Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1232. Sakurako – The Young Lady That Wants to do Prostitution / Naked Collision



「 Well then, what are you going to do after this Sakurako? Are you still going to play with Kou-chan? 」

Looking at Takahashi, Sakurako-san’s former fiance as Yomi changes his memory…

Momoko-neechan asks Sakurako-san.

「 Your secrets are kept safe now. You’ll continue as the same daughter of Kanou house as before 」

Sakurako’s desire for prostitution was definitely an act of self-abandonment.

It’s the shock from learning the truth about her birth, especially that her birth mother died a prostitute.

That her father hid the facts, and that also meant that he treated the mother poorly and didn’t help her out of her difficult situation at all.

And most importantly, the Takahashi house discovered the truth.

She’s worried that the Takahashi house would pass on the secret of her birth to other families.

If that happened, that would’ve messed with Sakurako-san’s future.

Sakurako-san believed that she had to go through her mother’s painful experience as the combination of the events shocked her too much.


Yomi’s already using her Miko power to scrape Takahashi’s memories, and Kouzuki SS already sealed the mouths of Takahashi house and the people they hired.

Half of Sakurako-san’s worries have disappeared.

At least, Sakurako-san’s guaranteed to keep her life as a noble thanks to the Kouzuki and Kaan houses.

「 I’m sorry to say this Kou-chan, but she has the option to cut it short and return home 」

Momoko-neechan said, but…

「 No, that option doesn’t exist 」

I said.

「 There’s no stopping halfway here 」

Momoko-neechan looked at me.

「 I’m talking to Sakurako right now. Stay quiet Kou-chan 」

She glared at me.

「 What I’m saying is that Sakurako’s not allowed to decide right now! 」

I glare back at her.

「 I already rented Sakurako’s body until five o’clock. She’s under my influence until then 」

Sakurako-san looked at me.

「 What’s that? If it’s just money then I’ll pay it back. Isn’t that good enough? 」

Momoko-neechan is unyielding with her complaints, but…

「 It’s not a problem with money! It’s a promise between two people! I bought Sakurako-san’s resolve. Now, are you saying that Sakurako-san should betray her thoughts just an hour ago? 」

It’s Sakurako-san who came to me and asked to be my prostitute.

She’s the one who agreed and promised to sell her body to me for six hours for 6000 yen.

「 Momoko-oneesama, you’re too late in this. Nobody can change Sakurako-san’s fate now 」

Ruriko said.

「 Why?! From how I see Sakurako, or should I say, looking at Kou-chan’s personality, Sakurako’s still pure, right? 」

She saw Mariko lose her virginity, and so Momoko-neechan knows that I take my time with women’s first time.

Besides, if I already violated Sakurako-san, then she’d be in a much more tattered state, both mentally and physically.

She can’t move to the Italian restaurant from the hotel and does not even finish her lunch.

However, Sakurako-san ate the spaghetti she ordered normally.

「 Yeah, Sakurako’s still a virgin 」

I replied.

「 If that’s the case, shouldn’t you give her the right to make a choice again? 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 And I said that’s not allowed. Sure, Sakurako’s body might still be a virgin, but her heart has already changed 」

I looked at Sakurako-san.

I already took Sakurako-san’s first kiss.

I already exposed her breasts to me and licked her nipples.

I already had her fellate me and drink my semen.

「 I already lit up the fuse in her. If we stop here, that spark will remain. If it spreads a fire inside her, then it’ll become troublesome 」

She might suddenly prostitute herself to men other than me.

「 There’s still a lot of negative energy inside Sakurako right now. I’ve already made preparations to take it out. If I don’t go through it until the end, then it’ll accumulate and blow up 」

I look at Sakurako-san’s eyes and said.

「 Even so, the situation’s different from before! Give Sakurako the choice again! That’s what I believe in! 」

Momoko-neechan said adamantly.

「 That’s your problem, isn’t it? Sakurako isn’t Momoko-neechan 」

「 What’s different?! Even if it’s you Kou-chan, I can’t allow you to make decisions like that 」


「 No, Danna-sama’s not talking about decisions 」

Misuzu steps in.

「 I think so too. We don’t have the same strong heart as Momoko-oneesama 」

Ruriko added.

「 I’m also indecisive, and I’ve been through a lot in the past six months so I know exactly what Kanou-sama’s going through right now 」

Yoshiko-san speaks up.

「 Kaan-sama, you have the strength to choose your own future no matter what your situation is, but I can’t do that. With all the sudden changes in front of me, all I could do was stand there in panic and confusion 」

Yoshiko-san’s been wondering how to keep her distance from Ruriko, Jii-chan, and me for so long.

「 Yoshiko-san, just take your time and decide on what you feel is best for yourself 」

I said.

「 We’re living together, so you don’t have to worry and rush into any decisions 」

She has plenty of time.

「 But, Sakurako doesn’t have much time. I need Sakurako-san to understand before we reach five o’clock 」

Sakurako-san looked at me with a surprised expression.

「 What do you mean? You have to explain it! Unless Sakurako and I won’t understand! 」

Momoko-neechan speaks to me with an angry look.

「 Right, what I want her to understand is… 」

I look for the words to speak.

「 That she can’t go back to the way she was before 」

Yes, Sakurako-san discovered the truth about herself.

About the painful life her mother had and her cruel death.

Now that she knows that, she can’t go back to not knowing it.

「 If you can’t go back, then don’t just stand there, remain dazed, move forward. Get a grip on yourself 」

I tell Sakurako-san.

「 But, I don’t know what I should do to move forward 」

Sakurako-san speaks in pain.

「 Yeah, that’s why I’m going to push you from behind 」

「 Kuromori-sama? 」

Oh, she finally looked at me.

「 It’s normal that when something shocking happens, you don’t know what to do, sometimes you get stunned and can’t move. I had that phase too 」

This April, around the time when my father abandoned me and disappeared.

The truth is, I didn’t know what I should do with my life.

I was stuck in a dire situation, unable to do anything.

「 At times like that, someone has to push your back. At any rate, remaining standing won’t do, you need a chance to move forward 」

To me, that was my meeting with Minaho-neesan.

Becoming a member of the Black Forest, was what moved me forward.

I found myself queued with things I have to do, and so I continue to move forward.

「 It’s Danna-sama who saves those who can’t move from stagnation by themselves. That’s the same for me 」

Misuzu said.

「 Me too, Onii-sama saved me 」

Ruriko smiled.

「 Looking back at it now, I was indeed at a standstill. I was in agony, in a state where I couldn’t do anything 」

Jii-chan isolated Ruriko and Yoshiko from the outside.

They were reaching their limits back then.

Then, there comes her father’s incident with Cesario Viola, and his death.

That cornered Ruriko.

That’s why Jii-chan sold Ruriko to me.

I released Ruriko from her ties.

「 But, what Kou-chan means by pushing her back means, ‘that,’ right? 」

Momoko-neechan shows a troubled look.

Yeah, I intend to violate Sakurako-san thoroughly

「 That’s okay. That’s Danna-sama’s method 」

「 Yes, there’s no problem 」

Misuzu and Ruriko told Momoko-neechan with a smile.

「 Momoko-oneesama, you should think why Kaan-sama and Kouzuki-sama thought of leaving Sakurako-san in Kou’s care 」

Mariko said.

「 Momoko-oneesama may not understand it yet, but Kou will surely save Sakurako-san, given time. We know that well 」

「 Indeed. The women in this room, apart from Momoko-oneesama, Yamada Umeko-san, Sakurako-san, and Shiranui-san believe in Danna-sama’s strengths 」

Misuzu looked at the women in the room and said with a smile.

Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, Mariko, Misato, Katsuko-nee, Rei-chan, Yomi.

They’re all my women.

I haven’t had sex with Yoshiko-san, but she also has been watching Ruriko’s change after I had sex with them.

「 I see, so you girls are saying that I don’t get it 」

Momoko-neechan says discontentedly.

「 It can’t be helped. It’s something you can’t understand until you experienced it for yourself 」

Misuzu told Momoko-neechan softly.

「 Oh well, I’ll let Kou-chan take care of it then. After all, that’s what our Grandfathers decided 」

Momoko-neechan’s reluctant, but she agreed.

「 Yomi, how long do you need? 」

I ask Yomi who’s altering the memories of Takahashi and his bodyguard.

「 Just a bit more. If I make things too complicated, it’ll distort their minds, and so I only had them lose their memories about the Kanou house for the past few days. While at it, I also write down that when they hear the keyword, “Kanou house,” then they’ll get a severe headache and won’t be able to think of anything else 」

Yomi replied.

「 Don’t rush it, just make it reliable 」

When the Miko power acts strangely, then they can easily cause mental breakdowns.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to let Takahashi go down without a second chance.

「 Well then, let’s have coffee while we wait 」

Momoko-neechan picks the straw on her iced coffee and sucked.

「 I guess I’ll suck on Sakurako’s nipples too 」

I told Sakurako

「 H-Here? 」

Sakurako’s surprised.

「 Don’t worry, we’re in the exclusive room. As long as you don’t call someone to the room, not even the restaurant staff will come in, right? 」

Furthermore, we take orders from the phone.

When the waiter enters, they’ll let us know using the bell from the outside.

Then, Rei-chan will check the door and open it from the inside.

「 B-But 」

「 What are you looking confused for? Weren’t we doing it while Ruriko’s watching earlier? 」

I said.

「 Earlier, Kaan Momoko-sama, and Kouzuki Misuzu-sama weren’t present, besides 」

She looks at Takahashi, whose mind is under Yomi’s control.

「 Uhm, Yoshihiko-san is watching 」

Sakurako-san said bashfully.

「 Yeah, he’s there, but he’s not watching. Right, Yomi? 」

「 Yes, his eyes are open, but he can’t process anything that’s happening in the room. Just think that he’s asleep 」

Takahashi’s thoughts are at a halt as their memories are in the middle of alteration.

「 So there’s no problem 」

I tell Sakurako-san with a smile.

「 Even so, I… 」

She doesn’t want to expose her skin in front of her former fiance.

That’s why I had to give this order.

「 That’s enough. I bought you Sakurako. If I say you do, you follow. We have until five o’clock. 」

I speak with a bit of force.

「 You’re not a young lady of the Kanou house right now. Sakurako, you’re the prostitute I rented 」

Sakurako breathes out.

「 I understand. I’ll do as you wish 」

Yeah, it’s different from earlier.

When it’s only her cousin, who isn’t from the nobility, Mariko, then Ruriko and Michi, who’s younger than her…

Sakurako felt a bit comfortable.

There was no pressure from Misato, a prostitute cadet who’s no longer a member of the nobility, Katsuko-nee, someone from the Kuromori house.

But, she doesn’t want Momoko-neechan, the charismatic elder, Misuzu, and Yoshiko-san, to watch her.

Of course, she’s also extremely conscious of Takahashi.

「 Come here. Sit on my lap 」

Sakurako comes to me, unable to do anything else.

「 I’m going to turn your clothes over 」

I grab and lift the hem of Sakurako-san’s cheer girl outfit.

Oh, Sakurako-san’s pink nipples say hello to me through the hole in the bra.

「 That’s quite indecent underwear, don’t you think? 」

Momoko-neechan saw the holes and said.

「 Yeah, isn’t it cute? It amplifies the charm of Sakurako’s body. 」

I say while groping Sakurako’s breasts.

「 Sakurako’s got a nicely shaped breast. I want to touch it no matter how many times I see it. Also, it’s nice to rub. It’s puffy, squishy 」

I grope her bouncy breasts across her bra.

「 Uuu 」

Sakurako-san’s enduring.

She can’t help but be conscious of Momoko-neechan’s gaze, and Takahashi in the room.

She’s not getting into sexual acts as easily as earlier.

「 Sakurako, how long are you going to remain imprisoned? 」

I put Sakurako-san’s body on my lap and hold her body with my arm.

Naturally, I’m not letting go of her breasts.

「 Right now, you’re just a prostitute. Why are you still thinking like the young lady of the Kanou house? 」

I whispered to Sakurako-san’s ears.

「 I… 」

Sakurako’s squirming on my lap.

The sparks of lust are already burning deep in her body.

This healthy body of hers is swirling in anticipation and interest in sex.

This flame will not go out until it burns up all that’s accumulated inside of her.

「 Be honest with your body, forget about the Kanou house for now. What’s here is nothing but Sakurako’s body 」

「 But, I have no worth other than being a daughter of the Kanou house 」

Sakurako speaks in frustration.

Yes, that’s how Takahashi saw her.

That’s why he never looked at Sakurako since coming here.

He only sees his engagement with Sakurako as a family matter within the nobility.

That’s why he ignored Sakurako-san, the person concerned, and only focused on his conversation with Kaan Momoko-neechan, one of the top family.

「 Just because the idiot over there says so, doesn’t mean that Sakurako doesn’t have any worth at all 」

I said.

「 I don’t care about Sakurako, the young lady of the Kanou house. I’m only interested in the naked Sakurako in my arms 」

「 That’s a lie 」

Sakurako said.

「 If I wasn’t a daughter of the Kanou house, I would just be… 」

「 That’s not true 」

I licked Sakurako-san’s nipples peeking out of the hole in her bra.

「 Aaah! 」

Sakurako trembles.

「 Sakurako won’t understand if I just say it, right? 」

I tell her while I attack her nipples with the tip of my tongue.

「 Therefore, I’m going to talk to you through our bodies 」

We’re to have sex later.

「 I’m going to lay bare Sakurako’s whole body. I’m going to taste all of Sakurako 」

「 Taste me? 」

「 We can’t understand each other unless I go that far, right? I’ll have to make you understand how much of a charming woman you are 」

I rub the tip of my nose to Sakurako-san’s nipples and said.

「 And so we’re having sex. We’ll become sex I don’t mind if we’re customers and prostitutes at first. You have to make your mind and body naked, and let our minds and bodies touch each other. Some relationships can only come from that 」

I look at Momoko-neechan while caressing Sakurako-san’s body.

「 I want Momoko-neechan to see the whole process. Some relationships can only build up from doing this 」

Momoko-neechan looks at us with a straight face.

「 Okay, I’ll watch 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 I don’t understand it yet, but the girls seem to believe in Kou-chan’s power, so… 」

She looked at Misuzu and the girls.

「 Yeah, we understood each other by being naked. That’s how we became family 」

I tell Momoko-neechan with confidence.