to peel her 」

Oh right, I should focus on Shirahata-san for now.

I use the huge scissors passed to me and started cutting.

Yeah, this is sharp.

Shirahata-san watches the edge of the knife of the mirror in shock.

「 It’s scary to see scissors, isn’t it? It’s sharp after all 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 S-Stop! That’s… 」

I ignored her and start cutting Shirahata-san’s skirt.

「 H-Hey! My uniform! 」

「 You won’t be going to school with this uniform anymore so it doesn’t matter if I cut it, right?! 」

「 I do! I-It’s my uniform! 」

「 Oh? You have no property now 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 You’re sold off to this place after all 」

「 But, I! 」

「 You don’t agree to it, but a contract is a contract 」

Cutting up her skirt, Shirahata-san’s thighs and her cute underwear are now exposed.

She’s wearing a plain white panty. I wonder if it’s school regulations?

This girl attended an all-girls’ school after all.

「 I-If you go further than that, I’ll bite my tongue! 」

Shirahata-san glared at me.

「 I’ll bite my tongue and die! 」


「 You can bite your tongue and die, but it’s going to be horribly painful, do you want that? 」

I replied with a straight face.

「 Oh, I heard about it. Even if you bite off your tongue, you won’t die of blood loss. You could die from suffocation when the tongue you bite off gets caught in your throat, but, that’s just painful, so I’d rather not die from suffocation

Nozomi speaks this time.

「 Right. If you’re going to die from biting your tongue, then it’s much faster to stop breathing and die 」

Katsuko-nee looked at Shirahata-san and smiled.

「 I mean, you won’t die, Shirahata-san. 」

「 W-What?! What do you know about me?! 」

The tied up girl exposes her anger from what I said.

She’s agitated. Her huge breasts move up and down along with her breaths.

「 No girl would pick suicide from something like this. Minaho-neesan checked that first 」

「 Yes, she never picked girls with a weak will. If the girl commits suicide halfway through the contract period, then it’s a huge loss for us 」

Katsuko-nee said.

Minaho-neesan saw a lot of kidnapped prostitutes die during the time when Shirasaka Sousuke was in control.

She’s being careful to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

「 I mean, girls like Shirahata-san, who keeps yelping out her emotions will never commit suicide. Those who die don’t even say anything in the situation, and they just accumulate things in their heart 」

The emotions that accumulated in their heart blows up, and they pass away suddenly.

「 Shirahata-san’s going to be okay 」

I place the scissors on the chest part of her uniform.

「 Hii!!! 」

Feeling the cold steel of the scissors touching her skin, Shirahata-san trembled.

I then started snipping.

Cutting through the chest part of Shirahata-san’s uniform.

「 Kuh 」

Shirahata-san’s body trembles in frustration.

「 Somehow, this sure looks like an autopsy 」

Katsuko-nee said.

Shirahata-san’s tied up and her legs are spread wide in this medical exam platform.

Her uniform’s cut through.

She’s wearing her sleeve, and yet, her white bra and panty are exposed.

「 Yeah, this looks like we’re using a frog specimen 」

Momoka mutters. Shirahata-san glared at her.

「 Ah, sorry, Momoka’s a dumb girl so she said something unnecessary. I’m very sorry 」

「 You don’t have to apologize Momoka 」

I said.

「 After all, she sure looks like a frog turned over 」

Shirahata-san directs her hostility to me now.

「 It’s not cute nor beautiful, what a dull body. Man, I should just stop from raping Shirahata-san 」

Shirahata-san’s shocked.

「 I mean, I had sex with five girls including Misato earlier, then, I also had sex with Nozomi and Momoka. I came inside Momoka twice and once in her mouth 」

「 I’m sorry. Momoka’s a dumb girl, sorry 」


「 I’m praising you. Momoka had that much charm. You were cute, beautiful, and lewd

「 Huh, Kuromori-kun, what about me? 」

Nozomi speaks in dissatisfaction

「 Of course, Nozomi’s body was great too. But, you bled a lot today so I had to hold back. I’m looking forward to our next training. Next time, it won’t end with just one cream pie 」

「 Ufufu, Nozomi’s looking forward to it too! Tomorrow’s okay too! 」

Nozomi regained her mood.

「 M-Momoka’s a dumb girl so it’s okay to do it today! Even now! 」

「 Right. I can start by serving with my mouth and then pass it to Momoka-san? Then, while you’re having sex with Momoka, you can lick Nozomi’s breasts. You love breasts don’t you, Kuromori-kun? 」

「 Momoka wants to do it like what Kurama-san did earlier 」

I showed a 6p sex with the Kurama sisters, Anjou sisters, and Karen.

So, Nozomi and Momoka accept the idea of sex with multiple people.

「 If we’re a prostitute, we’re going to do those kinds of stuff, right? 」

「 I-I think some of our customers may have that kind of preference 」

The two said, but…

「 I’ll have preparations for plays with several people in your training. So, you don’t have to hurry. You girls just had experienced sex, and so you need to master one-on-one serving first. 」

Katsuko-nee smiles wryly.

「 Well, someone like Shirahata-san won’t see the appeal in that at all, but… 」

Katsuko-nee pokes Shirahata-san’s huge breasts wrapped in her bra.

「 These breasts of hers pack the punch 」


「 Yeah, let’s peel that off for now 」

I place the scissors on her cleavage

「 H-Hey! Wait! Wait! 」

I cut the small portion that connects both cups.



Shirahata-san’s breasts burst out.

Her torn off bra flops away and her pink nipples are exposed.

「 Haaa, it sure is big 」

Momoka peeks. Shirahata-san glares at me.

「 I-I’m sorry! I’m sorry for being dumb!! 」

Using that chance…

I grab Shirahata-san’s breasts.

「 Hiiiiii!!!! 」

This must be her first time having a man touch her naked body.

Shirahata-san screams.


「 Oh. I knew it, it’s just a lump of fat! 」

I said it purposefully.

Shirahata-san’s attending the tea ceremony club. Her meat hardly has exercise at all.

Her breasts are squishy, it’s soft. It’s like a huge marshmallow.

Her skin feels a little cold. It’s probably because Shirahata-san’s nervous

「 L-Let go of me! Take your hand away 」

Shirahata-san speaks with a low tone.

「 Why? You know I’m raping you, right? 」

I pinched Shirahata-san’s nipples.

「 Kyaa 」

「 Your breasts are huge, and yet, your nipples are small 」

I grind it with my thumb.

「 S-Stop! Don’t do something so perverted to me 」

「 This is just ordinary 」

「 You’re lying! Pervert! Molester! 」

「 You’re so open that no molester would pass it up 」

I bring my face closer to Shirahata-san’s breasts.

「 Hey, w-what…hyauuu!! 」

Shirahata-san’s body trembled as I licked her nipples.

「 No, noooooooo! I don’t want this!!!! 」