Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 375. Ejaculation viewing.



Making undressing sounds…Agnes takes off her apron dress.
Agnes is wearing a fit sports underwear.

「Girls compensate proper underwear for better style growth…that one, she’s wearing underwear that’s not too tight」

Katsuko-nee explains.
Agnes’ body can’t be imagined as a 12 year old.
It’s as mature as Mana’s 14 year old’s body.
She’s got more swell in her chest compared to the flat 15 year old Michi…
Her legs are as long as Megu.
Her ass having no meat on it, and…
Her puffy stomach shows her true age.
Above all…the light blonde hair and face is already adult, and beautiful…

「As expected, half-foreign grow fast!」

Nei speaks frustrated.
Agnes’ body…is beautiful.
It’s truly like an angel.

「Ah…Onii-chan’s penis twitched!」

Mana noticed the reaction of my penis under the bathrobe.

「Let’s see, how’s it?」

Nei strips off my bathrobe.
My half erect penis rises up steadily.

「My my…Yo-chan’s so energetic!」

I think so too.

「Ufu…then I’ll lick it up!」

Mana reached out for my penis and crawls her tongue on my glans.

「Ah, me too!」

Nei comes from the side and sucks from both sides.

「Eh…Ah, then me too!」

Megu speaks late, but…

「Megumi-chan, you help me out inflate the air mats!」

Katsuko-nee calls her out.

「You were sticking with him all the time after lunch, weren’t you?」

Yeah…I had sex with Megu twice and we took a nap together.


Megu helps out Katsuko-nee downhearted…

「Megu, later」

Now then…Agnes.
She begins to take shower alone.
Her crotch is hairless.
Her slit that looks like it was gently cut by a knife can be seen.

「Agnes-chan’s body is lewd!」

Mana said.

「Her nipples are pink」
「Well, Mana’s got a beautiful color too!」

Nei pushes Mana’s nipples on top of her bathrobe.


Nei grabs Nei’s abundant breasts.

「Amazing…it’s so fluffy!」
「It’s fine if you go stronger!」

Nei smiles.

「Want to directly rub it instead?」

Nei tries to loosen up her bathrobe.

「Eh…no thanks. It would make me lose confidence!」

Mana blushes.

「You see, being big isn’t all benifits! My shoulders get stiff. Look, there’s hardly big breasted super models?」
「…Un, speaking of which, that’s true」
「The size of the breasts got nothing to do with the beauty. All you have to do is have some. What’s important is whether Yo-chan likes it or not!」

Hearing Nei…Mana looks up at me.

「Mana’s still 14, right? Therefore, it’s fine to have just that much. I like Mana’s breasts after all」
「…Thanks, Onii-chan」

In the bathroom area…Agnes just continues to shower.
Ignoring what we’re doing…she calmly takes a shower.

「…It has worked quite well」

Nei said while stroking my testicles.

「Yo-chan, this operation was to invade and then erode Agnes’ controlled space, right?」

This room…is a space only for Agnes.
In here, Agnes…has lived without making any contact other than the staff carrying the meals and Shirasaka Sousuke who appears occasionally.
Agnes’ world is only this room.
A world only for Agnes and only Agnes.
I think that it would be hard to take out Agnes from this closed world.
It’ll take time.
Therefore, we will erode Agnes’ world.
First is to make Agnes think that it’s obvious for us to be close…

「Up until now, she’s only stunned by our existence, but now…she intentionally ignores us. That means that she’s recognizing our existence. Yo-chan’s plan is definitely heading towards the good direction!」

Then that’s fine, but…
Edie who’s toppled over the carpet rises up abruptly.
Then…she takes off her clothes…
She heads towards Agnes.
…What did she say?

「…What is she going to do?」
「She wants to wash her back」

Mana translates
Agnes is vigilant but…Edie answers with an innocent smile.
Then…she takes off her bra and panty.
She walks to the frightened Edie and takes the shower head away.
Grabbing the sponge with the other hand…
She roughly washed Agnes’ body.

「『You can’t wash your back well alone, right?』she said」

Nei tells me.
Agnes…Unable to do anything, lets herself be washed.

「That girl really seems to look after the younger ones in the cult…」

Katsuko-nee stopped her work…and said.

「Geez, Yoshi-kun…you stare too much!」

Ah…could it be that she’s talking about Edie’s body?
No…it’s true that it’s a delicate brown body, but…

「Megumii? Why is Agnes okay but you’re jealous when it comes to Edie?」

Nei looks at Megu.


Megu panics.

「Megu-oneechan’s the same age as Edie…she thinks of various things comparing herself with Edie, right?」

Mana said.

「Both of them are the sportsman type, their characters are overlapping!」
「T-That’s not true…Mana!」

Megu is red in anger.
It seems that it’s bulls-eye.

「But, Megu’s got the land athletic body…Edie’s body is specialized in fighting. It’s completely different」

I say so…Megu smiled.

「Yes, yes. it’s unrefined to be jealous Either way, Yo-chan’s going to eat up Edie too!」

Nei said while rubbing my glans on her cheeks

「But…I can understand the feeling when it comes to having someone on the same age」
「Is that so…Nee-san?」
「Yeah…look, Yoshiko-san’s the same age as me. Therefore, I’ve thought of various things when I saw Yoshiko-san. Wondering if what would happen to me if my father didn’t transfer to US and just stayed in Japan forever…」

Ruriko’s attendant…Ruriko-san, 18 years old, is actually her cousin.
Nei’s on a lower year at school but…their age is the same.

「If you talk about having the same age, isn’t Iwakura-san there too?」

I remember the name of the student council president.

「That one’s out of question. She’s a nymphomaniac demon after all I only know Katsu-nee who’s as lewd as that one!」
「Did you say something, Nei?」

Katsuko-nee’s eyes are shining from what Nei said.


Nei takes my penis in a hurry…as if saying『I won’t talk anymore』

「Rather than that…Megu-oneechan’s sense of rivalry with Yukino is strong you know? As expected, being the same age plays a big role?」

Mana looks at Megu.

「That is…because I know Yukino’s my sister. With her being the『Young Lady』and me being the『Illegitimate child』…I feel down」

Mana bows her head.

「I also made Megu-oneechan suffer」

Megu comes close to Mana and hugs her.

「Mana’s always been kind to me…!」
「…That’s not true」


「Then, Mana. Be a good sister for Megu…!」

Mana looks at me…then at Megu

「Un…I’ll be a good sister for Megu-oneechan. I promise…!」
「…Me too, I promise to be a good sister」

The sisters hug each other.

「…Hey, is Ruriko in that『same age』consciousness?」

I ask Nei…

「Ruriko’s…the same age as Michi, right/」
「But, Michi is Misuzu-san’s guard…and Ruriko-san who’s the young lady of a good family, doesn’t feel anything in particular?」

Nei says, but…

「No, I think that’s a good hand! Taking of the frame of Kouzuki house…when she’s a lone girl, I think that Ruriko-san’s first comparison would be Michi-chan!」

Katsuko-nee’s convinced.

「Even if she doesn’t feel anything now…we can make that kind of complex」

…Making a complex?

「True. The bad thing about Ruriko-san is that she has no complex towards other girls」

Nei also says.

「Eh, what do you mean?」
「Look, Ruriko-san has been thinking that she’s Kouzuki-house’s daughter, and that she’s different from normal people from the start. To be honest, if Yoshiko-san’s with her, she thinks that she doesn’t need family or friends, right?」

…I see.
Because she thinks that she’s a special person…she’s got no complex for other girls.

「Yo-chan…you intend to take away Ruriko-san from the Kouzuki house, right?」
「Yeah…therefore I decided to kidnap her」
「Then…use Michi-san and create a complex for Ruriko-san…I think that it’ll go on!」

Nei said.

「Yeah…I’ll think about it. If anyone comes up with a good idea, just tell me」

Megu, Mana, Nei, Katsuko-nee nods at what I said.
After she finished washing Agnes’ body…she hands the sponge to her.
Then she points at her own back.

「『Wash my back too』She said」

Mana tells me.
She thinks for a moment…then, looked at Edie’s sturdy looking back, breathes a sigh…and wash it up.

「Yes, yes, it’s getting better and better!」

Nei’s pleased.
Edie’s a woman who doesn’t read the atmosphere so Agnes can’t ignore us who invaded her room.
She beckons Reika who’s been staying behind us.


Reika’s surprised…and Edie nods.
Then, she speaks loudly…

「Err…『You’re quite good. You’re sweaty too, right? Come here and let’s take a shower』she said」

Mana translates.
Even though she got beaten up by Reika…it’s not just『Quite good』
But…it’s for sure that Edie’s deepened the sense of intimacy with Reika.


Reika’s puzzled.
Instead of her…Nei replies in English.

「Yeah…『She’s Michi’s Onee-san you know. Isn’t that attitude wrong? Edie should be the one to wash her with respect』」

Edie seems to be convinced.

「Err…『That was rude of me., Onee-sam. Please allow me to cleanse your body』She said」

Sorry to bother…and thanks, Mana.

「Reika…go get yourself washed」

I order Reika.

「Since it’s a rare chance, get along with Edie. However, let her know that you’re on a higher standpoint. Don’t make her underestimate you」

Edie heads to the bathroom area.


Then, she turns to me embarrassed.

「Lord…are you watching?」

Well…of course I am.

「Yeah…show me your everything」

Reika takes off her bra with her trembling hands.
Then…her panty too.

「…Reika, you’re beautiful」
「I-It’s embarrassing」

Reika’s cheeks blushes.

「Now then…what’s left is to show your guts! Reika-oneesan!」

Nei cheers.


Reika heads to Edie with a dignified face.
She instructs in English.
“Yeah”, Edie nods.
Edie gestures Agnes to soak in the bathtub.
Agnes reluctantly goes to it.
It seems that the relationship of『Reika→Herself→Agnes』is established inside Edie’s head.
Edie’s rubbing Reika’s back with the sponge much more gentle than back with Agnes’/

「Ah…it tickles」

Reika’s back trembles.
…She’s sensitive.
Agnes is just staring at Edie washing up Reika.

「…Hey, Reika-oneesan seems to hate being seen!」

KAtsuko-nee comes to me.
She presses her body against my back.

「…Eh, what?」
「Then…we just have to make those three focus their attention to here…!」

Katsuko-nee said…then grabs my penis as she hugs me from behind.
She strokes it with both hands.

「Ah…huh…what are you doing…Katsuko-nee?」

Her slender fingers strokes my meat up and down.
Her soft breasts are being pressed against my back.
Katsuko-nee licks my ears from behind.

「Ufufu…Reika-oneesan, Miss Edie, and Agnes…aren’t too knowledgeable when it comes to a male body you see? Therefore, I think we should show them at least once…!」
「Like I said…what are you doing?」

Uuu…Katsuko-nee’s too good…
It’s much better than doing it myself.

「…How men ejaculates!」


「Perhaps, it’s more shocking than watching us have sex」

Katsuko-nee’s hands gets stronger…faster.

「Ah, I want to see it too! I want to see how Onii-chan spurts it out!」

Man said.

「True. I’ve only had it inside me…so I want to see how it comes out at least once!」

Nei said.

「Err…Yoshi-kun, I want to see it too」

Megu too…
The girl’s gazes are concentrated onme.

「Here, here, girls over there…look here!」

Nei calls out the girls in the bathroom.

「Something amazing’s going to happen!」

Then, she speaks English for Edie too…
The three of them look at me as if something’s going to happen…

「…Aaah, K-Katsuko-nee」
「How is it? Does it feel good?!」

As Katsuko-nee strokes my penis with her right hand…
Her left hand finger’s are caressing the back of my balls and my anus.
…I-It feels good

「…You don’t have to hold back」

Katsuko-nee whispers to my ears…

「That’s right…Yo-chan, show us how you blow it out!」
「Un, hurry, hurry up! Onii-chan!」
「Feel good…Yoshi-kun…!」


My whole penis grows bigger!
Katsuko-nee’s hands caresses me strongly
…I-It’s coming!
The hot stuff rises up from inside me!


White liquid comes out from the tip of my glans!!


「Wow, amaziiing…Onii-chan!」
「Yoshi-kun…so it flies away that far…」
「Amazing! You did well! Yo-chan!」

They’re impressed watching me ejaculate…

「Men’s amazing aren’t they?」

Megu speaks seriously.
My semen flew at least a meter.

「No…I let out too many times today. Normally, there should be more distance and density, but…」

I speak excuses I don’t understand

「No, that’s amazing. Normally, men won’t let out that much after doing that much!」1

Katsuko-nee praises me, but…

「My my…Everyone over there got frozen」

Nei said, I look at the bathroom area…
Reika, Edie, and Agnes are looking at me, frozen.
They seem to be shocked from watching a man’s ejaculation for the first time.

「Ufufu…let’s check the taste too!」

Katsuko-nee licks up the semen on her hand

「Yes, it’s a bit thin as expected but…it’s not that bitter」
「Ah, Katsu-nee…me too!」

Katsuko-nee gives her finger to Nei…
Nei licks up Katsuko-nee’s finger…sipping the semen

「Me too!」

Megu tells Katsuko-nee, but…

「I’m going to receive some directly!」

Mana crawls her tongue on my glans.

「Ah, Mana…I want to do that too!」

Megu licks up the semen on my glans.
Reika, Edie and Agnes stares at the silliness of the girls dumbfoundedly

「Oh right!」

Mana scoops the semen that had fallen on my abdomen

「Mana courier coming!」

Then…she runs towards Reika.


Mana presents her finger with my semen before Reika.


Reika’s confused.

「It’s Onii-chan’s semen! Lick it up too Onee-chan!」

Mana smiles.
She approaches Mana’s fingers timidly.


She licks my semen


Agnes and Edie are looking with a shocked face.

「How is it? Delicious?」

Mana asks.

「…I don’t understand」

At that time…


Due to the shock from what happened in front of her…
Edie pissed herself…

◇ ◇ ◇

In the end, Agnes didn’t do her night ritual.
She seems to have lost the vigor to do from watching me ejaculate.
Then…she just lied down on the bed, tired.
We also head to the air mats Katsuko-nee and Megu inflated.
Covering it with sheets and spreading the towel linens and blankets.
Tonight…everyone’s going to sleep here.
No…from now on until Agnes opens up her heart…
We intend to stay in this room.

「…I wonder if Edie’s fine?」

Megu asks while brushing her teeth in the bathroom area.

「…I wonder」

Edie who pissed herself…
Well, it was in the bathroom area so it was washed off and it’s okay now.
She’s quite downhearted.

「Un, it was shocking even for me to see a man’s ejaculation. Edie doesn’t know about men’s physiology at all」

Megu look sat Edie worriedly

「I hope that it doesn’t give her a strange trauma…!」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Edie…for the time being, let her sleep next to Reika-oneesan on the very back?」

Nei asks Katsuko-nee

「True, let’s do so」

Nei speaks to Edie in English…
Edie seems to ignore it…
She crawls into Agnes’ bed.


Agnes is surprised, but…
She didn’t complain and just put up with it.
Then, Agnes got hugged like a pillow…
Then, Edie fell asleep.

「…Well fine. That’s fine too」

Nei said.

「Un…if Agnes and Edie are getting along」

I think so too.
After brushing our teeth…we’re ready to sleep

「I’m going to sleep next to Onii-chan!」

Mana lies next to me

「It can’t be helped」
「Then, I’ll take the other side!」

Nei jumps in

「Then I will be here」

Nei goes to the very end…
She seems to be shocked too

「Good night, Yoshi-kun」
「Good night, Yo-chan」
「Good night, Onii-chan」
「Good night, dear…!」

Each of them gives me a kiss…

「Hey, Reika-oneechan too!」

Urged by Mana…Reika comes over.

「…Good night, Lord」

I kiss Reika too.
Reika’s body stiffens but…she still accepted my kiss.

「Well then…let’s turn off the lights」

Ktsuko-nee turns off the lights of the room.
But still, the light from the moon is bright.

「That’s a nice atmosphere, Yo-chan…」

I fell asleep before I noticed…sandwiched between Nei and Mana.
As expected…I’m tired.

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Wake up」

I hear Margo-san’s voice in my ear.
I open my eyes.
Looking up at the skylight…the location of the moon’s different.
It’s still night but a few hours has passed…

「Don’t be loud, you’ll wake up everyone」

Margo-san whispers.
Margo-san is wearing black clothes.
It seems that she’s awake all this time.

「…What’s wrong?」

I get up quietly

「…Shirasaka Yukino escaped」



  1. Yoshi confirmed Aegir in a few more years