Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1194. Fighting On / Kujo



「I don’t think Edie-san has any intentions of fighting the tournament as a sports contest」

Kuromiya Motoko-san said.

Edie uses Raishouin Raiden as soon as the match starts and high kicks them, knocking them out.

「Well yeah, Edie just ignores the mood of the match」

Nei said.

「The mood?」

I asked.

「You’ll understand next game」

Kuromiya-san points at the ring.

Oh, Edie’s match is over and the unconscious European Fujiwara athlete is carried away on a stretcher.

The athletes for the second match go up the ring.

「Unlike Edie, those girls are from the sports industry so they will have a good match」

Nei said.

The second match is the creative martial arts Golden Balm Gym Line Haruko-san and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu European Fujiwara clan Kurasuyama Chihiro-san.

「These two will surely engage with each other」

Kuromiya-san said.


「Best of luck to both of us!!」

Line Haruko-san greets her opponent politely.


Karasuyama-san also replied with a slightly higher pitch.

「See the difference?」

Nei’s right.

When Edie was in the match, she just smiles at her opponent.


Just like with Edie and her opponent earlier, the ring referee gives the athletes a body check.

Line Haruko-san is wearing a black and yellow-line tight tracksuit.

Karasuyama-san’s wearing a tank top with the European Fujiwara logo and shorts.

Both of them have no problems.


『Round 1』

The gong roars at the same time the announcer finished.




Line Haruko-san and Karasuyama-san fist bump each other lightly in the middle of the ring.

Then, they took distance from each other using footwork.

「Yeah, this sure looks like the ordinary match you’ll see on TV」

I muttered.

The two on the ring throw each other light punch and low kicks, trying to feel around the distance to attack their opponent.

There’s tension in the atmosphere, but it doesn’t have that same severity when Edie took her opponent down in one go.

「That’s the mood of a sport. They’re polite, starting with a calm pace, not going after the opponent so suddenly」

Kuromiya-san explained.

「Yeah, they’re not fighting in full throttle from the start like Edie」

I said, then…

「It’s not just the speed and momentum. Edie-san’s rhythm and the tempo is framed in the battlefield so she’s different from them」

Kuromiya-san replies.

「In this martial arts world, you need to create that kind of atmosphere during the match. You’re not just bound by the rules of martial arts but also learn how to harmonize, learn the unspoken agreement」


「Indeed. Using Kendo as an example, they’re playing a match using bamboo swords, meanwhile, Edie-san is on a real fight with a real weapon」

While we’re talking…

Line Haruko-san’s closing her distance with her opponent.

「For example, in a bamboo sword match, you can intentionally catch a shallow strike with your body. You won’t be cut to death after all. You can use strategies like cutting through the bones. Above all, winning or losing in martial arts is a sport, you don’t intend to cut down your opponent in the first place, so even if an accident occurs and they got a serious injury, it won’t be life-threatening. And the athletes understand that’s what the match is about」

It’s not a fight to the death, but…

But just a sports battle.

「That’s why they think about defeating their opponent within the rules of the competition and try to adjust the atmosphere of the match as much as possible to avoid any unforeseen problems that will leave any grudge between them and their opponent. That’s tied together with manners and respect」

The greetings before the fight and the fist bump in the center of the ring were there to create the right mood.

「But Edie」

I muttered.

Edie’s techniques are skills she acquired from the assassination cult in New Orleans

Those weren’t for fighting someone fair and square.

It’s to use whatever method to kill off their opponent and stay alive.

「Yes. Edie-san’s techniques are constantly in real combat. If one’s in real combat, then you can’t let the enemy touch you with the tip of their sword, not even a single one, if you want to live」

Kuromiya-san said.

「If a metal blade touches you, it’ll open your skin and you’ll bleed. When you lose blood, your stamina will dropdown. If it cuts through your muscles, tendons, or bones, then you won’t be able to avoid their next attack. 」

The damage from real swords is severe.

Lowering your guard a bit can result in a death blow.

「That’s why Edie takes down her opponent with a swift attack as soon as the match begins」

Edie’s senses in real combat can’t accept the sports match atmosphere.

「That’s not the only reason」


「Edie’s cautiousness is beyond what you think」

「What do you mean?」

「What would Edie do if her opponent could use the same technique as hers?」


「It’s too early to assume that we’re the only people that can use Qi techniques. Techniques similar to Kudou style existed in the American cult where Edie was」

Similar techniques exist even in other groups?

「So, if the opponent uses Raishouin Raiden ahead of Edie…」

Michi speaks calmly.

「Without any defensive measures and she got hit on by Raishouin Raiden head-on, then Edie will be out of action for a while. If the enemy keeps on attacking in such a situation, then her life will be in danger. Once she dies, she can’t keep Master safe. That’s a blunder we must never make」

Michi’s proud as a bodyguard.

「That’s why Edie takes down her opponent with all her strength at the beginning of the fight」

I see. So that’s how it is.

「It also serves as a show of force. People who are hostile to us are also in this hall」

Kansai Yakuza, who lost to the Kuromori house, sent over a team called “Kansai Gachi Toraichi clan” to today’s tournament as their harassment.

Well, if they’re sending one team to the ring, then…

There should be some Kansai Yakuza members in the audience too.

「Yes, there’s an aspect of appealing to the enemy」

Michi said.

「The opponents Edie’s striking with her Raishouin Raiden on the ring twitch and moan a lot, but Raishouin Raiden is a technique where you can actually send it in quietly」

Then, the audience cheered.

Line Haruko successfully tackled her opponent in the ring.

She mounted on Karasuyama-san on the mat.

Then, she punches her down while mounted.

The audience is excited, and the men in the front seats stood up.


「Raishouin Raiden is essentially used like this」

Michi taps the back of the old man in the front row.



The old man lost strength and sat down.

It’s quiet and it looked like he sat down willingly.

「H-Hey, Michi?」

A-Are you sure it’s okay making an old man who just happened to be in front of us to faint?

「This was the only one who isn’t focused on the ring but us」


This old man is an enemy?

So he’s a member of the Kansai Yakuza?

「It’s a good idea to use Raishouin Raiden to prevent people from noticing that you hit them with it. Furthermore, Raishouin Raiden can make your opponent faint」

The one Edie’s using on the ring is;

She makes it obvious to anyone that saw that her opponent had a strange behavior as she cast the Raishouin Raiden on them.

She performs a flashy high kick to knock out the opponent after using that technique.

「That means that Edie’s doing that on purpose」

Michi said.

「She deliberately disrupts the atmosphere of the match and acts in such a way that she would antagonize other athletes and spectators, exposing the enemies that are in the venue」

Michi’s been watching the audience seats from the start, not the ring.

I see, when everyone else was watching the sports match and only one’s watching you, then…

The normal audience would boo when it comes to Edie who can’t read the mood.

However, the enemy forces sent from Kansai Yakuza are easily distracted by Edie’s fighting power.

To them, Edie’s one of the biggest targets of their harassment.

While at it, some will come to attack us.

After seeing the reaction to Edie’s action. Michi determined the discontent in the audience.

「I have to finish sweeping the audience seats before Edie and the lightest class tournament is over」

Michi said.

「It’s so Aneue, Kendou Maria, and Margo-oneesama can fight without worry」

While they’re focusing on the fight on the ring, some subordinate from the Kansai Yakuza could make a fuss…

We can’t let them ruin the game.


Karasuyama-san who has Line Haruko mounting and punching her, tapped and gave up.

It’s Line Haruko-san’s win.

「I already figured it out, so I’ll deal with them」

Michi stood up.

「Kinuka-imouto, Mikuriya Kurumi-san, please keep the perimeter safe」


「Leave it to us」

Kinuka and Mikuriya-san replied to Michi.

「If anything happens, then I’ll fight too, and our Toudo is there for backup」

Kuromiya-san said.

Toudou…oh, the guy who holds Kuromiya-san’s spears in the lobby.

I see. Standing in the corner of the aisle, about five meters behind us, are two spears in a cloth bag.

「Michi, are you sure you’ll be okay alone?」

I ask her worriedly.

「I’d rather be alone」

Michi replies with her usual blank face.

「It’s going to be fine Yo-chan, look」

Nei turned back.


There’s Kudou Papa in the back of the audience seats.

He came over to watch Haruka’s match in secret.

He noticed that Michi’s already going out of her seat.

「I’ll coordinate with Father and complete my mission」

Michi said and walked away from us.

「Yo-chan, don’t watch Mitchan, focus on the ring」

Nei said.

Right, I’m a little worried, but…

The enemy will become wary if I keep on watching Michi.

They shouldn’t have noticed that Michi made one of their allies unconscious using Raishouin Raiden.

Edie’s Raishouin Raiden on the ring stands out too much, so Michi’s plain Raishouin Raiden can hide itself.

The enemy spies will be eliminated one by one for sure.

「Michi-chan and Kudou-san’s together so you don’t have to worry」


All before Kudou Haruka goes up the ring.

Her father and Sister will end it all.

『Next, we’re on our third match!』

The announcer says.

Oh, the Kansai assassin comes up the stage.

Kansai Gachi Toraichi clan, Denjin M-ko

Somehow, the petite girl wearing tattered schoolboy clothing, a school cap, and a cheerleader figure appears on stage again.

Then, her opponent;

Robin Musk, a masked female pro wrestler.

Robin Musk appears in the ring wearing a gown.

「Both of you, take it off. Get dressed for the match」

The referee said, but…

「I don’t mind staying like this, not at all」

Denjin M-ko refuses to take off her schoolboy clothing.

「No, sure, you probably don’t mind, but I do!」

The referee insisted.

Well yeah. She has a petite body yet she’s wearing loose and huge clothing.

「Tsk, can’t help it then.」

Denjin M-ko took off her schoolboy clothing and handed it over to her coach.

That guy’s wearing a white T-shirt and a blue jersey, and a towel around his neck, the usual coach look.

Then that means, this fashion must be her preference.

「That schoolboy clothing is my life, be sure to treasure it!」

The girl told the coach…is wrapping her chest with sarashi, and a pair of pants on her lower half.

She also hands over her clogs.

It seems that she’s going to fight with her cap on.

「Take that off too, hurry」

The referee instructed, and Robin Musk also took off the gown she’s wearing.

She’s wearing a tight-fit costume that looks like of a female wrestler, but…

「What’s that?」

Robin Musk is wearing metal armor on her chest.

「This is something I wear as a handicap for my opponents because I’m too strong」

Robin answers with her chest puffed in pride.

「No, that’s definitely dangerous no matter how you look at it」

Yep, the referee’s right.

「However, since this steel armor is a historical armor with damage reduction and recovery effects that’s connected to my family’s predecessors…」

Robin Musk says.

「That item is just pure danger!」

「Also, that armor of yours covers not just your chest, but also your belly! It’s just heavy and not useful for protection!」

「It’s meaningless to wear that」

The referee said angrily.

「Kuh, you’re making Robin Musk go through such pain! But」

「That’s not it, hurry up and take it off!」

「That’s right, how long are you going to make us wait! Take it off!」

Denjin M-ko gets impatient and complains.

「Fufu, this is RObin’s killing method number two! “Never take the enemy’s offer!”」

「That wasn’t an invitation. If you’re not taking off your armor then you’ll be disqualified!」

The referee said, so Robin Musk submits.

「Okay, I’ll take it off. I’m doing it」

However, she says that it’s made of steel, yet that was light armor.

「But in exchange, I’ll keep this one on my shoulder」

What’s with that shiny golden object.

「What’s that?」

The referee asks.

「Isn’t it obvious? This is Robin Musk’s charm point!」


「I wonder if she’s a comedian wrestler」

Megu asks.

「Yeah, she doesn’t seem like someone from a wrestling organization. But, she sure is one. Even if she looks like that, she was the junior champion it seems」

Nei looked at the pamphlet and replied.

「I don’t mind her putting that on at least. Putting that aside, let’s hurry up and begin. Let’s kill each other, mufufu!」

Denjin M-ko told the referee.

Line Haruko-san’s match was an ordinary one, but…

This third match seems like another great storm.

「I’ve had enough, begin!」

The referee said…

『Third Match, Round 1!』

The announcer finally speaks up.


The gong that indicates the start of the match echoes in the venue.