Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1126. Sex Training with the Virgins / Setsuna 2 – Preparations to Violation



「Geez, Kuromori-kun sure loves breasts, don’t you?」

Nozomi says while watching me crawl my tongue on Shirahata Setsuna-san’s huge breasts.

「Yeah, Momoka got licked a lot to」

Momoka says while looking at her breasts.

「But, Shirahata-san’s breasts are much bigger than Sumitomo-san or mine, I guess since it’s big, Kuromori-kun would want to lick it, right?」


「Size has nothing to do with it. Women all have a different feel when you touch and lick them」


「Yeah, Nozomi’s breasts have a nice shape, and it has some elasticity inside and it’s packed with meat. Momoka does exercise, so she has soft yet muscular breasts. Also, Momoka’s skin is hotter」


Nozomi asks Momoka.

「Why don’t we touch each other and compare?」

「Oh, right? You don’t mind?」

「S-Sure, if you’re okay with this dumb Momoka’s breasts」

The two prostitute cadets I already deflowered took off their bathrobe and then touched each other’s breasts.

Touching the other’s breast with their right hand and their own with their left.

「Wow, it’s so different」

「R-Right…It’s got a different feel」

「Momoka’s body is so firm and nice」

「Nozomi’s breasts are so soft that it sucks in my hands!」

Then, Nozomi…

「Now that we’ve done this, I want to touch Shirahata-san’s breasts too」

「Sure, I’m licking the right so you can have the left.」

「D-Don’t touch someone’s breasts so casually!」

Shirahata-san complains, but since she’s tied up with her legs spread to a pornographic pose in the restraining platform, she can’t do anything.

「Shirahata-san, excuse me! Oh, Shirahata-san’s got some goosebumps!」

Nozomi asks.

「A man I don’t even like is licking my body, I can’t help but feel disgusted and have goosebumps. Isn’t that obvious?!」

Shirahata-san screams. She’s still energetic, isn’t she?

「Well, don’t get too angry. Ooooh, this is squishy!!!」

Momoka pokes Shirahata-san’s huge breasts and shared her impressions.

「Momoka-san, try touching it!」

「Ah, yeah. I’m dumb, but excuse me」

The two girls poke Shirahata-san’s breasts.

「I see. Shirahata-san’s skin is white, or should I say that it’s thin? It’s like touching a piglet’s stomach」

Nozomi said.

「Nozomi-san, you touched a live piglet before?」

「Huh? Momoka-san, you haven’t touched a piglet before?」

「Hey, don’t toy with my breasts!」

Shirahata-san screams

「Err, then, Shirahata-san, do you want to touch Momoka’s breasts too?」

Momoka suggested.

「I don’t want to! You idiot!」

「Yes, Momoka’s dumb. Sorry」

Momoka said with a smile.

「Yeah, it feels better when you live thinking that you’re an idiot! Pretending to be that quick-witted clever girl had been so suffocating. I’m glad that Kuromori Kou-sama taught Momoka that she’s an idiot!」

Momoka said.

「Me too, Kuromori-kun turned me into someone who doesn’t care anymore since it’s beyond help」

Nozomi said.

「So, Shirahata-san, if only you could follow your name and raise a white flag already1

「I don’t want it! I don’t want any of this!」

I let go of Shirahata-san’s breasts…

But, I continue stimulating her nipples.

「If I recall, Shirahata-san had a ‘dream,’ right?」

「Yes! I have a clear plan for my future!」

Shirahata-san glared at me and said.

「I see. So, what plan is it?」

「I-I would never tell you!」

She looked away from me.

「It’s to become a lawyer, isn’t it?」

Katsuko-nee said while smiling.

「You want to enter a national law school, graduate, pass the state exam, and become a lawyer, don’t you?」

「How do you know that?!」

Shirahata-san’s surprised.

「We can find that out with a little investigation

Katsuko-nee giggled.

「But, your reason to becoming a lawyer is “The brother of my friend that I admire is attending Tokyo University, aiming to become a lawyer,” is a little cheap」

Shirahata-san’s face turned red.

「S-Shut up! You looked up at someone’s future aspirations as you please so stop with the nonsensical remarks!」

「His name is Yamamoto Kenchi-san, isn’t it?」


Katsuko-nee said. Shirahata-san falters with her bright red face.

「But, Shirahata-san only admired him from afar, you hardly talked to him. It’s unrequited love, isn’t it?」

I thought so.

「S-So what?」

Shirahata-san said sullenly.

「I know that already. It’s already over for me, isn’t it? I can’t even go to Tokyo University, I can’t become a lawyer, I can’t even meet up with Kenchi-san!」



I asked. Shirahata-san glared at me.

「Isn’t it because I’m going to be a prostitute here?!」


「I mean, it’s just a five-year contract. If Shirahata-san becomes popular, you can repay your father’s debts much faster. Once you retire, you can go to university, and it’s not late to have a goal of becoming a lawyer」

「Right, if your dream was to enter a top-class business, then it’ll be hard if you’re not a new graduate since it only allows the first wave and they have age limits. But, being a lawyer…many of them don’t pass the bar examination」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Shirahata-san is still 17, and in 5 years, you’ll be 22. 」 If you want to become a lawyer, then you’ll make it in time」

「Uhm, Katsuko-san, I think Shirahata-san want to go to and from the same university as that guy?」

Nozomi asks.

「But, Yamamoto Kenchi-san is three years older than Shirahata-san, the university he’s currently enrolled in law school has different buildings for first and second, then third and fourth-year students. Especially since it’s split in East and West Tokyo. Therefore, even if Shirahata-san enrolls in the same university, Yamamoto-san, who’s already in his fourth year will not go to the same campus as her

She even looked that far.

「If she simply wants to become a senior-junior in the same university, then you won’t mind being late a few years, do you, Shirahata-san?

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「Y-You won’t fool me! I will not get swayed by your sweet words like Asahina-san and Sumitomo-san!」


「Yeah, your nipples are stiff now」

I poke Shirahata-san’s nipples and confirmed it.


「No, look at your nipples」

I licked Shirahata-san’s nipples.


Her stiff nipples are getting more sensitive.

「People don’t stay in a state of fear or tension all the time. They grow accustomed to anything. So, your stiff body becomes loose. When the abnormal condition kept ongoing, you’ll start to think that the abnormal is normal, and your body will relax. Your mind and body won’t be able to handle it if you don’t get used to it」

Her nervous body tied up in the restraining platform.

The body whose clothing I cut and breast I played as I please.

With the conversation with everyone…Nozomi and Momoka touching her, her body is loosening up.

「He’s gentle, and he never does something that’ll hurt or scare you, so if he stimulates you with enough time, of course, your nipples will get stiff」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Oh, the goosebumps are gone」

「She got used to Kuromori Kou-sama’s licking on her body」

Nozomi and Momoka checked on Shirahata-san’s skin.

「Okay, I’m going on this nipple now」

I lick the nipple Nozomi and Momoka are touching

「Hey! W-What?! Ahn!」

Finally, Shirahata-san moaned in pleasure.

I persistently licked on Shirahata-san’s nipple and sucked on it.

「Ahn! Seeing that makes my nipples stiff too」

「Momoka too」

The two say while groping their breasts.

「I…I don’t…I don’t want this!!」

Good, both her nipples are erect.

「Then, it’s finally time to show me your most precious part」

I take the scissors once again.

「W-What are you going to do?!」

Showing an edged tool, Shirahata-san’s body felt nervous again.

「It’s okay, I won’t damage Shirahata-san’s body. I’m just making a hole on your panty」

Her nipples are erect, but her still-virgin vagina is not wet yet.

I pinched the fabric of her panty, and then cut it with my scissors.


Shirahata-san’s tied up on the restraining platform with her legs spread in a pornographic pose.

Her pure white panty now has a huge hole in the middle.

She’s wearing a panty, but her genitals and anus are exposed.

「Oh, it’s dark」

I said. Shirahata-san;


「You’re hairy. Hair. I just thought that your hair down here is thick

「Yeah, it’s ruffled」

「Shirahata-san had to clean up a lot when wearing a swimsuit, right?」

「Yeah, it’s already summer so you lost focus now?」

「Momoka’s thin so I don’t get this, but」

Nozomi and Momoka said.

「D-Don’t look!」

「But, Shirahata-san, you watched us get deflowered, right?」

「Therefore Momoka’s got the right to see yours too」

「I didn’t watch it because I want to! I was forced to!」

「But, there’s no difference that you watched us」

「I mean, it sure is dark here」

Momoka, going any further than that just makes her pathetic.

「Her genitals seem to be closed, just like how a virgin should be. Although, the labia seems to be a little darker compared to others, isn’t it?」

Katsuko-nee said.

「It’s not dark!」

Shirahata-san shouts.

「Wow, Shirahata-san, your anus is twitching」

「That’s what it means to be alive after all」

Nozomi and Momoka peeked at Shirahata-san’s private parts with interest.

「Well then, why don’t we check it」

I approached Shirahata-san’s genitals.

「Kuromori-kun, check what?」

「Shirahata-san’s hymen. I did the same with Nozomi and Momoka too, right?」

「Oh, that you did. You did look at Momoka too」

「I didn’t see mine that so I want to take a look at Shirahata-san’s hymen!」

「S-Stop! Stop it already! Geez!!!」

I put my hands on Shirahata-san’s slit.


Shirahata-san felt my fingers, she trembled.

I slowly opened up her slit.

As expected, her inside is shining from being wet.

「Oooh, so it’s like that」

「It’s amazing. Shirahata-san」

I spread it out further

「Okay, now pay attention to this」

Katsuko-nee points at Shirahata-san’s genitals that I’m spreading.

「Here, it’s hidden right now but this is the clitoris. This is the urethra hole, this is where your pee comes out. And this is the vaginal entrance, this is where the penis comes in

「I see」

「Even the dumb Momoka can understand」

Suddenly, a sex education class started.

「Then, in this vaginal entrance, this part that’s twitching, that pink colored part is the hymen」

「It’s the part with a round hole in it」

「I see. So that’s the hymen」

Shirahata-san’s hymen is an ordinary ring-shaped hymen.

I don’t think it’ll hurt her that much.

「You can only see this now. Later, his penis will tear it off」

Katsuko-nee said. Shirahata-san.

「N-No! Never!!!」

「Shirahata-san, we just did it」

「That’s right. Momoka’s a dumb girl, but Kuromori Kou-sama took my virginity」

The two said.

「And now, Kuromori-kun’s semen is filling up my womb」

「Momoka too」

「So that’s why I feel so close to Momoka-san now」

「We’re people who had the same experience after all」

Nozomi, Momoka.

「Kurama-san and her sister too, I think I like them」

「They also did it with Kuromori Kou-sama, haven’t they?」

「What do you call that again?」

Nozomi asks. Katsuko-nee;

「It’s “Rod Sisters” You girls…well, me too, anyway, we’re all sisters who he embraced」

「Yes, that! So, Shirahata-san, you should become our sister as soon as possible!」

「Yes, Shirahata-san, join Momoka and everyone」


「I don’t want that! I already told you that I don’t want this!」


I licked Shirahata-san’s pussy.


It’s probably her first time experiencing someone licks her insides.

「N-Noooo! S-Stop!!!!」

I moved my tongue around.

「Kyauuuu!!! Kiiiiiii! Haaaaaa!!!」

「That feels good, right?」

「Momoka’s a dumb girl, so my stomach clenches」

「Nozomi also got wet」

I exposed Shirahata-san’s clitoris.

「Oh, observe this small red bean-like part. That’s the clitoris」

Katsuko-nee points to Nozomi and Momoka.

「When you get aroused, it gets bigger」


My tongue rubs Shirahata-san’s clitoris.


This sensation is a first for her.

I continued licking.

「Hiii, hiiii, fuaaaaaaa!!」

「Ah, Shirahata-san’s wet」

Katsuko-nee’s right. Her young pussy starts to drip love nectar.

「Wow, it smells lewd.」

「It’s coming out from Shirahata-san’s body」

「D-Don’t say that! Nooooo!!!」

Shirahata-san, whose body is half-naked because I cut her clothing, trembles.

「Dear, her body isn’t accustomed to sexual stimulation yet so I don’t think you can make her cum right now」

I think Katsuko-nee’s right.

I’ll just loosen up her vagina to some degree and then go for insertion.

「Kihiiiiiii, mukuuuuuuuuu, iii, iiiiiiiiii!!!」

Even so, Shirahata-san’s body is heating up, she’s starting to sweat.

Her healthy body is preparing to accept a man.「」

「Noo, nooo, nooooooo!!!」

The sour love nectar, and the milky smell of her sweat, and also the cheese-like smell from her vagina.

It’s about time.

I looked up at Shirahata-san from her pussy.

「Here, dear」

Katsuko-nee gave me a towel and I wiped my face from the love nectar and sweat.

「Look at it, this is what’s going inside Shirahata-san」

I take off my bathrobe and show Shirahata-san my erect penis.

The erect penis comes into her view.

「No! I don’t want that! Anything but that!!!」


「Nozomi, Momoka, lick it so it goes inside Shirahata-san smoothly」

「Okay, Kuromori-kun」

「C-Certainly, Kuromori Kou-sama」

Nozomi and Momoka go to the sides so Shirahata-san could see.

They crawl their tongue on my penis.

They lick the glans and the rod and smear it with saliva.

「Look at them, they’re licking it to make sure that the penis goes in smoothly inside you」

Katsuko-nee whispers to Shirahata-san.

「Asahina-san and Momoka-san sure want you as their friend」

「Shirahata-san, hurry up and join us」

「Sex doesn’t hurt that much」

Nozomi and Momoka, smile at Shirahata-san while giving me double fellatio.


She watches the penis that’s about to enter her dumbfoundedly.


  1. Shirahata = White Flag